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NYC Nearing Deal For Norwegian Cruise Ship To House Migrants

Former Pentagon Advisor Says US Likely Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines To Isolate Germany

The US is about to go Full Louis XVI

‘I do not consent!’ Americans Sound off When Congress approves ANOTHER $12 billion to Ukraine

After U.S. Soldiers Were Told to Go On Food Stamps, Congress Finds Another $12 Billion for Ukraine

Hold Up: Inflation Was Even Worse Than Reported, Federal Data Shows

Thanks to Immunity, Pfizer Doesnt Have to Answer Questions

Peter Strzoks Searing Termination Letter Was Released

The Outrageous, Republic-Distorting Census Error You've Heard Nothing About | Opinion


Gas Starts Flowing To Poland Via New Baltic Pipe From Norway

Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis

Lawmakers furious at Democratic leaders after stock trading ban stalls

Book reveals secret meeting between Adam Schiff's aides and Ukraine whistleblower attorney

'Irregular presence': Putin sends bombers to nuclear weapons base as fears of WW3 rise

As Democrats lurch leftward, Hispanics move toward Republicans

BREAKING: Faucis Net Worth Soared To $12.6+ Million During Pandemic Up $5 Million (2019-2021)

Florida Reporter Shamed Mercilessly on Twitter For Filming Stranded Kitten, Leaving It To Die

Globalists Are Marching Us Relentlessly Toward This Nuclear Armageddon EXCLUSIVE with Retired Colonel and Former Virginia State Senator Richard Black

Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief For Perpetuating Russian Troop 'Systematic Rape' Stories

U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister

Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

Well these images show US ship, helicopter and plane activity days and hours before the first explosion.

Macron will think twice about insulting Italy from now on.

Americas military and our country wont survive if wokeism continues to rule

What Trump Gets Right about Harvard

The wesT has no viable opTions ... shorT of nuclear war --- of defeaTing Russia in Ukraine

Whos our real president? Joe Biden or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

Flint, Mich. Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers

China Recruited Top US Scientists To Gain Military Edge In Hypersonic, UAV & Submarine Tech Reports

Pete Kaliner: Former EcoHealth VP says they developed COVID-19

Bidens FBI is no beTTer Than ... The worsT miliTanT police enTiTies --- in hisTory

U.S Military Recruitment video. Woke Homos

The Latino vote in Nevada could lead to a Republican Senate majority

DeSantis Moves to Prohibit Communist China From Buying Farmland, Land Around Military Bases

Trump haTers who said ... his supporTers" --- "musT be exTerminaTed

'I'm NoT Bluffing' - Vladimir PuTin ... Warns The WesT --- He Is Willing To Use Nuclear Weapons

Democrats are blind to the dangers the illegal migrants they invite in face

Crazed NorTh DakoTa Man ... Runs Over - Kills Teen --- For ExTremisT Republican Views

WWIII - The DemocraTs ulTimate weT dream ... JusT imagine - marTial law wiTh DemocraTs ruling over us --- wiTh an iron-fisT

By transporting migrants, GOP governors are exposing Democrats hypocrisy

Release Bidens secret voter plan

Nikki Haley: I wont stand for liberal intimidation from Tish James or her office

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Progressives, Journalists Worry: Are Polls Once Again Overestimating Democrats?

Crime Runs Rampant In Democrat Strongholds, With Shootings, Beheading Last Weekend

Biden Quietly Loosens Tech Export Rules to Chinese Communist Firms Just Days After Huawei Lobbyists Brother Joins White House.

Now it's a majority of voters who want Biden impeached!

Bank of America's Equity: Racial Discrimination, Elitism, Fraud, and Bad Business

NUKE ALERT - DirecT ThreaT ... Russia could use TacTical nuclear weapons in Ukraine --- Taking us To brink of WW3 - warns miliTary chief

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NUKE ALERT - DirecT ThreaT ... Russia could use TacTical nuclear weapons in Ukraine --- Taking us To brink of WW3 - warns miliTary chief
Post Date: 2022-09-08 21:04:04 by BorisY
NUKE ALERT ‘Direct threat’ Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine taking us to brink of WW3, warns military chief Tariq Tahir Sep 8 2022 A DIRECT threat exists that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the country’s top general has said. In a chilling warning, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi said Vladimir Putin’s order to use nukes could then take us to the brink of World War 3. Fears have been raised Vladimir Putin could order the use of nuclear weapons With Russia unable to defeat Ukraine using conventional weapons and now being pushed back in the war, fears have been mounting Putin could use nuclear weapons to turn the tide on the ...

