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Columbus Antifa terrorists

These terrorists need bullets in the head! Period!

Without Consulting Trump White House — Defense Secretary Esper Orders National Guard NOT to Carry Guns or Ammunition in Washington DC

Hypocrite Governor Gretchen Whitmer Keeps Business in Lockdown — Encourages Leftists to Protest in the Streets, Joins Them!

The Great Reset: A Unique Twin Summit to Begin 2021

Fedex Truck Driver Being Harrassed Then Ends Up Dragging Protester (hopefully the rioter is DEAD!)

Antifa Burning A Homeless Man’s Possessions. This Is The Left

Video: BLM Protect Muslims So They Can Pray Safely During The Riots

Police and the Protestors (Local story)

The Shallow Deep-State Goes Deeper as It Moves Toward Martial Law

A Monument to Authoritarianism (Lincoln Memorial)

Los Angeles community members protecting business from looters handcuffed and detained

Politically Correct Playing Cards

Uber Eats Start Free Delivery From Black-Owned Restaurants

White People (Antifa) Handing Out Bricks to Black Youth (Pawns)

Buffalo Police Seriously Injure 75-Year-Old Man During Protest

The Carrie Nations: "Find It" (Obscure '60s Psych Rock from "Valley of The Dolls")

Take Your Favorite Kids To a Playground This Weekend

Bullitt Mustang Auction

Free Convertible Teslas (Tesla Model 3 crashes into overturned truck on highway)

Armed Patriots patrol Coeur d’Alene

How to fight back against antifa rioters without using violence

CNN: White Children ‘Don’t Deserve Innocence’

Joel Osteen Joins Paula White, Tony Evans And Other High-Level Laodicean Church Hirelings To March In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

David Dees, CT artist, 1957-2020


Leftist rioters coming for you

11 "Modern Antiques" Kids Today Have Never Seen

Tucker Carlson: This Is How Nations Collapse (a long but worthy read)

The Truth About Police Violence and Race

NBA announcer Grant Napear fired over ‘All Lives Matter’ comment


'He Did Not Pray': Fallout Grows From Trump's Photo-Op At St. John's Church

The Bible according to Pelosi

Israeli scientists dig up cannabis traces in ancient temple

The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

George Floyd Endgame: Martial Law and a Police State

(Martial Law) “Light Em Up!” Minneapolis PD and National Guard Do A Street Sweep During Curfew

Salt Lake City cops shove down an elderly man with a cane for moving too slowly

They call him Martin Looter Kang (Looters loot from other looters to get more loot)

White People, Portland Cops Take a Knee to Ask Forgiveness For “Racism”

The Virtue of the Fear Mask

Trump deploys US military to restore order in Washington, DC & says he'll do the same EVERYWHERE if local govts fail

Is It One Gigantic Psy-Op? George Floyd’s Coroner Was Also Jeffrey Epstein’s

It Don’t Make Any Damn Sense (Must Watch)

Minneapolis Rioters Attack Tanker Truck, Rip Driver Out and Beat Him, Driver arrested

New York woman attacked outside business in disturbing video as looting, rioting grip Rochester, report says

Minneapolis Police will fine, cite looters

The Pandemic Is the Right Time to Defund the Police

Teen rushed to hospital with hammer stuck in head after random attack


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Buh-bye yukon [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-12-02 19:22:46 by Deckard
#29. To: All (#28) In spite of back to back probations for attacking others, calling them names, and spewing filth... you've done it again - all over this thread - that is IMPORTANT to me. I'm so TIRED of you, I could just PUKE. So YUKON, you are Puked-on permanently. I just can't take it any more. So sorry, so sorry...but you brought this on yourself. good bye gave a good life. your account is now closed on LP. Goldi-Lox  posted on  2012-12-02   19:19:38 ET

