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Title: Dumbing Down America: Teacher Fired for Not Giving Students Partial Credit For Work They Never Did
Source: Free Thought Project
URL Source: https://thefreethoughtproject.com/t ... er-fired-dumbing-down-america/
Published: Sep 26, 2018
Author: Matt Agorist
Post Date: 2018-09-27 06:20:04 by Deckard
Keywords: None
Views: 352
Comments: 14

Port St. Lucie, FL — A teacher in Port St. Lucie, Florida is now speaking out about how she was fired for refusing to give students partial credit for work that they never turned in. That’s right, for giving students a zero for completing zero percent of their work, Diane Tirado says she was fired. School policy dictates that she was supposed to give them at least 50 percent—for nothing.

“I got fired. I was packing my stuff, and I was not going to see the kids,” former teacher, Diane Tirado said.

Because she wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to her students, Tirado wrote the following message on her whiteboard, explaining what happened. The words are profound and expose a major problem with “education” in America today.

“Bye kids, Mrs. Tirado loves you and wishes you the best in life! I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50% for not handing anything in. [heart] Mrs. Tirado.”

Tirado then snapped a photo of her statement and walked out of the school doors for the last time. She then uploaded that photo to social media, which went viral for all the right reasons.

On her post, one of her students gave her praise, writing, “you showed me to be responsible for my work and the things that I do. I hope you don’t forget me.”

What Tirado wrote on her board is actually part of the school policy and it exposes an ominous problem within the American public education system in which kids are rewarded with partial credit—for doing absolutely nothing.

The incident unfolded earlier this year when Mrs. Tirado said she gave her students two weeks to complete an explorer’s notebook project. She explained that some students never turned it in, so she gave them zeros.

That’s when Mrs. Tirado was forced to learn about the school’s no-zero grading policy which states that there can be “NO ZERO’S – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%.”

In an interview with WLOS, Tirado pointed out the sheer lunacy of this policy using very simple logic.

“If there’s nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50 percent?” she asked.

As WLOS reports, her Sept. 14 termination letter doesn’t cite a specific reason, only stating she was contracted as a teacher on a probation period, and that she can be dismissed without cause.

On Tuesday, Tirado, in another viral Facebook post, explained her reasoning behind this stance she feels is so important and noted how she is trying to get the policy changed.

“I’m arguing the fact that you don’t get something for nothing. I want the policy changed, and it’s not just here,” she said.

What this policy implies is that students aren’t really in school to learn. Getting taught information and then gauging how well you retain that information is a rudimentary part of education. But this simply isn’t happening.

Instead, kids are taught to simply conform, sit in the classroom, and even if you don’t do the work, this conformity will get you half the grade.

As TFTP has pointed out on several occasions, standard education in America typically focuses on creating a supply of worker bees who follow orders from authority and operate within the confines that the system has set out, but lack critical thinking skills. Having a “no-zero” policy even when students do zero work essentially teaches children that their mere obedience is enough for half of the credit—a worrisome fact indeed.

One of the most viewed Ted talks of all time lays out the results of such an educational system. It was given by Sir Ken Robinson in 2006, where he explained how traditional education virtually kills creativity. Indeed, his claims were recently backed up by a NASA study which set out to find the most creative kids in the country and accidentally discovered that the education system is destroying children.

Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman were commissioned by NASA to help the space agency identify and develop creative talent. The two were tasked to research school children in an attempt to identify creative individuals from which the agency could pick to help with their many products. Land recently described his team’s surprising findings on the education system which are nothing short of shocking.

It seems American schoolchildren lose their ability to think creatively over time and it is due to public education. As students enter their educational journey, they retain most of their abilities to think creatively. In other words, children are born with creative genius. Employing a longitudinal study model, Land and Jarman studied 1,600 children at ages 5, 10, and 15.

Surprisingly, Land said they discovered if given a problem with which they had to come up with an imaginative, and innovative solution, 98 percent of 5-year-olds tested at the “genius” level. Simply put, their answers to how the problem should be solved were brilliant.

Upon entry into the school system, those numbers started to drop—dramatically. When the team returned to test those same subjects at age 10, the percentage of genius-level imaginative and innovative thinkers fell to an unthinkable 30 percent. The indicators led the researchers to believe the current educational system is to blame. A whopping 68 percent of those students lost their ability to think with imagination and innovation.

The downward spiral continued to be demonstrated at age 15.  When the researchers returned, the percentage of genius-level students had dropped to an abysmal 12 percent.

Land blames the Industrial Revolution and its burgeoning factories for the demise of creativity. During that era, Land said the natural approach to teaching and learning led educators to develop “factories for human beings, too, called ‘schools’ so we could manufacture people that could work well in the factories.”

Because schools now give 50 percent credit even if no work is done, they are proving to be more like factories than ever as a factory’s role is to maximize the efficiency at which it turns out products. Sadly, these “products” are human children who are being taught to support the very system that treats them like this.

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#1. To: Deckard, Stoner, nolu chan, Hank Rearden, Pinguinite, redleghunter (#0) (Edited)

On her post, one of her students gave her praise, writing, “you showed me to be responsible for my work and the things that I do. I hope you don’t forget me.”

It's encouraging and sad all at once. At least ONE kids gets it completely. Hope this indictment of the socialist-run "re-education/indoctrination" system really goes uber-viral.

