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NYPD Cop Danny Pantaleo Fired over Eric Garner's Death; Loses Retirement Pension

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Psychedelic Drugs Are Finally Being Used to Treat Depression in US Hospitals

Wilsonville woman in custody battle over daughter with cancer - for successfully treating her cancer with CBD Oil

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Trump's Farm Bailout Flows To "City Slickers," a D.C. Lobbyist and ‘Farms’ on Golf Courses

A New Mexico Man Accused A Deputy Of ‘Gestapo’-Like Training. Then He Was Arrested.

Bernie Sanders Calls For Legalization Of Marijuana And Safe Injection Sites

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered

Activist Post Applies For NewsGuard’s Coveted “Conspiracy” Blacklist

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Only 29 Percent Of Americans Believe Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide

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Worse Than Ever: Government Schools After 35 Years

Release of official autopsy showing broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck is all the proof we need that he’s still ALIVE… here’s why

Cokey Roberts on Meet The Press defines gun control

Flat-Earther’s homemade rocket is set to launch him from California desert

Iraq Closes Airspace Even To US Coalition Flights After Suspected Israeli Raid

The Consequences of the Intended

Joe Kennedy-for-Senate backers mount drive to drum out Ed Markey

U.S. News posted this week (11-17 Aug 2019) in Review

De'Von Bailey was running from police, shot four times, video shows

Attorney General William Barr Declares War On The General Public

Tinton Falls cops held father and daughter at gunpoint, shot their dogs: Lawsuit

'Friends, you're going to love Greenland. I was there on 9/11'

‘Easy Rider’ Peter Fonda dead at 79: ‘Please raise a glass to freedom’

The Lee Harvey Oswalding of Epstein

Hut! Hut! Hutted! For Wheelies on Bicycles

“That’s fine for you to say - but you don’t know ... what corporate America is like” --- “It’s like East Germany now.”

What good is the FBI and DOJ?

Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program Exposed by Snowden

50-YR OLD HAITI OFFICIAL, Slated To Testify Against Clinton Foundation Corruption Next Week, Found DEAD In Miami With “Gunshot to the head”

Mrs. Buttigag Reportedly Helped Create Phone System To Alert Illegal Aliens About ICE Raids

Lone Shooters, Terrorism, and Semantics

‘Zero Emission’ Electric Cars

Do We Have A Right To Revolution?

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – The Ramones play their first public gig at CBGB in downtown Manhattan – 1974

Epstein Autopsy Finds Evidence He May Have Been Murdered

The Original "Bullitt" Mustang Is Headed to Auction

Here Is How China Is Really 'Paying' For Tariffs

Lindsey Graham slams Dem colleagues for brazen warning to Supreme Court

Escaped Cow that became Social Media Sensation is Shot and Killed by Deputies

Poll: Farmers Support Tariffs On China

Court Suspends 2 Prosecutors' Law Licenses for Covering up Brutal Police Beating

Radical Indoctrination: Coming to a Public School Near You

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces

Cops Still Love Their Armored Vehicles

Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Mocks Those Harmed by Trade War as “Whiners”

Mark Levin Rips Into Rand Paul Over Iran

The Out Of Touch “Car Guy”

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Title: A Covenantal Action Corps Alert: (The Patraeus sex scandal is being used to hide another "Fast and Furious" gun running operation designed to get the UN Small Arms Treaty ratified.)
Source: [None]
URL Source: [None]
Published: Nov 14, 2012
Author: Coral Snake
Post Date: 2012-11-14 00:48:38 by Coral Snake
Keywords: Patreaus, Sex, Shell Game, Faro Bank, Pinocchios, Smoke Screen
Views: 2014
Comments: 2

A Covenantal Action Corps Alert:
(The Petraeus sex scandal is being used to
Hide another "Fast and Furious" gun
running operation designed to get the
UN Small Arms Treaty ratified.)

by Coral Snake

Christian Discovery Corps - Back To Basics

The sex scandal brewing around Former CIA Director and General Petraeus and other military, CIA and FBI figures is nothing but a SMOKESCREEN and DISTRACTION!! Its goal is to hide the fact that what happened in Libya is yet another botched "Fast and Furious" style GUN RUNNING SCHEME designed to scare the Senate into ratifying the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY and impose ONE WORLD GUN CONTROL on the United States. The private guns in the United States (and in a lesser degree in Switzerland) are the LAST REMAINING ROADBLOCK between the ONE WORLD "PROGRESSIVES" (ie THE KENITES) and their plans for MASS GENOCIDAL DEPOPULATION as written in their "ten commandments", THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES of which the DEATH PANELS IN OBAMACARE are also a part.

The STALINIST Obama DOES NOT WANT TO WAIT for the retirements necessary for him to move the Supreme Court in the gun grabber direction TO START USING HIS OBAMACARE DEATH PANELS AND FEMA CAMPS TO START GENOCIDE. He wants to start using them NOW and therefore sees the only away around the second amendment in order to do this in THE UN SMALL ARMS TREATY and its ONE WORLD GUN CONTROL PROPOSALS. Therefore he has had the BATF in one case and the CIA in another initiate GUN RUNNING SCHEMES to scare senators who may be recalcitrant into voting to ratify this treaty. BOTH GUN RUNNING SCHEMES RESULTED IN MURDER OF AMERICAN CITIZENS and the sex scandal is only coming out to hide Obama administration involvement in the Mexican and Middle Eastern GUN RUNNING SCHEMES when they went wrong. Pay NO attention to the Petraeus sex scandal. IT IS NOT THE REAL STORY of the Libyan deaths of American Citizens, Gun Running in order to get the UN SMALL ARMS TREATY ratified and the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES GENOCIDE started is the real story hiding behind it. (1 image)

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#1. To: Coral Snake (#0) (Edited)


The Only thing being hidden is the Fact that a COUNTERCOUP is underway.

Too bad for IsraeliFirsters, who Really Really wished that the FBI had told them when it started it's PetraeusGate Investigation

so they could....wait for it....

ABORTED the SOB!!!!!!


And Another One bites the Dust.....:

(Reuters) - In more bad news about U.S. generals, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who is in Australia for talks, announced on Wednesday he was demoting a retiring four-star Army general for wasting taxpayer money on extravagant trips and would seek to recoup tens of thousands of dollars from him.

Panetta's decision to strip a star from General William Ward, a former commander of Africa Command, comes as the military is reeling from a scandal involving two of the most powerful men in the United States' national security apparatus.

mcgowanjm  posted on  2012-11-14   8:37:20 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: All (#1)

Let's see. The Scorecard to Date, in no particular order:








And Jack Wheeler Nuclear

Which brings me to the Fact that ALL of the Above are/were no more than 2 people away from Nuclear Weapons Autorization Clearance......;}

mcgowanjm  posted on  2012-11-14   8:40:30 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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