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Title: Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes
Source: Stuffed Suits
URL Source: http://www.stuffedsuits.com/news/na ... rick-perry-is-political-herpes
Published: Aug 17, 2011
Author: Robert Morrow
Post Date: 2011-08-17 01:13:50 by Coral Snake
Keywords: RickPerry, Pinocchio, Lies, LongNose, Debt, Usury, Adultery
Views: 1649
Comments: 3

Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes

Posted by Contributor

Note: Since Gov. Rick Perry(TX) declined to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll and debate events and instead wants to attempt to steal their thunder by announcing Saturday (Aug. 13, 2011) in Charleston, SC that his eminence is running for President, it's only right to hear from another Texan. Robert Morrow appears to have found some remarkable resemblances to Bill Clinton in the Bible verse spouting blowhard who appears on the surface to be more preacher than governor. If nothing else, we may be getting a warning ahead of time concerning Rick Perry who, like Michele Bachmann, is obviously riding the tea party train without a ticket.

The article below references the FLDS, a fundamental Mormon sect whose former leader, Warren Jeffs, has been sentenced to life in prison for sexual assault. While the crimes are reprehensible, the initial over-reactions by the Governor and Child Protective Services cited below are, unfortunately, typical throughout the country such as in the needless deaths brought on by overly aggressive government forces in Waco during the early 1990s. The author's complaint is a valid one to that extent at least.

The links in the article are all active and check out to the extent they're referenced and provide more details. Much of Perry's record concerning the Gardisil scam, his support of TARP, and other on-the-record issues have been out for a long time and at least have been discussed in Texas. Perry's neocon, corporate welfare record is obvious and well documented. Unfortunately, the habit of such big government Republicans has been to spout Bible to take out rivals and then rule pretty much the same as the openly big government party members.

While the allegations made concerning Perry's use of prostitutes, drugs, and his extra-marital affairs are not verified, they are presented in the text for what they are: just one person's allegations based on contacts in the seedy underworld of strip clubs.

There is good reason to take warning and at least be wary, however, especially considering the general lack of concern in the country regarding the rumors surrounding Bill Clinton before he was elected. Judge for yourselves. Not paying enough attention back to Clinton's baggage in the 1990s didn't turn out very well, did it?

In any event, the following is presented for what it is. Consider it raw data if you will and take away whatever useful information you can get out of it. The rest of it you can consider to be something you've been warned about--WTC

****************** UPDATE: Per a phone conversation with Robert Morrow, he has invited anyone who wants to discuss his article and the specifics of the allegations therein to call him at (512) 306-1510 between the hours of 11am and 11pm or to email him at Morrow321@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information. Please do so if you have any doubts about anything in the article. ****************** By Robert Morrow

Austin, TX


I urge you to NOT vote for Rick Perry who is one of the biggest frauds and phonies in American politics. I am a 3-time delegate to the Texas Republican convention (2006, 2008, 2010) and I live in Austin , TX . Here why Rick Perry is completely unqualified to be president.

The first thing you need to know about Rick Perry is that he is (or has been) a flagrant adulterer. The second thing you need to know is that Perry is a man who constantly uses religion and Christian Bible talk for his own political advancement, while living a double life.

Nor does Perry understand or appreciate free market capitalism and the importance of low taxes for all; Perry is a crony capitalist and he likes to spend and borrow lots of money. Perry does not respect parental rights (HPV mandate).Rick Perry, a 25 year career politician, is for the endless, costly undeclared wars; he is for an unaccountable Federal Reserve banking cartel making multi-trillion dollar interventions in a free market; he is for the Patriot Act and its assault on your privacy.

The same man who used a presidential prayer rally (8/6/11) for his personal ambitions and who often spouts Christian buzzwords and Bible talk to advance his political career is a flagrant adulterer, having sex with women who are the approximate age of his daughter Sydney, age 24.

Rick Perry’s Adultery (& his Arrogance)

I know this because I am a patron of Austin strip clubs. My friends and excellent contacts in the Austin strip club community tell me that Rick Perry, a la Bill Clinton, has an enabling entourage who gets him “young hotties” to have sex with – both here in Austin and especially when he is on the road. I learned about this before the 2010 Texas primary. I had an attractive stripper tell me about her direct dealings with Rick Perry. She said that she was attempting a Monica Lewinsky-type act upon Gov. Rick Perry (oral sex) but that in her words Perry was “too coked up” to perform sexually! When it came time for the stripper to leave, Perry gave her an outrageous amount of money, so large in fact that it probably means that Perry is taking cash bribes or illegal gifts to fund his extracurricular activities. Perry is not a rich man and I doubt he is spending that much of his own money on the women. (Actually sweetheart real estate deals have made the man unusual money.)

