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Is This Why Jim Acosta Went to CPAC?

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT

WAR: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Decorates Hall Outside Her Office After Dem Rep. Puts Up Trans Flag

NoT Making Headlines ... California BLACK Man Films Himself on Facebook Live ... wiTh Two Dead Women on The Floor He Killed --- Including Minor

‘Blessings Of LiberTy’ ... How ‘The EqualiTy AcT’ Viciously ATTacks --- ChrisTians - Freedom - SocieTy - Sex - You

Biden bends to the ayatollah

Oklahoma murder suspecT confesses To ... killing neighbor - cooking her hearT --- invesTigaTors say

Biden Is No FDR

Jason Chaffetz: Biden-Harris' disastrous start – first month full of hypocrisy, scandal and incompetence

Biden is set to repeat Obama’s Mideast failures — and wipe out US influence

How the GOP can win back Congress

There Is No GOP Civil War

Biden rewards Iran’s bad behavior by begging it to make a deal

‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world [Biden] been ‘so cognitively compromised’

ATTorney Lin Wood Releases STaTemenT Before Supreme CourT Ruling ... on ElecTion Fraud Today --- UPDATED WITH NEW COMMENT

Biden and his assistant is too cruel a punishment with which to hit America.

TiTanic ... Genius Time Traveler goes back --- everyone saved !

Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning

Remember ... George Will --- Me neiTher.

Eating Biden’s Lunch

Biden Wrong to Consider Restricting Travel to Florida

The Real Reason ... Pelosi & McConnell Folded LasT NighT Leaks --- Lock Them Up

GOP Party

Seven turncoats: What motivated those Republicans to vote guilty?

Real life study: Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues

Trump Celebrates Acquittal, Hints At Political Future

SNAKE - McConnell ... Uses Floor To BruTally Trash Trump --- Following Failed ImpeachmenT EfforT

BREAKING - Trump ... Releases StaTemenT --- Following ImpeachmenT AcquiTTal

BREAKING - SenaTe VoTes 57 - 43 ... To ACQUIT Donald Trump --- Here Are The SEVEN Republicans Who VoTed To ConvicT

SCHOOLBOY 'KILLERS' Thugs - 15 - 17 ... 'filmed Themselves gang raping woman - 36 - beaTing her To deaTh' --- 'in a park as oTher boys waTched'

Joe Biden Is a F#@ing Idiot!

ImpeachmenT blunder - AuThor of TweeT inTroduced aT Trial says iT was ... Calvary / prayer - crucificTion --- falsified - misinTerpreTed to caValry / horses - soldiers - invasion

Georgia's New Democrat Senator Is Under Investigation for Voter Registration Fraud

Tom MacDonald - "Fake Woke"

Five Vanities That Are Destroying America

Leftist Sicko Bruce Springsteen arrested for DWI in New Jersey…

Impeachment Trial Redux

“Wikipedia…Can .... PuT AnyThing They WanT OuT There To Ruin My IdenTiTy” --- Mike Lindell on Wikipedia’s ATTempts To Trash His Good Name

WhaT's wiTh smiTTen romney ... mormons / liberals have anoTher Holy SpiriT --- dead soul - empTy brain echo chamber !

HUGE DEVELOPMENT - Hand RecounT Finds Dominion VoTing Machines ... ShorTed EVERY REPUBLICAN in Windham - New Hampshire --- 300 VoTes!

Rep. Andy Biggs - Evidence seems To ... indicaTe Congress leadership knew of CapiTol rioT --- days before

FORMER CIA OFFICER - BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT - I’m A DemocraT ... But IT’s Time --- To Leave The ParTy

Google Competitor PRESEARCH.org Launches Decentralized Search Engine (How to rid your life of toxic tech)

Doctors Link Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines to Life-Threatening Blood Disorder

Time Magazine Gushingly Profiles The Successful ‘Conspiracy’ To Rig The 2020 Election

Massive brawl erupts among teenagers inside Illinois ... chimpoline park --- video shows

“Unmasked” Video Provides ... More InformaTion - Evidence --- Surrounding The 2020 ElecTion


Yale Grad STudenT ... ShoT Dead --- In GoaTville

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Title: “Unmasked” Video Provides ... More InformaTion - Evidence --- Surrounding The 2020 ElecTion
Source: thegatewaypundit.com/
URL Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/20 ... nce-surrounding-2020-election/
Published: Feb 9, 2021
Author: Joe Hoft
Post Date: 2021-02-09 13:21:12 by BorisY
Keywords: huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs, huTus mau maus devilcraTs
Views: 38

“Unmasked” Video Provides More Information and Evidence Surrounding the 2020 Election

By Joe Hoft

February 9, 2021


A new video labeled “Unmasked” provides 16 minutes of evidence of the election fraud in the 2020 election.

This new video named “Unmasked” provides evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election. Results in Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin were basically impossible per the analysis provided in the video and previous reports.

In addition, the video shows the unbelievable and impossible patterns of results we provided months ago which we labeled the “Drop and Roll” (see our video below):

Unmasked also provides evidence showing the ‘roll’ portion of the drop and roll where the results, as we observed, were all proportionately the same for the remaining vote counts.

This raises serious red flags.

Derek This is why Democrats are so scared 4 years ago they lit their collective hair on fire trying to insist that Trump should be frog marched out of the White House b/c of the mythical tale of Russian Collusion...&

that set a precendent in most liberal & independent minds that such a thing it warranted must be possible...

we can't have an illegal precidency right???

The problem is they were successful in that they benefited from the time it took to prove they had nothing to base their claims...&

that time was 2 & 1/2 years...

Fast forward to mid-November 2020...

as Sindey Powell put it evidence is coming out of a fire hose...

not 2 & 1/2 weeks after the election & massive voter fraud is being categorized labeled & unearthed of many levels...&

like Rudi Guiliani said you don't want to be on the wrong side of this when it all comes out b/c it is all going to come out...&

maybe that is why they have 25k National Guard troops in DC...

b/c they know if roles were reveresed they would absolutely storm the capitol building...

b/c hey let's face it the Democrat Party is always projecting thier crtimes & bad behavior...their racism their bigotry...&

now they are exposed even their war on women has feminists now coming out of the closet & identifying the scientific diffence between the two genders & that it is not a crime to believe in the scieince...

Like Trump said they got caught & all they are attempting to do now is to silence us with fear...

bye bye free speech & threaten us with labels...

uh so sorry to disappoint but this "deplorable" thinks that is #Hillaryous & overplayed...&

now they are afraid not of the Conservative Republicans & especially not the Est GOP...

no they are scared of the independents & the moderates & most of all the Bernie bros...

b/c they bought into the Democrat lies about the powers of government & they bought into the 2710 witch hunt & the Democrats are terrified they will find the Grand Oz Wizard of Liberalism behind the curtain & that such a deep betrayl will result in a majority of Americans so massive that the calls for the arrest & prosecution of so many elected & unelected officials will be impossible to ignore...

Poster Comment:

Zechariah 12:2-3

2 "I am going To make Jerusalem a cup ThaT sends all The surrounding peoples reeling. Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem.

3 On ThaT day, when all the naTions of Tearth are gaThered against her, I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all The naTions.

All who Try To move iT will injure Themselves.

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