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Vibe Shift

A stream that makes the pleasant Rain sound.

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Latest Articles: Watching The Cops

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Alabama Cops Wrongfully Arrest Mechanic Working on Car
Post Date: 2023-10-04 22:29:56 by Charles_Byrd
A lawsuit filed by auto mechanic Roland Edger, the manager of the Auto Collision Store in Huntsville, Alabama, may now move forward. The cops who arrested him back in June 2019 are likely to be found guilty of violating Edger’s rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. When Edger first claimed his rights were violated, the district court said the officers, Krista McCabe and Cameron Perillat, had immunity. Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals said they don’t, and Edger’s lawsuit may move forward. Click for Full Text!

Grandma Sexually Abused by Police Over Window Tint, in Ominous Secret 'Torture Warehouse' — Lawsuit
Post Date: 2023-10-03 21:23:19 by Charles_Byrd
In a recent revelation that sends chills down the spine of those familiar with the Homan Square revelations in Chicago, the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) has come under intense scrutiny for allegations of a "torture warehouse" eerily echoing those harrowing tales. This disturbing discovery underscores a pervasive trend of covert police operations and the lengths some officers will go to abuse their power. The BRPD is currently reeling from lawsuits and investigations relating to a facility dubbed the "Brave Cave." Ternell Brown and Jeremy Lee, two victims of this ominous facility, have come forward with their experiences. Both their stories are a crude reminder ...

Brickbat: Just a 'Regular Person'
Post Date: 2023-09-29 21:58:40 by Charles_Byrd
Seattle's Community Police Commission has asked that Officer Daniel Auderer, the vice president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, be placed on leave without pay while he is under investigation for remarks that appeared to make light of the death of a woman killed by another officer. Click for Full Text!

How Did Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal ‘Lose’ at Least 76 Service Weapons?
Post Date: 2023-09-25 00:02:52 by Charles_Byrd
It’s entertaining when the Mexican government chirps up, complaining about weapons that flow across their northern border (frequently facilitated by US government agencies). Sure, the drug cartels that actually run our neighbor to the south find ways to move acquire firearms up here and move them south, but when your own military “loses” about one-third of their guns they’ve been entrusted with, the Mexican regime doesn’t have a lot of room to talk. Which brings us to…Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is doing its level best to become the next Chicago. They may not have elected (yet) a doctrinaire socialist who wants to further defund the police and ...

Portland pays out $680,000 to defund the police activist, former city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty over leaked incident report
Post Date: 2023-09-24 01:22:50 by Charles_Byrd
The Portland Police Association has settled a lawsuit brought by anti- police activist and former Portland city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty for $680,000. The settlement was first reported by KGW8 and was in response to a 2021 incident in which the union's president at the time, Brian Hunzeker, and Portland Police Bureau staff leaked a report in which Hardesty was mistakenly identified as the suspect in a hit-and-run accident. Click for Full Text!

Houston Police Arrested an Animal Rights Protester and Detained Him for 16 Hours, Lawsuit Says
Post Date: 2023-09-23 01:06:41 by Charles_Byrd
Animal rights activists Daraius Dubash and Faraz Harsini were peacefully demonstrating in a Houston, Texas, public park when park employees demanded they leave. When Dubash insisted that the pair had a First Amendment right to protest, officials called the police, who arrested Dubash and charged him with criminal trespass. While Dubash's charge was eventually dismissed, the pair have now filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the city, arguing that city police clearly violated their Constitutional rights. Click for Full Text!

Brickbat: The Unfriendly Skies
Post Date: 2023-09-19 18:21:11 by Charles_Byrd
Two Transportation Security Administration officers at Miami International Airport have been charged with felony grand theft for stealing from travelers going through security at the airport. Click for Full Text!

Brickbat: Spiked
Post Date: 2023-09-14 23:11:40 by Charles_Byrd
Click for Full Text!

IRS agent accidentally shot, killed by fellow agent during training at Phoenix gun range
Post Date: 2023-09-13 03:59:27 by Charles_Byrd
A special agent with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is dead after being accidentally shot by another IRS agent during a training exercise Thursday at a federal gun range in Phoenix, officials confirmed. On Friday, IRS officials identified the victim as 47-year-old Patrick Bauer, a longtime Arizona resident. He was a retired master sergeant with the Arizona Air National Guard and served with the 161st Air Refueling Wing Security Forces Squadron, the National Guard said in an email. He served for more than 20 years, completing multiple state missions and overseas deployments. “Our hearts go out to MSgt Bauer’s family, friends and all those who had the privilege to work with him. ...

