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Biden’s incompetence brought us chaos

Woke capiTalism ... is a ThreaT --- To The world - The Church

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Title: Really - iT's jusT for our benefiT ... Next They will hold us down - injecT us --- wiTh Their "safe and effecTive vaccine"
Source: townhall.com
URL Source: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattv ... -must-be-deprogrammed-n2592898
Published: Jul 22, 2021
Author: Matt Vespa / NoOne
Post Date: 2021-07-23 17:30:37 by BorisY
Keywords: mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs
Views: 99

Sounds Stalinist?

Liberal Media Demands Trump Supporters Undergo Deprogramming

Matt Vespa - @mvespa1

Jul 22, 2021

They can’t stand other opinions.

They can’t.

They cannot be allowed to live.

The people who hold them must be targeted and smeared.

All must bow before the unholy altar of American progressivism.

If you can’t convince them, destroy them, or deprogram them.

That’s what The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson and Nikole Hannah- Jones wanted yesterday

Grabien’s Tom Elliott clipped the madness.

People who support Trump are mentally defective, so they must be deprogrammed.

What does that mean?

Sounds Stalinist in the extreme.

It also reeks of Chinese Cultural Revolution underpinnings.

Those who do not believe what we believe are off to the camps.

It’s nothing new.

It only exposes the illiberal nature of the progressive Left.

There can be no deviations.

ALL must bow to the narrative.

You must take this position on this issue or risk annihilation.

Ever wonder why so many liberal policies are intrusive and mandatory?

They don’t want to bother convincing you anymore, partially because most voters can see on its face that most of what liberal America offers is trash.

That’s why you’re forced to do things with a gun to your head.

You’ve seen the memes.

‘Our policies are so good…that they’re mandatory.’

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski also torched the so-called cult leaders saying they should be deprogrammed.

She threaded that with how their alleged dangerous rhetoric on the COVID vaccine might have killed people.

I don’t know. We’ve said so many times that the experts have done well to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of Americans regarding vaccination.

I think people should be vaccinated, but it’s still your choice.

Those who wish not to get jabbed will not be subjected to moral outrage from me.

Sorry, I’m vaccinated.

I already had and recovered from COVID.

I’m living my life.

You live yours—and the funny thing is this is how it’s always been with vaccines.

This isn’t a new debate.

Vaccination is always a touchy subject especially when it comes to kids and parenting.

Again, it’s an old debate, one that’s ignored because a lot of white liberals from blue states were refusing to vaccinate their kids. Hence, the measles outbreaks in rich white, and lefty, counties in California.

Vaccine resisters aren’t Trump lovers, nor are they majority Republican. Also, a lot of the religious groups the liberal media likes to rope together as the ignorant legions of America were already getting their shots by May—a lot of them.

So, enough with this ‘religious folks are now saying to get the shot,’ Mika.

If I can tolerate the nonsense peddled by Democrats, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Joe Biden, and Antifa, then surely liberals can tolerate people who support Second Amendment rights, free speech, patriotism, lower taxes, smaller government, fewer regulations, job creation, and getting the nation out of foreign policy quagmires abroad; no more endless wars.

Is that so hard?

Or are these liberty-based opinions too dangerous and must be subject to…deprogramming.

mark stayer

annihilate all of the marxist-racist-tyrants.

re-education of marxist dupes is impossible.

kill the marxist cancer.


Democrats desire a totalitarian government where no one is allowed to disagree with their policies.


Brzezinski just wants to deprogram us for our own good because she is right and everyone who disagrees with her is wrong.

Really, it's just for our benefit.

Next they will hold us down and inject us with their "safe and effective vaccine"

Poster Comment:



naTional esTablished religion



whiTe slavery

whaT's a maTTer wiTh ThaT

gaTloon overlords

The naTional sec general depT of compliance / social engineering

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