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Title: Can ChrisTian Russia ... save The world --- from globalism?
Source: wnd.com
URL Source: https://www.wnd.com/2022/06/can-chr ... n-russia-save-world-globalism/
Published: Jun 13, 2022
Author: Scott Lively
Post Date: 2022-06-16 15:47:28 by BorisY
Keywords: None
Views: 52
Comments: 1

Can Christian Russia save the world from globalism?

Exclusive: Scott Lively charges RINOs with co-opting church to promote 'warmongering agenda'

By Scott Lively

June 13, 2022

Two little-noticed news stories capture the true picture of the state of the global culture war today. The first is from the American deep red state of Idaho, where The Satanic Temple is holding a "Pride" event that features a "Drag Dance Party" and "Unbaptisms" – a ritual in which people who were once baptized as Christians publicly renounce Jesus Christ.

The other is from Russia, where the national Duma (legislature) has just introduced legislation to expand its 2013 ban on LGBT propaganda to children to include ALL LGBT propaganda throughout the society.

To my knowledge, I am the only culture war analyst in the world who contends that the current Russia/Ukraine war started not with President Putin's Feb. 24, 2022. "Empire of Lies" speech, nor with the Obama/Soros-orchestrated Maidan coup on Feb. 22, 2014, to replace pro- Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych with their own stooge, but with Vladimir Putin's signature on June 30, 2013, making the LGBT propaganda ban the law of the land.

More than any other factor in the vast constellation of geopolitical rivalries and concerns, that single act declared the Russian Federation an enemy of globalism, and more importantly in the realpolitik sense, an enemy of the megalomaniac "closeted" homosexual Barack Obama who, even then, had done more to advance the global LGBT agenda than any other living man.

I also stand alone, or in extremely rarefied company, in defining the LGBT agenda as THE last-days biblical-worldview litmus test – by God's own design – dividing the enlightened from the deceived. My book "The Petros Prophecy" explains how and why so-called "gay theology" is THE heresy of the last days the Apostle Peter warned us about in 2 Peter 2. And I have been a voice in the wilderness declaring that the LGBT-driven "sexual revolution" is THE centerpiece of the Cultural Marxist strategy for socio-political transformation of the nations of the world. My WND column of last week explained how the defilement of God's rainbow is THE key evidence of the emergence of the Antichrist kingdom.

To most of the world, these assertions make me a "nut-case," but I long ago stopped letting the opinion of the world influence my beliefs. My audience is thus the remnant of Bible believers willing to risk hatred and mockery to seek and speak truth. My role has been, in part, that of a prophet in the sense of Ephesians 4:11-12, and thus rejection is just part of the job.

The more difficult fork of this path has been applying these conclusions to the real-world culture war outside the United States, particularly the role of Russia, which very few Christians know much about, and where so much of the "Christian consensus" is shaped by neocon wolves in sheep's clothing, like Mike Pence.

I never fully trusted Pence after his capitulation to the "woke" mob as Indiana governor, when the Indiana Legislature passed a religious freedom bill that strongly protected pro-family freedom of speech on "gay" issues. Pence refused to sign the bill until it had been amended (gutted) to placate the LGBTs. My WND column of that week was titled "Indiana meets the Borg." In retrospect, I think Pence's surrender in that fight was what qualified him to be chosen by the elites as Trump's "Bush 41" VP (the globalists' agent in the Trump White House just as George H.W. Bush was their agent in the Reagan White House).

In any case, backstabber Pence is a leading example of how the establishment RINOs co-opted American Christendom in service to the neocon warmongering agenda. Even otherwise honorable men like Rush Limbaugh and Dr. James Dobson got suckered into that ideology, for example, in support of the Iraq wars. It really wasn't until the Republican Party got caught neutralizing the Tea Party movement (by first competing with and then absorbing it) that many of us awakened to the political realities and realized that paleo-conservatives like Pat Buchanan had been right all along.

Regarding the Ukraine war, the conservative movement has been slowly awakening from the globalists' propaganda-driven hypnosis to realize that Russia is NOT the bad guy in this conflict, but was set up and used as a scapegoat by the very people who orchestrated the plandemic, stole our election and turned America's children into sexual anarchists and social-justice terrorists. Being forced to take preemptive military action to preserve legitimate and essential national security interests is not "unprovoked aggression." In fact, Russia's legal defense under international law to all of the globalist false accusations and propaganda is very sound. If you're not yet convinced of these things, you should spend some time reading sources not controlled by our enemy- of-the-people media. On the question of globalism, start here.

However, if you are among the remnant of the remnant who appreciate just how close our nation has come to triggering the wrath of God, and that Russia is now actually far closer as a nation to honoring the biblical worldview than we are, you will recognize that IF the Lord tarries, and IF He intends humanity to have a reprieve from globalist tyranny, it just might be that Russia, not America, will be responsible to stop the evil elites from enslaving us all. Or perhaps (best case scenario), we MAGA millions might retake our country in 2022 and 2024 and partner with Russia against the globalists (as Trump strongly implied we would in his 2016 campaign)!

Frankly, I think it is much more likely that we have reached the end of the line and are watching the final scenes of prophecy unfold. Yet, that is all the more reason to speak the truth about all things. And the truth is that Russia is now a more Christian nation than we are, and the evil people ushering in the Antichrist kingdom are based here, not there.

Queen Anastasia

My neighbor is a Greek Orthodox Communist and she was extremely hard to get along with so we stopped talking.


The Russian Orthodox church has had an amazing revival.

One of the instigators of this renewal of faith was a Californian, Eugene Rose.

Going from New Age and Eastern religions in trying to find meaning against the meaninglessness of our modern world he found Christianity in its classical orthodox form in Russian Orthodoxy.

He became a priest as Fr. Seraphim Rose.

He helped start a monastery in Northern California and began to publish works in Russian and English.

His writings took off in Russia helping to support the Christian revival in that country.

A good number of Evangelicals in America have converted to Eastern Orthodoxy as well.

They see the need for continuity with the root which has been nearly lost in the Roman West.

I expect the Orthodox revival to continue to grow in America and friendship with Russia as well.

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yes we con



WhiTe slavery

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#1. To: BorisY (#0)

Putin is Satan's Whore...however, Ol' Vlad is allegedly dying, whether he was poisoned or not remains to be seen. Will there be a popular uprising of the Russian people in favor of some freedom-loving, Christian, PowerToThePeople guy or gal? Whoever killed Putin will most likely beg to differ...the KGB ain't gonna save this planet from diddley. They ARE the PlutocRATZ and every bit as EVIL and self-serving as Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Clinton, and Biden.

Happy Father's Day, mi amigo...MUD

"NOW...Devolve Power Outta the Federal Leviathan!!"

Mudboy Slim  posted on  2022-06-19   6:25:51 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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