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Title: The Suppression of Video Footage of the Pentagon Attack
Source: 9-11 Research/911Truth
URL Source: [None]
Published: Aug 26, 2005
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2019-09-10 09:29:42 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 289
Comments: 16

It is striking that there is neither video footage nor any photographic evidence in the public domain showing a jetliner approaching or crashing into the Pentagon. As of May, 2006, the only video footage of the crash that has been released are clips from two Pentagon security cameras north of the crash site, one the source of 5 frames leaked in 2002.

With the release of the two video clips, the Pentagon claims to have supplied all of the footage it has of the attack. Although the number and positions of security cameras monitoring the Pentagon is not public knowledge, it seems unlikely that only two security cameras captured the attack. Isn't it reasonable to assume that there were dozens, if not hundreds, of security cameras ringing the huge building that is the heart of the United States military establishment?

Videos Outside the Pentagon Seized

The Sheraton National Hotel may be the hotel from which the FBI seized a CCTV recording.

Not only has the government refused to release footage that would clearly show how the Pentagon was attacked, it has also seized footage not belonging to the military. The FBI confiscated video recordings from several private businesses near the Pentagon in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Those recordings, if they still exist, might provide decisive evidence about the attack.

  • The FBI visited a hotel near the Pentagon to confiscate film from a security camera which some hotel employees had been watching in horror shortly after the attack. The FBI denied that the footage captured the attack. 1  
  • The FBI visited the Citgo gas station southwest of the Pentagon within minutes of the attack to confiscate film that may have captured the attack. According to Jose Velasquez, who was working at the gas station at the time of the attack, the station's security cameras would have captured the attack.

    We know that videos of the Pentagon attack were taken by security cameras on the roof of a nearby Sheraton Hotel and a gas station, both of which had a clear sight-line to the side of the Pentagon that was hit. These tapes were confiscated by the FBI within minutes of the attack.

    According to a Washington Times news report that has been removed from the Web (still available on the “Wayback Machine” search engine), hotel employees had time enough to watch “the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video as part of its investigation.”

    As for the gas station, which is “open only to Defense Department personnel,” it is “the last structure between the Pentagon and the hillside that, hours later, would become a wailing knoll.” Its owner was interviewed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch in December 2001:

    Velasquez says the gas station’s security cameras are close enough to the Pentagon to have recorded the moment of impact. “I’ve never seen what the pictures looked like,” he said. “The FBI was here within minutes and took the film.”

    (Article archived at nationalgeographic.com)

    The swift confiscations are suspicious; the agents were obviously dispatched to grab the videos immediately after the Pentagon was struck.

    Bizarrely, the only purported live record of the attack ever released seems to support the “No-Boeing” hypothesis. An unknown source at the Pentagon provided CNN with five video stills said to be from a Pentagon parking-lot camera. The images show a blurry white object, impossible to define, moving in the background before the explosion; a video-timestamp of “9/12/01” indicates a second-generation copy and possible tampering.

    When CNN first broadcast these frames in March 2002, its reporter once again noted the existence of the hotel video:

    MCINTYRE: Well, the claim – we have filed a freedom of information request for it. They claim that it might provide some intelligence to somebody else who might want to do harm to the United States. But officials I talked to here at the Pentagon say they don’t see any national security or criminal value to that tape. The FBI tends to hold on to things.

(1 image)

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Begin Trace Mode for Comment # 2.

#1. To: Deckard (#0)

The Suppression of Video Footage of the Pentagon Attack

Aha! So the FBI suppressed video footage which would have shown it wasn't a 757 which struck the Pentagon but … what?

What makes anyone think that it wasn't American Airlines Flight 77 with 64 people on board?

misterwhite  posted on  2019-09-10   10:03:56 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: misterwhite (#1)

What makes anyone think that it wasn't American Airlines Flight 77 with 64 people on board?

Just release the numerous confiscated videos...we'll all take a look and let you know what we think.

watchman  posted on  2019-09-10   13:06:06 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 2.

#3. To: watchman (#2)

Just release the numerous confiscated videos...

What do you think is on those videos?

misterwhite  posted on  2019-09-10 14:15:00 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: watchman, misterwhite (#2)

What makes anyone think that it wasn't American Airlines Flight 77 with 64 people on board?

Just release the numerous confiscated videos...we'll all take a look and let you know what we think.

What – WHAT – “numerous confiscated videos” haven’t y’all already taken a look at?

It was way back in 2003 as I remember that you CT freaks demanded the release of video showing what happened to the Pentagon.

“Why aren’t they available”, was your pathetic CT freakish cry.

You CT freaks asked then, where are the “secret videos” as you said: "surely that would clear everything up? What do they have to hide?"

Well, lo and behold, the “amazingly revealing” Pentagon security camera footage was preleased during the Moussaoui trial.

And wait – wait – it of course cleared up nothing at all for you CT freaks.

It is to be noted that the Doubletree and Citgo footage also followed, but – alas – they too didn’t show the impact site.

That should have been the end of the story – Right?

But it was not because here comes along yet another CT Freak claiming there far more videos that are still being suppressed.

Pathetic …

There moral of the story here is that if CT freaks can’t see in all released videos what they want to see – then they become “the voice of one crying out in the wilderness” to say:

Just release the numerous confiscated videos...we'll all take a look and let you know what we think.

Hand Salute,

Gatlin  posted on  2019-09-10 14:27:24 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

End Trace Mode for Comment # 2.

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