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At CPAC ... The conservaTive faiThful --- double down on Trumpism

'EaTing while black'... N.Y. Times admiTs eliTe college scapegoaTed janiTors in race hoax --- Officials appeased sTudenT who claimed she was profiled

Pics/Video ... 51-day Waco siege began wiTh deadly ATF shooTouT --- 28 years ago

The Communist Takeover Of The United States

Time To Impeach Our Government

Is This Why Jim Acosta Went to CPAC?

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT

HUGE BREAKING NEWS - Judge Rules Maricopa CounTy ... MusT Provide 2.1 Million BalloTs From 2020 --- To Arizona SenaTe for AudiT

WAR: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Decorates Hall Outside Her Office After Dem Rep. Puts Up Trans Flag

NoT Making Headlines ... California BLACK Man Films Himself on Facebook Live ... wiTh Two Dead Women on The Floor He Killed --- Including Minor

‘Blessings Of LiberTy’ ... How ‘The EqualiTy AcT’ Viciously ATTacks --- ChrisTians - Freedom - SocieTy - Sex - You

Biden bends to the ayatollah

Oklahoma murder suspecT confesses To ... killing neighbor - cooking her hearT --- invesTigaTors say

Biden Is No FDR

Jason Chaffetz: Biden-Harris' disastrous start – first month full of hypocrisy, scandal and incompetence

Biden is set to repeat Obama’s Mideast failures — and wipe out US influence

How the GOP can win back Congress

There Is No GOP Civil War

Biden rewards Iran’s bad behavior by begging it to make a deal

‘Never before’ has the leader of the free world [Biden] been ‘so cognitively compromised’

ATTorney Lin Wood Releases STaTemenT Before Supreme CourT Ruling ... on ElecTion Fraud Today --- UPDATED WITH NEW COMMENT

Biden and his assistant is too cruel a punishment with which to hit America.

TiTanic ... Genius Time Traveler goes back --- everyone saved !

Rush Limbaugh passed away this morning

Remember ... George Will --- Me neiTher.

Eating Biden’s Lunch

Biden Wrong to Consider Restricting Travel to Florida

The Real Reason ... Pelosi & McConnell Folded LasT NighT Leaks --- Lock Them Up

GOP Party

Seven turncoats: What motivated those Republicans to vote guilty?

Real life study: Masked schoolchildren are harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer from 24 distinct health issues

Trump Celebrates Acquittal, Hints At Political Future

SNAKE - McConnell ... Uses Floor To BruTally Trash Trump --- Following Failed ImpeachmenT EfforT

BREAKING - Trump ... Releases StaTemenT --- Following ImpeachmenT AcquiTTal

BREAKING - SenaTe VoTes 57 - 43 ... To ACQUIT Donald Trump --- Here Are The SEVEN Republicans Who VoTed To ConvicT

SCHOOLBOY 'KILLERS' Thugs - 15 - 17 ... 'filmed Themselves gang raping woman - 36 - beaTing her To deaTh' --- 'in a park as oTher boys waTched'

Joe Biden Is a F#@ing Idiot!

ImpeachmenT blunder - AuThor of TweeT inTroduced aT Trial says iT was ... Calvary / prayer - crucificTion --- falsified - misinTerpreTed to caValry / horses - soldiers - invasion

Georgia's New Democrat Senator Is Under Investigation for Voter Registration Fraud

Tom MacDonald - "Fake Woke"

Five Vanities That Are Destroying America

Leftist Sicko Bruce Springsteen arrested for DWI in New Jersey…

Impeachment Trial Redux

“Wikipedia…Can .... PuT AnyThing They WanT OuT There To Ruin My IdenTiTy” --- Mike Lindell on Wikipedia’s ATTempts To Trash His Good Name

WhaT's wiTh smiTTen romney ... mormons / liberals have anoTher Holy SpiriT --- dead soul - empTy brain echo chamber !

HUGE DEVELOPMENT - Hand RecounT Finds Dominion VoTing Machines ... ShorTed EVERY REPUBLICAN in Windham - New Hampshire --- 300 VoTes!