Another young woman, who has had direct dealings with Perry’s enabling entourage, told me that Perry is especially flagrantly adulterous when he goes on the road. She said that Perry has sex with the “young hotties” and that Perry and his entourage are literally having orgies in his hotel room. They are either calling escort services or picking up “young hotties” impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas .

Recently a local Austin reporter was telling me that they had heard about Rick Perry and the strippers in 2006, but they never could nail it down. Well, consider it confirmed. Additionally, there are many people in Austin who are convinced that the man is a homosexual or has had gay affairs in the past. I have never met a man who has had sex with Rick Perry, but I have met women who have had direct dealings with Adulterer Rick Perry and his enabling entourage. Perry has most definitely been living a double life.

That brings up another disqualifying characteristic of Perry: he is arrogant. Rick Perry knows his adultery rap sheet and liability more than anyone else. Perry is fully aware of the tremendous amount of risk this brings to the Republican party, his political career, his personal life and reputation. Yet, Rick Perry, drunk with arrogance and entitlement, presents himself as a legitimate presidential candidate when he is anything but that. Adulterer Rick Perry is sitting on a keg of slut-fueled nitroglycerine that if it ever exploded, would make Anthony Weiner look like a mere pimple popping.

Side note: it is no secret in Austin that for years Rick and Anita Perry have been having marital problems (no wonder); but enabling Anita is wearing her “Hillary Clinton” boots as she supports his presidential run. Anita sure did not support Perry’s 2010 governor’s race, as she rarely went to campaign events and when she did she never smiled, had a robotic look on her face and obviously did not want to be there. At the moments of Rick’s greatest triumphs, Anita would be on stage with a blank look on her face, looking like a lost, unhappy child amidst all the cheering for Adulterer Rick.

Anita’s behavior was so obvious that a local columnist John Kelso wrote an article about her never smiling on the campaign trail: “Somebody needs to goose Anita Perry to get a smile out of her.” http://www.statesman.com/news/local/somebody-needs-to-goose-anita-perry-to-get-1203160.html

Perry’s fraudulent behavior, his use of his Christian buzzwords and Bible talk, while living a reckless life of flagrant adultery is enough to completely disqualify the man for office. Key point: Slick Rick is arrogant and entitled.

Here is a excellent example of that fraud Slick Rick in action. Perry has been running for president for 5 years now, carefully attempting to position and market himself. He has written 2 books – one hypocritically title On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For (2008 and targeted at social conservatives) and Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington (2010 and targeted at fiscal conservatives). Remember, moral relativist Perry wrote that book about “American values” and the Boy Scouts all the while he was playing with strippers and “young hotties” the age of his daughter as per my sources.

Anita Perry clearly did NOT want Perry to run governor in 2010; in 2012 Perry is telling folks that the reason he is running is because his poor wife is telling him to! Perry is doing that because I have embarrassed him so much by telling folks what he is really like. Here is Perry pulling the wool over conservative columnist Cal Thomas’ eyes:

“Some wives don't want their husbands to run for president. Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry doesn't have that problem. In an interview following an address to the Western Conservative Summit in Denver , he told me, "My wife is a nurse and the daughter of a country doctor. She sees Obamacare with the potential to devastate this country. ... She basically said, 'Listen, I know you love your job and you're comfortable there. But your country is in trouble and you need to get off the sideline and get in this game, serve your country and do your duty.' When someone you've known and been married to for 42-plus years (says that), it had a real impact on me. I had to go back and re-evaluate my consistent message that I don't want to be president of the United States ."”

My response to that is: a) Did Anita tell you to go play with all those strippers, prostitutes and “young hotties?” b) It was obvious from her face and attitude that Anita was NOT on board for the 2010 governor’s race, but you ignored her and ran anyhow and c) You have already been running for president for 5 years so cut out the perpetual play acting.

