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In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

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Title: In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne
Source: Last Days Chronicle (2nd Qtr, 2024)
URL Source: [None]
Published: May 2, 2024
Author: Barry Midyet
Post Date: 2024-05-02 23:12:47 by interpreter
Keywords: Day of the Lord, 24 thrones, millennium
Views: 90

(Following 7 Last Plagues – Rev. 20) In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

The Weapons Used by the 24 “Elders with Crowns” in Ruling the Earth with Jesus

In John’s introduction to the Apocalypse (Rev. 1:5), all legitimate Bibles (based on the Received Text) say that there will be multiple “kingdoms” ruling with Jesus in the coming Day of the Lord.

In chapters 4 & 21, John tells us there will be 24 ‘kings’ (or elders with crowns) sitting with Jesus in 4His throne. Because we are already in the Day of the Lord (the 3rd millennium AD), the 24 thrones must already exist.

As prophesied, the seventh millennium of man began when the Euphrates was dry (for 7 years, 1994 - 2003), and the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty began (when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11).

Also called (by the US) the War on Terror, we quickly removed two of the demon-possessed kings behind 9/11. First to succumb was Saddam Hussein who dried up the Euphrates with the stated purpose of preparing the way for Ar Mageddon (which the Koran says Muslims will win). The US restored it (with the help of the Shiites).

Second to go was the demon-possessed Taliban king in Kabul. But after President Biden abruptly with-drew all of our forces, a new Taliban king has taken over, and we may have to revisit Kabul at some point.

Both Baghdad and Kabul are very precisely pointed to by the Bad Vector of the Apocalypse – that is, a line drawn from Jerusalem to the dried up Euphrates and extended eastward actually bisects the two cities.

Half-way between them is Qom, the home of another demon-possessed “king” – the Ayatollah, who runs Iran, the last remaining state supporter of terrorism. He is responsible for arming the terrorists in Gaza, Syria and Yemen, all causing problems for the free world. Plus he is sending weapons to Moscow, the greatest of the demonic kings of the Apocalypse.

To the North of the dried up Euphrates – the dividing line between east and west – sits Moscow, the Great Whore who sits on 7 hills and many seas. Putin must not be allowed to take over Ukraine (a western democracy), and the only solution is to remove him, as signified.

The Thousand years begins when All Demon- possessed Kings are Gone – Including China?

But the question is, and the elephant in the room is, must the demonic king in China be taken out also? Peking is definitely east of the Euphrates, and Mr. Xi has already taken freedom away from one democratic city (British- led Hong Kong).

Now, Mr. Xi has set his sights on tiny Taiwan, a free democratic nation that he is openly planning to attack and conquer, by illegally building military bases in the South China Sea.

To thwart China, the U.S. (and NATO) is expanding its bases in the region, both in Guam and Singapore, also in Japan and South Korea. Plus, we are stationing aircraft carriers in the South China Sea region.

I hesitate to say that Peking is going to receive some of the plague of exceedingly great hail, because there are 8 million people there, and many of them innocent civilians.

But Mr. Xi is one of the atheist whores begat by Moscow the great whore, and believers are aptly warned (in Rev. 18) to come out of those demonic cities, lest they share in their plagues .

In the best-case scenario, when red China sees her close ally, Moscow the great whore fall, Mr. Xi will lay down his arms and seek peace.

The Good News is, when all the demon-possessed kings of the east are neutralized, either peaceably or by force, there will be peace on Earth for a thousand years! – Barry Midyet

“Bring here those enemies of mine and slay them before Me.” (Luke 17:21)

In the last issue, we said the 24 thrones are probably the 24 Judeo- Christian nations presently in NATO or about to be after the admission of one or two more.

But there’s other possibilities that need to be explored. When the 5th seal prophecy (of Ch. 6) is added to the mix, it sheds light on another aspect. The only way believers can kill off all the demonic kings of the east without losing one of our own is with stealth technology.

We now have that technology, and in two forms. One is unmanned drones which are now proving to be miraculously successful in Ukraine’s war with Russia. Some are US-made and some are improvised drones made in Ukraine, but most of them are capable of carrying 200-lb bombs (as foretold in Rev. 16:21).

The other form is the new F-35 fighter-jet equipped with stealth technology that prevents it from being detected on the enemy’s radar. It is capable of carrying 2000-lb bombs, including nuclear bombs.

There are now 18 nations that have been granted to receive F-35s from the US-led consortium of defense manufacturers that makes them (led by Boeing), and several other nations have requested them.

The F-35 fulfills Rev. 6:7-10 which foretells of US-made weapons bringing hell and death to the enemies of Jesus without losing any more martyrs. The 18 nations with F-35’s are the US and the UK, and Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Finland, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, South Korea and Singapore, with Greece, Romania, Sweden and Morocco in line to get some.

How 24 ‘Elders with crowns’ will Rule Earth (cont’d)

Israel being included in the ruling coalition is not a surprise, for it is prophesied many times in the O.T. The Jews are said to rule the Holy Land, while Christian-led nations are to rule the rest of the Earth.

Including Japan, Singapore and South Korea in the ruling coalition may raise a few eyebrows, but it works if we count the Taoists and Buddhists and Hindus as being good guys, fulfilling Mark 9:40 & Luke 9:50, plus Matt. 22:9: “Go into the highways and as many as you can find, invite to the wedding.”

Completing the prophesied 24, both Ukraine and Georgia have requested some F-35s for use in their war with Moscow. When it happens, Moscow will no doubt be defeated within weeks, and not years.

Those nations not wearing a proper wedding garment will be kicked out of the wedding party we are told (in Matt. 22:13). It turns out that the first nation to be kicked out of NATO’s F-35 program is Turkey – for ignoring sanctions against Vladimer Putin, the great whore of the apocalypse.

When Judeo-Christian nations unite as one (as Jesus often prayed for), they will be able to defeat the demonic kings of the East (of plague # 6) – and with God’s help (and some Oriental nations), lock Satan away for 1000 years.

It leads to a glorious thousand years of Heaven on Earth, with Jesus in the center of the twenty-four thrones. (See Rev. 4:1-4; 20:4; & 22:2). – Barry Midyet

“The kingdom of God does not come with observation… It is within you” (Luke 15:17)

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