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Gatekeeper of DC Society Sally Quinn Comes Out as Occultist, Used Hex to Kill People

Pew: 77 Percent of Catholic Democrats Support Legal Abortion

51 Far-Left Antifa Anarchists Arrested After Attacking Police

AG Barr: Coronavirus lockdowns “greatest intrusion on civil liberties” since slavery

Pelosi Admits She Attended Mass in San Francisco While the Rest of the State Was Locked Down

Trump says he will nominate a woman to the Supreme Court next week

The Promised Land ... ThaT Slipped Away --- From Obama

Maskless Joe Biden Greets Firefighters After Touting Mask Mandates

Socially-Distanced German Soccer Team Gets Thrashed 37-0 (not satire)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead At 87

"We House-Arrested Some Folks!"

John Oliver ‘honored’ in Connecticut: Mayor names sewer plant after him

FLASHBACK: Johnny Carson Rips Joe Biden for ‘Plagiarism’ 33 YEARS AGO on the ‘Tonight Show’

BLM Activist Accuses CVS Employee Who Reported Shoplifters to Police of Trying to Get Black People Killed

Edward Snowden: Joe Biden Threatened Countries Not To Give Me Asylum

Some Timely Quotes

Vocal protest: Van Morrison rebels against ‘taking our freedom’ in new anti-lockdown songs

CNN (Seriously) Claims That Covid Will Spread At Trump Rallies But Not BLM Protests

JOE BIDEN: “Guess what, if you elect me your taxes are going to be raised not cut.”

The More You Joe - Biden at his finest

‘The View’ segment with Maryland Republican Kimberly Klacik ends abruptly after she says host Joy Behar ‘paraded around in blackface’

“Hail Satan”: After terrorizing churches, BLM witchcraft exposed

Women Know Things That Men Don't.

Cop Fired for Cowering in Fear as Gunman Slaughtered Children Gets Rehired, with Full Back Pay

As Netflix Defends “Cuties” Movie, Netflix Star Arrested for Producing Child Porn

Ex-Arlington officer indicted for killing woman while trying to shoot dog

Coffee shop owner arrested for speaking against harassment caused by Tucson council’s anti-mask “wall of shame”

Thanks, Fox News, for reminding us of the Soros role in creating America's riot-coddling DAs (Fox doesn't want Sorros name sullied by Gingrich)

Black Lives Matter Mob Surround Man's Home, Police Reportedly Arrest Man For 'Brandishing' Gun

Fox News Panel Melts Down After Gingrich Exposes George Soros As Financier Of BLM/Antifa Riots

Trump: ‘Joe Biden Thinks Kamala Harris Is President’

Florida Sheriff's Predictive Policing Program Is Protecting Residents From Unkempt Lawns, Missing Mailbox Numbers

ppeals Court Says Address Mistakes On Warrants Are Mostly Harmless, Not Worth Getting Excited About

Chinese Whistleblower to Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Was Man-Made And Released Intentionally Matt Vespa Matt Vespa | @mvespa1 | Posted: Sep 16, 2020 6:00 AM Chinese Whistleblower to Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Was Man-Made And Released Intentionally

Southern Baptists want to change their name to "Great Commission Baptists" because the word "Southern" is triggering (Not satire)

Trump accepts invitation for fourth debate moderated by Joe Rogan

Oregon Homeowners Warn Looters Amid Wildfire: ‘You Loot, We Shoot’

Michael Moore Jumps the Shark

Applied BLM Ideology: Los Angeles County Deputies Shot

Academy Awards: Hold On, We’re Going Completely Woke!

CNN Sets Up Fence to Defend Atlanta HQ While Hosts Carry Water for Rioters

Drunk Idiots Fly Down Highway In Tesla On Autopilot With No One In Driver's Seat

Arson Arrests Being Made Across the West Coast – Multiple Fires Identified as Arson – 27 People Killed, Dozens Missing….

The US & Its Constitution Have 2 Months Left

‘Where we at?’: SWAT Gets Lost, Throws Grenade Into Innocent Elderly Man’s Home as He Watches TV

Pennsylvania restaurant apologizes for offensive sign that sparked protest

Alabama high school football team wins in final seconds after 9 lateral-pass play

PC Quotas for Best Picture Oscar

source of Russian hacking conspiracy garbage ... Hillary wanTed war wiTh Russia so badly --- PuTin won’T leT WesTern queers go To Russia To “adopT” vicTims.