I've spotted you yet AGAIN - I'm extending your probation for a month - FINAL FINAL FINAL WARNING
Post Date: 2012-11-25 18:11:42 by Hondo68
#27. To: yukon (#7) I've spotted you yet AGAIN starting to badmouth folks on a thread that had no bad remarks to you. I'm extending your probation for a month from today. If I have to do this again, I'm going to make it permanent. YOU HAVE GOT TO LEARN TO BE CIVIL.ALL THE TIME. IF YOU CAN'T BE, YOU WILL EITHER BE ON PROBATION PERMANENTLY, OR YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM LP PERMANENTLY. I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE THIS CONSTANT FILTH BEING SPREWED OUT OF YOU - AND BEING SPEWED BACK FROM YOUR ATTACK-EES. I have been more than patient and lenient with you, and you have taken, and are taking advantage...to the detriment of LP. THIS IS YOUR FINAL FINAL FINAL WARNING. Goldi-Lox ...

deleted / GL; Slurs against a Christian religion is not acceptable on LP
Post Date: 2012-11-04 17:57:50 by Hondo68
#4. To: Maxwell Edison, *Hola alaykum* (#0) deleted / GL Slurs against a Christian religion is not acceptable on LP. hondo68TTOR posted The deleted post Islamic And Mormonism Similarities"Modern Mohammedanism has its Mecca at Salt Lake... Clearly the Koran was Joseph Smith's model, so closely followed as to exclude even the poor pretension of originality in his foul 'revelations.' " (The Women of Mormonism, Frances E. Willard, 1882, Introduction, p. xvi) "The student of Mormonism will be struck with the similarity of experience and claims of Joseph Smith and Mohammed." (The Rocky Mountain Saints, T. B. H. Stenhouse 1873, p 2) "even though we, or an ...

[yukon] festering and roiling...and enough is enough [1 month probation, posting restricted] [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-10-29 00:36:16 by Hondo68
#44. To: out damned spot (#35) You disappoint me. yukon posted #49. To: Refinersfire, Yukon, Grand Island, ALL (#22) Please stop the fighting and name calling. Let's focus on HEALING America....not further dissention. We can all agree to disagree, but to support Romney in the election. Goldi-Lox posted #51. To: yukon (#41) For ONCE, try to be the bigger man...and be nice. Otherwise, I'll have to cut your comments in half. Namecalling for past offenses is a CHEAP SHOT. and frankly, I'm getting a little weary of the "offended" responses. So...as JR would say...KNOCK IT OFF! Goldi-Lox posted #59. To: yukon (#53) I removed all of your posts where you ...

Liberty Po$t - For America - Endor$e$ Mitt Romney for Pre$ident - 2012 (Bucky impersonator banned)
Post Date: 2012-10-28 21:43:57 by Hondo68
In just over a week, final votes will be cast that will determine the fate of our nation. Make no mistake: the direction and future of our nation and our posterity is at extreme risk. We must make the correct choice, and convince others who are confused and undecided to make that correct choice with us. The past four years have given us increased hostility between racial groups, increased envy of those who have achieved the american Dream, and the beginnings of a financial class system that is against everything this nation was founded to prevent. EVERY American is an individual, who can choose his/her own destiny and work to achieve it. But systems and regulations are being put into ...

How I Got Banned from LibertyPost
Post Date: 2012-10-21 18:09:44 by Abcdefg
"ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS", George Orwell, Animal Farm As anyone who has spent any time visiting LibertyPost knows, there are some posters who can get away with anything. I have seen many posters disappear from the site, saw the "canary posse" gloating and lying about the banning and wondered why they had been banned. The person's posts had been purged and they were not allowed to tell their side. It finally happened to me. Stone indicated he wouldn't object to me posting about my banning and documenting that the LP admin lied about why. I received a joke via e-mail and thought it would get some laughs in the Biker Bar at LP. The ...

