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American Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec Put on Enemies of Ukrainian List

Growing Numbers Of American Volunteers Wounded In Ukraine Treated At US Army Hospital In Germany

France: Foreigners Commit 69% Of Robberies, Violent Crimes & Sexual Assaults On Public Transport

The Undocumented Asylum Seekers Biden Doesn’t Want

Illegal Crossers Plant Venezuelan Flag on Texas Island

Crimes by Illegal Immigrants Widespread Across U.S.—Sanctuaries Shouldn’t Shield Them

REPORT: Biden Admin Welds Arizona Border Wall Gates Open

NBC’s Ainsley: Officials Are Releasing Migrants as Fast as They Can and That Encourages More Migration

Biden’s Migrant Mobile App Frees 263K Foreign Nationals into U.S. – Exceeding Population of Richmond, Virginia

Trump argues First Amendment protects him from ‘insurrection’ cases aimed at keeping him off ballot

Trump Receives 13 More South Carolina Endorsements before Visit

Judge to examine alleged attorney conflicts of interest in Mar-a-Lago case

Cassidy Hutchinson says she once encountered MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell exploring the White House unescorted

Donald Trump once told Mark Milley no one wanted to see a disabled vet who had been severely wounded in Afghanistan, report says

Why Are Vaccine Injured Patients Silenced?

Nipah Virus, Biological Warfare Phase 2, or a Big Hypnotic Convincer?

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects

A War of Attrition

CFR Members And Bilderberg Attendees Appointed By Joe Biden

Biden shouldn't be ridiculed. He should be pitied

Approaching the Bond Yield Event Horizon

Zelensky Says He Met BlackRock CEO and Other Finance Leaders in US Trip

Phil Gramm on How Government Biases Policy Debate

Wake up, Uncle Sam: Is the US military ready to take on Russia and China?

Polish PM Tells Zelensky to ‘Never Insult Poles Again’

Sharing the Good News in a Bad News World pt 3 of 3 Dr Adam Koontz

Report for European Parliament challenges OPCW’s Syria cover-up

Police Drop Investigation Into U.K. Woman Arrested for Praying Near Abortion Clinic

‘Republicans for Ukraine’ Ad Says Ukraine War Is Good Because It ‘Weakens Russia’

Economics is really hard

House Speaker Reverses Course, Will Add Ukraine Funding to Defense Bill

Sharing the Good News in a Bad News World pt 2 of 3

Maine Dad Says High School Clinic Sent 17-Year-Old Daughter Home with Secret Baggy of Zoloft, Sicced Child Protective Services on Him For Complaining

Anne Frank snared in graphic K-12 books controversy

Californians To Pay 18% Tax On Firearms, Ammo After Anti-Gun Lawmakers Strike

Student loan restart: Payments to begin again in nine days as federal pause ends

After 22 years in prison, a man from Floyd County, Georgia, has been exonerated following a wrongful conviction for murder.

Court CRUSHES Magazine Ban! Protected By 2nd Amendment California Now off to Appeal Duncan v. Bonta

All the Bribes Dem Senator 'Bullion Bob' Menendez Took and What He Did in Exchange, According to Prosecutors


US Judge Strikes Down California Ban on High-Capacity Gun Magazines

McConnell ADMITS Ukraine War Funds Go To Weapons Manufacturers!

BREAKING: Violence erupts between Antifa and parental rights protesters in Toronto, multiple arrests

David Foster’s Daughters Slam California Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘It’s Really F**ked Up What’s Happening Here … Is the Goal to Be Socialist?’

NFL's first transgender cheerleader Justine Linsday angrily slams home state of North Carolina for law banning trans women from competing in sports

McCarthy nixes move to yank Ukraine funding from defense bill

Pope Francis says Europe is not facing a migrant emergency, says countries should open ports

Senator Robert Menendez Refuses to Resign amid Federal Corruption Charges

EV Battery Factory Will Require So Much Energy It Needs A Coal Plant To Power It

The VA Offers More than 50 Gender Options for Clients

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Title: A Wealth Tax Reality Check
Source: Econlib
URL Source: https://www.econlib.org/library/columns/y2023/mckenziewealthtax.html
Published: Jun 7, 2023
Author: Richard B. McKenzie
Post Date: 2023-06-07 19:48:59 by Charles_Byrd
Keywords: None
Views: 40

At every opportunity, President Joe Biden has pressed a central tenet of his social agenda: “Extremely wealthy Americans don’t pay their fair share of federal income taxes” (emphasis added). By Internal Revenue Service definitions of income, top income earners generally pay a far greater federal income-tax share than do lower income groups. Without saying so, the President has greatly expanded wealthy Americans’ income to include their considerable unrealized capital gains, dramatically lowering their income-tax rate, which he uses to advance his wealth-tax case. To initiate wealth taxation, Biden proposes a “minimum billionaires tax,” under which wealthy Americans will pay at least 20% of their “total income”—including unrealized capital gains—in federal income taxes.1 A sizable majority (59%) of diverse Americans2 also favored a wealth tax in 2022. Political support for a wealth tax appears to be built on two incorrect presumptions: First, wealthy Americans pay precious little income taxes (conventionally defined). Second, workers’ “income” and the wealthy’s “capital gains” are conceptually the same. As explained, given the economics of wealth accumulation, the wealthy (especially those self- made) should be celebrated, not denigrated, because of the resulting far greater gains provided non-wealthy Americans.

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