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Title: Amanita muscaria, Vision Creation and Manipulation and the Roman/Jesuit NWO
Source: 00-Hotherp Reports
URL Source: [None]
Published: Jun 4, 2007
Author: Coral Snake00-Hotherp Reports
Post Date: 2007-06-04 01:29:47 by Coral Snake
Keywords: Amanita muscaria, Jesuits, Romans, CIA, NWO, Chemtrails
Views: 1237

Amanita muscaria, Vision Creation and Manipulation and the Roman/Jesuit NWO

by Coral Snake

In lieu of the regular Coral Snake's Bites Of the Week Column this study can be considered as "bites" for the following recipients:

The CIA, Pope Benedict XVI, (Joseph Ratzinger), Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli), Pope Benedict XV (Della Cheisa), "Reverend" Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carrol), Herbert George Wells (H. G. Wells), Jesuit Superior General "Father" Peter Hans Kolvenbach (1983-2008), Jesuit Superior General "Father" Peter Beckx (1853-1887) Jesuit Superior General "Father" Luis Martin (1892-1906), Jesuit Superior General "Father" Wlodimir Ledochowski (1915-1942)

It is very probable that some Chemtrail components are extracted from THIS mushroom by Jesuits and their various Coadjutors to create "UFO" and "alien" sightings for secular science fiction believers and visions of "Mary" and popular "saints" for Roman Catholics through its hallucinogenic properties. The purpose of this is to use the PHONY visions to bring the people into a combined Religious/Political New World Order under the Pope.

What follows is a study of the probable contents of the "chemtrails" being hallucinogens with muscamol the main hallucinogenic agent in the mushroom/toadstool Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric playing a predominant roll. Indeed even without the "chemtrails" Amanita muscaria is playing a major part in the NWO's attempt to bring about a New World Order under the PAPACY and the JESUIT ORDER in which such visions will be used to validate a NEW WORLD RELIGION that will combine the old Roman Catholic hierarchy and the Papacy with the concepts of modern "tabloid science" which is mainly derived from science fiction a la Scientology. (Have you ever wondered why the Scientologist priesthood and the Jesuits WEAR THE SAME OUTFITS???!!!!". This study will concern itself with the MODERN use of Amanita muscaria and similar hallucinogenic agents in producing mass visions designed to change people's religious beliefs in the direction of the Science Fiction/Romanism combo that seems to be the basis for the Jesuit NWO's "New World Religion".

Basically the period from the 19th century on has been a period of mass visions of which the most important probably were:

The Children's book Alice in Wonderland which was probably based on Amanita muscaria based visions

The American "airship" flap of the late 1890s.

The visions of "Mary" and the 'dancing sun" at Fatima Portugal.

The "flying saucers" of Kenneth Arnold in 1947.

"Flying Saucers" change to "flying triangles" in the late 1970s and 1980s on.

Since 1947 visions of "flying saucers" or "UFOs" have greatly intensified amongst secularists and/or occultists and visions of "Mary" or local "church saints" in the Roman Catholic community at its lower "layman" levels have intensified to the point that reports of such things are becoming commonplace today.

Along with the increasing intensity in the sightings of UFOs, Aliens and Romanist visions there is another strange phenomenon that has taken place in our skies. Airplanes have more and more been releasing CHEMtrails as well as ordinary exhaust contrails. at a rate that seems co equal with the manifesting of strange sky sightings, strange beings and "abductions and Romanist visions.

