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'He Did Not Pray': Fallout Grows From Trump's Photo-Op At St. John's Church

The Bible according to Pelosi

Israeli scientists dig up cannabis traces in ancient temple

The Epitome of Rioting Irony and Ignorance in One Tweet

George Floyd Endgame: Martial Law and a Police State

(Martial Law) “Light Em Up!” Minneapolis PD and National Guard Do A Street Sweep During Curfew

Salt Lake City cops shove down an elderly man with a cane for moving too slowly

They call him Martin Looter Kang (Looters loot from other looters to get more loot)

White People, Portland Cops Take a Knee to Ask Forgiveness For “Racism”

The Virtue of the Fear Mask

Trump deploys US military to restore order in Washington, DC & says he'll do the same EVERYWHERE if local govts fail

Is It One Gigantic Psy-Op? George Floyd’s Coroner Was Also Jeffrey Epstein’s

It Don’t Make Any Damn Sense (Must Watch)

Minneapolis Rioters Attack Tanker Truck, Rip Driver Out and Beat Him, Driver arrested

New York woman attacked outside business in disturbing video as looting, rioting grip Rochester, report says

Minneapolis Police will fine, cite looters

The Pandemic Is the Right Time to Defund the Police

Teen rushed to hospital with hammer stuck in head after random attack

The Incredible Story of the US Army's Earth-Shaking, Off-Road Land Trains


Fear and Uncertainty: The Modern-Day Cult of Corona.

Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon rocket launch

China reveals plan for ‘Heavenly Palace’ space station to rival ISS

‘Rich Mitch’ Gets Scorched In GOP Ad

THE ENEMY WITHIN: Ilhan Omar’s CUNT of a Daughter Retweets List Of “Supplies” Needed For Minneapolis Riot

According to Attorney the DNI Allegedly Has Call Records Between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks – It’s Now Presumed Brennan’s CIA Was More Involved Than We Thought

Power Freaks Losing Control As Public Laughs At Coronavirus Lockdowns

A Women Gets Her Contact Tracer Certificates and Tells All

Why You Might Rent Yourself A Mustang This Weekend

Minneapolis Riots Are a Reminder that Police Don't Protect You or Your Property

Arkansas Can't Secure Financial Assistance Site So Governor Asa Hutchinson Decides To Call The Person Discovering The Breach A Criminal

NBC Bans Reporters From Using The Word ‘Riot’ In Coverage Of Minnesota Riots

Police Investigate 7-Year-Old’s Toy Gun After Zoom Call

Rioters ATTACK CNN headquarters in Atlanta – burn police car as unrest continues

Minneapolis is Burning – Soros Paid Antifa Gangs Involved

Elon Musk Baby Mama "Grimes" will legally sell her soul as part of a virtual art exhibit titled 'Selling Out'

ATF Warns Police of The “Boogaloo Movement”

Tourist Town Desperate to Reopen Faces Another Battle—White Nationalists in the Castle

Here is the Twitter faggot Yoel Roth censoring the President.

Smackdown! Homeschool 'Park Patriots' Vs. Brazoria County Park Closures

Suspicious Man Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots

98.1% Of ‘COVID-19 Deaths’ In Massachusetts Had An Underlying Health Condition

Flashback: Biden Calls for Communist Chinese Influence in “All Levels of Government, Classrooms… and Boardrooms”

"Where Did My World Go?"

Twitter Fact-checker Claimed Trump Admin Are ‘ACTUAL NAZIS’; Mocked ‘Fly Over’ States

Armed Citizens Stand With MN Protesters, But Defend Stores From Looters

Governor DeWine Suppresses Data Disproving COVID-19 Policies

What the Failed 55-MPH Speed Limit Law Tells Us About COVID Lockdowns

Bible Declares Churches Essential

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Tucker Targets Lindsey Graham - Who Wants Trump To Boost Visas To Rich Chinese Amid Corona Crisis
Post Date: 2020-03-21 22:13:40 by Deckard
Tucker Carlson has a new target; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who the Fox News host suggested was being paid by lobbyists to push for an expansion of the EB-5 visa program that lets rich Chinese people buy their way into America. "At this very moment, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is pushing the White House to respond to this epidemic by passing out residency documents to rich Chinese, who by definition have ties to our enemies in the Chinese government," Carlson said. "According to congressional investigators, fraud and criminal activity are rampant in the program - often it's no more than a money laundering scheme; a few people get rich by selling a path ...