What Tirado wrote on her board is actually part of the school policy and it exposes an ominous problem within the American public education system in which kids are rewarded with partial credit—for doing absolutely nothing.

+1000/Bravo to Miss Tirado!!

This Common Core crap and the steady trashing and dumbing-down of REAL education by the socialist-globalist overlords needs to end ASAP. It helps explain why Millennials are brainwashed pods and tools of The Left. They are taught and trained like dogs throughout K-12 and beyond to respond as Pavlovian self-entitled brats and "victims" of any grading system and acknowledgment of accomplishment. Precisely because THEY ARE LAZY LOSERS.


Socialists-Globalists PTB have in general been methodically "disarming" brains -- that is, discouraging any ability to intellectually and logically discern, and instinct to perform "critical thinking". As we've also noted: Those driven and challenged by competition are NOT rewarded and encouraged, but instead dis-couraged and penalized for striving to be their best.

THE RESULT? REWARDING THE VERY SAME TROPHY FOR The Lazy and The Idiotic who score ZERO; the Immoral (enabled serial cheaters)...and for The Hard-Working and Smart Kids.


This is a Socialist-Globalist designed sabotage of America's collective critical-thinkers aka "Brain-Drain" of domestic American intellectualism. It's left us so vulnerable and needy for Brain-Power that it's created a vacuum that's now forced companies and employers to rely on external/foreign "brain-talent" from India, China, and other non-European stock.

40-year NWO Plan: Turn America's Students (especially Middle Class Whitey) into middle-age morons; betrayed, sold-out and trained by the Left's "Elites" to be organ-grinder monkeys and blue-collar janitors, trash-collectors, waitresses and gophers for... FOREIGNERS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

What a disgrace. (The Left LOVES it!)

Liberator  posted on  2018-09-27   15:28:47 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: All (#1) (Edited)

Have you guys noticed how uppity and arrogant these new Third Worlders are? Especially from Asia and India?

Check out the owners/CEOs/Big-Wigs of G00gle, corporations, and social media giants; Did you check out that big-mouth Hawaiian female LEFTY Senator(D) who publicly and arrogantly told men to "JUST SHUT UP!"?

MANY of these Third World immigrants (first/second gen) resent and look down their nose at White America (conservative specifically). Parasites and ingrates that they are, they and their ancestors contributing absolutely NOTHING to help establish the USA OR pay ANY price in sacrifice, blood, or die to help maintain our freedom. Yet THEY are blood-sucking vampires of freedom, American sovereignty, and yes, IDENTITY from our national neck.

Liberator  posted on  2018-09-27   15:42:16 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: Liberator (#2)

There are really four etnnic origins in America:

Aboriginal: aka American Indians. There aren’t all that many of them. The current crop largely have a bad time of it. We ought to at least comply with the treaties we ratifed.

Slaves: Blacks descended from the African Slave trade.

Immigrants: Asians, Africans who are not descended from slaves, Eastern, Southern, Central and Northern Europeans, Latin Americans. These people moved into the United States for a better life than where they left.

Conquerors: Specifically the English, French, Dutch and Spanish. These are the Atlantic-coast Western Europeans who sailed over in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries and won the place from the Indians, imported the Slaves, and permitted the immigrants to come in.

The American colonists ultimately threw out British overlordship, and then bought the rest of the country from the French, the Spanish, the Russians and the Mexicans (after conquering them).

If you’re Dutch or English in New York. English in the East or the South, Spanish in Florida (or Californio or Tejano),,or French in the Nothern Great Lakes and New Orleans, you’re descended from the Conquerors.

If you’re white but not a Conqueror, you’re an immigrant.

“Conquest grants a title that the courts of the conqueror are bound to respect.” - CHief Justice John Marshall

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-09-27   21:38:24 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#13. To: Vicomte13 (#7) (Edited)

If you’re Dutch or English in New York. English in the East or the South, Spanish in Florida (or Californio or Tejano),,or French in the Nothern Great Lakes and New Orleans, you’re descended from the Conquerors.

If you’re white but not a Conqueror, you’re an immigrant.

How far does one take this theory?

All history is timing; ALL peoples have been both "Conquerors" and the conquered.

The Romans (aka "Italians") "conquered" Gaul and Great Britain. Their respective main roads are still the remnants of their conquering Roman planners.

If one is "white," their ancestors likely invented nearly every major high technological advancement known to man.

If one is African, at that opposite end of the spectrum, the wheel is STILL not invented.

“Conquest grants a title that the courts of the conqueror are bound to respect.” - CHief Justice John Marshall

Moreover, "To the victor goes the spoils" -- including titles, lordships, and deeds.

THE question these days: WHO is authorizing/enabling the "conquest" of national and personal sovereignty by un-elected globalists, wicked liars, and tyrants (D) who now ignore common law AND US Constitutional law?

Liberator  posted on  2018-09-28   17:37:00 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

#14. To: Liberator (#13)

How far does one take this theory?

As far as it serves one's interests and purposes. And then one ridicules those who take it further. As with any other tool, you use it for its purpose, and then get another tool suited to some other purpose.

The end to which one strives is the focus. The means one employs to get there vary with the circumstances.

Vicomte13  posted on  2018-09-29   11:48:58 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

Replies to Comment # 14.

        There are no replies to Comment # 14.

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