Special Master Order Reveals Bidens Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells
Post Date: 2022-09-07 21:42:26 by tankumo
A federal judge on Monday granted former President Donald Trump’s request for the appointment of a special master to review the documents seized by the FBI during a raid on his Mar-a-Lago home last month. Presiding Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, further held that the Department of Justice cannot review or use for criminal investigative purposes any material seized pending the review process. Besides handing Trump a victory in his battle for some oversight of the Biden administration’s digging into his documents, Cannon highlighted several significant facts over the course of her 24-page order that further call into question the DOJ’s targeting of Trump..............

DemocraTs ... Dangerously Copy The TacTics --- Of Famous FascisTs
Post Date: 2022-09-07 14:47:41 by BorisY
Democrats Dangerously Copy The Tactics Of Famous Fascists By Vince Coyner September 7 - 2022 Most people know about the Nazis, WWII, and the Jews. What many don’t realize however is that the Nazis didn’t start out as the merchants of death they became. They started out as anti-middle class, anti- capitalist, and anti-communist, with a relatively tangential focus on anti-Semitism. Their roots, though, fertilized their monomaniacal future. For all its efforts in the 1920s, the Nazi party attracted few adherents. It was only in the early 1930s that it began to gain traction, using the economic ruin from the Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression to gain power. While ...

TIPP Poll Asks: Does America Have A Two-Tier Justice System?
Post Date: 2022-09-06 21:44:52 by tankumo
Americans fervently believe in equal justice for all, not just under law but within public institutions such as the media as well, polls in recent years have shown. And yet, one recent poll leads to a disturbing conclusion: That America is increasingly turning into a two-tiered system of justice based on politics and beliefs. The Golden/TIPP Poll (TIPP is also Issues & Insights' polling partner) asked 1,310 voters online this summer the following question: "Generally speaking, do you agree or disagree with the statement: "There is a two- tiered system of justice in America depending on your political affiliation and ideology?".............

FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the Big Guy Joe Biden
Post Date: 2022-09-06 02:09:50 by tankumo
Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent alleged to have interfered with an investigation into Hunter Biden, was assigned by the Washington Field Office as “point man” to manage whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, the first son’s former business partner, before the 2020 election — but he suppressed his damning revelations, sources say. Bobulinski spent over five hours secretly being interviewed by the FBI on Oct. 23, 2020, about his inside knowledge of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals with China. ............

Bidens open border is attracting a huge new category of illegal migrants
Post Date: 2022-09-03 23:12:33 by tankumo
Word of Team Biden’s open-borders policy is now attracting a whole new wave of illegal migrants, on top of the steady flow of 1) Mexicans and 2) former residents of the Northern Triangle nations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador: The rest of the world now accounts for more illegal border-crossers — 700,000 this fiscal year alone — than either. As the nearby chart shows, the swell that began as soon as Biden took office hasn’t slowed but grown. Much of the “other nations” group comes from Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia and Nicaragua — but Haiti and even Ukraine contribute, too. Vice President Kamala Harris’ supposed mission of addressing the ...

Inmates received $1.3 billion in covid-19 stimulus checks, including those serving life sentences
Post Date: 2022-09-03 00:25:44 by tankumo
Internal data provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to Representative Don Bacon (R-NE) details how President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan paid out COVID-19 stimulus checks totaling at least $1.3 billion to more than 1.1 million prison inmates. A massive amount, nearly 163,000 people, are serving life sentences without a possibility of parole. “The American Rescue Plan was reckless in the amount of massive spending with no off-sets,” the Nebraska Republican told The Washington Free Beacon. “Giving stimulus checks to death row inmates is a glaring example. This bill triggered the worst inflation in 41 years, costing the average family $500 a month. The poor ...

Chinas Forced Organ Harvesting Demands U.S. Response
Post Date: 2022-09-01 21:31:08 by tankumo
American doctors go to great lengths to maintain the highest ethical standards as they work to save thousands of desperately ill patients waiting for an organ match, as underscored in recent reporting of innovative transplant experiments using genetically modified pig hearts. China’s transplant sector, unconstrained by rigorous ethical rules, found a more expedient solution. China created a thriving transplant industry, the world’s second largest, based on a supply of organs forcibly harvested from executed prisoners – most likely prisoners of conscience. Though China announced that it banned this hideous practice in 2015, transparency is lacking and mounting evidence ...

Studies Show ... ThaT Covid Vaccines --- Cause Massive Blood Damage
Post Date: 2022-08-31 18:43:39 by BorisY
Studies Show That Covid “Vaccines” Cause Massive Blood Damage by Lance D. Johnson August 31, 2022 The theory of immunization has been thoroughly debunked for the new COVID mRNA vaccines. The process of bypassing the innate immune system with lipid nano-particles and the subsequent encoding and transcribing of spike proteins has proven to be toxic, inflammatory, damaging to the blood and destructive to the overall function of the cardiovascular system and the immune system. Two medical studies, one from Italy and one from Germany, show that COVID vaccines cause extensive blood damage in humans. This blood damage is the common underlying factor behind the excesses in adverse ...