The Lockdown of America Begins
Post Date: 2020-03-21 21:53:39 by Deckard
On Thursday night, Governor Gavin Newsome took unprecedented action and locked down the entire state of California.  The following day, Governor Andrew Cuomo locked down the state of New York and Gov. J.B. Pritzker locked down the state of Illinois. Today, as of the time of publication, 70 million Americans are in mandatory isolation at home in the hopes of stopping – or at least slowing down – the Covid-19 virus that is beginning to spread exponentially across the country. Borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico have also been closed by mutual consent between the three governments. While this may be necessary to curb the virus so as not to overwhelm the medical system, ...

Spring equinox and rise in solar uv radiation will predictably bring mild epidemic to an abrupt halt (except for quarantined populations)
Post Date: 2020-03-21 09:57:00 by Deckard
A geophysical and demographic analysis of COVID-19 coronavirus deaths in China and Italy reveals leaders in western nations have been misled that quarantine and social distancing will quell the spread of this disease.  The mortal cases of infectious pneumonia continued on past quarantines.  Death rates will predictably fall as temperatures and the solar UV index rise with the arrival of the Spring equinox (March 19). Solar ultraviolet radiation produces vitamin D in exposed skin and is the overriding factor in infectious disease control. Quarantines are counter-productive, as a chart below reveals.  The full extent of a predicted spring “cure” that will predictably ...

Lakewood Police Arrest Homeowner For Hosting Pop-up Wedding With More Than 50 People
Post Date: 2020-03-21 09:40:53 by Deckard
LAKEWOOD, N.J. (CBS) — Police in Ocean County have arrested a homeowner for hosting a pop-up wedding with more than 50 people in attendance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in the week, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy banned gatherings of 50 or more people in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Lakewood police have charged 49-year-old Eliyohu Zaks with maintaining a nuisance for hosting the wedding at a home on Spruce Street. “The Lakewood Police is asking that its citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all. Those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution,” police said in a ...

Dane County sets up website to report gatherings of 10 or more people
Post Date: 2020-03-21 09:34:28 by Deckard
MADISON (WKOW) -- Dane County residents now have a method to report violations of the governor's ban on gatherings of 10 or more people. Public Health Madison and Dane County set up an online form that can be used to submit a violation of Gov. Tony Evers' order. The form asks for some basic information before offering several fields to describe the gathering. A link to the form is available here. Those living outside of Dane County should contact their local law enforcement or health department. The penalties were outlined in the governor's order. PENALTIES, under Wisconsin statute 252.25: Any person who willfully violates or obstructs the execution of any ...

Do As We Say Not As We Do
Post Date: 2020-03-21 08:59:55 by Deckard
As axiomatic with government – that is to say, the people with titles and badges and guns who are “the government” – there is an interesting double standard with regard to the Corona’ing of life in what was, just two weeks ago, still more or less America. We are ordered to shutter our businesses; to not gather in groups of ten or more. Are ordered – at gunpoint – to accept house arrest, styled “shelter in place” – because that enables people to avoid facing up to what they’re really being ordered to accept. But what about them? Are the people with titles and badges and guns who are issuing and enforcing these orders following them? ...

Coronavirus Epidemic May Be Slowed by Warm and Humid Weather
Post Date: 2020-03-21 07:14:46 by Deckard
(Aridha Prassetya | Dreamstime.com) Will the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 recede as the weather warms up, as flu viruses often do? Maybe so, according to a preliminary study by Chinese researchers. That would be terrific news.Basically, the researchers analyzed how the epidemic evolved in various Chinese cities taking into account the weather in each. They also compared how the virus proliferated in countries with relatively lower seasonal air temperature and lower humidity (e.g., Korea, Japan, and Iran), which experienced more severe outbreaks with its spread in warmer and more humid countries (e.g., Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand), where the outbreaks have been more limited.In ...

