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Title: Mark Sanford announces Trump primary challenge
Source: Washington Times
URL Source: https://www.washingtontimes.com/new ... unces-trump-primary-challenge/
Published: Sep 9, 2019
Author: David Sherfinski
Post Date: 2019-09-09 00:35:04 by Hondo68
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Keywords: Sanford, Walsh 2020
Views: 400
Comments: 20

In this July 21, 2018, file photo, Republican politician Mark Sanford speaks at OZY Fest in Central Park in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP) ** FILE **
In this July 21, 2018, file photo, Republican politician Mark Sanford speaks at OZY Fest in Central Park in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP) ** FILE **

Former Gov. Mark Sanford on Sunday said he will mount a primary challenge to President Trump in 2020, jumping into the race after publicly toying with the idea for several months.

He said there needs to be a “conversation” on what it means to be a Republican.

“I think that as a Republican Party we have lost our way,” said the former South Carolina governor on “Fox News Sunday.”

Asked if he honestly thinks he has a shot at winning, Mr. Sanford said: “I’m saying, you never know.”

“The thing that has been lacking in this debate has been an earnest and real conversation on debt and deficits and government spending, and I find it astounding to watch the number of Democratic debates that I’ve seen and no mention, no conversation on where we’re going with regard to debt,” he said.

Mr. Sanford had previously instituted an informal deadline of Labor Day to decide whether to jump in, but postponed the decision as his state steeled for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian.

Mr. Sanford joins former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and former Rep. Joe Walsh as the most prominent candidates mounting long-shot primary challenges to Mr. Trump, who continues to enjoy overwhelming support among GOP voters.

He said there should also be a serious conversation about the president’s tariff and trade policies, as well as on “humility” and a general approach to politics.

“We’re not going to solve some of the profound problems that we have as Americans by tweet,” Mr. Sanford said.

Mr. Sanford lost in a primary contest of his own last year after he had emerged as one of the few Republicans on Capitol Hill willing to publicly criticize the president.

In 2009, while serving as governor of South Carolina, he also admitted to a highly publicized extramarital affair. After an unexplained absence, his office said he had been hiking the Appalachian Trail when he had really been in Argentina with his then-girlfriend.

Mr. Sanford said Sunday that he went on an “apology tour” after his indiscretions came to light, and that he learned another level of humility and empathy.

“And in contrast to the president, when he says there’s not a single thing that he sort of regrets or apologizes for, I profoundly apologize for that,” he said. “And I believe in the Christian model of repentance and renewal and a second chance.”

But Mr. Sanford and others face a steep uphill climb against Mr. Trump, who is extraordinarily popular among Republicans and has labeled Mr. Sanford, Mr. Weld, and Mr. Walsh the “Three Stooges.”

Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, on Sunday said Mr. Sanford’s energy would probably be better spent elsewhere.

“Let’s all come together and put this president back and reelect him, and I think that’s what needs to happen in our party right now,” Mr. Collins, Georgia Republican, said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Mr. Sanford’s announcement also came as Republican parties in states like South Carolina, Nevada, and Kansas have moved to cancel or curtail their presidential nominating contests next year.

Mr. Weld and Mr. Walsh have cried foul, as the moves have invited criticism that the party is trying to shut down any opposition to Mr. Trump.

“They are literally denying their residents the right to vote to protect this incumbent president,” Mr. Walsh said in a recent appearance on CNN. “This president is like a mob boss and it’s beyond disappointing. The Republican National Committee, the Republican Party that pretty much controls a lot of these state parties, they’re doing all of Trump’s bidding. They worship him. They’re like a cult as well as so many of his voters.”

But the state parties have said the moves are cost-saving measures, and defenders have pointed to the past precedent of both parties moving to cancel or curtail their presidential nominating contests when they have an incumbent president running for reelection.

As a general rule, there’s “no rationale” to hold a primary when either party has an incumbent president in the White House, said Drew McKissick, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

“With no legitimate primary challenger and President Trump’s record of results, the decision was made to save South Carolina taxpayers over $1.2 million and forgo an unnecessary primary,” Mr. McKissick said.

Poster Comment:

Weld, Sanford and Walsh can have a debate without Donnell. (1 image)

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Begin Trace Mode for Comment # 5.

#2. To: Hondo68 (#0)

Republican officials in multiple states are on the verge of canceling their 2020 presidential primary elections in a show of support for President Donald Trump, even as some GOP candidates plan to challenge him.

Party leaders in South Carolina, Nevada and Arizona have all expressed support for nixing their presidential primaries, and are expected to make it official over the coming weeks. Leaders of the South Carolina and Nevada Republican parties will each meet Saturday to reach a decision, while the Arizona GOP Executive Committee will discuss its decision at a Sept. 14 meeting. Kansas Republicans are also considering nixing their primary, according Politico, which was the first to report on the moves by state Republican parties to cancel their primaries.

"This is nothing new, despite the media's inauthentic attempt to portray it as such," Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward said. "Arizona Republicans are fired up to re-elect President Trump to a second term and will continue to work together to keep America -- and Arizona -- great."

The move to forgo presidential primaries reflects Trump's steel grip on the GOP establishment and the party's voters as he heads into his reelection campaign.It is not unprecedented for state Republicans or Democrats to decide not to hold a presidential primary when an incumbent is running essentially uncontested. In South Carolina, a key early primary state, Republicans decided to nix their presidential primaries in 1984 and 2004, when Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were up for their second terms; while state Democrats skipped their contests in 1996 and 2012, with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama running for reelection, respectively.

"Whether or not to hold a presidential primary is a decision made by our state executive committee every four years," South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick said. "There is strong precedent on the part of both parties to not hold a primary when they control the White House."

What is different in this election, however, is that a number of Republicans have expressed interest in challenging Trump. Former Republican Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina has said he is nearing a decision on a possible bid, while two Republicans, former Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, are already in the race.

For these challengers, the inability to compete in multiple primaries could all but block an already unlikely path to victory. Meanwhile, it's unlikely that Trump would agree to primary debates, denying his GOP rivals an important platform.

"The RNC and the Republican Party are firmly behind the president," said RNC spokeswoman Blair Ellis, "and any effort to challenge him in a primary is bound to go absolutely nowhere."

WWG1WWA  posted on  2019-09-09   8:48:02 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: WWG1WWA, Tooconservative (#2)

Donnell brings new meaning to the phrase, Leading From Behind.

Sanford/Massie 2020!

Hondo68  posted on  2019-09-09   9:19:20 ET  (1 image) Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Hondo68 (#3)

Disgusting, Hondo

WWG1WWA  posted on  2019-09-09   9:24:04 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: WWG1WWA, *The Two Parties ARE the Same* (#4)


Yes, he's a REAL Republican like Mitt, McCrazy and Team Bushbot.

They hate Americans, because we're free.

Hondo68  posted on  2019-09-09   10:07:52 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 5.

#6. To: Hondo68 (#5)

Yes, he's a REAL Republican like Mitt, McCrazy and Team Bushbot.

Well, they did all win the GOP presidential nomination in their races and so they are pretty much the definition of what a Republican is. Trump won the nomination and the WH so he is also, by definition, a Republican.

I'm not sure why you have such problems grasping this. Parties are most often defined by the politics and personal qualities of its leaders and by the established permanent political interests of the party's biggest donors. The GOP is quite typical in this.

Tooconservative  posted on  2019-09-09 10:53:37 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

End Trace Mode for Comment # 5.

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