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Title: The Arabian Prophet goes Live at 2:30 est. (Why this verse Made Muslims so angry?)
Source: [None]
URL Source: [None]
Published: Mar 10, 2019
Author: Zeneta
Post Date: 2019-03-10 14:51:30 by A K A Stone
Keywords: None
Views: 85
Comments: 5

The Arabian Prophet, AKA, Christian Prince is a Christian and native Arab language destroyer of ISLAM.

He goes live on Youtube virtually every day on a number of channels.

This is the upcoming live Topic.

Why this verse Made Muslims so angry?


Typically gets 1000+ live viewers.

His live streams can run from 1 to 8 hours long as he takes calls from Muslims from all over the world.

He only uses the Koran, Hadiths and Muslim Scholars to destroy ISLAM and Mohammad and expose this Satanic Cult.

I've been following him for a few months and it's hilarious.

Check it out and enjoy.

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#1. To: redleghunter, pinguinite, liberator, gatlin, cz82 (#0)


A K A Stone  posted on  2019-03-10   14:53:20 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: A K A Stone (#0)

Which verse is being alluded to? And what is this ex-Moose's position?

Give us a bit of help here; The guy's vid is almost an hour and a half long.

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-10   16:37:31 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Liberator (#2)

You'll just have to click and listen and find out.

Where did you get he was a former Muslim?

A K A Stone  posted on  2019-03-10   19:37:04 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: A K A Stone (#3)

I assumed he was a former Moose because he was supposedly "Arabian." My bad.

According to his "About" page at YT: Christian Prince was born and raised in a Christian family in the Middle East. He is a native Arabic speaker.

I couldn't listen to the entire hour and 22 minutes but did listen to a good 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes Christian Prince tore apart the Koran every second of his review of it. It basically reinforcing the Koran as nothing but a book of lies and "confusion". (We know who the author of "confusion" is.)

The above observation is in contrast to the Bible and Judeo-Christian God, who is NOT a God of confusion.

I found the real-time comments fascinating. Here's one that says it all: ("Garbage in, garbage out")

Liberator  posted on  2019-03-11   12:19:11 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: Liberator, Tooconservative (#4)

He is on live now.


A K A Stone  posted on  2019-03-11   18:39:20 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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