Tea Party fraud: I was at Rick Perry’s first Tea Party: 4/15/2009

It was noon in Austin , TX . It was a warm day in April, 2009, and most folks at the Tea Party rally were wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts (I also had a baseball cap). The downtown lunchtime crowd was in suits or business attire. Rick Perry showed up – about 4 minutes away from his governor’s office – looking like he was going quail hunting and sporting a hunting cap. Then Slick Rick starts ranting “Fed up!” “States’ rights!” “Secession!” I don’t think Bilderberger Perry believed a word of what he was saying but the crowd cheered anyhow. Rick Perry was not Tea Party before Tea Party was cool. Perry only became Tea Party AFTER Obama became president. So Perry only has a problem with “big government” when it’s a Democrat running it. Like those Wash DC Republicans, Perry likes to spend and borrow a lot of money.

That in a nutshell demonstrates what counterfeit money the man is. I have lived in Texas the whole time Perry was governor; until recently I had never heard him talk about Tea Party concerns. Perry did not care about “states’ rights” or “anti-tax” or the 10th Amendment when Republicans were spending like drunken sailors or torching the Constitution with the Patriot Act. Rick Perry supported No Child Left Behind when it first came out and he issues a press release “Perry’s Educational Plan Gains Federal Approval.” Perry had no problem with the federal government attempting to take over your elementary school.

Ron Paul has been talking about the Constitution, the 10th Amendment and states’ rights for 35 years. Rick Perry is a political cross dresser, wearing different clothes depending on which party is in power.

Rick Perry is like one of those Washington , DC Republicans – he says he is for tax cuts, but he is also for spending and lots of borrowing. Either he can’t figure out that debt service is a gargantuan tax or he just does not care and figures he will be out of office when the bill comes due.

The Worst thing Rick Perry ever did: the 2008 raid on the FLDS: Peaceful, religious home schoolers; Rick Perry/ CPS taking away 438 kids based on a crank phone call.

Rick Perry is a religious bigot and he proved it in 2008 when he supported an out of control Child Protective Services when they raided the peaceful, religious FLDS Mormon community in El Dorado based on a hoax phone call from a disturbed woman, Rozita Swinton of Colorado . If you are a conservative Christian, perhaps a home schooler, you should be extremely concerned about the religious oppression of the FLDS and Rick Perry’s gung ho support for that tragic fiasco.

Out of all the things Rick Perry has done, the attack on the FLDS families – with all the tears, trauma and family destruction that caused – this has to be the most disturbing thing Perry has done.

Rick Perry and Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) were targeting the FLDS and looking for an excuse to attack them. Hoaxer Rozita Swinton made a crank phone call, alleging one case of child abuse, on 3/29/08. By April 3, 2008, Rick Perry had ordered the entire FLDS community surrounded by police armed with automatic weapons, SWAT teams with snipers, helicopters and even an M113 armored personnel carrier.

It is worth repeating, that all of this criminal state persecution, was based on one crank phone call from a crazy lady in Colorado , Rozita Swinton, who was pretending to be a child abuse victim. So obviously, Perry and an out of control CPS were targeting the FLDS. Then they invaded this peaceful, religious home schooler community and ripped away 438 childen from dozens of families who had committed no crime at all.

Imagine a fascist, totalitarian government coming into your household or neighborhood and ripping away YOUR kids based on one crank, hoax phone call. That is exactly what happened to those FLDS families in 2008 and Rick Perry supported that move long after it was revealed that a crank phone call complaint from a crazy woman Rozita Swinton in Colorado was the basis for the invasion. And even if that ONE complaint had been legitimate, what kind of a totalitarian government would come in there and remove FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT children from dozens of families? Unacceptable.

As of now, 438 of the 438 children who were taken are back with their parents, which just shows how weak the CPS case was and proves that the real motive for this raid was governmental religious oppression. The FLDS had been watched and targeted by the government who was just looking for an excuse to move in and destroy their lives.

If you are a home schooler or a conservative Christian or you just believe in freedom and “live and let live” you should be extremely concerned at the state sponsored gross miscarriage of justice that happened to these FLDS families.

Rick Perry likes to Spend & Borrow money just like Washington , DC Republicans

Rick Perry is for tax cuts, spending and borrowing lots of money just like the Washington , DC Republicans. Perry seems to think that the debt service on all this borrowing is not a tax, when really it is a gargantuan tax on Texans. Texans have the nation’s 5th largest debt load when you combine state and local debt per capita. Perry borrows huge amounts of money for toll roads, tuition bonds for college buildings, water projects. Perry even supported Texas borrowing $3 billion for cancer research, as if that were a legititimate business for the state of Texas to not just get into, but borrow to get into!