Rep. Andy Biggs - Evidence seems To ... indicaTe Congress leadership knew of CapiTol rioT --- days before

FORMER CIA OFFICER - BRYAN DEAN WRIGHT - I’m A DemocraT ... But IT’s Time --- To Leave The ParTy

Google Competitor PRESEARCH.org Launches Decentralized Search Engine (How to rid your life of toxic tech)

Doctors Link Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines to Life-Threatening Blood Disorder

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''Its arrival on our shores will be much quicker than we were anticipating a few hours ago,'' Gov. Jeb Bush said shortly after 5:30 p.m. ``People need to get to high ground and to get safe.''
Post Date: 2006-06-12 17:59:34 by TLBSHOW
''Its arrival on our shores will be much quicker than we were anticipating a few hours ago,'' Gov. Jeb Bush said shortly after 5:30 p.m. ``People need to get to high ground and to get safe.'' The 2006 hurricane season is just 12 days old. ''Good God, who would have thunk it,'' Bush said.

don't be misled - for you know not the day or hour
Post Date: 2006-06-10 09:29:01 by TLBSHOW
Support The DrudgeReport; Visit Our Advertisers Tracking Map... Computer Models... Statement... FIRST TROPICAL DEPRESSION ON SEASON http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/06/10/D8I5C7T81.html Data on nuclear agency workers hacked... LEWD OFFICE E-MAILS TO CONSTITUTE HARASSMENT IN UK... Second Dancer calls Duke rape charges 'a crock'... Accuser had sex with at least four men and sexual device before party... PAPER: Record meteorite hits Norway... Judge Allows R. Kelly Sex Tape Viewing... Army Meets Recruiting Goal Again... NOW 9/11 COMMISSIONER ATTACKS COULTER... POLICE RAID 'ANIMAL HOUSE' FRAT... Cop Dresses In Drag To Catch Red Light Runners... 3 elderly Americans lost ...

God says to test the truth and see if God is not real....TESTING I 2 3 GOD ARE YOU THERE?
Post Date: 2006-05-22 01:14:18 by TLBSHOW

The Honorable King James The Monarch, the Myth, and His Maligners "You've Heard King James' Critics, Now Read The Truth!"
Post Date: 2006-05-19 00:50:36 by A K A Stone
The Latest Evidence Supporting The Godly Character Of The Most High And Mighty Prince James By The Grace Of God, King Of England, Scotland, France, Ireland, Wales, Defender Of The Faith, And Renowned Christian King. Introduced By: HIS GRACE THE 10TH DUKE OF ATHOLL KING JAMES: UNJUSTLY ACCUSED By Stephen Coston Conclusively proves false the myriad of lies propagated about King James. · Exhaustively Documented · 392 Pages, 10 Chapters · Introduction by: His Grace, The 10th Duke of Atholl · Prelude by: The (William) Wallace Clan Trust · Illustrated FACT: James wrote in his work Basilicon Doron that: "There are some horrible crimes that ye are ...

Grappling with God: The faith of a famous poet.
Post Date: 2006-05-16 09:09:40 by continental op
Grappling with God The faith of a famous poet. by Wilfred M. McClay 05/15/2006, Volume 011, Issue 33 Auden and Christianity by Arthur Kirsch Yale, 240 pp., $30 IT'S A SAFE BET THAT W.H. AUDEN would have been suspicious of the idea behind this book. True, he was forthcoming about his attraction to the Christian faith, an attraction that remained strong even during his years of professed atheism, and became explicit after his formal return to the church in 1940. He was equally forthcoming in lamenting what he called the "prudery" of "cultured people" who treat religious belief as the last remaining shameful thing, and find theological terms "far more shocking than ...

Christian Foes of 'Da Vinci Code' Debate How to Fight It
Post Date: 2006-05-11 09:22:36 by Morgana le Fay
Many Christian leaders across the country are girding themselves for battle with "The Da Vinci Code," the movie based on the blockbuster novel by Dan Brown that opens on May 19. Whether Roman Catholic or Protestant, Orthodox or evangelical, they agree that the book attacks the pillars of Christianity by raising doubts about the divinity of Jesus and the origins of the Bible. But they are not at all in agreement on how to best respond to a movie that one leader called "blasphemy on steroids." Some will boycott it. Others will use it as a "teaching moment." Still others will lodge a protest by seeing another movie. Until recently, the prevailing strategy was ...

Sunday Confession No. 2: Are The Jesuits The Spiritual Controllers Of The New World Order? Jesuit General Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach Turns Down Interview Request.
Post Date: 2006-05-06 22:08:59 by Coral Snake
Sunday Confession No. 2: Are The Jesuits The Spiritual Controllers Of The New World Order? Jesuit General Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach Turns Down Interview Request. What is the Jesuit Order hiding and why is it so hard to get straight answers from the top leaders, as the search for America's hidden enemies continues every Sunday by the banks of Brushy Creek. 30 Apr 2006 By Greg Szymanski As we sit overlooking Brushy Creek again this Sunday, the main question is whether the Jesuits are the spiritual controllers of the New World Order? Further, does the Society of Jesus through Masonic complicity and the Knights of Malta control the Vatican, the Pope, the Council on Foreign Relations and ...

Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture
Post Date: 2006-05-06 03:14:10 by Coral Snake
Bankers Are Behind The "Counter" Culture By Henry Makow Ph.D. May 07, 2005 We assume large corporations have economic objectives. But we don't expect them to have a secret social and occult agenda as well. For example, we don't expect them to engineer arrested development and family breakdown. We don't expect them to use pop culture to foster alienation and dysfunction. Central bankers based in the City of London control the cartels that dominate the world. They finagled the right to print money based on our credit and quite naturally used this advantage to buy control of everything worth having. This might be tolerable if limitless wealth was all they wanted. But they also ...

Mother Mary Apparitions And The Jesuits Miracles And Phony Mother Mary Apparitions Equal Big Money
Post Date: 2006-04-25 02:59:31 by Coral Snake
Mother Mary Apparitions And The Jesuits Miracles And Phony Mother Mary Apparitions Equal Big Money By Greg Szymanski 4-22-6 Why Is Jesuit Bishop Pavol Hnilica Always Lurking In the Background When Mother Mary Appears? Does He Want To Be Close To God Or Just Close To The Money? When miracles happen and bank scandals erupt, Jesuit Bishop Pavol Hnilica always seems to be nearby, waiting to seize the moment and pocket a quick buck. Bishop Hnilica, the Slovak Bishop who has worked to spread the message of Fatima in Russia, claims to be a man of God, a holy man sworn to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. But others claim he is nothing more than a bank swindler and street thug who ...

Shortage of Virgins in Islam? Try Liberal Dogma!
Post Date: 2006-04-22 10:36:08 by alwaysontheright
John W Lillpop European cartoonists <>http://muhammadcartoons.com/> <>http://muhammadcartoons.com/> have stirred up a controversy satirizing Muhammed, the Muslim prophet. One of the more creative panels shows the Prophet looking down from heaven at a long line of suicide bombers, pleading for them to stop because "We have run out of virgins!" What the Prophet really needs is a Howard Dean to implement liberal dogma: - Redistribution of Wealth: Rewarding each suicide bomber with 72 virgins is obscene, especially since disadvantaged (non-Martyr) Muslims are forced to survive with far fewer. A progressive formula for equitable redistribution of wealth is ...

Post Date: 2006-04-20 23:12:07 by fishhead
THE SOUTH’S GONNA DO IT AGAIN Redneck's dream becomes reality by Jerry Atrix Who are we to doubt the great Charlie Daniels? When he coined this song in the mid 70’s, who would have thought he was right? Could we have guessed that if it restarted, it would do so in our lifetime? Despite what he didn’t think or know, the South HAS done it again. Or is, at least, trying. Last week, country music superstar Willie Nelson pulled his endorsement from Democratic oddball Dennis Kucinich, and appointed himself President of the Confederate States of America. Nelson is building an army of former Howard Dean supporting ‘ guys with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks’. An ...

If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson Hypocritical 'Christians' do Christianity no favors
Post Date: 2006-03-15 01:10:37 by Coral Snake
If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson Hypocritical 'Christians' do Christianity no favors Paul Joseph Watson/Prison http://Planet.com | March 14 2006 Pat Robertson is back on the news treadmill after telling his viewers that Islam wants to take over the world and is not a religion of peace, and that radical Muslims are "satanic." Robertson's past comments underscore the fact that nobody other than Robertson himself has done more to desert so-called Christian principles. Firstly, no matter how idiotic, Robertson has a right to say whatever he likes under the 1st Amendment. This isn't a 'hate speech' issue. The issue is that Robertson is a complete hypocrite and he is aiding the ...

Is Darwin Holy?
Post Date: 2006-02-22 08:12:51 by continental op
?The great sociologist of religion Emile Durkheim called the contrast between the sacred and the profane the widest and deepest of all contrasts the human mind is capable of making,? wrote the late Robert Nisbet. ?Everything above the level of the instinctual, Durkheim concluded, began in human veneration, awe, reverence of the sacred ? be it a god, spirit, grove of trees, or lake or stream. Religion in the sense of gods, churches, liturgies, and bibles emerged in due time from the primitive sacred essence. So did the rest of human culture, its signs, symbols, words, drawings, and acts.? A fascinating observation. I happened to run across it while I was marveling at the curious evangelical ...

Court upholds church use of hallucinogenic tea
Post Date: 2006-02-21 13:57:36 by Ferret Mike
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that a small congregation in New Mexico may use hallucinogenic tea as part of a four-hour ritual intended to connect with God. Justices, in their first religious freedom decision under Chief Justice John Roberts, moved decisively to keep the government out of a church’s religious practice. Federal drug agents should have been barred from confiscating the hoasca tea of the Brazil-based church, Roberts wrote in the decision. The tea, which contains an illegal drug known as DMT, is considered sacred to members of O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal, which has a blend of Christian beliefs and South American traditions. ...

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