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What’s the State of Constitutional Carry in America? | 2A For Today!

Christian Schools Going "Woke"? Veteran Teacher Blows Whistle

Half the Senate Challenges Biden Admin Rule on ESG Investing

Brickbat: Cut the Cord

How to Memory-Hole a PSYOP

We Just Witnessed an Economic Sign That Hasn’t Happened Since the Peak of the Great Depression in 1932

Founder of Pro-Ukraine Mercenary Group Faces Serious Allegations

Medical Professional: Scientific Community MUST Issue Mea Culpa on Its Deadly Covid Policies

FBI Snares Another Pedo Suspect at a Major Network; Missing ABC Producer Charged With Transporting Child Porn

Child Welfare Algorithm May Unfairly Target Disabled Parents, Complaints to DOJ Allege

Pfizer reports $100 billion haul, with vast majority of profits looted from US taxpayers


Dr. Rand Paul Joins The National Desk

Dr. Rand Paul Elected Ranking Member of HSGAC

Dr. Paul Joins All Republican Senators in Formally Challenging Biden WOTUS Rule

Zelensky's Great Purge continues, launching police raid against oligarch who fell out of favor with Biden Admin

Ukraine’s Intel Chief Thinks Crimea Will Be Taken, But US Officials Disagree

EU to Train 30,000 Ukrainian Troops as Kiev’s Losses Mount

Our System Has a Trust Deficit (And For Good Reason)

The Fed Is Already Flashing Signs It's Done Raising Rates


Massive Peer-Reviewed Mask Study Shows 'Little To No Difference' In Preventing COVID, Flu Infection

The Legacy of George W. Bush and His Torturers

Pro-life Sidewalk Counselor Mark Houck Announces He Will Sue FBI, DOJ in Wake of Acquittal

Western Nations Give Billions in Military Support to Ukraine While Ignoring Myanmar

Inconsistency: The Most Consistent Thing About Politics

Of Whales and Wind Farms: Greenpeace Silent on Whale Deaths Linked to Ocean Wind Project

Washington, D.C., Banned Bird E-Scooters: 'Arbitrary and Capricious,' Says Company

Government Keeps Meddling With Private Company Decisions

National Conservatives Can't Find a Good Excuse for Viktor Orbán's Inflation Disaster


Garet Garrett, the Great

The Police Cannot Be a Law Unto Themselves

Erdogan Says Turkey Could Approve Finland’s NATO Bid Without Sweden

History of Nuclear War. The “90 Seconds to Midnight”

Biden Hands China-linked “Green” Energy Company Another $1.6 Million

Atlanta Charges Nonviolent Protesters as Domestic Terrorists

The Federal Reserve’s 2% inflation target

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills Three Alleged al-Qaeda Members in Yemen

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Killing 14 in Hospital Strike Using US-Provided HIMARS

Is the Japanese Low Inflation–Low Interest Rate Model at an End?

The Continuous and Terminal Political Gaslighting of the American Masses

Illinois Town Will Pay $12 Million to Family After SWAT Officer Shot 12-Year-Old in Kneecap

Eco-groups push for EVs, but refuse to back U.S. mining for necessary materials

Bug you even more? U.S. government will 'probably' force you to eat insects

You're 'only a state, not a god': Officials push Christians to support sin

'Egregious': Smithsonian ejects pro-life kids, now conservatives 'fight back'

Satanic Temple opens abortion clinic named for conservative Supreme Court justice's mom

Federal judge rules on law that allows state to sue gun makers

Pro-life activist Mark Houck details shocking Planned Parenthood encounter following acquittal

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Garet Garrett, the Great
Post Date: 2023-02-02 22:51:30 by Charles_Byrd
It’s time for liberty lovers to (re)acquaint themselves with Garet Garrett, a prolific voice of the Old Right. It’s not that everything the largely homeschooled farm boy wrote was right – he reconciled himself to the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and some restrictions on trade and immigration – but that what his “unsanctioned voice” got right, especially about the New Deal, was analytically powerful, yet largely forgotten today. That’s unfortunate, because today’s Great Reset repeats many of the same patterns of authoritarian control that Garrett identified and excoriated. Biography, like history more generally, can contain ...

