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Biden Defense Secretary Orders Several “Immediate Actions” to Weed Out ‘Extremism’ in the Ranks

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Target selling book that includes prayer to 'hate white people' in 'Religion' section

America is losing its religion — and the effects will be long-lasting

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AnoTher Mass ShooTer Excused By The Media For ... BuTchering Five People --- In The Name of ResToraTive Murder

GraceLife Church shuttered by authorities after months of flouting COVID-19 rules

Fence goes up around GraceLife Church in Alberta after health officials "physically close" facility

Legacy Media Corruption Is At The Heart Of Our National Conflict

Pastor Who Threw COVID Officials - Police OuT Of His Church ...‘They’re AcTing --- JusT Like The CommunisTs’

Democrats demand I.D.s for everything but voting

BLM leader ThreaTens ... DemocraTs citTes ‘will burn’--- if Chauvin found noT guilTy…

The MLB Has Chosen a New City for the All Star Game. There Are Major Problems.

Res ipsa loquiTur - The ... Thing iTself ... speaks

Quite A Day In The Right Turn Against Corporate America

How Mark Zuckerberg Almost Handed Texas To The Democrats

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A way too early guide to the 2024 Republican primary

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GA SoS Raffensperger Files Legal Brief To Prevent Real Audit Of Ballots From 2020 Election

Mike Lindell Says Trump 'Will Be Back in Office in August' Thanks to His Voter Fraud Lawsuit

Mike Lindell TV Releases Irrefutable Election Theft Proof on New Television Special That Features World Renowned Physicist

How Did The Cancel CulTure ... Become DominanT --- So Quickly?

Video - Elderly Asian Couple ATTacked By A Black Gang ... Their MacheTe-Wielding Son Comes To The Rescue --- The MSM Fails To Disclose ThaT The ATTackers Are Black

CapiTol Hill SuspecT is Louis Farrakhan SupporTer ... IdenTified as 25-Year-Old Noah Green --- LefT a NoTe on Facebook

2020 election fraud

Georgia Democrats stare down a mob of their own making

U.S. Capitol Police officer dies after attacker rammed car into checkpoint; suspect also dead

To understand 2021, watch a KGB defector’s mid-1980s interview

Home/Articles/Politics/‘Voter Suppression’ And Voting Integrity POLITICS ‘Voter Suppression’ And Voting Integrity

Best Term Limits Speech Ever!

My Article Did Not Post

G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate co-conspirator who pivoted to conservative talk radio, dies at 90

The Kind of Leaders the Conservative Movement Needs To Stop the Left

It’s Important To Be Honest About What Today’s Media Actually Are

Christian University Ditches Crusader Mascot

The democraTs have been mocking - blaming The Russians ... for everyThing for The lasT 5 years --- This should geT inTeresTing.

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Title: Auto Rebound Steers U.S. Economy Back From Lehman Debacle
Source: BusinessWeek
URL Source: http://www.businessweek.com/news/20 ... onomy-back-from-lehman-debacle
Published: Oct 3, 2012
Author: By Keith Naughton and Craig Trudell
Post Date: 2012-10-03 10:34:11 by Brian S
Keywords: None
Views: 1163
Comments: 2

The housing market is still on shaky ground. Unemployment remains above 8 percent. The one flank of the U.S. economy that’s marching steadily back is the sector that once seemed the weakest: Automotive.

The auto industry in September reached an important milestone that few other sectors can claim. Carmakers sold cars and light trucks at an annualized rate of 14.9 million, taking into account seasonal adjustments, according to researcher Autodata Corp. That’s the best pace since March 2008, before the failure of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Consumers weary of driving 11-year-old vehicles with poor mileage are increasingly trading in their jalopies for new, fuel-efficient models. Small car sales climbed 50 percent last month as gasoline prices held above $3.75 a gallon. Even pickup sales, linked to the nascent housing industry, are up this year.

“Autos are the bright, shining star in the economy,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania, said in a telephone interview. “It’s a key cog in the economic wheel. If we didn’t have the automotive recovery, the overall economic recovery would be much weaker.”

While U.S. auto sales are on pace to rise at least 10 percent for the third consecutive year, this isn’t as good as it gets, said Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial in Chicago. The car market will kick into higher gear once consumers see positive equity in their homes and the housing market starts humming again. The U.S. averaged 16.8 million annual deliveries from 2000 to 2007. ‘A Start’

“The auto recovery is still not anywhere near what anyone would expect, given the number of new drivers and the level of pent-up demand,” Swonk said in a telephone interview. “But it’s a start and not all sectors have that. There will be a big difference when people’s largest asset -- their home -- is moving up in value.”

Toyota Motor Corp. (7203) led with the biggest gain in September, with sales surging 42 percent and topping the 36 percent gain that was the average estimate of eight analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Chrysler Group LLC and Honda Motor Co. (7267) also beat estimates.

The U.S. sales rate exceeded the 14.5 million pace that was the average estimate of 16 analysts in Bloomberg’s survey. The rate is the best industry sales pace since 14.95 million in March 2008, according to Autodata in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

Honda, rebounding along with Toyota from last year’s supply shortages caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, boosted sales in September by 31 percent, topping the 26 percent average estimate of eight analysts. Toyota Corolla deliveries climbed 43 percent to 23,026 and RAV4 sales surged 80 percent to 13,796, the Toyota City, Japan-based automaker said in a statement.

Nissan Motor Co.’s deliveries slid 1.1 percent, better than the average estimate of a 2.1 percent decline. Best Quarter

The U.S. averaged a 14.5 million annualized sales rate in the third quarter, the fastest since the 15.3 million pace set in 2008’s first quarter, according to Autodata.

Confidence is growing among automakers, including those that required bankruptcies and bailouts in 2009 to survive.

“As we look forward, we continue to be encouraged,” Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales for General Motors Co. (GM), whose predecessor company went bankrupt in 2009, said yesterday on a conference call.

GM shares rose yesterday when hedge-fund manager David Einhorn said the stock was inexpensive and that the automaker’s European operations may break even in 2015. GM gained 2.6 percent to $23.68, extending the automaker’s gain to 17 percent this year through yesterday’s close.

GM deliveries rose 1.5 percent, less than analysts’ average estimate for a 2.8 percent increase. The Detroit-based automaker boosted Cruze sales by 42 percent to 25,787. Deliveries of the Cruze and new Sonic and Spark small cars helped drive a 29 percent increase in the automaker’s passenger-car sales.

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#1. To: Brian S, *The Two Parties ARE the Same* (#0)

That’s the best pace since March 2008

Great, we're back to the good old days of the Bush recession. Oilbomber must be getting his economic advice from Crawdad Texas!

"We (government) need to do a lot less, a lot sooner" ~Ron Paul

Obama's watch stopped on 24 May 2008, but he's been too busy smoking crack to notice.

Hondo68  posted on  2012-10-03   10:54:39 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: hondo68 (#1) (Edited)

European Car sales are dead in the water.

Amerikan 'Sales' are just not there.

Except for Subprime and Channel Stuffing.

Marchionne ends lobby group leadership dispute with VW CEO | The www.detroitnews.com/artic...120928/AUTO0104/209280390

5 days ago – ... Marchionne and Volkswagen AG CEO Martin Winterkorn said they agreed to ... By Tommaso Ebhardt and Christian Wuestner; Bloomberg News; Comments ... may have trouble surviving the crisis without government aid.

mcgowanjm  posted on  2012-10-04   8:42:17 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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