Perry is a big proponent of toll roads and debt laden public private partnerships. Rick Perry has instituted a huge tax increase in Texas in the form of toll roads; going from zero debt on roads to $30 billion in toll road debt in 10 years as Perry sells off Texas ’ public infrastructure to private monopolies. They will financially blow up later, just like real estate market did, because of the high leverage.

Perry tried in 2007 to make every 12 year old girl in Texas take a mandatory HPV vaccine shot

Mike Toomey, his former chief of staff, is a lobbyist for Merck getting paid the big bucks to force Gardisil on Texas girls

When he was running for Lt. Governer, Rick Perry said that “I believe decisions affecting you and your family should be made by you and not government. I believe that character and integrity matter.” Rick Perry chunked that philosophy off the back of the pick-up truck because Rick Perry wanted to stick a needle in the arm of every 12 year old girl in the state of Texas and inject her with a possibly dangerous, possibly ineffective HPV vaccine Gardisil and he wanted to make the parents pay for these expensive shots which run about $360.

Rick and Anita Perry tried to make every 12 year old girl in Texas take a mandatory HPV vaccine shot. Unbelievably, Rick Perry tried to bypass the Legislature and enact this by executive decree as if he were some sort of Hillary Clinton dictator. Perry tried to do this because Mike Toomey, his former chief of staff and very close friend, is a lobbyist for Merck, the maker of Gardisil, and was being retained for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Legislature crushed Perry’s attempt.

Merck also made a $6,000 donation to Perry through its PAC.

Rick Perry – just does not understand or appreciate free market capitalism or the importance of low taxes. What Perry does understand: Crony Capitalism and special favors for his friends.

How does this Tea Party fraud really behave? Perry loves spending and debt and likes to pretend that debt service is not a gargantuan tax. Perry likes to promote toll roads and debt laden public private partnerships. These will blow up later because of all the debt and Perry either can’t figure this out or does not care because he will be gone from office. Perry also was for borrowing $3 billion in bonds to put the state of Texas in the cancer research business. He likes tuition bonds to build school buildings and he is pushing for the state to guaranteed local water infrastructure bonds.

Perry has 24 Forbes billionaires as campaign contributors and he likes to do favors for crony capitalists at the expense of the taxpayer and average Texan. A good example of this is the Texas Enterprise Fund, which is really a slush fund for Perry and other top politicos in Texas . Basically, they just give hundreds of millions to Perry’s favored corporations. One egregious example was giving a whopping $25 million to Countrywide Financial … just before it went bankrupt. Like a good socialist, Perry loves to pick winners and losers. The TEF also gave $10 to Washington Mutual.

Slick Rick Perry was FOR the 2008 TARP bankster bailout; Then 2 months later writes Op-Ed for WSJ railing against bailouts!

This example will teach you a lot about Rick Perry: he was for the 2008 TARP bankster bailout, before he was against it. Perry wrote a letter on 10/1/08 with Joe Manchin in support of the TARP bailout!: http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2010/01/was-rick-perry-for-the-bailout.html At 9:07 PM later that day the US Senate voted for the TARP bailout. Then two months later Slick Rick writes an WSJ op-ed on 12/2/08 with Mark Sanford opposing bailouts!! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122818170073571049.html

Here is Rick Perry’s letter in support of the TARP bailout as he told Congress to “act now” and pass the TARP bankster bailout.

There is a time for partisanship and there is a time for getting things done. No one likes the hand they've been dealt, and now is not the time to assign blame. It is time for Washington , D.C. to step up, be responsible and do what's in the best interest of American taxpayers and our economy. This economic crisis is not just impacting Wall Street; it is also making life harder for everyday Americans. Americans across the country and in every demographic are feeling the pinch. If Congress does not act soon, the situation will grow appreciably worse. It's time for leadership. Congress needs to act now.

Sincerely, Rick Perry and Joe Manchin

The defense of the Perry people to that is that the letter that Perry and Manchin sent to Congress was such unintelligible gibberish that Perry can’t be held accountable for it! I remember that day very well, because at the same time I was calling my US Senators and urging them to NOT vote for the TARP bankster bailout.