1. Amanita muscaria and Alice in Wonderland (mid 1800s)

Everyone even though they may no longer read children's books probably knows about Alice in Wonderland, "Reverend" Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's (aka Lewis Carrol's) book about a fantasy land of nonsense. What most people don't know about "Reverend" Dodgson however was that he was at the very least a latent pedophile with a "hobby" of photographing young girls in the nude and that he was also a 'shroomer or user of Amanita muscaria and other hallucinogenic mushrooms. Alice in Wonderland in fact was a "SHROOM VISION mainly from Amanita muscaria written down as a children's story. In fact several aspects of the story point to the obvious source of its inspiration. Such as Alice drinking a potion and growing smaller and eating a MUSHROOM and growing larger. (Distortion of size and distance is a common hallucinogenic effect of Amanita muscaria.) In all probabilities "Reverend" Dodgson was also a JESUIT TEMPORAL COADJUTOR as were many "Protestent" ministers in the 19th century. (To understand this term a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor is a person who works for the Jesuits but does not take their Priesthood vows and does not even have to be a Roman Catholic. In fact even many ATHEISTS like Marx, Lenin and Stalin functioned as Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors because they supported Socialism and the "New World Order" and knew well where the "New World Order" was coming from. The reward the Jesuits give to these Temporal Coadjutors is usually in the form of money, power and sex in this life rather than the quick trip to a heaven that many of them don't even believe in after death.)

The end result of Alice in Wonderland was many parents lowered their guard and gave their children this 'shroom vision from a latent pedophile Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor pretending to be a Protestent "Reverend" not realizing that they were probably opening the door for their children and their descendants to enter the world of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor based 'shroom visions themselves. Alice in Wonderland along with the "dime novels" and science fiction of the latter 19th century were also designed to serve as PROPAGANDA to manipulate Amanita muscaria and other hallucinogenic visions created through experiments on unwilling subjects to see if cultural propaganda could manipulate the visions persons on hallucinogenics would see. The result was the first major UFO "flap" in America, the "airship flap" of the late 1890s and early 1900s.

2. Amanita muscaria and the Airships (Late 1890s)

That new set of Amanita muscaria (probably mixed with Peyote and the extracts of Psilocybe 'shrooms as well) visions would come to AMERICA in the late 1890s. This was in the west the waining of the period of the cowboys and their saloons, and the beginnings of "soda fountains" essentially a junior saloon that served NON alcoholic drinks to minors, usually teenagers. It was also the time of the "dime novels" in America that mixed "wild west" fiction with stories featuring the latest experimental contraptions such as motor cars and lighter than air "airships" often together in a single story. The late 1890s and early 1900s also saw the importation of British Science Fiction from the Socialist and Jesuit Coadjutor Herbert George Wells to add to propaganda mix for hallucinogen experiments. It soon became obvious that cowboys of the waining days of their age were getting a little more that alcohol in their saloon drinks as were those in the eastern clubs and taverns and teenagers in "soda fountains". This was the period of the first major UFO flap in America. The UFOs being reported at this time were basically "futurized" versions of the craft being depicted in "dime novel" airship stories mixed with the spaceships of H G Wells and other early science fiction writers. It was obvious that the participants in this "flap" were in actuality seeing visionary craft from their own imaginations distorted by some hallucinogen like Amanita muscaria, Psilocybe and/or Peyote because the ships they were "seeing" combined the aspects of technology they already knew was being experimented with in the 19th century with the designing of the spacecraft the early science fiction writers like H. G. Wells were writing about. (indeed some of the "alien airships" of the late 1890s even had PROPELLERS on them much like experimental lighter than air ships while still maintaining the science fictionish UFO look.) This airship "flap" eventually died out in the early 20th century. It was probably the Roman/NWOs first attempt at mass mind manipulation through hallucinogens delivered to the participants on an involuntary random basis. Since there was no means for aerial spraying at the time the hallucinogens were probably delivered through beverages such as the alcoholic drinks served in cowboy saloons and eastern drinking clubs and taverns, and non alcoholic drinks served to minors in the early "soda fountains" by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor "barkeeps" and "soda jerks". This calculated experiment in mass mind control through a combination of involuntarily administered hallucinogens like Amanita muscaria and would pave the way for the main "Marian" and "miracle" vision of the 20th century, FATIMA.