History of Nuclear War. The “90 Seconds to Midnight”
Post Date: 2023-02-01 16:59:19 by Charles_Byrd
90 Seconds to Midnight according to the Doomsday Clock. The Nobel Peace Laureates are casually blaming Russia, without recalling the history of nuclear war, not to mention Joe Biden’s 1.3 trillion dollar program to develop “more usable”, “low intensity” “preemptive nuclear weapons” to be used on a “first strike basis” against both nuclear and non nuclear states as a means of “self defense”. Let us recall the history of the “doomsday scenario” which was part of America’s Manhattan project launched in 1939 with the support of Britain and Canada. Click for Full Text!

When a Classical Liberal Confronted Nazi Terror
Post Date: 2023-01-31 19:01:08 by Charles_Byrd
Ninety years ago, Adolf Hitler was sworn into office as Chancellor of Germany. January 30, 1933, would be henceforth regarded by Germany’s National Socialists as the Machtergreifung: the day that the Nazis seized power and began consigning the Weimar Republic to its grave. Hitler never made any secret of his intention to strike against those he saw as his enemies once his grip on power had been consolidated. It was thus at considerable personal risk that a young German economics professor delivered a public lecture in Frankfurt am Main, just eight days after Hitler took office, in which he made clear his opposition to the new government. Click for Full Text!

The Wrong Question
Post Date: 2023-01-30 22:24:02 by Charles_Byrd
An article appeared on January 20th, 2023, touching upon the assault on the “Reconciliation” monument in Arlington National Cemetery. The monument has been labeled as “Confederate” and therefore resides in the cross-hairs of the present Woke Nation. Author Allen Brownfeld entitled the piece: Removing the Confederate Memorial From Arlington: What Would Lincoln or Grant Think? Of course, the contretemps about the effort by the vandals of WOKE to remove any and all Confederate along with other “American” cultural monuments is nothing new. Perhaps the newest thing about this one – though there had been earlier intimations on the matter – is the ...

From MLK to CRT
Post Date: 2023-01-21 06:37:36 by Charles_Byrd
Nearly a decade into what has been called “The Great Awokening,” fanatical racial wokeness shows little signs of abating. The pieties of critical race theory (CRT), which we are told is not being taught anywhere, are now authoritative. Everything is racist. It’s never the fault of black people. And America can never sufficiently abase itself for the “original sin” of slavery. To counter the madness, many invoke the moral authority of Martin Luther King, Jr., arguably the most admired person in recent American history. As House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy once explained in an interview: “Critical race theory goes against everything Martin Luther King has ...

Martin Luther King and Planned Parenthood
Post Date: 2023-01-18 00:02:17 by Charles_Byrd
By the time Martin Luther King Jr. had taken his seat in 1960 on Planned Parenthood’s committee on the study of contraception, his views on how artificial birth control could be used to reduce Black family size were well-known throughout the United States. King had been recommended to join the committee by the accomplished and influential Morehouse University sociology professor Walter R. Chivers, who had twice written to his former student (October & November), asking him to become a member. For his part, Chivers had volunteered with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for sixteen years and vouched for the organization’s “integrity, honesty, and complete lack of ...

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part II
Post Date: 2023-01-17 22:27:22 by Charles_Byrd
Like the Romans, we’re supposedly ruled by laws, not by men. In Rome, the law started with the 12 Tablets in 451 BCE, with few dictates and simple enough to be inscribed on bronze for all to see. A separate body of common law developed from trials, held sometimes in the Forum, sometimes in the Senate. When the law was short and simple, the saying “Ignorantia juris non excusat” (ignorance of the law is no excuse) made sense. But as the government and its legislation became more ponderous, the saying became increasingly ridiculous. Eventually, under Diocletian, law became completely arbitrary, with everything done by the emperor’s decrees—we call them Executive ...

The Gulag Archipelago 50 years later– reassessing one of the greatest works of literary realism
Post Date: 2023-01-15 18:34:51 by Charles_Byrd
Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008) was one of the most notable Russian authors of the 20th century, having written perhaps the greatest nonfiction book of his time. His magnum opus, The Gulag Archipelago (1973) is a riveting chronicle of Solzhenitsyn’s enduring punishment by Soviet Communism in the harshest prison system on the planet. It contains records of 227 other individuals who suffered in the Gulag and provides interviews, reports, letters and memoirs that vividly describe the horrors endured by prisoners. Most prisoners, including Solzhenitsyn were branded as enemies of the state, with many having been former Soviet government officials or military. Solzhenitsyn was himself a ...