Then later that same day Oct. 1, 2008, flip flopper Slick Rick quietly put out this press release in an attempt to cover his butt after he had already written a pro-TARP letter to Congress earlier in the day:

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement:

“In a free market economy, government should not be in the business of using taxpayer dollars to bail out corporate America . Congress needs to take off its partisan gloves and work together to bring both short and long term stability to the credit markets. They need to stop blaming each other and start thinking about solutions that put the taxpayers of this country first.” Rick Perry helped to defeat ultra-conservative Justice Steven Wayne Smith

Rick Perry made robo phone calls against most conservative Supreme Court judge in modern Texas history. Smith was the equivalent of Robert Bork, probably the best judge we had in Texas in 50 years. His crime was beating RINO, Xavier Rodriguez, an appointee of Rick Perry in a primary. Perry got in a funk and vowed to bring down Justice Smith next time and he did. Rodriguez also made some pro-abortion rulings. (2004)

Rick Perry’s pass at conservative activist **********” years ago She turned him down when he shamelessly tried to hustle her at a political function –when he was married.

In 2010 during the Texas governor’s primary race, I was supporting Debra Medina against Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison. When I posted on the Glenn Beck Meet Up group information about Rick Perry’s adultery and his “family values” hypocrisy, I was challenged by Perry’s supporters.

At that point, a well known Christian conservative activist named **********” (*****) (you can find her on Facebook) told about her personal dealings with Rick Perry and his attempt to make a pass at ***** years ago. ********** said:

“YES-S-S he is & has been that way since BEFORE he got into his first office

"Just the facts Ma’am ... Just the facts"

I understand WHY some ladies would not be willing to step forth on this ... but since I dont give a rip ... I will tell U that THIS is absolute TRUTH !! I know this from my own experience with him years ago. Now I'm sure he would never remember "me" ROFL ... but I remember HIM. There are some that know the story from before I got re involved in the political arena. He is the reason that I adopted this quote when I first saw it ROFL

"When people show you who they are, believe them." Maya Angelou (irony intended) Folks ... ya need to look beyond what U HEAR & watch the ACTIONS”


So then I later emailed ********** and asked to detail exactly how Rick Perry behaved with her. Basically, he hit on her pretty heavily at a political event when he was just running for office.

What Christian conservative activist ********** told me about her unfortunate dealings with lusting horndog Ricky Perry:

**********’s email to me, re: Rick Perry, March 12, 2010:

Re: Rick Perry Date:

3/12/2010 1:34:40 P.M. Central Standard Time From:

*****@******.com Reply To:


mailto:Morrow321@ aol.comMorrow321@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Sorry Robert ... have been working the Rodeo ... just found this in my junk box Confused smile emoticon

Why are you wanting this info ?? I'm not sure I understand what the purpose is of wanting the details ?? He made a pass at me years ago when he was 1st running for office ... not a big deal ... except that he was married ... which speaks volumes as to his "LACK of Character" Winking smile emoticon

We The People .... We are AMERICA !


From: Morrow321@aol.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Sent: Saturday, March 06, 2010 8:38 PM To: *****@*****.com ;*****@*****.com Subject: Rick Perry


Would you please tell me what your personal experiences with Rick Perry were? The reports that I receive recently here in Austin from excellent and very credible sources (note: plural) are that "family values" hypocrite Rick Perry has sex with "the young hotties" that his enabling entourage provides him, especially when he is on the road but ALSO when he is in Austin . So what exactly did Gov. Skank Daddy say or do with you? It disgusts me to see this joker use his wife as a campaign prop, while he basks in the endorsements of vocal Baptist preachers and runs around promoting a $5/patron titty bar tax while this mack daddy calls it a "sin tax." I wish I were Anita so I could slap his sorry ass. Again, sorry to be graphic, but did Rick 1) make a pass a you? 2) proposition you? 3) or have sex with you? 4) have sex with a girlfriend of yours? What exactly was it that supports my contention that Rick Perry is an adulterous "family values" hypocrite? Also, when did this incident or incidents occur? Thank-you.


Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

Adulterer Rick Perry’s record:

· Uses Prayer Rallies and religious events for his own personal political gain – 25 year career politician Perry only calls for his presidential prayer rally (6/5/11) AFTER Newt Gingrich’s campaign had imploded in mid May 2011. Perry was not calling for a *prayer* rally in Jan, Feb, Mar, April 2011. It is really sickening to watch this false prophet Perry cynically use Christians and religious events for his personal political ambitions. The Bible says to go pray in a closet; Rick Perry says pray in a stadium and glorify me. Disgusting. (2011)

· Likes to Borrow LOTS of Billions – Perry, just like the Wash DC Republicans, likes to Borrow lots of money and then he pretends paying the debt service is not a huge tax. Perry has greatly increased debt in Texas as he borrows huge amounts of money for toll roads, tuition bonds for college buildings, water projects. Perry even supported Texas borrowing $3 billion for cancer research. Then there is the whopping new $30 billion in toll road debt. Addressing transportation in his 2001 state of the state speech, Perry said, "I would like for both chambers to pass a bonding program to jump-start construction across our state." HUGE MISTAKE! That one sentence has put Texans under billions and billions of toll road debt time bombs. Debt increase has far outstripped the inflation rate in Texas under Perry. So much for him being a “full throated fiscal conservative.” The best way to think of career politician Rick Perry is that he is a concierge doing errands and favors for crony capitalists and corporate monopolists. http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2010/mar/04/bill-white/white-says-texas-debt-has-doubled-under-perry/

· Toll Roads and Trans Texas Corridor – Is it socialism, fascism or communism? Rick keeps trying to ram Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) down Texans’ throats. Massive land grab. Toll roads are gargantuan TAX INCREASES, debt time bombs and an attack on property rights. Rick Perry has instituted a huge tax increase in Texas in the form of toll roads; going from zero debt on roads to $30 billion in toll road debt in 10 years as Perry sells off Texas ’ public infrastructure to private monopolies. They will financially blow up later, just like real estate market did, because of the high leverage. (2003-2011). For more info: email Terri Hall at terri@texasturf.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also, www.texasturf.org, the anti-toll road group. Contact Linda Curtis – of IndyTexans at ljcurtis@indytexans.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; she can tell you how Perry is controlled by monopolistic corporations definitely NOT interested in “free market” enterprise or “competition.” http://www.indytexans.org/ Here is her case for impeaching Perry as governor: http://impeachperry.indytexans.org/tenreasons.php

· Business Margins Tax – backdoor state income tax approved by Perry. (2006)

· Cheats on Anita – has sex with hookers and sluts, while spouting Christian buzzwords. Google “Why Anita Perry Never Smiles,” Google “Rick Perry Adultery.” Perry is a “Moral Relativist.”

· HPV vaccine mandate – Attack on parental rights. Tried to force every 12 year old girl in Texas to take Gardisil shots because his former Chief of Staff Mike Toomey is a lobbyist for Merck. Perry literally tried to mandate this by executive decree as if he were a Hillary Clinton dictator until the Texas legislature crushed it overwhelmingly. (2007)

· FLDS El Dorado raid (2008) – Another massive attack on parental rights and peaceful home schoolers; Religious Oppression. 438 children ripped away from parents and traumatized for months. Out of control Child Protective Services goons raid, approved by Rick Perry, and based on a CRANK phone call from Colorado alleging child abuse; breaks up dozens of families. Of ALL the outrageous things Perry has done, this may be the WORST as he criminally traumatized and endangered dozens of peaceful families. http://www.johntfloyd.com/blog/2009/07/25/the-unrelenting-march-against-flds/ (2008)

· Was Democrat Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager 1988! Then Karl Rove recruited opportunistic Perry to switch parties so Perry could win Agricultural Commissioner as a Republican in 1990. Rick Perry is a Trojan Horse for statism cloaked in Tea Party rhetoric and Christian Bible talk buzzwords. (1988)

· Played politics with the death penalty case of Cameron Todd Willingham – Perry refused to give him a stay. Willingham had been convicted of murdering his family via an arson determination that was based on junk science. Even worse, Perry later removed 3 members of board of the Texas Forensic Science Commission that was investigating the case and put political pressure on the head of the panel.(2009) http://www.innocenceproject.org/Content/Cameron_Todd_Willingham_Wrongfully_Convicted_and_Executed_in_Texas.php

· Defeated Justice Steven Wayne Smith – makes robo phone calls against most conservative Supreme Court judge in modern Texas history. Smith was the equivalent of Robert Bork, probably the best judge we had in Texas in 50 years. His crime was beating RINO, Xavier Rodriguez, an appointee of Rick Perry in a primary. Perry got in a funk and vowed to bring down Justice Smith next time and he did. Rodriguez also made some pro-abortion rulings. (2004)