Arkansas deputy shoots at Pomeranian but hits woman standing on porch instead
Post Date: 2023-09-03 21:19:38 by Charles_Byrd
A lawsuit has been filed against a Columbia County deputy, the sheriff, and the sheriff's department after the deputy shoots at a dog, but strikes a woman standing on her front porch instead. Tina Hight, the woman who was shot in August 2022, still has the bullet lodged in her shin. She's now not only dealing with anxiety but also continuous doctor's appointments. Click for Full Text!

Inmates 'Refuse' to Go to Hot Cells; Prison Locks Down
Post Date: 2023-09-03 21:06:10 by Charles_Byrd
A Minnesota prison was placed on emergency lockdown after about 100 inmates in one housing unit facing dangerously high temperatures would not return to their cells Sunday in what one former inmate there called an act of "self-preservation." Reportedly, Minnesota Department of Corrections says emergency situation resolved after around 100 prisoners refused to return to cells at Correctional Facility-Stillwater in Bayport. Click for Full Text!

Sadistic California Cops Bragged About ‘Violating Civil Rights’
Post Date: 2023-09-03 21:02:15 by Charles_Byrd
IN THE “THIN blue line” myth, cops stand in the breach between civilization and chaos. But what happens when these same police become agents of wanton violence? A new federal indictment pulls back the curtain on sadistic behavior by cops in northern California, who allegedly brutalized residents — with K-9 dog bites or by shooting them with “less lethal” projectiles — and even bragged of breaching their civil rights. The charging document, filed Aug. 16, accuses a trio of Antioch Police Department officers with conspiracy “to injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate” city residents and to deprive them of the constitutional right to be free of ...

Six officers known as the ‘Goon Squad’ plead guilty to torturing two Black men, using a sex toy on them and shooting one of them
Post Date: 2023-09-03 20:44:59 by Charles_Byrd
Six law enforcement officers who called themselves the “Goon Squad” pleaded guilty Thursday to federal charges they tortured two Black men, hurled racial slurs and used a sex toy on them before shooting one of them in the mouth. The charges against five Rankin County Sheriff’s Department deputies and a Richland police officer followed a months-long Justice Department investigation, which found credible evidence of the attack on Michael Jenkins, 32, and Eddie Terrell Parker, 35. Click for Full Text!

Four prison murders lead to a sickening ruling on ‘qualified immunity’
Post Date: 2023-08-23 19:25:51 by Charles_Byrd
Jacob Philip and Denver Simmons, who are serving life sentences in a South Carolina prison for unrelated double homicides, spent two and a half hours on April 7, 2017, murdering four inmates in Simmons’s cell. Simmons later said they hoped to get the death penalty. They did not, because the victims’ families objected to their getting what they supposedly wanted. Click for Full Text!

This man has been in pretrial detention for 10 years. Why?
Post Date: 2023-08-08 01:05:28 by Charles_Byrd
Dougherty County, Ga. (Atlanta News First) - A Georgia man waiting more than a decade behind bars for his day in court is one step closer to moving his case forward. On Tuesday, Maurice Jimmerson appeared before a Dougherty County judge to schedule a future trial date. He was joined by Andrew Fleischman, an Atlanta attorney now representing the 32-year-old after hearing about his case on Atlanta News First Investigates this past April. Click for Full Text!

Most Oklahoma jails failed Health Department inspections in 2022
Post Date: 2023-08-08 01:03:37 by Charles_Byrd
Dozens of the state’s city and county jails have repeatedly failed inspections since 2020, endangering the safety of detainees and highlighting flaws in the state’s mental health response. A state health department inspector found a man lying in soiled clothing during an unannounced examination of the Kiowa County Jail in early September. Click for Full Text!

How to Fix the FBI
Post Date: 2023-08-08 01:01:17 by Charles_Byrd
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has become a serious threat to the liberties of the American people. There’s a growing sense of urgency, especially among conservatives in Congress, that the FBI must be brought under effective oversight and fundamentally reformed to end its weaponization and to resecure our most basic freedoms. Monday, The Heritage Foundation issued a report that contains extensive suggestions that should be considered in rebuilding the FBI from the ground up. Click for Full Text!

