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BLACKMAIL PHOTOS” Uncovered – Hunter with Russians in Hollywood

Nancy Pelosi: Congress Will Have to ‘Reverse the Damage’ of a ‘Usurped’ Supreme Court Seat

He's Back... Spillway fishing for Anything (New PB)

Democrat Hit list for Trump Voters?

Was Hunter Biden Screwing Malia Obama and doing cocaine with her?

Watch "The American Republic vs the CCP—Documentary exposing China’s game plan for 2020 US election" on YouTube

if we don’T voTe ouT socialism - deep sTaTe infilTraTion - agendas by The lefT To desTroy This country... Then you can say goodbye To anyThing ThaT resembles The counTry --- people died for.

Origin of Much of 90s Music. Glam has a source.

Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

A warning leTTer ... keep America greaT --- from The niece of Osama bin Laden

WATCH: Pam Bondi argues Biden corruption concerns are legitimate | Trump impeachment trial

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

Deckard Endorses Donald J. Trump for Re-election as President of The United Statese

You belong ... in The zoo --- a prison cage will do.

A Vaccine That Makes You Less Religious? A leaked Video from the Pentagon

“They’ve killed God; I can’t feel God; My soul is dead.”

Michelle Obama: 'Vote for Joe Biden like your lives depend on it'

FNC’s Wallace: Kamala Harris Proved She Could Be a ‘Heartbeat Away from the Presidency’

BORN TO BE FREE of the Covid Scam | Van Morrison

CatFish Catch Clean & Cook with Sweet Potatoe Fries (Camping Meal)

Her Name Is Lynn Marie Maher - (WhiTe Privilege in AcTion) While Working aT 7-Eleven aT 1 A.M ... WhiTe MoTher of Four --- Murdered by Black Male

Is Chris Wallace a White Supremacist?

Judge Andrew NapoliTano - never Trumper ... ‘forced’ man inTo ‘BDSM games’ --- lawsuiT alleges

Second man makes sex assaulT claim ... againsT Fox News analystT - never Trumper --- former N.J. judge Andrew NapoliTano

'Jet suit paramedic' test flight in Lake District (UK)

Joe Biden spotted wearing a wire during presidential debate

Staffer Says 'Good Luck' Through Earpiece And Biden Repeats It Out Loud At The Start Of The Debate

Does Adderall usage cause extreme pupil dilation?

Former New Mexico Democrat(ic) Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raking in hundreds of thousands in bribes and kickbacks to fund debauched lifestyle including 'sexual services and favors'

Nagorno-Karabakh: Heavy Clashes Between Armenian & Azerbaijani Forces As Both Declare State Of War

Exclusive: We Have Acquired A Copy Of Joe Biden's Debate Prep Notes

BOMBSHELL - Federal inTelligence officials cloned phones To surveil - map enTire sTrucTure of AnTifa / BLM TerrorisT operaTiions ... in preparaTion --- for mass arresTs

The Prelude To World War II - The Spanish Civil War ... Today's --- America

The Prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and Today's America

Did Jerry Nadler Poop His Pants?

Ilhan Omar connected Ballot Harvester in cash-for-ballots scheme: "Car is full" of absentee ballots

Subway Calls Cops Over No Mask Customer

Biden campaign confirms newly surfaced viral video of Joe Biden calling US troops 'stupid bastards,' says remarks were made in jest

John Legend Threatens To ‘Leave Country’ If Trump Reelected – After Buying $17.5 Million LA Mansion This Month

Low Biden attendance explained

Trump Haters Gaslighting Trump Supporters

Ron Paul Hospitalized After Medical Episode on Livestream

BREAKING: Burisma Investigation to be Released within 24 Hours — FINDS BIDEN FAMILY GUILTY OF LIKELY CRIMINAL ACTIONS (VIDEO)

zoTzoTzoTzoTzoTzoT ... zoTzoTzoTzoTzoTzoT --- zoTzoTzoTzoTzoTzoT

The Morning Briefing: Let's Give the Lefty Soy Boy Rioters the War in the Streets They Think They Want

Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

Ohio woman arrested, tased for not wearing mask at middle school football game

May RuTh Bader Ginsburg’s memory be ‘for a blessing’ ... WhaT ( Jewish - marxisT ) exacTly --- does ThaT mean?

