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Title: ‘I do not consent!’ Americans Sound off When Congress approves ANOTHER $12 billion to Ukraine
Source: [None]
URL Source: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2022/0 ... 12-billion-to-ukraine-1289672/
Published: Sep 27, 2022
Author: Frank Webster
Post Date: 2022-10-04 00:32:46 by 3-Dee
Keywords: None
Views: 85
Comments: 3

‘I do not consent!’ Americans Sound off When Congress approves ANOTHER $12 billion to Ukraine

Frank Webster

Congressional “negotiators,” as they are called, have reached a preliminary agreement to send even more billions to Ukraine.

A procedural vote on $12 billion in new aid is planned for Tuesday in the Senate, and if ultimately approved, the total amount of funding for Ukraine would reach approximately $65 billion … and that’s just since May of this year.

In typical fashion, the proposed bill also would also fund unrelated issues including Afghan ally resettlement, winter heating assistance, aid for Jackson, Mississippi’s water crisis, and reauthorization of FDA user fees, according to Fox News.

This latest package of aid for Ukraine – just like the ones before it – comes amid record inflation in the U.S. and skyrocketing energy prices coupled with President Joe Biden’s dunderheaded decision to essentially deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to tamp down gas prices.

When Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion in April, a large number of social media users screamed that with that money he could cure world hunger instead. Yet, here we are in the U.S. shoveling money into a protracted foreign war and giving it to a regime that many argue is as corrupt as any. Biden warned in January, “Let there be no doubt at all that if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin makes this choice, Russia will pay a heavy price.”

He got the “heavy price” part right, but it seems our kleptocrat president got the country wrong.

Twitter exploded as this latest round of funding was announced.

JUST IN – U.S. Congress reached a preliminary agreement to provide about $12 billion in new assistance to Ukraine.

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 26, 2022

Does anybody still has an overview, how much went there already from all over the world? I lost sight Maybe she knows where it all went.. https://t.co/UyzCXGrVY4

— Antje G. (@AntjeG22) September 26, 2022


— Katalin Pota ☮️☮️☮️ (@katalin_pota) September 26, 2022

$12 BILLION more to Ukraine? Uhh, we’re struggling over here, U.S. citizens. Our border is being invaded, food & energy prices are STILL out of control. Smh

.@GOPLeader what about the GOP’s “Commitment to America”? When does that start? How about now, before we vote for you?

— KK Berd 🇺🇸 (@BluebirdKeny) September 26, 2022


“In a separate, but related authorization request, a US official said the Biden admin also planned to ask Congress for an additional $3.6 billion in Presidential Drawdown Authority, which allows the president to authorize the transfer of excess weapons from US stocks.”

— Julia 🇺🇸 (@Jules31415) September 27, 2022

Why not $100 million trillion billion? Or infinity dollars? Why stop at $12 billion at this point?

— Jasmine Keith (@Jasmine_Keith1) September 26, 2022

If governments are giving away money, inhabitants are taxed too much.

— FMTF (@moneytofreedom) September 26, 2022


— Meredith (@FletchHerCox) September 27, 2022

Oh, thank god. I was afraid the US would actually start helping its own people. What a relief.

— Leener Tep 🌺 (@LeenerTep) September 26, 2022

Not only does the money continue to flow, but in August – in what would otherwise be considered satire – the city of Miami proposed a gun buyback program in which all recovered firearms would be sent to Ukraine.

Our Guns Buyback Program continues Saturday, August 27, from 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. at Belafonte Tacolcy Center. All guns collected will be send to #Ukraine while we help to take guns off of our streets. #gunbuyback #safestreets pic.twitter.com/PLdPBIHJ3f

— City of Miami (@CityofMiami) August 25, 2022

So you’ve decided to become arms traders.

— mitrebox (@mitrebox) August 25, 2022

Still trying to understand how you do this without an export license lol, you guys just dumping everything on the DoD’s front porch with a little note saying “For Ukraine”?

— Jesh (@PunishedJeshy) August 25, 2022

Double down on dumb. Then it looks smart.

— Billy Corben (@BillyCorben) August 25, 2022

I’m sure the Miami criminals are lining up to give up their guns 💪

— ZoomGaby 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@zoom_gaby) August 25, 2022

After all the billions Ukraine is getting from this government and you want to send them our guns now? 🤣😂🤣

— 🇺🇸🇺🇸SlickRick🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@SlickRi06015316) August 25, 2022

So you don’t care about guns killing people as long as it’s “other people”. That’s not a great look. Who’s the idiot who came up with that?

— David – Soft edged Eccentric – 🇫🇷🇺🇸 (@FrenchHiker) August 25, 2022

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#1. To: 3-Dee (#0)

Send it to them. Crush the Russians. Enjoy the peace dividend afterwards. No more Russia allows much reduced defense expenses, and we have the opportunity in the Ukraine to make that a reality without losing a lot of American lives.

Vicomte13  posted on  2022-10-04   7:38:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Vicomte13 (#1)

Send it to them. Crush the Russians.

Yes deplete our weapons just like Obiden is doing with our oil reserves. Go into more debt. Fuck the wall that protects us. Build a new world order where after Russia everyone will obey us. Do whatever we say or else.

A K A Stone  posted on  2022-10-04   8:00:42 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: A K A Stone (#2)

We need to up our spending to replace the weapons. The point of the weapons is to defeat our enemies. Russia is enemy number one, and we have them by the neck in the Ukraine, and we don't even have to fight them ourselves - the Ukrainians are doing it. Give them everything we've got, and get the factories working double-time to make more.

Destroying Russia NOW is the best chance we will ever have, and once we've done it we won't have to spend as much money in the future on defense, because the threats will be smaller. Now is the time to go balls to the wall, not to dither and impose another century of huge expenditures on ourselves. Russia can be ended now. We have the duty to do it.

Biden's use of the strategic oil reserves is bad. His whole energy policy sucks. And unfortunately we've got two more years of that fool.

Biden is an ass and a disaster on the Border. Build the damned wall - go into debt to do it. He won't. Two more years and he's gone.

No, after Russia there is still the threat from China, but that will be much more manageable.

We're the head of an alliance, not an Emoire.

Vicomte13  posted on  2022-10-20   16:33:50 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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