· Was FOR the 2008 TARP bailout – wrote a letter on 10/1/08 with Joe Manchin supporting it!: http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2010/01/was-rick-perry-for-the-bailout.html At 9:07 PM later that day the US Senate voted for the TARP bailout. Then 2 months later Slick Rick writes an WSJ op-ed on 12/2/08 with Mark Sanford opposing bailouts!! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122818170073571049.html

· Helped to kill anti-TSA groping bill – Classic case of this fraud Rick Perry – claims to be for states’ rights – in reality wants to run Big Government. The three amigos Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Speaker Strauss worked in unison to kill the anti-TSA groping bill that had overwhelming public support. Perry submitted 200 other bills ahead of the anti-groping or radiate bill, thus ensuring the bill would die at the end of the special session of the Legislature. (2011) http://lonestarwatchdog.blogspot.com/2011/07/special-thank-to-campaign-for-liberty.html

· Supports No Child Left Behind Act and Dept. of Education Hey, is the federal government running your local school in the Constitution? Fine with 10th Amendment fraud Rick Perry who issued a press release touting NCL. (“Perry’s Education Plan Gains Federal Approval” ) http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release/4392/

· Instituted state CHIP program for Texas!, a widely abused program and one more step to socialized medicine, more taxes and rationed healthcare. (Hey, is CHIP in the 10th Amendment?)

· Supports Sobriety Check Points! Unconstitutional trashing of YOUR 4th Amendment rights where everyone is pulled over with no probable cause and no reasonable suspicion. (Perry supported SB 298 bill) 2009

· Supports the Patriot Act – By now folks you should have figured out the Patriot Act is the criminal government nuking your 4th Amendment rights. Fine with Rick.

· Rick Perry is a Neocon – The neocons, with their endless undeclared and bankrupting wars and hawkish policy are the most discredited group in American politics. The first foreign policy advisors Rick Perry turned to were Bilderberger neocons Donald Rumsfeld, Doug Feith and William Luti. http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2011/07/rumsfeld-involved-in-rick-perr.html

· Vetoes Texas Eminent Domain Bill – taking your land for his toll road schemes more important than signing property rights protection overwhelmingly passed by Legislature. (2007)

· Signs Hate Crimes bill -- Attack on free speech and creates thought crimes, includes sexual orientation as a class! (2001)

· Governor for NINE years, then reads about the 10th Amendment a few years ago. Trying to piggy back on Ron Paul and the Tea Party movement. Completely insincere because for 9 years Perry never said an ill word about federal encroachments, No Child Left Behind, etc. (2009)

· Endorses liberal cross dresser and gun grabber Rudy Guiliani for President (2008) – tells Mike Huckabee I love you like a brother, but you can’t win so I am going with gun grabber Rudy Julie Annie, he’s a sure thing! The Bilderbergers said I can be VP if I grovel enough and am for toll roads, globalism, open borders, big government, big pharma and, of course, the Federal Reserve. Also, told Mike Huckabee to quit the presidential race just as Huckabee was getting hot in the primaries.

· Globalist bootlicker – Bilderberger toady (2007). For United Nations, NAFTA, CAFTA, Trans Texas Corridor.

· Token opposition to illegal immigration – probably because the illegals will be building all his toll roads!

· Does not stand up for elected State Board of Education every time it gets castrated by the liberals in the legislature Throws crumbs to conservatives on SBOE, but when they really need him, hides under desk, sticks fingers in ears. Did not veto SBOE redistricting map which was designed to castrate conservatives. (2011). Contact textbooks legend Donna Garner on this: donnaggarner@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

· Texas Enterprise Fund – basically, Rick Perry’s slush fund for politically connected insiders, another WASTE of your tax dollars. Gave $25 Million to Country Wide Financial which went bankrupt. Many company executives who get access to this slush fund are – you guessed it – Perry contributors. Rick Perry has a massive cronyism problem. http://governor.state.tx.us/news/speech/10202/

· Slick Rick and his 24 billionaire contributors – Rick Perry was born poor with no silver spoon in his mouth. But instead of making his own money, Slick Rick has the Texas taxpayer, 24 billionaire contributors, corporate monopolists, Merck, toll road operater CINTRA custom make and custom fit a silver spoon for his mouth. http://blogs.forbes.com/clareoconnor/2011/07/20/rick-perry-for-president-meet-24-billionaires-whove-backed-him/

· Made really crummy grades in college – Made Cs and Ds with a D in economics while at Texas A & M. How can someone get a C in gym? He was either lazy, dumb or not trying. What career politician Perry gets an “A” in is sucking up to rich donors and doing favors for crony capitalists.