Per The Coonman - Virgina Lockdown
Post Date: 2020-03-20 21:13:35 by Deckard
I have reports of – and have seen – armed government workers in my state (VA) menacing businesses that dare to transact business. Free exchange is now a criminal offense. Of course, it has been for some time – depending on the free exchange involved. But it’s now general. You face armed government workers – and their arms – for attempting to serve people a cup of coffee. The AGWs are prowling around local restaurants, menacing the proprietors if more than ten people are within. The “locking down” (a term once reserved for inmates of prisons) of America passes almost without comment – and little objection. The government decrees that people are ...

Corona Coincidence?
Post Date: 2020-03-20 01:18:41 by Deckard
What to make of what is going on – which is going very fast in a very ugly direction? It’s all too convenient. Two weeks ago, Orange Man seemed and probably was electorally invincible. Nothing his NPC opponents tried worked. The Orange Man ridiculed them, publicly, in his Orange Man way – leaving them bug-eyed with exasperation. One is reminded of people in the ’30s who could only refer to FDR as that man in between gasps of hate. The “climate crisis” wasn’t selling, chiefly on account of lack of evidence, the lack made up for by an abundance of emotional rhetoric. Its purveyors had been reduced to desperation tactics such as shoving an emotionally ...

Body Camera Once Again Catches An NYPD Officer Planting Drugs In Someone's Car
Post Date: 2020-03-20 01:07:21 by Deckard
from the just-here-to-ruin-lives-and-collect-a-paycheck deptThu, Mar 19th 2020 11:00am — Tim Cushing If at first you don't get punished, plant, plant again. When a police officer in Staten Island was caught by his own body camera in the apparent act of planting marijuana in the car of a group of young men, the video evidence against him was strong enough to prompt prosecutors in the resulting case to throw out the marijuana charge in the middle of a pretrial hearing. A judge cut short his testimony, and prosecutors recommended he get a lawyer. This incident of unlawfulness by a law enforcement officer received national coverage via the New York Times. In that case, NYPD ...

Cops Shoot Man in Head after Confronting him for Drinking Beer in Public Carlos Miller Mar 10, 2020 San Diego police removed more than 25 seconds of audio from the moments immediately after the shooting. Toby Diller was drinking a beer in public w
Post Date: 2020-03-19 22:39:54 by Deckard
San Diego police removed more than 25 seconds of audio from the moments immediately after the shooting.Toby Diller was drinking a beer in public when a San Diego police car pulled up to confront him. Just over a minute later, the 31-year-old man was dead, a bullet to his head.San Diego police say he ripped the gun and holster from an officer's during a struggle making them fear for their lives but that is not evident in the two body camera videos released last week.But what is evident from an overhead security camera video is that Dillion was not bothering anybody nor committing any other crime other than drinking a beer in public when police pulled up and confronted him. Police say he ...

Cops Yank 71-year-old Man out of Home in Bathrobe, Sending him Hurling to Ground
Post Date: 2020-03-19 22:31:10 by Deckard
It was a false call and Kentucky cops then lied to a supervisor about why they resorted to such aggressive tactics.Frank Seripiglia figured he would be safe opening the door to a horde of cops banging on his front door because the 71-year-old had done nothing illegal.But the Louisville man was in for a shock when a cop yanked him from inside his door within a second of opening the front door, sending him hurling to the ground face first."Get on the ground!" a cop yells as he grabs him by the wrist."Get on the fucking ground!" another cop yells as the man is flung to the ground.Turns out, the man's wife had called police claiming her husband had shot her in the head ...

Guest Column: Ron Paul – The Coronavirus Hoax
Post Date: 2020-03-19 22:19:58 by Deckard
by RON PAUL || Governments love crises because when the people are fearful they are more willing to give up freedoms for promises that the government will take care of them. After 9/11, for example, Americans accepted the near-total destruction of their civil liberties in the PATRIOT Act’s hollow promises of security. It is ironic to see the same Democrats who tried to impeach President Donald Trump last month for abuse of power demanding that the Administration grab more power and authority in the name of fighting a virus that thus far has killed less than 100 Americans. Declaring a pandemic emergency on Friday, President Trump now claims the power to quarantine individuals ...