3. Amanita muscaria and Fatima.

Portugal during the period from the sinking of the Titanic to through World War I was becoming a totalitarian state built along Socialist lines but the Socialists in this care were not Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors. They were rather an atheistic anti Clerical cadre of revolutionaries. Therefore basically to save itself and bring a Socialist movement which was a perfect "Progressive" movement to hide their own Socialistic feudalism behind back into the Roman Church The jesuits decided to use what they had learned from the recently concluded American UFO "airship" flap on their own people. The location of the new and more religious dogma oriented "flap" would be Fatima Portugal a town named for one of Mohammad's wives, this in hopes of bring the Muslims into the scheme as well.

The official story of the Fatima visions begins with three Portuguese child sheep herders who receive a vision of a cloud, an angel and finally a EUROPEAN woman in white that they interpret as "Mary" or their term for here "Our lady of the Rosary". the lady has the children invite the townspeople to the site where she was seen by them to see a "miracle" of their own that will confirm her visit. When they come they are treated to visions of rainbow colors and most importantly the sun "dancing" and expanding in size as if it were coming closer to earth and then finally contracting back to its normal size and apparent distance away from the earth. The "lady" also gave the children some secrets to keep concerning Russia's enslavement by Communism followed by its conversion to the Roman faith.

In the case of Fatima what the more secular Socialists amongst the townspeople saw is actually more important than the Roman dogmatic visions the children received as it points to the actual agent of the visions as a whole. The effect of AMANITA MUSCARIA on people unaffected by religious doctrine and of an equally skeptical nature towards new fangled inventions of Capitalism as well is basically to DISTORT THE SIZE AND POSITION OF OBJECTS. Objects like the SUN appear to "dance" and expand (Come closer) then appear to return to normal in both position and size as the effect wears off. Rainbow colors are common to most hallucinogenic experiences regardless of the agent involved. It was what the agent was doing to the Fatima townspeoples' perception of the SUN that implicates Amanita muscaria as the agent of the Fatima visions.

As for the route of ingestion in this case the eldest of the three children probably received an Amanita muscaria laced HOST for her first communion. The other two children and the townspeople probably got the Amanita muscaria dose through Jesuit Coadjutors either through laced HOSTS at communion or in the various bars and taverns they drank or ate at much as Americans did during the "airship" flap of the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Basically the purpose of the Fatima visions were three fold for the Pope, the Jesuits and their Roman/NWO:

1. To bring the Portuguese Socialist movement back into the Roman Church.

2. To justify the turnover of Russia to Communism at the end of World War I with Roman religious dogma surrounding "Mary" and "miracles".

3. To Justify a second war to in effect turn Communist Russia over to the Roman Church by conquest again justifying this through the Roman dogma of "Mary" and "miracles".

4. To bring the Muslims back to the ROMANS who created their religion and to the deal they made with Rome to surrender Jerusalem to the POPE by using a location named for a wife of Mohamed tor the site of the Fatima visions and "prophesies".

Basically the "fulfillment" of these Amanita muscaria visions at Fatima as "genuine" prophesies was left in the hands of a special group of Catholics, Jesuits and "protestant" to atheist Coadjutors called Fatima Crusaders "in house". Basically so far the Fatima Crusaders achieved two of the aims of the Fatima Visions, The return of the Portuguese to the ROMAN fold and the "Soviet" communization of Russia. Fulfillment of the other two was left to one of the worst Popes in modern history and probably the last one to lead the Roman Church WITHOUT a Jesuit Superior General (Black Pope) over him, Pope Pius XII. (The man who was to be Pope Pius XII's Black Pope or Jesuit Superior General was poisoned in 1942 and the office was not filled again until 1946). Basically the plan of Pope Pius XII and his Fatima Crusaders was to fanatically support Adolph Hitler and his Axis so that its members would sign a "concordat" making the Roman Church the only legal religion in any in the Axis nations and any nations conquered by them in case of war. Knowing Hitler would eventually attack Russia thereby "fulfilling" the Fatima "prophesy" through this "concordat" if Hitler won and conquered Russia. Pope Pius XII believed that the fulfillment of the other three Fatima "prophesies" would bring the Muslims in line on the surrender of Jerusalem to him thereby fulfilling the plan given to three Roman indoctrinated and 'shroom empowered children in Fatima Portugal toward the end of World War I. Basically the plan using Hitler failed when he lost World War II but the Roman Church has NEVER stopped trying to fulfill the third part of the "prophesies" from the vision of Fatima by making Russia bend the knee to the Pope. The current attempt is aimed at re "unifying" the Russian Orthodox and Roman churches and getting the Russian church to accept the Pope as its "infallible" leader.

