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Title: Marijuana products don’t cure cancer, FDA warns
Source: Daily News
URL Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-sty ... er-fda-warns-article-1.3606855
Published: Nov 2, 2017
Post Date: 2017-11-05 08:56:58 by Gatlin
Keywords: None
Views: 314
Comments: 10

With no official, FDA-approved word that weed can cure, treat or prevent diseases, four companies are under fire from the agency for implying that cannabis-infused products will cure cancer.

This cannabis can’t.

The Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on marijuana supplements that claim to cure cancer. Four companies were the center of an FDA news release on Wednesday which stated that the companies were “illegally selling products online that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure cancer without evidence to support these outcomes.”

The companies, Greenroads Health, Natural Alchemist, That’s Natural! Marketing and Consulting, and Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises LLC, claimed their products with cannabidiol — a component of the marijuana plant with less tetrahydrocannabinol that isn’t approved for medical use by the FDA — prevented tumor growth, and would even treat Alzheimer’s, Leukemia, depression and other diseases.

The products came in all shapes and forms, from teas and creams to syrups and drops. The sites selling the products featured testimonials of happy and “cured” customers, which the FDA noted in individual letters posted on the agency’s website calling out the companies.

The FDA said in their release that these products were not reviewed or approved by the agency. They haven’t evaluated whether they work, the proper dosages, how they interact with other drugs or determined their side effects.

“We have an obligation to provide caregivers and patients with the confidence that drugs making cancer treatment claims have been carefully evaluated for safety, efficacy, and quality, and are monitored by the FDA once they’re on the market,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in the release.

The FDA constantly warns against fraudulent products that claim to be natural dietary supplements. It is always wise to exercise caution when ordering these kinds of products.

A spokseperson for a Stanley Brothers company told the New York Times they would cooperate with the FDA’s regulations to fix their testimonials. Tisha Casida, the chief executive of That’s Natural! said they would also cooperate with the FDA but noted to the Times that people shouldn’t have to rely only on FDA-approved drugs to “experience health and wellness from naturally derived cannabinoids.” Natural Alchemist did not wish to comment to the News at this time, but their website's FAQ says the product must be used as a food supplement per the FDA. The website the FDA listed for Greenroads Health was listed as "under maintenance."

If the companies refuse to correct these violations, the FDA will proceed with legal action which could end in product seizure and injunction.

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#1. To: Gatlin (#0)

four companies are under fire from the agency for implying that cannabis-infused products will cure cancer.

Four companies and Deckard.

misterwhite  posted on  2017-11-05   9:21:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: misterwhite (#1)

You don't hear of any cures for cancer, only treatments. I think we all know what this is all about. MONEY!!

I do not go to church every time the doors are opened, but I love Jesus Christ. I am only human and fail Him daily. I believe Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, was crucified on a cross, died for my sins and rose from the dead and that He loves us dearly, and is faithful to forgive us of our sins. But He says that if you deny me in front of your friends I will deny you in front of my Father. Can I get an Amen!

U don't know me  posted on  2017-11-05   9:50:29 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: U don't know me (#2)

You don't hear of any cures for cancer, only treatments.

That line is blurred when advocates discuss the "medical" benefits of marijuana.

misterwhite  posted on  2017-11-05   10:22:50 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Gatlin, U don't know me (#0)

There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis (may) Cure Cancer

Marijuana has been shown in some cases to effectively treat numerous types of cancer, improve immunity, and fight anxiety and pain.

Here's the full list of studies:

Cannabis kills tumor cells

Uterine, testicular, and pancreatic cancers

Brain cancer

Mouth and throat cancer

Breast cancer

Lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Blood cancer

Skin cancer

Liver cancer

Cannabis cancer cures (general)

Cancers of the head and neck

Cholangiocarcinoma cancer


Cannabis partially/fully induced cancer cell death

Translocation-positive rhabdomyosarcoma


Cannabis kills cancer cells


Thyroid carcinoma

Colon cancer

Intestinal inflammation and cancer

Cannabinoids in health and disease

Cannabis inhibits cancer cell invasion

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” - Ron Paul

Those who most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it.

Deckard  posted on  2017-11-05   13:02:18 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#5. To: misterwhite, U don't know me (#3)

That line is blurred when advocates discuss the "medical" benefits of marijuana.

Marijuana and Cancer (American Cancer Society)

How can marijuana affect symptoms of cancer?

A number of small studies of smoked marijuana found that it can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy.

A few studies have found that inhaled (smoked or vaporized) marijuana can be helpful treatment of neuropathic pain (pain caused by damaged nerves).

Smoked marijuana has also helped improve food intake in HIV patients in studies.

There are no studies in people of the effects of marijuana oil or hemp oil.

Studies have long shown that people who took marijuana extracts in clinical trials tended to need less pain medicine.

More recently, scientists reported that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer.

There have been some early clinical trials of cannabinoids in treating cancer in humans and more studies are planned. While the studies so far have shown that cannabinoids can be safe in treating cancer, they do not show that they help control or cure the disease.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.” - Ron Paul

Those who most loudly denounce Fake News are typically those most aggressively disseminating it.

Deckard  posted on  2017-11-05   13:06:33 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#6. To: Gatlin (#0)

Smoking a doobie based on your insistence.

buckeroo  posted on  2017-11-05   13:51:28 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#7. To: Starbucks, Gatlin, Childhood Comic Book Collection (#0)

The Dramatic Story of Ohio's Fight Against Narcotics

Hondo68  posted on  2017-11-05   15:38:08 ET  (10 images) Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#8. To: Gatlin (#0)

I don't believe anything Big Stupid Government says anymore, and will ignore any of its laws and proclamations that are contrary to the Constitution and human liberty.

They have shown themselves to be greedy, corrupt, lawless, craven fools deserving of little to no respect. Until that changes, they can fvck off.

Hank Rearden  posted on  2017-11-06   10:12:19 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#9. To: hondo68 (#7)

Thanks. Dr. John C. Baker looks retarded.

Hank Rearden  posted on  2017-11-06   10:14:33 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#10. To: misterwhite (#3)

That line is blurred when advocates discuss the "medical" benefits of marijuana.

Except that we know that listening to Big Stupid Government shitheads is always a bad idea.

Hank Rearden  posted on  2017-11-06   10:16:09 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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