Zuckerbergs Admission Of FBI Meddling In 2020 Election Is Even Bigger Than It Seems
Post Date: 2022-08-30 21:39:57 by tankumo
Zuckerberg’s admission reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s admission last week that the FBI pushed the social media giant to censor Russian misinformation — and thus the Hunter Biden laptop story, as that’s how the agency and Democrats characterized it — shortly before the November 2020 election is but a breadcrumb of a bigger scandal: the widespread interference by the FBI in the 2020 presidential election with the potential that the bureau coordinated its efforts with the Biden campaign. .........

Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Bidens DOJ Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump
Post Date: 2022-08-29 21:17:37 by tankumo
The search warrant affidavit unsealed on Friday confirms the Department of Justice used a bait-and-switch tactic to justify the FBI’s unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s home. The unredacted portions of the affidavit further expose the Biden administration’s manipulative and tenuous basis for the search and its reliance on inapplicable federal criminal code provisions to justify the targeting of a political enemy. At noon on Friday, the search warrant affidavit used by the DOJ to obtain a warrant to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home hit the public court docket, albeit with heavy redactions. While sparse, the unredacted portions of the affidavit nonetheless ...

Remember The People's Convoy (Feb 2022)
Post Date: 2022-08-29 02:23:15 by Operation 40
This is the beginning of the People's Convoy at Adelanto California, Feb 2022. sending them off to cross the United States to Washington DC. They had millions cheer them along the way. Do not forget their efforts. Thank you U.S. and Canadian Truckers for your courage!! https://rumble.com/v1hreyh-peoples-convoy-starting-across-the-united-states-to-dc-for-liberty.htmlPoster Comment:

EveryThing abouT The raid ... The case being builT by The DeparTmenT of JusTice --- reeks of sloppiness - desperaTion.
Post Date: 2022-08-28 17:23:50 by BorisY
“Critical Factual Error” by FBI Raid Affiant Could Blow Up the DOJ’s Case Against Trump Is this a matter of keystone cops of Deep State conspiracy? BY JD RUCKER August 27, 2022 in America First Original, Opinions FBI Raid The sworn affidavit presented to secure the search warrant for Mar-a- Lago used by the FBI to raid Donald Trump’s home had what appears to be a crucial error in it, one that could be easily debunked. If the facts detailed by independent journalist Paul Sperry are accurate, this could be enough to obliterate the Department of Justice’s case against Trump. In a post on Gettr, Sperry said: BREAKING: The FBI affiant who swore to the ...

Unsealed Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit reveals the government has no case against Trump
Post Date: 2022-08-28 16:40:16 by tankumo
hen two dozen or more FBI agents searched former President Trump’s residence three weeks ago, most Americans initially were left wondering what in the world must Trump have done. After all, a prodigious FBI search logically indicates an equally prodigious violation of some federal statute; therefore, it must be really serious. One former Department of Justice (DOJ) official told Politico that the evidence sought “was likely so pulverizing in its force” that it would “eviscerate” the possibility of the optics for such an invasive law enforcement action not being good..........

Wave of lawsuits coming against psychiatrists and doctors who rubber-stamped transgender mutilations and surgeries
Post Date: 2022-08-27 22:15:16 by tankumo
(Natural News) Medical professionals who rubber stamp cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers in children will be held accountable for child abuse and medical malpractice. Medical professionals who push transgender surgeries and genital mutilations on their patients will soon see a wave of lawsuits.....................

CONFIRMED: FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter Bidens Laptop
Post Date: 2022-08-26 21:30:44 by tankumo
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook algorithmically suppressed stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 election at the request of the FBI weeks before the November contest. Speaking on Joe Rogan’s podcast on Thursday, Zuckerberg said the FBI approached employees at the tech giant to warn that the laptop was a vehicle of Russian interference. “The FBI basically came to us and spoke to some folks on our team and was like, ‘Hey, just so you know, you should be on high alert. We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda on the 2016 election. We have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump similar to ...

With IRS Funding, Democrats Plan to Audit the Middle Class
Post Date: 2022-08-25 21:57:18 by tankumo
It sounded like an ironclad promise when Jared Bernstein of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto on Aug. 16 that the $45.6 billion in the Inflation Reduction Act to expand Internal Revenue Service compliance efforts “will not be spent on increasing audits of anybody” making less than $400,000 a year. “IRS enforcement is going to target those well above $400,000,” Mr. Bernstein pledged. “There’s no targeting of the middle class!”..............