The Tyranny of the Majority
Post Date: 2023-01-15 17:55:21 by Charles_Byrd
Does the “tyranny of the majority” exist? Short answer, yes. Click for Full Text!

Natural Rights, Natural Law, and Liberty
Post Date: 2023-01-07 06:05:00 by Charles_Byrd
It seems Michael Anton wants to define American conservatism. He accuses the other side of playing this game, but there are not many “conservatives” who have spilled as much ink on the topic as Anton in the last couple of years. I had it out with him in 2021. Now, he has directed his fire at others who are questioning the underpinnings of the West Coast Straussian view of the American founding. Click for Full Text!

Rome's Runaway Inflation: Currency Devaluation in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
Post Date: 2023-01-05 23:20:16 by Charles_Byrd
By the beginning of the fourth century, the Roman Empire had become a completely different economic reality from what it had been at the beginning of the first century. The denarius argenteus, the empire’s monetary unit during the first two centuries, had virtually disappeared since the middle of the third century, having been replaced by the argenteus antoninianus and the argenteus aurelianianus, numerals of greater theoretical value, but of less and less real value. The public excesses in the civil and military budgets, the incessant bribes and gifts, the repeated tax increases, the growth of the state bureaucracy, and the continuous requisitions of goods and precious metals had ...

Woodrow Wilson's Christmas Grift of 1913
Post Date: 2022-12-26 23:03:59 by Charles_Byrd
We think of thieves as conducting their work when no one is looking, such as breaking into a house while the owners are away. But the most successful thieves have done their stealing in plain sight, on a grand scale, while the owners were home and often with their tacit approval, though with sleights of hand that few are able to detect. Such a theft occurred when Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23, 1913. A central bank such as the Fed has a remarkable character. According to establishment boilerplate, its purpose is to stabilize the economy and ensure prosperity and “full employment.” The decision makers at the Fed are of necessity selected for ...

64 Years Later, What Has The John Birch Society Done?
Post Date: 2022-12-26 22:52:52 by Charles_Byrd
On December 9, 1958, Robert Welch of Belmont, Massachusetts, gathered eleven successful and patriotic men in a quiet Indianapolis home to announce that he would forego retiring and dedicate the rest of his life to fighting the tyrannical forces trying to destroy America and establish a one-world totalitarian government. To do this, he was going to create an organization unlike any other. He wanted to know if they’d join him. That was the birth of The John Birch Society. Click for Full Text!

The Origins of the Federal Reserve
Post Date: 2022-12-26 21:51:26 by Charles_Byrd
Where did this thing called the Fed come from? Murray Rothbard has the answer here — in phenomenal detail that will make your head spin. In one extended essay, one that reads like a detective story, he has put together the most comprehensive and fascinating account based on a century's accumulation of scholarship. The conclusion is that the Fed did not originate as a policy response to national need. It wasn't erected for any of its stated purposes. It was founded by two groups of elites: government officials and large financial and banking interests. Rothbard adds a third critical element: economists hired to give the scheme a scientific patina. Click for Full Text!

Liberty, Power, Precedent and the People
Post Date: 2022-12-22 16:27:38 by Charles_Byrd
While most people have never heard his name today, Founding Father John Dickinson was famous at the time of the Revolution. In 1767, he authored the 12 “Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania” in response to the hated Townshend Acts. These essays quickly became the most widely-read documents on American liberty, and remained that way for years until the publication of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense in 1776. Click for Full Text!

Grover Cleveland Presented the Best Example of a True Liberal Populist
Post Date: 2022-12-22 16:23:34 by Charles_Byrd
Six years after the election of Donald Trump, the Republican Party is still adrift. On the one hand, the GOP has embraced an antiestablishment and populist message. On the other hand, Republicans have not quite figured out how to balance populism with classically liberal values like constitutionalism and free markets. Indeed, populism and classical liberalism seem to be in direct conflict. Questions remain about how Republican populists will regulate (or not regulate) Big Tech, how they will protect blue-collar jobs without limiting economic freedom, and how they will push back against political elites without destroying vital institutions. Click for Full Text!

