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Corrupt Government
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Title: Out-Of-Control Pelosi & Schiff Ban Republicans From Viewing Transcripts Of ‘Secret’ Impeachment Hearings Says Report
Source: [None]
URL Source: https://rightwingtribune.com/2019/10/22/out-of-control-pelosi/
Published: Oct 22, 2019
Author: Dean James
Post Date: 2019-10-22 21:11:22 by WWG1WWA
Keywords: Pelosi, Schiff, impeachment
Views: 60
Comments: 2

By HJIC at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Lawrence David| doubting the craven nature of the modern Democratic Party must please explain their latest ploy.

Reps. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Chris Stewart (R-UT), and Andy Biggs (R-AZ) joined Fox News’ Laura Ingraham to explain:

Trending: Democrat James Carville… “80% Of Democrats Are Politically Brain Dead”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): …the word came out tonight, they’re not even going to let these guys, members of the committee, get access to the transcripts anymore.

Laura Ingraham: What? What? Whoa-woah-woah… What is the, what are they doing that for? Why are they doing that?

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY): they want to be able to prepare their report. And they don’t want to let us to get the rest of the information out.


Republicans have allegedly been barred from even viewing transcripts taken during impeachment hearings. This includes the transcripts of Executive Branch employees who, it has been reported, have provided largely exculpatory testimony.

Testimony, that because of Pelosi’s rules, we’ll never see. Neither will House Republicans or President Trump’s attorneys.

Schiff/Pelosi-led Democrats will craft the narrative and the limited ‘factual’ evidence that becomes public in a carefully managed scheme to shape public opinion.

Does this sound familiar? It should:

“The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state.”

This is the latest attempt to silence the defense of President Trump while Democrats rely on the echo chamber of their media allies to present cherry- picked passages to move public opinion to support their illicit scam.

Here’s one example of how the narrative is being crafted and supported by the equally corrupt mainstream media:

Swamp guardian Chris Wallace presented this limited text message exchange as evidence of a quid pro quo:

Here’s what wasn’t shown and that Pelosi ignored in cherry-picked fact sheet she released yesterday:

Pelosi’s rules prevent Republicans from asking questions that may have inconvenient answers during the hearings lest the media have something positive to report in the president’s defense.

Republicans are not permitted to call defense witnesses of their own.

Democrats are so paranoid about keeping a lid on the proceedings that at least some of the hearings are said to have been conducted in a SCIF that has been, up until now, reserved for holding top secret discussions or for reviewing highly-classified evidence.

This ain’t that.

Americans who are watching these latter-day Democrats should ask themselves if they can do this to a president, what chance they would have against these authoritarians?

This article originally appeared at Illicit Info OPINION Blog and was republished with permission.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless. (3 images)

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#2. To: WWG1WWA, Too Conservative (#0)

Congress - especially a single house of Congress - is easy to defy. They have no army, no police force, no courts, no marshals, no enforcement arms at all. They have only papers they can write that presume to "command" others. But they have no power to compel the others to obey their commands.

Given that , if the House leadership is going to go so far as to attempt to use the powers of the House in secret, without the knowledge of nearly half the house, then such actions are NOT the actions of the House at all, and can, and should, be systematically defied.

The President should order all Executive agencies absolute non-cooperation with any aspect of the House efforts until the House holds a vote and conducts operations legally and in the open. Majorities are required for the House to do things - and majorities mean VOTES by majorities, not the simple fact of being the leadership of the putative "house Majority". It's only a majority of a majority VOTES for it, and not all Democrats might vote for something. Moreoever, votes are open, and the information is exposed to public criticism.

When the House presumes to issue subpoenas without votes and in secret, the President should very publicly command absolute non-compliance at all levels of government, on pain of being summarily fired and, where national secrets are involved, vigorously prosecuted for unlawful revelation of national secrets.

Once again, in proper committees of oversight, Congresspersons sitting in those positions have legal authority to see national secrets BECAUSE OF the positions. But if the Committees are not being legally run, the Congresspersons themselves have NO POWER AT ALL. They do NOT have the right to see national secrets unless sitting in that role, on a properly operating committee. Any committee that obscures oversight facts from half of the committee on partisan considerations is NOT properly operating or constitute, and that illegally operating half of the committee, and its individual members, have no right to any access to national secrets at all, and whoever gives it to them anyway, against orders, is a federal criminal who should be immediately arrested and prosecuted leisurely.

If the Congress is going to behave unconstitutionally, the President should behave constitutionally by exercising the FULL measure of his power, which includes criminalizing ANY sharing of national secrets with ANY member of Congress who is not operating legally.

The House is bringing on a Constitutional crisis. Trump should MASSIVELY increase the crisis by making it clear that a rogue House of Representatives has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY TO OBTAIN ANY INFORMATION, but the President has FULL legal authority to compel silence of EVERY EXECUTIVE BRANCH MEMBER, right down to floor clerks, on pain of prosecution. This throws the Constitutional crisis into the Republican-controlled Supreme Court, which either decides a political issue or, more probably, punts and leaves the crisis in limbo, which de facto cuts off Congress.

At the end of it, we may lose our democratic system of government, but that's true either way, and in this case if we're going to destroy the Constitution and have either Trump or Pelosi emerging as the de facto dictator, I'd rather it be Trump.

Vicomte13  posted on  2019-10-23   10:55:47 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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