Self Described Genius and Sole Moderator (Goldi) Misspells Plagiarism
Post Date: 2012-10-21 04:28:46 by NewsJunky
#14. To: cranky (#8) That is plagerism ...and illegal. Don't do it. Goldi-Lox posted on 2012-10-21 2:40:15 ET Reply Trace

A great Grand Island / Yukon post- Grand Island: "The site needs about 15 more Yukon's!"
Post Date: 2012-10-02 11:57:29 by whyofcourse
Grand Island: "The site needs about 15 more Yukon's!" libertypost.org/cgi-bin/r...gi?ArtNum=326384&Disp=All

After almost 12 years of posting on LP I think I finally got myself banned. Oh well, it had to be said. [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-09-12 08:43:46 by Fibr Dog
#8. To: Goldi-Lox (#3) and will do NOTHING to help them That would be the only smart thing he's done his entire administration. If you want to help them so damned bad then get of your fat, America-hating ass and head on over there. Israel must stop waiting, and ACT. They are a sovereign country. No one is stopping them. What you, Net-and-yahoo, and the rest of your America-hating buddies want is for the US to spend its money and American lives and do it for you while you sit around eating Bon-bons. Israel and you Israeli-firsters are like American welfare recipients. You think everyone owes you something. We don't owe you or Israel squat. Israel is just one of many Middle ...

removed cultist text / gl (Ron Paul) + TIMEOUT - 1 MONTH
Post Date: 2012-08-23 14:45:34 by Hondo68
#8. To: hondo68TTOR, TIMEOUT - 1 MONTH (#7) My patience has worn thin with you. I've given multiple warnings and chances, but you continue to SPAM LP WITH RON PAUL PROPAGANDA. I've had enough. You are on probation for one month. This is the longest probation I've ever given...and it's because of your constant and incessent spaming of LP with ridiculous Ron Paul stuff in Breaking News over the past 6 months. You often posted interesting things, which is why I've waited so long to do this, but the RP thing has taken over your mind. He won't win. It's pure fantasy to think otherwise. And it's detrimental to the serious work others are putting into LP to ...

Goldi gives Hondo a two weeker
Post Date: 2012-07-20 13:38:10 by Ferret Mike
#13. To: hondo68TTOR, ALERT - TIMEOUT 2 WEEKS (#10) (Edited) Hondo...I deleted your article comparing Obama to Romney. Yet you posted it AGAIN, and AGAIN in Breaking news. 1. It is not news 2. It is not BREAKING NEWS 3. It is a liberal attack on the opposition candidate...and right now the future of our nation is at stake. I'm not a fan of Romney, but he is in NO WAY as bad as Obama. 4. Your posted "baloney" editorial bit gives hope and support to Liberals who want to defeat Romney, and to keep Obama in office. As such, it undermines the ONLY alternative we have to the Usurper. This kind of garbage is not acceptable on a news forum, under any circumstance...and especially ...

Summer Music Thread
Post Date: 2012-07-07 08:00:14 by war

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Post Date: 2012-06-10 11:36:52 by buckeroo
#172. To: Jasmine (#110) This just shows how easy it is to wander into the wrong part of things in a new virtual domain. I got a couple of recommendations and I looked at another forum with the same software as this one that was too anti-semitic and racist for my taste, so I decided to post here in case lurking it first before I did changed my mind about it too. You happened to wander in just after a big blowup between two factions here. One side operates like a pack of schoolyard bullies and trash every thread and start interforum squabbles and subterfuge while coordinating via forum mail and/or email and/or phone, a lot like some of the Harpy Squad did over at FR. If things die down ...

yukon, WARNING, All (2 week time-out)
Post Date: 2012-06-03 13:20:53 by Hondo68
#1. To: hondo68TTOR (#0) Source: Infowars/The Journal Gazette If it weren't for Infowars, you'd be nothing more than an empty vessel, honDOPE! As it is, you're just a libtard propagandist. yukon posted #19. To: yukon, WARNING, All (#1) I don't mind when you defend yourself... However, in this thread you initiated the name calling! THIS MUST STOP! If I see any more of this, you get a 2 week time-out. note to all: I will also do the same to anyone ,who after reading this, tries to bate Yukon to cause a reaction from him...to get him a timeout. Goldi-Lox posted Poster Comment:The Attack Canary got it's wings clipped.

