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Title: Is the US mentioned in the Apocalypse?
Source: Last Days Chronicle
URL Source: [None]
Published: Jun 01, 2023
Author: Barry Midyet
Post Date: 2023-06-01 15:44:36 by interpreter
Keywords: USA, 4th horseman, Apocalypse
Views: 39
Comments: 1

When making my rounds throughout south Texas, I am often asked Why isn’t the United States mentioned in the Revelation (aka the Apocalypse)? Truth is, our nation is the star of the last book of the Bible, mentioned seven times, more than any other nation. It’s mostly for good accomplishments, but also for some bad things, a mixed bag.

The Fourth Living Creature

Flying Eagle on US Seal and Dollar Bill

The Revelation of the future, given to John by Jesus, opens with a vision of a soon to come Heaven on Earth (in Ch.4). In the vision are four living creatures and 24 elders with crowns.

The living creatures represent four Churches that give birth to the four horsemen of Ch 6, and later supply the 24 kings (or presidents and PMs) that are to rule the Earth with Jesus in the glorious 7th millennium of man, the 3rd millennium AD, aka the Day of the Lord.

That coincides with the 24 Christian nations presently in NATO. Five are provided by the Greek Church, the 1st living creature, depicted as a lion. Ten are provided by the Roman Church, the 2nd living creature, depicted as a calf. Two are provided by the Anglican Church, the 3rd living creature, depicted as a man (with wings).

One of the 24 nations (the USA, the 4th horseman) is given to us by the Episcopal Church (and its spin-offs), portrayed as a flying eagle (see Ch. 6). (Episcopalians wrote the U.S. Constitution and supplied the early US presidents). Anyone who doubts this interpretation need only look at the U.S. Seal on the back of the Dollar bill (and on the back of US quarters until 1999).

The flying eagle is next seen (in Ch. 14) flying the Gospel to every nation on Earth. The flying eagle here represents the American Bible Society, which has flown Bibles to every nation on Earth exactly as prophesied.

The flying eagle is next seen (in Ch.15) handing off to seven angels a total of seven vials containing the seven last plagues. (They’re expanded on in Ch. 16). It can well be argued that the USA is the primary enabler of at least six of the plagues (if not all of them) from skin cancer (plague # 1) to the “exceedingly great hail” dropped on the demon-possessed kings east of the (dried-up) Euphrates (plagues 6 & 7).

When the plagues run their course and the Church is properly married to the state (in the Marriage Supper of Ch.19 that results in a lot of corpses) the US Church will take part in a Heaven on Earth foretold in Ch. 20.

– Barry Midyet

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#1. To: All (#0)

The Fourth Horseman

George Washington on Blueskin by Natira

The fourth horseman / conqueror to rule over the Earth for Jesus and His Church is the United States, founded by George Washington who rode a decidedly pale- looking horse named Blueskin. (See Ch. 6). Blue skin is a rare birth defect that also afflicts humans sometimes. No other conqueror, before or since, has ever rode such a pale looking horse.

Plus, U.S. weapons bring hell and death to the bad guys (who wish the Church harm), leaving no doubt that the USA is the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

In Ch, 9 of the Apocalypse, which is about the Great Tribulation (aka WW II), the USA is one of the four angels (or God’s messengers) that manufactured the 200 million horses (under the hood) unleashed against the anri-Christ (Hitler) in one day, that is, D-Day. (Hitler’s Third Reich is the third six of the 6-6-6 trilogy). The other three angels/nations are Great Britain, Canada and Australia. It is the turning point of WW II. (The English Channel reminded John of the Euphrates River).

In Ch. 16, the U.S. armed forces, especially the Air Force, is responsible for the majority of the exceedingly great hailstones dropped on the demon-possessed kings east of the dried-up Euphrates – in Iraq, Afghanistan and Raqqa, Syria. (The War on Terror is ongoing, and the demon-possessed kings in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, all east of the Euphrates, may receive their share of the great bombs at some point).

In Ch. 20, after the seven last plagues run their course and all the demon-possessed kings are killed off (as Jesus commands in Luke 19:27) the U.S. will doubtless be one of the 24 thrones that will sit with Jesus in His throne and keep Satan at bay for a thousand years. (Also see Ch.4, v. 4).

In Ch. 21, after the Earth is destroyed by fire in a great (nuclear?) war, the same 24 nations will be resurrected on a new Earth with no sea (most likely Mars), and reign there to the ages of the ages.

– Barry Midyet

interpreter  posted on  2023-06-01   15:49:58 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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