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NY POST: 'Trump hints US will respond soon to Iran shooting down drone' (Trump and Iran both being baited into war by Globalist Warhawks)

'These People Aren't Coming From Norway': Refugees in a Minnesota City Face a Backlash

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019

White House insider who predicted Iran False Flag, David Goldberg found dead in his New York apartment

Andrew Leahey & the Homestead - Airwaves

Police State-Conditioned Jury Acquits Cop Who Shot a Therapist for Helping Lost Autistic Man

Cops Fail at Window Tint Stop After Man Calls Them Out for Being ‘Above the Law’

Declassified U.S. Government Documents Claim The West Supported The Creation of ISIS

The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs and the Politics of Fear

Homosexuals In Israel's Armed Forces

House Votes Down Amash's Attempt To Stop Warrantless FISA Surveillance

Forbidden footage of actual location of Red Sea Crossing & Mt. Sinai (*MUST-SEE! NOT Hype!*)

[From 1977] The 116 Planet Earth images NASA wants Aliens to see [Too pretentious, diverse, and anti-West even then?]

'Git-R-Done': Trump opens 1.4 million federal acres to hunters, anglers

Trump fills the Pentagon swamp

Why Avoiding the Cult of Personality Is Important

Bret Stephens, Warmonger

The War Hoax Redux

The Deep State Killed Michael Hastings 6 Years Ago

Floridians Are Suing A Cop Fired For Planting Drugs In Their Vehicles

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is voted best real-life hero by MTV viewers ahead of Serena Williams

Cop Kills Unarmed, Non-verbal Disabled Man in Costco, Shoots His Parents Too

Cops Open Fire with Pepper Spray Guns on Children at End of School Skate Party

Appeals Court To Cops: There's Nothing Inherently Suspicious About Running From The Police

Route 91 massacre survivor, avid hunter, tells FBI “.50 caliber rifle” was likely used in attack after witnessing “large holes” being “blown through” victims bodies

Pastor Jailed During ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’, SWAT Team Snipers Positioned Atop Library Roof

Watching is “Obstructing”

Trump ‘thinks he knows’ who was behind 9/11

*Welcome to Dog Paradise *

America Last: The Real Meaning of the Donald's Deplorable Aggression Against Iran

Shocking Video of Phoenix Cops Holding Black Family at Gunpoint Over $1 Doll

The Trump Administration Is Becoming Strangely Anti-Gun

Classic Cars and Classic Owners

1957-1959 Plymouth Fury - Best Plymouth Ever?

The In-Car Checkpoint

Stop Treating Government With Respect

Pepe the Frog's creator wins a $15,000 copyright settlement against InfoWars

African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country

Alex Jones losing credibility more rapidly than ever by continuing to shill for Trump, and now pushing for war with Iran on his radio show

Tennessee Cop Calls for Execution of Gay People Photographed at Pride Events

The Music Industry is Fake! Here's the Evidence

Fascist You Tube still purging conservative channels; tries to purge 'Black Pigeon Speaks' conservative-truth channel for no reason -- then must eat crow after yuge blacklash-support, reinstatement!

Why Gillibrand Is the Most Vapid Clown in the Car

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Rock This Cover

Dire Straits’ Breakthrough Debut Album @41

DHS Frees 8.5K Illegal Aliens in Eight Days; 204.5K Released in Half a Year

Veterans Who Work In the Legal Cannabis Industry Are Being Denied Benefits

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: White House press secretary to resign

Hydrogen station explodes, Toyota halts sales of fuel cell cars, is this the end?

Federal watchdog recommends Kellyanne Conway be given the axe for Hatch Act violations

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Title: How Many Muslims Won Political Office The Numbers May Surprise You!...................WAKE-UP AMERICA!!
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Published: Apr 15, 2019
Author: Unknown
Post Date: 2019-04-15 08:43:33 by IbJensen
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Views: 91
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Rashida Tlaib (D) MI 13th Congressional District

Keith Ellison (D)

Ilhan Omar (D)

MN 5th Congressional District

Andre Carson (D)

IN 7th Congressional District

Sheikh Rahman (D)

GA State Senate District 5

Safiya Wazir (D)

NH State House Merrimack 17 District

Robert Jackson (D)

NY State Senate District 31

Nasif Majeed (D)

NC State House District 99

Mujtaba Mohammed (D)

NC State Senate District 38

Mohamud Noor (D)

MN State House District 60B

Jason Dawkins (D)

PA State House District 179

Hodan Hassan (D)

MN State House District 62A

Charles Fall (D)

NY State House District 61

Ako Abdul-Samad (D)

IA State House District 35

Aboul Khan (R)

NH State House Rockingham 20 District

Abdullah Hammoud (D)

MI State House District 15

Abbas Akhil (D)

NM State House District 20


Sam Baydoun (D)

MI Wayne County Commission District 13

Sadia Gul Covert (D)

IL Dupage County Board District 5

Sabina Taj

MD Howard County Board of Education

Mohammad Ramadan

NJ Passaic County Board of Education

Cheryl Sudduth

CA West County Wastewater District Director

Babur Lateef

VA Prince William County School Board

Assad Akhter (D)

NJ Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Abdul “Al” Haidous (D)

MI Wayne County Commission District 11


Salman Bhojani

TX Euless City Council Place 6

Dawn Haynes

NJ Newark Public Schools School Board

Yasir Khogali

MI City of Plymouth District Library Board

Mohamed Khairullah

NJ Prospect Park Mayor

Mohamed Al-Hamdani

OH Dayton Public Schools Board of Education

No Seifeldein

VA Alexandria City Council

Maimona Afzal Berta

CA Franklin-McKinley School Board

Jihan Aiyash

MI Hamtramck Public School Board

Javed Ellahie

CA Monte Sereno City Council

Hazim Yassin

NJ Red Bank City Council

Haseeb Javed

VA Manassas Park City Council

Farrah Khan

CA Irvine City Council

Ali Taj

CA Artesia City Council

Alaa Matari

NJ Prospect Park Borough Council

Alaa “Al” Abdel-Aziz

NJ Paterson City Council Ward 6

Aisha Wahab

CA Hayward City Council

Ahmad Zahra

CA Fullerton City Council District 5

Salim Patel

NJ Passaic City Council

Sabina Zafar

CA San Ramon City Council


Shahabuddeen Ally

NYC Civil Court, NY County

Sam Salamey

MI District Courts, District 19

Rabeea Collier

TX District Courts, 113th District

Halim Dhanidina

CA Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three

George Abdallah Jr.

Poster Comment:

Wonder how many Muslims were elected in Germany? In France? UK doesn't count.

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#1. To: IbJensen, Wahhabi LEO, Ayatollah Donnell (#0) (Edited)


Wahhabi Don Trump, Chief of Sunni Law enforcement in the USA.

Hondo68  posted on  2019-04-15   9:13:33 ET  (1 image) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: hondo68 (#1)

Will this become the decade of the Muslim? Will this be the start of the Muslimization of North America? Or, could it foment an awakening and a terrific tsunami of a pogrom against Muslims world-wide.

Take the battle to Saudi Arabia and Iran first. Blow up their oil fields! Allah's kingdom comes to a bone-grinding halt.

Liberals are like Slinkys. They're good for nothing, but somehow they bring a smile to your face as you shove them down the stairs.

IbJensen  posted on  2019-04-15   10:00:37 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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