We are Trying To esTablish ... a cradle-To-grave socieTy --- This will noT do!!!!

Senate Report Says Joe Biden Allowed Family to Enrich Themselves Abroad While He Was VP

Latest Articles: The Establishments war on Donald Trump

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Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner
Post Date: 2016-12-05 19:44:28 by calcon
In August, I went on six dates in one week. I had decided that I was ready to look for a partner. Enough of this dating unavailable men a half-decade younger than me. They’d never seriously consider a relationship with me, my two children and our needy dog. No. I wanted to find an equal. A man who wouldn’t feel the need to step in and rescue me. I didn’t need rescuing. But I knew deep down that was only partially true. I often felt the sort of loneliness that settled in my stomach, starting from a chaotic afternoon with my children, lasting well into the night when I pulled covers tight around my chin. I’ve been on my own with my kids for most of the past decade. I ...

Laughing At Liberals As They Lose Their Minds
Post Date: 2016-12-05 14:37:23 by calcon
I reached peak Twitter this week when I was sucked into a tweet battle with a liberal dwarf. True story. Donald Trump’s victory had the militant munchkin fuming. I have to admit that I was a little short with her myself. But I should be smiling – we conservatives should all be smiling – because everything is going our way. For heaven’s sake, our next Secretary of Defense is going to be nicknamed “Mad Dog.” We just spent eight years being ruled by people who would prefer it be someone nicknamed “Hugs N’ Stuff.” The liberals are truly going nuts, and it’s beautiful. They recently resurrected Nancy Pelosi for another glorious term winnowing ...

Clinton allies plot anti-Trump movement
Post Date: 2016-12-04 20:53:27 by calcon
After most campaigns the combatants share cocktails and swap war stories — but the bitter 2016 battle for the White House is turning into a forever war with Hillary Clinton’s tormented team vowing a four-year insurgency against Donald Trump. There are no consolation prizes from a loss as humbling and catastrophic as the heavily-favored Clinton suffered on Nov. 8. But for her aides, there is a measure of liberation, freedom from the constraints of having to defend their flawed, awkward front-runner and adopt the hell-to-pay role of insurgents. Since her defeat, Clinton has been wandering, with a tranquility that eluded her as a politician, in and out of strangers’ Instagram ...

Linda Tripp – Jill-Hill Recount: A Frivolous Farce
Post Date: 2016-12-04 14:34:24 by calcon
What is it with these women? Thanks to the Hillary and Jill Show, we keep hearing about recount efforts and the popular vote. This is a national rabbit hole no one actually needed to explore. The map was saturated in red right down to countless counties across the entire heart of the heartland and beyond. It was a sight to see. With the exception of those reliable bastions of liberalism on the two coasts, the sea of deep red represented Hillary’s total and embarrassing shellacking. In fact, absent these out of touch but highly populated areas of the country, it was a complete and total landslide. Jill Stein barely registered on the Richter scale. That is what history will reflect and ...

Alcohol Sold Illegally at Texas Convention of Liquor Cops
Post Date: 2016-12-03 21:36:27 by Hondo68
Originally published at LawFlog.com by Ty ClevengerOh, the irony. The executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission allowed illegal alcohol sales at a regional conference of state liquor cops in Austin, according to a retired TABC supervisor, and that could lead to criminal charges against the director and one of her cronies. The agency also paid its deputy executive director more than $12,000 per month to attend a police academy full-time at government expense, even though his job does not involve any law enforcement duties (more on that below). Darryl Darnell, a retired TABC supervisor who now works as a deputy constable, filed a complaint on November 7, 2016 against ...

Breaking: Green Party withdraws PA recount demand
Post Date: 2016-12-03 19:13:38 by calcon
Looks like Jill Stein has run out of cash. CBS’ Pittsburgh affiliate reports that the Green Party can’t raise the $1 million bond for the Pennsylvania recount, and has withdrawn their demand. And with that, the election is well and truly over: The Green Party is dropping its court case seeking a recount of Pennsylvania’s Nov. 8 presidential election. It had wanted to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated. The Green Party’s filing came Saturday, saying it couldn’t afford the $1 million bond the court had set. A Commonwealth Court hearing had been scheduled in the case for Monday, and the $1 million bond was ...