4. Amanita muscaria and "Flying Saucers"

During and after World War II a second experiment in general mass hallucinogen and propaganda use to manipulate minds and religious dogma occurred as a UFO "flap". At this time science fiction and horror often featuring spacecraft and aliens similar to the so called "greys" called "little green men" or bug eyed monsters" became a common stock in trade of the comic book industry. They were also a common stock in trade in the B movie industry as science fiction increasingly replaced Westerns and Pirate swashbuckler movies in that arm of the HollyWIERD movie industry. Also with the end of World War II came the most popular propaganda delivery system of all time TELEVISION and Science fiction and horror B movies accompanied the Wrestling, Boxing, roller derby and prime time sit coms, variety shows and westerns on the early TV schedules. While human space travelers used rockets in these comic book stories and B science fiction movies it became common for aliens to use disk shaped or spherical craft. Probably the first documented UFOs of this second flap were the SPHERICAL "Foo Fighters" from the End of World War II. Also arriving at the end of World War II was the beginning of the first major UFO "flap" since the "airship" flap of the late 1890s. The first UFOs of this flap were known as "Foo Fighters" and tended to have the spherical shape of alien craft that World War II fly boys were reading about in comic books like the salacious "Planet Stories" which generally sold itself to mature readers through the use of scantily clad women called "headlight" women because of the ampleness of their semi exposed chests. Fly boys would buy "Planet Comics" for the scantily clad "headlight" women usually kept by aliens in various ""bondage" situations but would also unconsciously be receiving a crapload of propaganda about alien spacecraft design along with them that could made to show up under hallucinogenic visions under the proper circumstances. Toward the end of World War II pilots flew so high into the atmosphere even in the propeller driven airplanes of the time that on board oxygen was often necessary to keep them safe. This was probably the delivery route for one of the more potent Amanita muscaria extracts, the hallucinogen muscamol in dosages strong enough to produce a "Foo Fighter" for fly boys indoctrinated in potential "Foo Fighter" design on "Planet Comics" without affecting their safety in the air. However this early part of the second major UFO flap was not publicized because the hallucinogen/propaganda experiments around them took place in War time. The first PUBLICIZED sightings of the flap were those of Kenneth Arnold in 1947.

Another feature of this flap is that would be the first one to use AERIAL sprayings of hallucinogens like muscamol to produce mass visions rather than depending on the haphazard system of distribution through foods, religious sacraments and beverages. Needless to say with the secret aerial hallucinogen spraying programs and the massive B Science Fiction propaganda being received over television the UFO flap of the late 1940s and 1950s exceeded that of the late 1890s and early 1900s and more than exceeded the expectations of the Jesuit/Roman/NWO elitists behind it. As the flap progressed there were even stories of Alien ABDUCTIONS which appeared to combine medical examinations with the horror side of the stories then being found in "Planet Comics" and similar comic books, and in the science fiction and horror B movies. From the 1950s until about the 1970s the standard CIA/Jesuit policy has been to produce one hallucinogenic UFO "flap" about every nine years which is the approximate round trip time to Alpha Centauri A, the nearest star like our sun at the near light speeds that our current understanding of physics allows for. However this was changed to allow for the FTL travel aspects of current science fiction by the use of "aliens" that said their understanding of physics exceeds our own and that FTL travel is possible. This now allows the Roman/Jesuit/NWO to create flaps whenever they feel it is necessary and not on some scheduled system based on the speed of light.