Tom MacDonald - "People So Stupid"

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'Thermostat gender bias' 01/14/2019 Forbes

25 percent of bridges to collapse 10/23/2019 New Scientist

Acne 07/03/2009 Indian Journal of Dermatology

AIDS 01/10/2017 The Conversation

Airplane turbulence 03/11/2019 Forbes

All aspects of life in Asia worsening 03/18/2014 The Third Pole

Allergies 06/10/2013 Newsweek

An end to walking in the woods 03/11/2019 CNN

Asthma 07/02/2013 Medscape

Bumpier airplane rides 04/08/2013 HuffPost

Cannibalism 04/01/2008 PBS

Child sex trafficking 04/05/2019 Associated Press

Chocolate shortages 02/14/2012 Los Angeles Times

Coffee that tastes bad 06/21/2017 CNN

Death of 100 million people by 2030 09/25/2012 Reuters

Death of farm animals 04/11/2013 U.S. News & World Report

Death of thousands of Brits -- by 2018 02/12/2008 The Guardian Different colored oceans 02/04/2019 CNN

Disrupting ratio of male-to-female babies 01/23/2019 CNN

Dogs to be 'bridge food' for unemployed masses 05/01/2014 The Guardian

Earth looking like Venus 07/05/2017 BBC

Elder death 07/23/2012 Climate Central End of the Jersey Shore by 2030 03/15/2012 CBS News

Extinction of 1,000,000 species 05/06/2019 The New York Times

Extinction of humanity 08/11/2008 The Guardian

Fewer circumcisions in Africa 11/03/2007 The Age

Fewer wolverines 02/01/2013 The Guardian

Flesh-eating bacteria 07/30/2014 CBS News

Food tasting bad 03/20/2015 Vice

Football sized horses 11/06/2013 Yahoo!

Genocide in Darfur 04/01/2007 The Atlantic

Global catastrophe -- by 2020 03/26/2012 Reuters

Global conflicts 10/20/2018 The Guardian

Hurricanes 10/23/2001 Salon

Internet going offline 07/16/2018 University of Oregon

Large accumulations of 'rock snot' 05/10/2014 Charleston Gazette-Mail

Less productive workdays 04/23/2014 The Tico Times

Less sex 11/02/2015 Bloomberg

Locust invasion 01/24/2020 Associated Press

Make us look different 09/07/2018 NBC News

Mental health issues 10/09/2018 The Daily Mail

Miscarriages in Bangladesh 11/26/2018 BBC

More kidney stones 07/10/2014 Science Daily

More man-eating tigers 05/17/2019 Newsweek

More murder in Chicago 01/30/2013 The Daily Caller

More prostitution 04/29/2013 The Hill

More rats 05/22/2019 Axios

No more air travel 06/20/2017 The New York Times

No more almonds 06/25/2019 Vox

No more avocados 06/25/2019 Vox

No more beer 10/15/2018 The Hill

No more berries 06/25/2019 Vox

No more coffee 06/25/2019 Vox No more ice hockey 07/25/2014 Bleacher Report

No more ice in the arctic -- by 2013 12/12/2017 BBC

No more ice in the arctic -- by 2018 06/23/2008 USA Today

No more Joshua trees 08/31/2019 CBS News

No more rain 07/01/1988 Portsmouth Daily Times

No more redheads 08/21/2014 The Daily Record No more wine 06/25/2019 Vox

Old people getting sick 12/03/2013 Medscape

Organs in your body not working 07/25/2017 Climate Depot

Police shootings like in Ferguson 09/17/2014 National Review

Return of bus-sized snakes 11/06/2013 Yahoo! News

Rise, expansion of Boko Haram 05/09/2014 The Guardian

Russia to control world's food supply 03/12/2014 Los Angeles Times

Shrinking salamanders 03/25/2014 Watts Up With That?

Smaller reindeer 12/11/2016 AFP

Stonehenge being topped by moles 05/27/2016 The Daily Mail

Suicide 07/31/2017 The Guardian

Superbugs 05/23/2014 Medscape

Too many homeruns 04/30/2012 Scientific American

Too much Antarctic ice 10/10/2012 Associated Press

UK weather too wet, dry, hot, & cold 03/25/2014 The Guardian

Vaccine spoilage 06/24/2014 Reuters

Webbed feet in humans 01/13/2016 The Daily Mail

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