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Title: This elecTion was so bad - iT’s laughable ... The subpoenas will be enforced --- we will know everyThing soon enough.
Source: thegatewaypundit.com
URL Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/20 ... copa-county-accountable-video/
Published: Jul 20, 2021
Author: Jordan Conradson
Post Date: 2021-07-21 12:25:09 by BorisY
Keywords: mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs, mau mau huTus devilcraTs
Views: 124
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AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers: “The Cover-Up Is Always Worse Than The Crime – We Have to Hold Maricopa County Accountable” (VIDEO)

By Jordan Conradson

July 20, 2021

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been a strong fighter for America’s audits, recently leading the charge to recall Arizona’s presidential electors.

After the Arizona audit hearing, Rogers called for a new fair election and labeled Fox News’ Bret Baier “fake news” for his cooperation with the Democrats.

Wendy Rogers has been the loudest voice for decertification in Arizona, leading to shout-outs by President Trump.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Wendy Rogers about her thoughts on Maricopa County’s fraud election and what decertification would actually take.

Conradson: The Arizona audit hearing revealed some shocking findings. What stood out to you the most and what do you think the consequences should be for those responsible for these discrepancies or crimes or whatever you want to call it?

Rogers: I would say that the things that really jumped out at me from the hearing last week was you know the 37,000+ security queries in March that occurred, where logs were deleted, the almost 4000, registered voters who, You know registered, and then voted after the October 15 deadline, and then, of course, the 11,000 who voted, who weren’t on the voter rolls, you know, the 3rd of November but showed up in December on the fourth of December and then, of course, the 18,000 who voted and were removed from the roles, after the election, but then the biggest data point that jumped out at all of us, was the fact that over 74,000 mail-in ballots occurred without any evidence of anything having been sent to them.

And think about this, the memo that we now have found that Maricopa County sent out.

That said, Hey, “Sharpies, are what the rule of the day will be on election day”, and you know I just tried it last night on a regular piece of paper, and my printer using a sharpie as though I were filling in a bubble and clearly, you know it bled through to the other side which then, of course, calls into question the ballot, and makes it have to be adjudicated, and the fact that sharpies were encouraged just solely for election day, really begs the question.

As everyone knew Republicans waited to vote on election day as they did in my four counties, you know, predominantly did show up on that day. So, we have to keep moving forward.

We have to keep moving the ball down the field.

We have to open one door so that we go to the next one, and seek out the truth. We have to expose the fraud, and we’ve got to get our country back and there are just no two ways about it.

Conradson: I think it was 168,000 of these ballots that were printed on-site on the incorrect paper, that, allowed for bleed throughs as well. Jack Sellers, released a bogus statement where he deflected, he said you’re wrong, he said you should be ashamed.

And he basically said prepare prepared to defend the report, the county, Maricopa County did the same thing on Twitter, deflecting, bogus fact checks. What do you think of their response?

Rogers: I think the cover-up is always worse than the crime, and I think that they only have evidence to cover up, if they’re so intransigent, and they’re so resistant to us looking into the truth. and I was just asked on another interview, “why are they this way?” And I can only surmise that they’re deeply embarrassed. When they signed up to be a County Official, little did they know that by taking the oath that they would be ultimately responsible for what a national election could hinge on.

Little did they know I mean little did I know when I ran for state senate that I would be in a pivotal role as a state senator, but of course, the US Constitution supports that fact that state legislatures are responsible, unequivocally, for Presidential Elections.

Conradson: We’re still waiting for the passwords, the Splunk logs, and the routers from the county, do you know what the next step in enforcing those subpoenas are?

Rogers: We have to enforce them, and I know President Fann is such a strong woman, and I have just absolute profound, deep respect for her. And I have every confidence that she will find a way to follow through on enforcement. And you know, Jordan, I predict one day, even Democrats will turn on other Democrats when the fraud is finally exposed, it’s already starting to happen, it’s starting to unravel in New York, in the Democrat mayor’s race.

And I believe we need to audit every county in all 50 states who used these machines, any election that uses these machines is not secure. And these things have shared passwords, they can be hacked, they’re connected to the internet. It’s astounding that no one has stopped this before.

Conradson: That’s right and I just got off a call with David Shestokas, he told me that the state legislature has plenary authority to decertify the election, but that would have to go through both the House and the Senate in a joint resolution.

Do we have the votes for that?

Rogers: I think that remains to be seen, I think, in the meantime, as we plod through that we have to keep this top of mind. We have to finish the audit, we have to hold the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors accountable to include possibly sending them to jail.

There is already enough information to justify this.

We need a majority to do anything as you alluded to, so really it’s a situation where people need to be convinced.

This is the best course of action.

And, you know, this is absolutely imperative, important, and I will be fighting.



Conradson: you just had back-to-back mentions from President Trump for your bravery in this historic rally for States’ rights. What message do you have for other state legislators in Arizona and across the country to stand up for their constituents?

Rogers: Well, but for Arizona, and as you know I hosted numerous out of state legislators senators, and state reps, and I believe they will be emboldened, and I believe they will be encouraged by everything that we do and so I’m in constant contact as you know I got all their numbers, names and everything in my phone and now they can’t escape me. And so, you know we correspond frequently throughout the day I’m in touch with Georgia, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Virginia, Wisconsin, and I’m encouraging them, and who knows, you know, I may go out to visit them later on this summer, brick, by brick, by brick, we’re going to fix this and get to the truth, because it’s not only important for 2022 I get that, and we’ll pursue that. But we have to find the truth happened in 2020

This election was so bad, it’s laughable.

The subpoenas will be enforced and we will know everything soon enough.

Once this audit is finished, the legislature will likely proceed with decertification of this fraudulent election over which they have plenary authority.

When the results prove fraud occurred, we will get the votes necessary.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is running a marathon with five other states to encourage them to initiate full forensic audits.

Legislators need to follow the lead of this amazing State Senator and demand election audits in their state and others.

We will recall Arizona’s fraudulent electors.


Poster Comment:

For liberals

all logic - reason

are resulTs generaTed

predeTermined by Their mob bosses

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Promises, promises.

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