The ideas that formed the Constitution: Aristotle
Post Date: 2022-12-19 20:20:48 by Charles_Byrd
Unlike Socrates, Xenophon, and Plato—the subjects of the third and fourth installments in this series—Aristotle wasn’t an Athenian. (For the first and second installments, see here and here.) Aristotle did, however, win fame in Athens. He was bornin Macedonia in 384 B.C.E. At the age of 17, he moved to Athens and enrolled as a student in Plato’s Academy. Aristotle always paid tribute to his teacher, although Aristotle took a very different intellectual direction from Plato. Click for Full Text!

Crystal-Clear Vision – The Ancient History of Eyeglasses
Post Date: 2022-12-18 16:26:31 by Charles_Byrd
Eyeglasses are an essential tool for thousands of people across the globe. Unfortunately, glasses didn’t always exist, which caused difficulties for those in the ancient past with poor vision. However, the Romans made significant steps towards the correction of vision problems when they discovered that different thicknesses of glass could cause changes in clarity when looking through them. Because of this discovery, eye health has advanced, first from glasses to contacts and now from eyewear to surgical options such as LASIK. The road from the first creation of glasses to modern ophthalmology was a long one. In this article, we’re going to look into the past to see just how far ...

Slave North
Post Date: 2022-12-17 05:02:19 by Charles_Byrd
What was the North’s role in slavery and “white supremacy”? Short answer: a lot. Click for Full Text!

Bill of Rights: The Ignored History of Why it Exists
Post Date: 2022-12-16 16:16:13 by Charles_Byrd
Today is “Bill of Rights Day” – commemorating ratification on Dec. 15, 1791. But what the government-run schools – and supporters of the monster state – “teach” about the Bill of Rights has almost nothing to do with the foundational principles which motivated the people who supported – and demanded it. Click for Full Text!

Some Aussie Songs Against the Wars
Post Date: 2022-12-14 19:46:17 by Charles_Byrd
Music can be powerful, possessing the ability to conjure emotion in a few minutes what an essay never could. Australia has a rich history of talented singers, writers, and performers creating music that is unique to the sunburned continent. Australia also has a rebel culture, hidden in plain sight. Founded by reluctant prisoners, enthusiastic adventurers, and those escaping their birth land to call Aboriginal land their home, with a history of empire and defiance, the music can reflect this combination, none more than in the songs against war. Few songs express the sorrow felt by soldiers when they return as well as Redgum’s “I Was Only 19.” Click for Full Text!

Joe Biden vs. James K. Polk
Post Date: 2022-12-11 22:01:58 by Charles_Byrd
Politico reporter Joshua Zeitz thinks Joe Biden could learn something from James K. Polk. I hope not. Click for Full Text!

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Post Date: 2022-12-08 01:24:11 by A K A Stone

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not
Post Date: 2022-12-07 19:21:18 by Charles_Byrd
Comprehensive research has shown not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but that it deliberately withheld its foreknowledge from our commanders in Hawaii in the hope that the “surprise” attack would catapult the U.S. into World War II. On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japan launched a sneak attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, shattering the peace of a beautiful Hawaiian morning and leaving much of the fleet broken and burning. The destruction and death that the Japanese military visited upon Pearl Harbor that day — 18 naval vessels (including eight battleships) sunk or heavily damaged, 188 planes destroyed, over 2,000 servicemen ...

The Counterrevolution Against the Constitution
Post Date: 2022-12-06 22:12:46 by Charles_Byrd
The United States Constitution endows Congress -- not the executive branch -- with overriding responsibility for both foreign and domestic policy. But Congress has unilaterally surrendered its constitutional primacy to the President on an installment plan for more than a century. Without constitutional amendments, the President is currently de facto crowned with virtually limitless power eclipsing the authorities of British King George III which provoked the American Revolution. This counterrevolution against the Constitution was born in pursuit of an American empire (initially begun under the banner of “Manifest Destiny”) in lieu of the American Republic ordained by the ...

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