‘Man Down!’: Surviving the Texas Heat in Prisons Without Air-Conditioning
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:55:16 by Charles_Byrd
On the third day of 100-degree temperatures last week, locked without air- conditioning in a Texas prison north of Houston, Joseph Martire said he began to feel overwhelmed. His breathing grew heavy. An inmate for nearly 16 years, Mr. Martire was expecting to be released in a few weeks. But it was so hot that day, he recalled, that he wondered if he would make it that long. He was covered in sweat and felt so lightheaded that he had to brace himself against a wall. At some point, he passed out. Click for Full Text!

Forensic scientist Henry Lee defends work after being found liable for falsifying evidence
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:47:05 by Charles_Byrd
Famed forensic scientist Henry Lee defended his work and reputation Wednesday after a federal judge found him liable last week in a lawsuit for fabricating evidence in a murder trial that sent two innocent men to prison for decades. Ralph “Ricky” Birch and Shawn Henning were convicted in the Dec. 1, 1985, slaying of Everett Carr, based in part on testimony about what Lee said were bloodstains on a towel found in the 65-year-old victim’s home in New Milford, 55 miles (88 kilometers) southwest of Hartford. Click for Full Text!

Some officers escape discipline despite new police transparency laws
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:45:05 by Charles_Byrd
In August 2019, San Diego Police Detective James Needham handed off a shooting victim to federal immigration authorities. Needham was supposed to be investigating the shooting, but in the weeks that followed, he stopped looking into the case and repeatedly lied about his work, according to a police Internal Affairs report. Needham’s behavior violated several police department policies, the report states. His actions also appear to be illegal under California law, which limits police’s cooperation with federal immigration agents. Click for Full Text!

Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:31:33 by Charles_Byrd
Children incarcerated on the former death row unit of Louisiana’s Angola prison were locked in their cells without air conditioning for several days this month amid scorching summer temperatures, according to a teenager held at the facility. The child, identified by the pseudonym Charles C., said in a statement to his attorney that the kids were only let out of their cells for an eight-minute shower, which they had to take while handcuffed with their ankles shackled. On Monday night, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other legal groups submitted statements from young people held at Angola to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana. The plaintiffs asked ...

Ex-police chief who spread conspiracies about Jan. 6 found guilty in Capitol attack
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:29:44 by Charles_Byrd
A former California police chief who called for the execution of Donald Trump's political enemies after the 2020 election and spread conspiracy theories about Jan. 6 after having taken part in the Capitol attack was found guilty of four charges Thursday. Alan Hostetter, who was arrested in June 2021, was found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, entering or remaining on restricted grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon, and disorderly or disruptive conduct on restricted grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon. Click for Full Text!

Federal monitor backs holding NYC in contempt for failure to prevent violence on Rikers Island, other jails
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:21:08 by Charles_Byrd
The federal monitor overseeing New York City jails recommended to a federal judge Monday that she hold the city in contempt for failing to comply with court orders to combat violence. In their recommendation to U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, federal monitor Steve Martin and Deputy Monitor Anna Friedberg conclude the jails are in no better shape than they were eight years ago when the city agreed to court oversight, and the city’s year-old “action plan” to fix the jails has failed. Click for Full Text! Click for Full Text!

Nineteen D.C. Police Officers Are Under Criminal Investigation for Questionable Gun Seizures, According to Court Records
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:14:03 by Charles_Byrd
On a warm afternoon in May, D.C. police believe Terry Thompson was trying to sell a long, AR-15 style gun in a duffel bag outside a 7-Eleven in Bellevue. When Thompson encountered Chris Callahan in the store’s parking lot, he allegedly slammed the duffel bag into Callahan’s head, then fired a single shot through the bag into Callahan’s face and killed him. It’s not clear what prompted the scuffle, but witnesses say Thompson was acting “erratically” at the time, according to court documents. Thompson later told an acquaintance in the neighborhood he was given a “bad batch of drugs,” prompting the sudden outburst with Callahan. Police arrested Thompson ...

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office jail leadership pushed out
Post Date: 2023-08-08 00:07:29 by Charles_Byrd
Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters shook up his senior command staff over the last month, asking for the resignations or demotions of three jail officials after The Tributary’s reporting uncovered unsafe medical conditions in the Duval jail, according to a source familiar with the matter. The Tributary’s reporting did not link any of the problems directly to jail staff but to the city’s contracts with Armor Correctional Health Services to run the jail health care. Since Armor’s hiring, jail deaths have tripled. Click for Full Text!

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