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Title: The Virtue of the Fear Mask
Source: Eric Peters Autos
URL Source: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/202 ... 1/the-virtue-of-the-fear-mask/
Published: May 31, 2020
Author: Eric
Post Date: 2020-06-01 23:35:38 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 26

There is one upside to the sickening spectacle of half or more the population pretending to be Michael Jackson – that is to say, pretending to be sick.

It is that the rest of us know who we’re up against. Who exactly. On a person to person basis.

It’s as though we now have open rather than secret ballots. Pre-Corona, it was hard to know for sure whether your neighbor just voted to have the government steal more of your money on his behalf – for “the schools” or whatever need he felt you ought to pay for.

Now you know who is itching to vote to force you to be vaccinated and tracked like a downer cow – to ease their sick fear that you might get them sick otherwise.

Now you can see – exactly like Rowdy Roddy Piper’s character in the documentary, They Live.

Only you don’t need the special sunglasses.

The Fear Masks identify who is sick – and not merely sick in the head, PTS’D by overexposure to Fear Porn – but also those who are a very real threat to your health. Not because they’re sick, of course. If they were, then why are they not home?

Rather, because of the sick demands they will make.

When you see a Fear Masked person you can make the same reasonable assumption – and take the same precautionary measures – that you would if you saw a thuggy-looking young man sauntering in an alley.

You’d walk across the street.

Or get ready to defend yourself.

It will come to that with these Fear Maskers.

It already has come to that.

The non-sick are being assaulted by the sick-in-the-head for refusing to pretend they are sick. For not showing the proper “respect” – as Head Quack Fauci recently put it – open ended, pathological fear of sickness.

Which is extremely sick.

It is egging on the mentally sick by pretending they’re not and demoralizing the healthy in the head for the sake of those who aren’t. Maybe we should “respect” the people in mental hospitals who believe they are Jesus or Napoleon by dressing like pilgrims or members of the Grande Armee?

Does anyone recall the story of the . . . emperor and his new clothes?

The Head Quack knows perfectly well that healthy people don’t transmit sickness – because they haven’t got any to transmit  – and therefore insisting they wear a Fear Mask out of “respect” is as silly as pressuring a continent person to wear Depends out of solidarity with people who pinch loaves in their BVDs.

Fauci and the Fear Maskers are trying to shame the sane to not hurt the feelings of the sickness psychotics. This is like giving in to a temper-tantruming child rather than correcting the child. Only worse because it’s adults who are temper-tantruming and other adults insisting we give in to them, so they’ll feel better.

These people are much more dangerous than temper-tantruming children – who haven’t got political power to make us give in to their feelings. They can perhaps scream loud enough and stamp their feet hard enough to get their bedraggled parents to give in to them. But they have no power to force the people trying to eat their meal at the next table over to take bites in between a plexiglass partition.

vector cartoon illustration

Adult children, however, can make you eat your meal with a plexiglass partition in between yourself and your dining companion.

And they can vote to have laws passed that will force you to accept a Big Pharma/Big Brother syringe packed with god-knows-what injected into your body for the sake of their fear – the consequences of this paranoia to be born entirely by you.

Perhaps also by your children – including the ones you haven’t had yet – whose health might be affected by whatever was injected into you. And of course the children you already have – who, likewise, will be forcibly injected with “medicine” of dubious provenance, the side effects of which could be and often are extremely unhealthy as well as permanent.

Far more so than the possible effects of a transitory bug that most people will leave in their kleenexes after a couple of weeks.

But the Fear Maskers think they have a blank check that will never bounce. That the sane must be forced to accept anything that makes the insane feel better. No matter how much it actually harms hundreds of millions of people.

Refuse the Mask.

And know, when you see a Mask Wearer – in the absence of a mandate to wear one – that you are facing, at best, an enabler and at worst an enemy who will mouth unctuous pieties as he secures you to the rack, the moment he has the power to do so.

. . .

Got a question about cars, Libertarian politics – or anything else? Click on the “ask Eric” link and send ’em in!

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