“Do Not Call 9-1-1 Just Because You Ran Out Of Toilet Paper”
Post Date: 2020-03-19 08:37:17 by Deckard
Did you ever imagine that you would see the day when police are being called out to protect trucks that are unloading shipments of toilet paper?  Well, in California this is actually happening.  At the Costco in Santa Maria, California police were seen guarding a truck as it unloaded a shipment of toilet paper on Saturday. Thanks to the tremendous fear that the coronavirus pandemic is creating, toilet paper has become one of the hottest commodities in America all of a sudden.  Many retailers have already started to limit the amount of toilet paper that each customer can purchase, and shortages are becoming increasingly common. So what should you do if you run out of ...

DEA Returns Money It Stole From An Innocent Woman, Gets Court To Let It Walk Away From Paying Her Legal Fees
Post Date: 2020-03-19 08:30:03 by Deckard
from the abolish-DEA deptTue, Mar 17th 2020 3:34pm — Tim Cushing Just another reminder the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn't care all that much about drugs and/or enforcement. If there's money to be made, the DEA is all in. If it can score easy wins by engaging in entrapment, it will. But the drugs will flow and the damage will be done. And the DEA will be there to hoover up the cash… even when the cash has nothing to do with drugs. The DEA stole another person's life savings back in 2015. A raid of house predicated on the theory Miladis Salgado's husband was involved in drug dealing ended with the DEA walking off with $15,000 Salgado had saved for her ...

Two Dead – Lockdown the State (This is what a police state looks like)
Post Date: 2020-03-19 08:02:43 by Deckard
In my state – Virginia – two elderly men have died from Corona virus/respiratory failure. On account of this, Governor Coonman has decreed that it shall be unlawful for any gathering of more than ten people to occur – or else. The thug Tweeted as follows: “I have issued an emergency order (a fuhrer befehl, as it were) to enforce Virginia’s statewide ban of more than 10 patrons in restaurants, theaters and fitness centers,” thereby cratering these businesses’ business, putting them out of business. Der Coonman continues: ” If you were considering ignoring this limit – don’t.” Will he order armed government workers to shoot people ...

MARTIAL LAW? National Guard Deployed Throughout Country Due to Coronavirus Outbreak
Post Date: 2020-03-19 07:48:58 by Deckard
The National Guard has announced that there are over 1,500 guardsman who have been deployed in 22 states across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak that is causing mass hysteria. In the state of New York, guardsman “have been working with state and local officials to distribute food, disinfect public spaces and help run mobile screening facilities.” “The community is extremely happy that we’re out here,” said Army Sgt. Corey Smith, with the New York Army Guard’s 1156th Engineer Company, in a press release. “They’ve been sharing stories with us about how tough it’s been for them getting food at the grocery store.” Trending: Activist ...

Panicked toilet paper hoarders get in physical fight with another customer who wants just one pack
Post Date: 2020-03-17 21:15:06 by Deckard
Shop for toilet paper at your own risk! With the new coronavirus still on the rise, most people in half-empty supermarkets have been polite and considerate with one another. But when it comes to toilet paper (of all things!), sometimes things get ugly.Rather than just share some toilet paper with another customer who is asking for just one pack, these frenzied hoarders push and hit her and try to make out with an overflowing cartful of the stuff. Luckily the store employees take charge and restore some order. But we don’t get to see how the toilet paper is finally distributed.

Innocent Family Raided, Children Taken by CPS for 100% Legal Cannabis
Post Date: 2020-03-17 20:52:34 by Deckard
San Jacinto, CA — Since the passage of Proposition 64, residents of the state of California are now legally allowed to grow marijuana. As long as the person growing the marijuana is 21 years of age or older, they are allowed to cultivate no more than 6 plants on their property. Sam Davis and his wife both knew the law and were following it to the letter. However, cops are still addicted to kicking in doors and devastating people’s lives over a plant and because of this, Sam Davis and his family are fighting an uphill battle. Last year, on October 17th, Davis was at his Riverside County home with his family when multiple cops showed up to arrest him for his entirely legal marijuana ...