Stabbed in the Back and Banned by Goldi-Lox
Post Date: 2012-04-07 18:25:13 by SJN
After 8 or maybe even 10 years, I've been banned by Goldi for voting for a GOP candidate other than her own choice. This is the second time she banned me. The first time I thought I'd been hacked because I didn't think Goldi would ban me and not tell me why. How wrong I was. I now realize that she is the one who banned me the first time and this second/last time as well. With out so much as a don't let the door hit ya. This is the thread http://www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=320512&Disp=21#C21 and number 5 and 6 is what put Goldi over the top and she pulled the plug on me. What a Fascist act, to ban some one because they refuse to vote the way you ...

I don't know what to title this
Post Date: 2012-03-22 16:50:49 by whyofcourse
Maybe you can come up with something.

eLPee taken offline by Anonymous, Muslim Brotherhood, Obamanation, LulzSec - Investigation launched [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-03-14 09:27:12 by Hondo68
Liberty Post Status Current status of www.libertypost.org: Liberty Post is OFFLINE . Notes: The Liberty Post server is currently down. The cause is being investigated. In the event of DNS issues, Liberty Post may be reached via the alternate domain name http://www.libertypost.net or via its IP address Last updated: 3/14/2012 6:42 PM Eastern Time. Poster Comment:The "conservative" canary has been silenced.

Goldi Gives Yukon the Eight Count ('No more NAFTA Newt')
Post Date: 2012-02-12 23:44:06 by NewsJunky
#27. To: yukon, slam WARNING (#25) No one was more against free trade agreements than me. I worked with the Perot campaign, went on tv, and radio, and worked with several talking heads while in Maryland. If "I" can look past Newt's vote on the Free Trade Agreements, then YOU had better just shut the hell up about them. ============= The issue here is the BEST candidate for President against oBASTARD. Newt is the best candidate. flawed, yes, but still the best...even WITH his Free Trade Votes. I WILL NOT CONTINUE TO TOLERATE YOU DRAGGING HIM DOWN ON THIS SITE. This election is too critical, and too IMPORTANT to be caught up one one- issue politics....which is exactly ...

LP supports Foreign Intervention in US elections [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-02-06 14:50:30 by calcon
As the newt purges continue at LP, it makes me wonder why conservatives get banned for bad mouthing newt, but goldi allows a foreign national not living in the US to launch attack after attack against other conservative candidates. Just a sample of Marguerite's attack threads: Why Mitt Is Desperate to Force Newt Out Post Date: 2012-02-06 14:19:17 by Marguerite When a GOP w....e lies for Romney [My Title] Post Date: 2012-02-06 09:55:39 by Marguerite America Needs Bold Conservative Leadership, not Romney - a Manufactured Candidate Post Date: 2012-02-05 18:11:47 by Marguerite Blast from the past - When Romney praised Ted Kennedy Post Date: 2012-02-04 09:23:23 by Marguerite Newt: ...

Mark Levin calls Gingrich a "has-been", "pseudo-conservative" +more
Post Date: 2012-02-05 10:07:04 by thoughtomator
Click the link to hear the audio + Levin's trademark dripping contempt for the man he now supports for President... posting this got me banned at LP, so obviously it hits a major nerve with the Ging-sheep. Mark Levin criticized former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as a "pseudo-conservative." This was part of a nearly half-an-hour rant on the nationally syndicated "Mark Levin Show." Colin Powell did not escape criticism from Levin, either. Levin castigated him for voting for Obama. "Powell not only voted for him," Levin said, "he announced it on a liberal news outlet." In doing so, "he held off until the last minute to do the maximum ...

Stealth Bans at LP [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2012-02-03 20:24:36 by NewsJunky
Goldi banned me but didn't ping me or say she was going to do it. I wonder how often that happens.

Post Date: 2012-01-29 23:23:41 by A K A Stone
Newt Gingrich may have a long legacy of activism on the right, but he has also enthusiastically endorsed a wide range of dubiously conservative positions over the years. In fact, it can occasionally be hard to distinguish his suggestions and views from those of President Obama. Following are 19 quotations, some of which were said by Barack Obama, and some of which were said by Newt Gingrich. Not all of these ideas are as outlandish as the space colony that Newt mentioned this week in Florida, nor as radically conservative as making students work the janitors’ shifts; but some of them could certainly be mistaken for President Obama’s ideas. Click the blue buttons to reveal who said ...

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