Sarah Palin: Trump's Carrier deal is 'crony capitalism'
Post Date: 2016-12-02 21:04:09 by Willie Green
Another conservative is calling “crony capitalism” on Donald Trump’s deal with Carrier, albeit an unexpected one — Sarah Palin. In an op-ed for the website Young Conservatives, the former Alaska governor allowed that the details behind the manufacturer’s decision to keep some 1,000 jobs in Indiana at the president-elect’s behest, rather than move them to Mexico, are not yet clear. But touting the value of free markets, Palin signaled her disapproval if it was a case of “political intrusion using a stick or carrot to bribe or force one individual business to do what politicians insist.” “When government steps in arbitrarily with individual ...

The Best From ‘Mad Dog Mattis’
Post Date: 2016-12-01 19:14:24 by calcon
Gen. James Mattis, known to his troops as “Mad Dog Mattis,” is retiring after 41 years of military service. The Marine Corps Times is calling Mattis the “most revered Marine in a generation.” Mattis has been commander of the United States Central Command since 2010 and led the 1st Marine Division into Iraq in 2003. According to reports, President Barack Obama decided to force the Marine Corps legend out early because he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way, and forced them to answer tough questions regarding Iran. Mattis was an inspirational leader of men and his powerful words will go down in history. Here are some of the best words that the “Mad Dog” ...

Trump staffer found guilty of 10 counts of election fraud
Post Date: 2016-12-01 11:40:07 by Willie Green
Brandon Hall faces five years in prison for the crime A man who worked on Donald Trump’s campaign in Michigan has been found guilty on 10 counts of election fraud.  Brandon Hall, a political activist, forged signatures on petition forms in 2012 and now faces up to five years in prison.  The 27-year-old from Grand Haven, along with his friend Zachary Savage, forged signatures in support of judicial candidate Chris Houtaling. Mr Savage received immunity from charges by the Attorney General’s Office in exchange for his testimony in this case, according to Grand Haven Tribune.   The High Court overturned the Michigan Court of Appeals and Hall was charged with felony, ...

Carrier Employee To Trump And Pence: Thank You For Sticking To Your Word And Going To Bat For Us
Post Date: 2016-11-30 19:29:05 by calcon
Donald Trump is already having a positive effect on American jogs. Last night it was announced that he was already in talks with Carrier to keep as many as 1,000 jobs at the company from leaving the U.S. for Mexico. This morning an employee from Carrier was on FOX and thanked Trump and Pence. The Daily Caller has the details: Robin Maynard, a 24-year Carrier employee, issued a heartfelt thank you to Donald Trump and Mike Pence during a Wednesday morning interview on Fox News. “I would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your time away from your family, working on the Carrier and employees’ deal,” Maynard stated. “Sticking to your word and ...

Milwaukee’s Biggest Paper BLASTS Jill Stein And Hillary Clinton Over Recount in Scathing Editorial
Post Date: 2016-11-30 19:20:33 by calcon
Jill Stein’s recount efforts are more political theater and fundraising than anything else. She and her allies are just trying to diminish the legitimacy of Trump’s win. Of course, Stein keeps saying it’s about the voters and the integrity of our elections. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel isn’t buying it: Editorial: Jill Stein’s Wisconsin vanity project Jill Stein may actually believe that demanding a recount of presidential tallies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will ensure that “democracy” is served. More likely, she believes the Green Party will be served by her audacious PR stunt. Either way, the Stein recounts are a colossal waste of ...

Trump denounces flag burning
Post Date: 2016-11-29 11:36:29 by misterwhite
Although the Supreme Court has declared flag burning to be a constitutionally protected form of free speech, Donald Trump said Tuesday he still wants to make the practice illegal. "Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag," the president-elect tweeted Tuesday. "If they do, there must be consequences — perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!" It's not known what inspired Trump's condemnation of flag burning, or whether he will call on Congress to attempt a new law banning it. While the Supreme Court has upheld flag burning, Trump will have at least one appointment to that body and has a chance to alter the court's ideological direction. ...