Cop Kills Star Student for Holding a Tiny Multi-Tool—NO CHARGES
Post Date: 2020-03-17 20:46:29 by Deckard
Lilburn, GA — Families and friends have been fighting for justice since their friend and loved one who was struggling with depression was gunned down by Georgia Tech campus police officer Tyler Beck. Now, after over two years of waiting for justice, the family found out there will be none. An Atlanta District Attorney announced on Friday that Beck would not face any charges in the killing of Scout Schultz, 21. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said Beck won’t face criminal charges in Schultz’s death, news outlets reported. Howard said two use-of-force experts concluded the shooting was justified, reports WJCL. The investigation took over a year, despite dramatic ...

What 911 Didn’t . . . and the “Climate Crisis” Couldn’t
Post Date: 2020-03-17 20:25:21 by Deckard
An economic pandemic is spreading that will kill the livelihoods of millions of Americans – who will soon be unemployed, their businesses bankrupt, their savings consumed.The American way of life itself is in the balance – not just for a few days or weeks or months, but quite possibly forever.And quite possibly, on purpose.The end of free travel. The end of free association. No more gathering in groups – which would include political gatherings. A national “lockdown.” The strong possibility of forced “testing” and forced vaccination – with who knows what’s in those needles. Soviet-style food queues. A Soviet-style police state – to deal ...

Coronavirus Crowns a King
Post Date: 2020-03-16 03:42:45 by Deckard
New York State’s Godfather, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “think[s]” that coronavirus ”is going to be the public health version of Hurricane Katrina.” For once, this noted liar is right, though for the wrong reason. He compared the “Trump administration’s ‘poor response’” to COVID-19 with George Bush’s to the infamous storm. Baloney. The most striking similarity is Cuomo’s exploiting his subjects’ hysteria to seize dictatorial powers, just as Bush did with Katrina’s victims. “So what?” you’re shrugging. “That’s New York, buncha nuts and Marxists there, let ‘em suffer.” Can’t argue with that. ...

Cop Found Guilty of Planting Evidence on Video, was NEVER FIRED, Still Collecting Paycheck
Post Date: 2020-03-15 23:29:49 by Deckard
Baltimore, MD — After their department gained national shame in 2017 over a video showing an officer planting drugs to frame an innocent man while his fellow cops watched, the Baltimore police department quickly came under fire again the following week. The Baltimore Public Defender’s office released a second video in August 2017 that “appears to depict multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence.” One of those corrupt cops was Baltimore police officer Richard Pinheiro Jr. A year after getting busted planting evidence, this crooked tyrant was convicted of fabricating evidence and misconduct in office. He appealed last week and lost again. Twice, he ...

Liberty Activist ‘Murdered as He Slept’ by SWAT Team Seizing His Guns—Lawyer
Post Date: 2020-03-15 23:05:18 by Deckard
Silver Spring, MD — Duncan Lemp was a talented computer programmer who was raising money to form a startup company to go out on his own. This 21-year-old proponent of the Constitution had his entire life ahead of him. However, because the state of Maryland wanted to take his guns, he was killed in his own home — gunned down in his bed as he slept, according to his attorney. “He was a talented, smart guy. Super nice. Didn’t deserve to get shot,” said Samuel Reid, whose Canadian software company employed Lemp as an independent contractor. According to police, at approximately 4:30 am on March 12, members of the Special Operations Division – Tactical Unit were in ...

Cop Shoots FBI Agent Who Was Arresting Him for Conspiracy Against the Constitution
Post Date: 2020-03-15 22:57:37 by Deckard
Two Kentucky Constables (police officers as they’re known in some states) exchanged gunfire last Friday with FBI agents who were attempting to serve a search warrant. One unnamed FBI agent and Pulaski County Fourth District Constable Gary Baldock were both injured by the gunfire after the FBI says Baldock opened fire on them outside his residence. The FBI agent was serving an arrest warrant on Baldock for his repeated alleged violations of the Constitution. Fifth District Constable Mike “Wally” Wallace as well as Baldock were under investigation for depriving citizens of their constitutional rights. Somerset defense attorney Greg Ousley says he called the FBI after ...

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