beer chart

Credit: Tracey Robinson, NMRPP

It is often said that you can tell a lot about a man’s sexual preference by what beer he drinks. Now, thanks to Tracey Robinson, you can get a good idea of how he votes as well.  As it turns out, to the surprise of no one, Lone Star drinkers are vastly Republican but hardly vote. Microbrew drinkers on the other hand tend to lean democratic and have a high turnout rate. 

Here are some more interesting statistics about what your beer might be saying about your political life:

  • If your looking to score with that wacky political science major who believes that not voting is a crime grab a Sierra Nevada who’s drinkers have the highest turnout rate.
  • Corona (a Mexican beer) is drank by Democrats who can’t vote.
  • If you want to play if safe and mask your political convictions grab a Bud Light or Miller High Life. It seems that all Americans enjoy Lagers.
  • PBR did not even make the list because never in the history of the brew has a single PBR drinker ever made it out to vote.