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NYC Nearing Deal For Norwegian Cruise Ship To House Migrants

Former Pentagon Advisor Says US Likely Attacked Nord Stream Pipelines To Isolate Germany

The US is about to go Full Louis XVI

‘I do not consent!’ Americans Sound off When Congress approves ANOTHER $12 billion to Ukraine

After U.S. Soldiers Were Told to Go On Food Stamps, