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Title: You’ve Got It All Wrong About Donald Trump
Source: Lew Rockwell
URL Source: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/10/bill-sardi/youve-got-wrong/
Published: Oct 23, 2016
Author: Bill Sardi
Post Date: 2016-10-23 23:13:46 by U don't know me
Keywords: None
Views: 638
Comments: 3

You’ve Got It All Wrong About Donald Trump

By Bill Sardi

It’s precisely BECAUSE Donald Trump has been a bit impulsive, a bit demeaning, sometimes inaccurate, and an alleged misogynist, but has still managed to rattle the cage of those who buy favors from government and threatens the reign of what appears to be a criminal element that has taken over American government and surprisingly still has a fighting chance to become a populist President.

It isn’t Donald Trump that is being paid off by foreign sources to do their bidding. It is now revealed the former Secretary of State solicited a $12 million donation from a foreign government [New York Post Oct 21, 2016] while Donald Trump is pilloried for not donating enough money to charity. [News Examiner] One is a crime. The other is just being miserly.

Some (rigged) polls have shown Hillary is favored over Mr. Trump. Yet her trustworthiness is questioned by a majority of Americans. [RollCall.com]

Here is a woman who said she had to run from snipers in the Balkans and was “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. [YouTube.com] When her husband left office in 2001, she took home gifts (furniture, china, flatware) intended to furnish the White House and was forced to return some items and pay for others*. [Factcheck.org] And this is the woman whom Americans may now end up entrusting their future? There is a disconnect here.

Somehow Americans wonder if Donald Trump’s hair is real while we know that Hillary Clinton has an impersonator who has been standing in for her for some time now and was shown on the street in New York without a secret service detail. [YouTube; Mirror Sept 14, 2016] Which one is fake, Donald or Hillary? Another disconnect.

Donald Trump is taken to task for alleging, without substantiation, the upcoming election will be rigged. Yet didn’t the Democrat Party use its superdelegate system and collude with the news media to thwart the candidacy of Bernie Sanders? [Observer Oct 10, 2018; Breitbart.com Oct 16, 2016]

Women who vote against Mr. Trump are overlooking issues that matter, such as trade, taxes, employment, for issues that don’t really matter much – misogyny. Oh, I won’t excuse a Presidential candidate for pinching the rear end of attractive women, but that standard of conduct certainly hasn’t been held for Joe Biden the current vice President who in recent days has been shown in videotapes groping women in public. [The Political Insider]

Donald Trump garnered endorsements from just 4 major newspapers versus 84 for Hillary Clinton. [Wikipedia] The more the news media slanders Trump and the pollsters claim Mr. Trump is trailing a politician who is known to have accepted payoffs from foreign governments and covered up her crimes with the destruction of “personal” emails, the more the public now realizes the news media has been slanting elections for years.

The news media wants viewers and readers. It will do anything to drum up the political drama in this election and make it appear both candidates have a chance to win. Bottom line: the public is seeing through slanted polls and newspaper endorsements.

America doesn’t need a perfect President, it needs a President who will adhere to the Constitution, eliminate fraud and increase jobs and incomes of Americans. America needs a President who will stand up to a Congress that is a completely bought-and-paid-for branch of government. Is that man Donald Trump? It certainly isn’t his opponent.

Donald Trump is not accused of raping women as former President Bill Clinton was. And just why have all these groped women suddenly come out of the woodwork in the last weeks before the election when they had nothing to say before?

Do allegations that Trump fondled women erase all of the issues Donald Trump wants to address, such as unbridled immigration, exportation of jobs to Asia and fraud in American government? No! Stop complaining Mr. Trump isn’t dealing with issues. He is. The issues ARE being ignored by his opponent.

Do you really believe, just weeks before the U.S. election, American wages suddenly jumped 5.2%, the first increase in median household income since 2007? [US Census Bureau] Isn’t this just another government bureau creating favorable statistics just prior to an election?

The New York Times reports that alleged 5.2% increase in wages was still 1.6% lower than in 2007 and 2.4% lower than the peak reached in the 1990s (adjusted for inflation). [NY Times Sept 13, 2016] And the inflation rate (~1.5%) used to calculate these advances in wages is the target rate of inflation, not the real rate of inflation, which is close to 5%. [Shadowstats.com] Americans need to get a 5% annual pay raise just to keep up with inflation. Why isn’t the news media critical of the U.S. Census Bureau report?

And why is the U.S. preparing for war but to create an event that may distract from the upcoming election and could even be used to nullify the election? [Independent UK Oct 18, 2016] Recall that somehow when President Bill Clinton was deposed in the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, suddenly there were bombings in Iraq that evidence now shows were a planned distraction from the Lewinsky/Clinton impeachment vote. [Daily Mail UK] Will some planned distraction occur on Election Day? Will Americans fall for yet another ruse?

Yes, Donald Trump would make an imperfect President. He wouldn’t be the first.

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#1. To: U don't know me (#0)

They wanted to make him a "pied piper" and he said OK... but now hes not putting down the pipes and the people continue to follow. Their aint shit the establishment can do about it either. This is the bed they made and now they must lie in it. From behind bars. Hillary for prison 2016

Titorite2  posted on  2016-10-24   11:20:29 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Titorite2 (#1)

This is the bed they made and now they must lie in it. From behind bars. Hillary for prison 2016

AMEN to that.

I do not go to church every time the doors are opened, but I love Jesus Christ. I am only human and fail Him daily. I believe Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, was crucified on a cross, died for my sins and rose from the dead and that He loves us dearly, and is faithful to forgive us of our sins. But He says that if you deny me in front of your friends I will deny you in front of my Father. Can I get an Amen!

U don't know me  posted on  2016-10-24   12:32:17 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: U don't know me (#0) (Edited)

Anybody seen the ball since it got knocked into the parking lot...


Great speech / commercial / YouTube whatever.


VxH  posted on  2016-10-24   12:48:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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