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Mark Levin Rips Into Rand Paul Over Iran

The Out Of Touch “Car Guy”

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New World Order
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Title: Chuck Berry vs Bruce Springsteen, Two Visions of America (*Epic Take-Down Of The Boss Who Made A Living As a Virtue-Signaling Hypocrite*)
Source: You Tube
URL Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMdfi46TmXM&app=desktop
Published: Apr 21, 2019
Author: Blue Collar Logic
Post Date: 2019-04-22 11:52:58 by Liberator
Keywords: Springsteen, Limousine-Liberal, PHONY
Views: 139
Comments: 1


Poster Comment:

(Letter to you, from "The Boss.")


I, Bruce Springsteen have NEVER worked an honest job in my entire life...

Yet my usual lyrics, messaging and visions of America have always been unusually bleak, dishonest and negative; To me, the USA and life itself is nothing but trap to be escaped. And you and your (white, working class) daddies are GUILTY of whatever countless "sins" of which I convict you in my lyrics.

The "trap," or "suicide" rap called America has not stopped me from becoming one of the richest people on the planet, has it? Despite that, it still s*cks. Even the salt air wafting in onto my oceanfront mansion porch s*cks.

Common Bruce Springsteen Themes and Advice to you:

1) "GTH outta Dodge! While you're young! (Because my/your Hometown s*cks)

2) Leave your girlfriend/wife/family life because...they are "traps."

3) Consider your regular, honest, Middle Class life with a wife and kids a "trap." (So why even bother?)

4) Life is a tangled mess, a jungle. (It's just the way it is -- hopeless.)

5) You must always extricate yourself from "dirt" or "mud." (Because if you're a chick, you are a tramp; If a guy, you're a stupid, filthy ill-prepared white guy who the entire system screwed. NOT because you're young and just learning how to figure it all out.)

6) Your daddy never liked me back when. Because it seemed I was never good enough for him or his precious, clean little girl. (NOT because I was a lazy, un-bathed, unemployed little worm who wore sandals and cut off shorts to meet my GF's father for the first time.)

7) The only "real people" with integrity are any one BUT a white guy and business owners (Yet, I vaguely recall firing my own entire E Street Band once we got real big in the early 1980s. Because life IS ALL ABOUT ME!)

8) In my "Bruuuuuce!" world, "The Promised Land" is not only just a dream that doesn't come true -- ONLY IT'S WORSE! Whatever THAT is. (Because...we're ALL supposed to have a mansion and perfect jobs.) And anyway, that "personal responsibility and accountability thingy is over rated. I'm proof of it.)

9) Getting up early and go to work every day? Seriously?? Nope. Not me, you saps. Working and doing what you need to do hardly makes life worth living! Especially when I can just be a bum, strum my guitar and screech about how terribly futile life is? (Work is a concept totally foreign to me. I still haven't ever worked a real job, a single day in my life. Unless you call presiding over Worship Meets at my Concerts a "job." HA!! You Saps!)

10) Ugghh!! Have I mentioned in my lyrics that this world is a terrible place!?? Why? Because Capitalist America steals your blood and soul! It's unfair! It never gives you chance!! Cuz...LOOK IN A MIRROR!

That's right! YOU ruined it for the rest of us. The American Dream was a lie! It's the fault of you rich white people, white corporations, white capitalism, white working class people who fetch my Starbucks, greedy white b*stards, white racists.

And to you clean, respectful white guys...who-stole-MY-women? You didn't do it AFTER I wuz famous, heh-heh!"

Yes, let me re-cap:

Life is so terrible that despite living in the same terrible place [Jersey Shore] within its obvious terrible system and among its terrible money-grubbing white people that I, a whining, hypocritical dirty liberal-Commie bum like me, Bruce Springsteen, can become a preachy, hypocritical billionaire Communist.

For 47 years now and counting, I screech and strum a guitar about how sh*tty American tradition is; How futile and hopeless life is; How heartless and racist conservatives are; and how a society created by White Christian-America is....SO WRONG, SO Immoral, SO UN-ETHICAL. AS MILLIONS CHEER ME ON and Presidents bestow a 'Medal of Freedom' around my neck!!

See ya at my concerts! At $500-$2000 a pop! SAPS.


Bruce Springsteen, Limousine Liberal, Rock-Poet Laureate of The People

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#1. To: Liberator (#0)

I know I am out of touch on the prices of stuff these days,but do people really pay 500 bucks to see this geezer relive his youth?

In the entire history of the world,the only nations that had to build walls to keep their own citizens from leaving were those with leftist governments.

sneakypete  posted on  2019-04-30   19:34:25 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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