· Corrupt real estate deals; crummy student becomes *genius* investor – Perry who made Cs and Ds at Texas A&M somehow transformed himself into a genius real estate investor, having the magical ability to “buy low” and “sell high” almost every time. Rick Perry was born poor. Like Blanche DuBois, this selfless, penny pinching, public servant has always had to “depend on the kindness of strangers” or his crony capitalist friends. Rick Perry was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Rather, Perry has had to have lobbyists, rich donors and the Texas taxpayer custom design and custom fit a silver spoon for his mouth ($10,000/ month home, fancy trips, $70,000 one to Israel, name 20 other examples). 1) http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/state-politics/20100725-murky-land-deals-mark-gov.-rick-perry_s-past.ece 2) http://blog.chron.com/txpotomac/2011/08/perry-watch-well-timed-land-deals-built-rick-perrys-financial-portfolio/

· Secession flip flopper – Bilderberger Rick Perry, April 2009: "We've got a great union. There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that? But Texas is a very unique place, and we're a pretty independent lot to boot."

· Supports $5 titty bar tax on every patron of a strip club – Wife Anita pushes this. “Wife” Anita on salary for $65,000/year at the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and titty bar tax is their #1 legislative agenda item. TAASA receives state money already and wants to get grubby hands on titty bar tax expected to generate millions. Titty bar tax ruled unconstitutional by lower courts. (2010) Adulterer Rick has sex with strippers/prostitutes on the side and does not pay $5 titty bar tax.

· Supported whopping $3 Billion Cancer BONDS, the Lance Armstrong cancer tax – more taxing, borrowing and spending. (2007). Perry is for Texas borrowing money to go into the cancer research business.

· Close ties to extremist preachers – Rick Perry does not have a “pastor” problem. Rather Perry has close associations with a whole gymnasium full of extremist preachers who believe and advocate things that would turn off the vast majority of Americans. Google “Rick Perry’s Army of God” http://www.texasobserver.org/cover-story/rick-perrys-army-of-god One observer even labeled some of them “cult members: http://www.newswithviews.com/West/marsha216.htm

· Tried to intimidate FEMALE state trooper who pulls him over for speeding while he was lieutenant governor, telling her “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road?” as she was writing him a ticket. Perry was using his position of power to try to get out of a speeding ticket. (1999)

· Tells a Houston tv reporter Ted Oberg “Adios, mofo.” (2005)

· Wants to use Texas Teacher and State Employee Retirement Money on risky TOLL ROADS! http://www.texasmonthly.com/blogs/burkablog/?p=4969ing

· 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would be a Really, Really Bad president: - http://www.infowars.com/14-reasons-why-rick-perry-would-be-a-really-really-bad-president/

· News With Views on RINO Rick Perry – Kelleigh Nelson’s July 13, 2011 column: http://www.newswithviews.com/Nelson/kelleigh127.htm

· My blog on Rick Perry - http://rickperryfraudhypocrite.blogspot.com/2011/07/avoid-tea-party-fraud-slick-rick-perry.html

· The Burnt Orange Report exposes Rick Perry - http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/10951/rick-perrys-coverup-and-corruption-a-ten-part-series

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#1. To: Coral Snake (#0)

Say Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination and Perry does. It is Nov 2012. Are you going to vote For Perry or Obama or who?

A K A Stone  posted on  2011-08-17   16:13:52 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: A K A Stone (#1)

Stay home and begin full scale recruiting for the Corps of Discovery. Both of them will bankrupt the country and require something like the Corps of Discovery's 9 point program to restore it.

Photobucket The FARO RESERVE BANK!!! Photobucket

Coral Snake  posted on  2011-08-18   0:57:23 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Coral Snake (#2)

So you wont vote against the worse president in American history. Interesting.

Does Perry have deficits in Texas?

A K A Stone  posted on  2011-08-18   7:10:34 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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