Clinton Plan to Join Recount Draws ’Sore Loser’ Jibe from Trump
Post Date: 2016-11-26 14:30:55 by cranky
Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer announced plans to participate in vote recounts of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan if they take place, yet doesn’t expect to overturn the election of Donald Trump as president. If Green Party candidate Jill Stein initiates recounts in all of those states as she intends, the Clinton campaign “will participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” lawyer Marc Elias said Saturday in a post on the blogging website Medium.com. The announcement prompted a sharp response from Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, now a senior adviser to the president-elect. “What a pack of sore ...

Mainstream Media LYING About Trump Not Pursuing Charges Against Clinton–Here’s What He Said
Post Date: 2016-11-26 11:29:04 by packrat1145
The mainstream media is reporting that a Trump aide, as well as Kellyanne Conway, have declared that our next President won’t be seeking charges against Hillary Clinton for her criminal use of a private email server or her role in covering up her failure in Benghazi. What they aren’t telling you is what Donald Trump actually said. They have once again taken a statement completely out of context and made it sound like Donald Trump made some blanket declaration that clearly oversteps his would-be presidential authority to begin with. The full statement from the aide, which you can find only in small print in foreign publications like the Mirror, says: “No, President-elect ...

Post Date: 2016-11-24 22:15:37 by packrat1145
1. No matter how friendly they may seem, the vast majority of media personnel are still members of the Destroy Trump Movement; therefore, they are going to take every opportunity to twist whatever he and his team says or does to make them look bad in the eyes of his supporters; AND, to give their own followers an excuse to bad mouth both him and us. Don't be an accessory to their efforts by dissing him yourselves! 2. Trump is not going to elaborate fully on certain things until he can do so from a clear position of strength; which, he will not be able to do until he's actually sworn in on January 20, 2017. One of those things is publicizing exactly what he plans relative to going ...

32 Times Establishment Media and Pollsters Assured the People of Donald Trump’s Defeat
Post Date: 2016-11-24 09:37:31 by cranky
From the time Donald Trump announced his White House bid, there has been no shortage of establishment media outlets predicting his defeat. Indeed, as the weeks and months marked Trump’s ever-apparent political preeminence, the pundits, pollsters, and prognosticators doubted and declared his collapse inevitable.Even as Trump, a real estate mogul-turned-reality TV star, clinched the Republican presidential nomination, the affirmations of his failure kept coming. The very establishment media and pollsters who benefitted from Trump’s celebrity before branding him leader of a deplorable political base will stand against his governance. In fact, now that Trump — who received a ...

The Long Election, Stage Two: Left Fights To Recapture Narrative—With Help From NATIONAL REVIEW
Post Date: 2016-11-21 15:32:26 by nativist nationalist
Well, that didn’t last long. For a few hours, the Main Stream Media seemed like it would reflect on the results of the presidential election and embark on some serious self-examination about why it missed the rise of Donald Trump, the issues that animated his candidacy, and the vast swathe of Middle American voters who propelled him to a victory predicted by almost no one outside the Alternative Right. [Media Looks Inward After Donald Trump Surprise, by Steven Perlberg, Wall Street Journal, November 9, 2016]. The same people who had endlessly snarked about Trump’s supporters were shocked to discover the likes of Mike Cernovich, Bill Mitchell, Charles C. Johnson, Pax Dickinson, and ...

The Cracked Crystal Ball of Liberal Celebrities
Post Date: 2016-11-18 17:33:09 by calcon
Before the shock of President Donald Trump wears off, let's remember to tip our hats to Tinseltown. What would we do without it? The self-absorbed Beautiful People of the town called on America to become as enlightened as they by supporting Hillary Clinton. They proudly donned their "I'm With Her" buttons. Now, like their candidate, they are in a state of shock. America's response on Nov. 8 was go pound sand. Oh, how the arrogant elites joked -- especially about the Republican convention -- that Trump had such a short list of lightweights in Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr. and that Bible-thumping Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin. Clinton could tout George Clooney, ...

60 Shameful Minutes
Post Date: 2016-11-17 16:05:16 by misterwhite
Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes scored the first post-election interview with the President-Elect, Donald Trump. I tuned in as did millions of other Americans to share Trump’s historical victory. I didn’t know what to expect but started the evening with a sense of excitement to share Trump’s accomplishment. But my enthusiasm was soon dampened. From the opening, Ms. Stahl was cool towards Trump and by the end of the interview she’d progressed to rude, petulant, and disrespectful. Throughout the interview she had an air of superiority, the snobby rich wife enduring a conversation with a commoner. Leslie opened the interview asking Trump about his “feelings” when he ...

