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I AM A PROPHET and I prophesy
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Title: 4. The Murder Rate and O.D. Rates Will Double In Most U.S. States
Source: Last Days Chronicle
URL Source: [None]
Published: Nov 30, 2022
Author: Barry Midyet
Post Date: 2022-11-30 11:07:30 by interpreter
Keywords: murder rate, school shooting, church and state
Views: 279
Comments: 2

4. The Murder Rate and O.D. Rates Will Double In Most U.S. States 5. A New Political Movement Appears Putting God Back In National Affairs

Prediction 4: In the US in recent years, in addition to a million deaths from deadly viruses, the murder rate and overdose and suicide rates have been doubling about every two years in many states. By 2024, the trend can be expected to spread to most states.

The scary trend has led, for the first time, to a decrease in life expectancy in the U.S.

As reported in the last issue, mass shootings are now occurring at the rate of three per day of late. And they are not just occurring in the big cities. A couple mass school shootings have occurred very close to home and in very small towns – Santa Fe and Uvalde, both in south Texas which used to be known as the heart of the Texas Bible Belt.

That is not the case anymore, and it can be traced back to two things. First, the U.S. Supreme Court, back in the 1980’s, took prayer out of all public schools in the Santa Fe ISD vs Doe case and then the anti- Christian Supreme Court followed that up by taking the teaching of Intelligent Design out of schools.

Today, with no hope of heaven or fear of God, most young people (that is, the majority of the millennials) feel free to do anything they want, and with very little or no consequences.

Even worse, liberal judges are perpetuating that idea, often letting criminals out of jail without so much as a $10 bond. Thus, the murder rate (including O.D.s) will doubtless double by ’24 (in most U.S. states).

Although it is prophesied (in Revelation 19:29b), our nation may not have to keep on going downhill into literally living hell. (See next article).

Prediction 5: A New Political Movement Appears Putting God Back In National Affairs

When people get sick enough of fearing for their life every day, they will do something about it. This being a democracy, we can (ideally) vote some new people in who will. But it is hard to do in a two-party system because it seems there is always a gridlock in congress. We badly need a viable third party (or 12 as in Israel).

In the beginning, when we were all believers, the U. S. was a shining example of a democracy and the envy of the world. In 1776, not only was every one of our founding fathers a Christian, but our nation was founded by 12 Churches. To those who will say there must be a separation of Church and State – nowhere in the U.S. constitution does it say that. It says we are not to establish one Church above the others.

Anyone who wants to dispute that underlying tenet needs to re-read the constitution. Yes, we allowed Jews in, but no one else was allowed into our nation (legally) until President Johnson and the Democrats enacted the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 which let non-believers in.

It can well be argued that ever since then our great nation has been going downhill. It began escalating when our Supreme Court removed prayer and all mention of God from our public schools in the ’80’s (ostensibly because there were some non-Judeo-Christian students in class due to the 1965 law). A bit later, even the teaching of Intelligent Design was nixed.

When our kids have no hope of Heaven or fear of hell, is it any wonder that many of them turn to a life of crime? We must provide a vehicle for Christians to be the prophesied salt (or preservative) of the Earth and its inhabitants – and our nation if we want to be one of the 24 to reign with Jesus in His coming kingdom.

== Barry Midyet

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#1. To: interpreter (#0)

Any fool can read a newspaper and see the trend. You are no prophet.

You are a msm lemming. A duped old guy.

A K A Stone  posted on  2022-12-01   20:14:26 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: A K A Stone (#1)

Any fool can read a newspaper and see the trend. You are no prophet.

You are a msm lemming. A duped old guy.

The whole point of all my predictions is that all Bible prophesies agree the historical and scientific facts 100 %. And if they don't, the Bible should be thrown into the trash.

Barry Midyet

interpreter  posted on  2022-12-03   0:03:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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