Bidens 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of Equity Enforcers
Post Date: 2022-08-24 21:30:23 by tankumo
Many Americans are by now aware of the Biden administration’s plan to hire some 87,000 new IRS agents with $80 billion set aside for that purpose as part of Democrats’ misleadingly titled Inflation Reduction Act. But even more terrifying than this army of new “tax enforcers” prying into the finances of millions of ordinary Americans is the fact that, under the Biden administration’s “equity” agenda, all of them will be trained in the tenets of wokeism and ordered to advance Democrats’ far-left social agenda. On day one of his administration, Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities ...

My husband Capt. David Dorn was murdered in 2020 riots. His killer had help dividing America.
Post Date: 2022-08-23 21:27:01 by tankumo
Last month, the Black Lives Matter rioter who murdered my husband over two years ago was finally convicted in court. My husband was retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn. He was Black. His life mattered. I met David while I worked retail security, where he moonlighted when not working his main job as a police officer. We became friends, and that friendship eventually blossomed into love. After 16 wonderful years together, we were finally married on a beach in Jamaica, David’s favorite place in the world. We were happily married for another 14 years — until June 2, 2020, when David was shot and killed. Although David was retired from the police force at the time, he never ...

The ReTurn of PeTer STrzok ... How a Fired FBI Official Is Making The Case --- AgainsT Himself
Post Date: 2022-08-23 15:15:07 by BorisY
JONATHAN TURLEY Res ipsa loquitur – The thing itself speaks The Return of Peter Strzok: How a Fired FBI Official Is Making the Case Against Himself Peter Strzok is back in the news this week. Career colleagues at the Justice Department previously referred Strzok for possible criminal charges and he was fired for his bias and unprofessional conduct. However, Strzok was immediately embraced by many in the media and establishment for his anti-Trump sentiments. After he was fired, the former special agent was given a lucrative book deal, lionized on the left, featured prominently as an expert by CNN, and given a teaching job at Georgetown. It was an extraordinary recovery from ...

Parents and the left are in an all-out war, and the kids are collateral damage
Post Date: 2022-08-22 22:06:07 by tankumo
t’s war. And our kids are cannon fodder. Amid a national struggle waged by parents for control over their kids’ hearts and minds, the New Jersey chapter of the country’s largest teachers union posted an ad to YouTube that paints conservative parents as radical “extremists” and book-banners bent on contaminating their own children with racism, sexism and homo- and trans-phobia. “When extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are,” the video’s narrator intones, while the screen flips back and forth between colorful, cheery photos of teachers with students and sinister-looking black-and-white images of evil parents. “People ...

Mar-a-Lago ... The --- Abyss
Post Date: 2022-08-21 15:35:22 by BorisY
Mar-a-Lago and the Abyss August 20, 2022 by Constitutional Nobody Revisiting the Russia hoax in light of the Mar-a-Lago raid. The danger is, you often don’t realize how close you are to falling into the Abyss until too late. Watching the endless January 6 hearings and the Mar-a-Lago search, it is easy to forget just how close we came to the impeachment or prosecution of a president based on false information. And then? So much for the rule of law. Remember what was at stake. The president of the United States was accused of being a Russian agent. Then there was a backup plan, to indict Trump for obstruction of justice in a case that could only have exonerated him, based as it ...

White people banned from off-campus UC Berkeley student housing common areas
Post Date: 2022-08-20 21:13:37 by tankumo
A private housing co-op just off the University of California, Berkeley campus has banned White visitors in common areas or without consent from other tenants. The "Person of Color Theme House" is a housing co-op located near UC Berkeley that "aims to provide housing to low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color," according to its website. It is a private venture and is not affiliated with the university............

New Jersey district removes Thomas Jefferson from elementary school name over slavery
Post Date: 2022-08-20 21:03:39 by tankumo
An elementary school in New Jersey is changing its name after a successful year-long campaign to end its association with Thomas Jefferson due to his slave ownership. Jefferson Elementary School in South Orange, New Jersey, is being renamed to Delia Bolden Elementary School to honor the first Black woman to graduate high school in the area, according to NJ Advance Media........

Come On, Mitch McConnell, Republicans Need You To Step Up And Lead
Post Date: 2022-08-19 21:44:03 by tankumo
As the top elected Republican in the country, Mitch McConnell has an obligation to immediately and dramatically improve his performance. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked yesterday about Republican prospects for the November elections. “I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate. Senate races are just different, they’re statewide, candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome,” McConnell replied.

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