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Title: Spring equinox and rise in solar uv radiation will predictably bring mild epidemic to an abrupt halt (except for quarantined populations)
Source: Lew Rockwell
URL Source: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/03 ... -quarantine-social-distancing/
Published: Mar 21, 2020
Author: Bill Sardi
Post Date: 2020-03-21 09:57:00 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 62
Comments: 1

A geophysical and demographic analysis of COVID-19 coronavirus deaths in China and Italy reveals leaders in western nations have been misled that quarantine and social distancing will quell the spread of this disease.  The mortal cases of infectious pneumonia continued on past quarantines.  Death rates will predictably fall as temperatures and the solar UV index rise with the arrival of the Spring equinox (March 19).

Solar ultraviolet radiation produces vitamin D in exposed skin and is the overriding factor in infectious disease control.

Quarantines are counter-productive, as a chart below reveals.  The full extent of a predicted spring “cure” that will predictably bring infectious disease to an abrupt halt will only become apparent in time, with the exception of the quarantined populations who now face indoor “urban lockdown” in the U.S., Italy and elsewhere.

A recently published analysis reveals influenza virus activity correlates with low-temperature/low UV radiation.  That report states: “It is now becoming evident that meteorological factors are associated with seasonality of influenza virus epidemics.”  Temperature and UV intensity are the No. 1 and No. 2 predictive factors for influenza activity.  Crowding of populations in jails and other confined indoor quarters only prolongs the epidemic by virtue of the lack of sunlight indoors.  Low temperature results in people wearing skin-covering clothes that completely blocks all skin exposure to the sun, the primary source for vitamin D in humans. 

Political conundrum

The political conundrum is that geophysical events are likely to quell this over-treated and under-whelming disease and governments will mistakenly take credit and will likely respond to say their onerous quarantine and social distancing measures actually worked.

Sunlight is the predominant factor

The over-arching governor of this infectious lower respiratory tract disease, that is far less deadly than many prior influenza epidemics (SARS coronavirus; H5N1 flu virus), is sunlight.  The fact there are no sun spots this year has reduced the intensity of solar UV radiation, increasing the severity of infectious disease.

The spring equinox occurred Thursday March 19 as the earth tilts back toward the sun in the northern hemisphere, and temperatures will predictably rise, resulting in people going outdoors and not wrapping themselves in sun-blocking warm clothes, which should raise sunshine vitamin D levels to sufficiently put an abrupt halt to the infections and deaths EXCEPT FOR QUARANTINED populations.

The arrival date for the spring equinox is the earliest it has been 124 years, and it doesn’t come any too soon.  The historical importance of this astronomical/geophysical phenomenon brought about rituals and celebrations around the world in Stonehenge, England and Chichen Itza, Mexico.  Modern populations look at these rituals as archaic practices.

Maybe not coronavirus

Deaths in the US due to COVID-19 human coronavirus geographically overlaps tuberculosis incidence maps, so the presumption these deaths are caused by COVID-19 coronavirus is called into question.  Soo few people have been tested for COVID-19 coronavirus in the population and the tests are so unreliable (false positives), that it is difficult for epidemiologists to fashion any public health policy using COVID-19 as the denominator of reporter deaths.

Pathologists in Italy report 99% of patients who died of coronavirus infections in Italy had pre-existing conditions.  Nearly half had three or more health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease) prior to infection.  Nearly 1 in 4 had atrial fibrillation.

This means Italy, with its large population of 80-year-olds that smokes tobacco and drinks wine, would have succumbed to ANY pathogenic bacteria or virus.  Many of these deaths in Italy are likely due to tuberculosis among immigrants.  The demographic data shows a significant portion of the deaths in Italy were in the 18-44 year-age group and were more likely immigrants with tuberculosis, with COVID-19 possibly being a co-infection.

Rejection of vitamin therapy

The failure of modern medicine to adopt nutritional therapy into practice is another costly oversight.  What was discovered in 1922 by Sir Edward Mellanby, that sunshine vitamin D is the cure for rickets (soft bones), and that vitamin D-rich cod liver oil was first used as a remedy for rickets in 1824 as well as sun lamp therapy, are long forgotten lessons.  While vitamin D in cod liver oil was shown to cure rickets, it also quelled infectious diseases, which was not as observable as the resolution of rickets.

The failure of modern medicine to put vitamin D pills into widespread use in winter months has been costing millions of lives for decades.  The dogmatic adherence to the allopathic/synthetic drug paradigm over natural remedies has led to unconscionable and avoidable outbreaks of disease for which no apology is forthcoming from medical schools.  For profiteering reasons, the intentional maintenance of certain levels of disease to treat via the establishment of low intake levels of vitamins and minerals, is beyond public awareness.

Only 20% of vitamin D is meant to come from the diet (fish, eggs from outdoor raised chickens, fortified milk).  The remaining 80% is to come from sunlight.

Setting the bar too low

The current guideline for vitamin D (400-800 units/day) does not even raise blood serum levels.  The “safe upper limit” (2000 units) scares the public away from so-called mega-doses.  The public is scared away from so-called “mega doses” when an hour of full-body skin exposure to midday sun produces ~10,000 units of natural vitamin D invariably without side effects.

Vitamin D blood levels only begin to rise with intake of 4000 units of vitamin D.

Public health authorities then made a statistical (intentional?) mistake, setting vitamin D recommendations far too low.  To correct that error, children under 1-year of age should be given 1000 units; 3000 units for children over age 1; and 8000 units for adults.  This practice has led this journalist to conclude human populations are being gamed for disease for the financial gain of the medical/industrial complex.

Destructive quarantines

The fact that onerous quarantines have now brought about economically destructive measures that will surely result in the collapse of western economies, all because of a massive misdirection. This is sure to have political consequences in nations where their population was mistakenly “locked indoors.”  The public’s over reliance on government to solve its problems will be indelibly shaken.  The failure of the news press to question health authorities by mindlessly repeating all the orders issued by government may cause the news press to cover for its own culpability.

The infectious disease epidemic will subside, but the economic consequences are so destructive as to demoralize the citizenry and irreversibly destroy the standard of living in western nations that unwittingly followed this doomsday prescription.



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#1. To: Deckard (#0)

Spring equinox and rise in solar uv radiation will predictably bring mild epidemic to an abrupt halt

My thoughts exactly!

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2020-03-21   10:32:46 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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