The Jesuit/Roman/NWO purpose for UFO "flaps" generated by Amanita muscaria (muscamol)and other airborne hallucinogens id generally:

1. To create a "crisis" around possible alien invasions that will get people to accept One World Government to "Unify" the people of the earth against the "aliens".

2. To create a modern day religion for those who refuse to accept any form of traditional organized religion that still contains aspects of Roman Church and will eventually unite with the POPE on an "ecumenical" basis. An example of such a religion today is Scientology. While the doctrines of Scientology are largely based on the SCIENCE FICTION of its founder L. Ron Hubbard its priesthood also wears robes and collars IDENTICAL to those of the JESUITS. Scientology is the perfect version of a religion based on modern day use of Amanita muscaria (muscamol) and other hallucinogens using aerial spraying techniques as are several other small religions and UFO cults that have science fiction as their main dogmatic source.

3. To keep current Roman Catholics in the Roman Church and add new members to the Roman Church through widely publicized Marian flaps similar to Fatima. UFO and Marian flaps are indeed the same flaps but with the hallucinogens directed at the recipients of a different body of propaganda, in the case of Marian flaps the dogma of the Roman Church concerning Mary rather than science fiction.

5. Flying Saucers become Flying triangels, "Chemtrails", Amanita muscaria and Star Wars

Going along with the increasing number of UFO and Marian flaps in recent years is a sky phenomenon called "Chemtrails". Most people who have studied the Chemtrails believe that they are some kind of disease or slow poison meant to 1. kill or 2. dumb down the populations receiving them. However my own studies on the subject indicate that Chemtrail students are not right on the first explanation YET and only partially right on the second. It is this writer's contention that aircraft are now the prime delivery system for the INVOLUNTARY delivery and use of hallucinogens like Amanita muscaria (muscamol) on the part of the public and that "Chemtrails" are the visible manifestation of hallucinogen spraying by the CIA/Jesuits.

We can effectively trace the latest design in UFO visions to ONE particular series of science fiction movies because of the UFO designs being reported since their showing, the first and especially the SECOND (since it was actually made and shown FIRST) Star Wars trilogies.

In the 1950s, 1960s and early 1970s the sphere or the frisby style disk were the most common shapes for UFOs However in flaps that occurred in the late 1970s and 1980s concurrent with the showing of the "Second" Series (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) of Star Wars movies TRIANGULAR UFOs began to be reported with increasing frequency. The Second series of Star Wars Movies in addition to light sabers and the Force were unique in using TRIANGULAR ships for the capital craft of the evil Empire. This writer sees this as more proof of UFO design following the space ship designs used by evil aliens in the most popular science fiction entertainment of the time and therefore of a hallucinogenic/visual propaganda origin for them rather than an actual extra terrestrial origin.

This completes our look into Amanita muscaria (muscamol) and the popular hallucinations of our day (Marian, UFOs, Aliens and such). It is this author's contention that these hallucinations are created by the Roman/Jesuit/New World Order in the attempt to create FALSE crises to unify the world onto their system of Papal "Temporal power" (One World Government), to bring people into a "New World" DOGMATIC Religion to be run by the POPE and his Jesuits and to keep the members of the Pope's old church locked into their dogma system through PHONY "miracles". It is this author's contention also that hallucinogenic agents like Amanita muscaria (muscamol) combined with dogmatic propaganda of the Roman Church and spacecraft/alien design propaganda derived from science fiction television and movie entertainment is being used in aerial spraying programs in the creation of these visions and that the infamous Chemtrails are the physical manifestation of such spraying. In Closing one may ask why I did not include other possible Amanita muscaria visions in this study mainly along the lines of "cryptozoological" monsters like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti and Mokele Mbembe. This is because for this study I saw only visions of a "crisis" making or re enforcing nature (lake UFOs and aliens) or a religious dogma making or reinforcing nature (Marian visions and other visions tied to them like the "dancing sun" at Fatima Portugal.) to be of importance to the Jesuits/Romans/NWO. (39 images)

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