Professor predicted Trump win, says he will be impeached
Post Date: 2016-11-16 08:14:27 by Willie Green
(CNN)-- The man dubbed "Prediction Professor" for accurately calling every presidential election since 1984, including the 2016 election, now forecasts the impeachment of President-elect Donald Trump. "There's a very good chance that Donald Trump could face impeachment," Allan Lichtman told Erin Burnett on "Erin Burnett OutFront." Lichtman, a political historian who teaches at the American University in Washington, says he uses his own system of 13 true of false statements to judge whether the incumbent party will retain the White House. However, when it came to his bold prediction of a Trump impeachment, he told Burnett it's based on his instinct. ...

Anti-Trump Demonstrators Attack Unaccompanied Woman, Shatter Her Windshield
Post Date: 2016-11-15 15:33:50 by calcon
A demonstrator holds up cartridges during a protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in Portland, Oregon, U.S. November 12, 2016. REUTERS/William Gagan A demonstrator holds up cartridges during a protest against the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States in Portland, Oregon, U.S. November 12, 2016. REUTERS/William Gagan Anti-Trump protesters in Portland, Ore. attacked a vehicle driven by a young woman who claimed she was attempting to pass on a road blocked by demonstrators due to a personal emergency. Local press covering the protest filmed the confrontation. Protesters claim the altercation began when a ...

My fellow Americans, it is time to gloat.
Post Date: 2016-11-15 15:18:20 by calcon
Donald J. Trump is now President-elect of the United States of America, and Hillary Rodham Clinton is not. Under normal circumstances, a measure of magnanimity would be desired towards the defeated and excessive gloating would be unseemly, but we are not living in normal circumstances. Therefore, my fellow Americans, it is time to gloat. Hillary Clinton was easily the most corrupt, personally repulsive, and genuinely dangerous candidate to win the nomination of a major American Political Party in living memory. She was a woman who dedicated her entire life to one thing and one thing only: the naked pursuit of power for its own sake. She was willing to pursue this goal by whatever means ...

Cabinet of Deplorables
Post Date: 2016-11-14 19:05:41 by Willie Green
The shortlist to staff Trump's administration promises to take his authoritarian campaign into the White House. Imagining a Donald Trump presidency pushes the bounds of creative thought, even as it becomes more concrete during these months of transition. Given Trump's epic disinterest in the minutiae of actual governing – the threat of his authoritarianism is all vindictiveness, no on-time trains – it becomes more important than ever to track the way he staffs the 4,000 positions under his control. And early signs indicate it will be rife with deplorables. On Sunday, we learned that Trump has chosen Steve Bannon as chief strategist and senior adviser. Bannon, who ...

Donald Trump Replaces Chris Christie With Mike Pence as Head of Transition Team
Post Date: 2016-11-11 20:23:58 by Hondo68
Darron Cummings/AP Photo President-elect Donald Trump has asked his running mate, Mike Pence, to take over the transition team efforts from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, ABC News has confirmed. The announcement, which was initially reported by The New York Times, comes amid speculation over whether members of Trump's inner circle will tapped for cabinet positions. Mike Pence Said to Play 'Large Role' in White House TransitionJared Kushner's Prominent Role in Father-in-Law Donald Trump's Transition "I am proud to have run the pre-election phase of the transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people," Christie said in a ...

Should You Let Bygones Be Bygones?
Post Date: 2016-11-11 10:22:34 by nativist nationalist
Before you decide let me give you my perspective -- and decision. There are plenty of people out of the 59 million or so who voted for Hillary that didn't understand a thing about what she really stood for, or her record. This is properly chargeable against them, as it is utterly necessary before exercising the franchise to perform some sort of diligence, but there is a large difference between negligence and intent. But willful blindness or an intentional act is not negligence. That is especially true when we're talking about corporate actors, who do much more than cast a ballot or cry on social media -- they put the weight of their firms behind their proclamations, whether ...

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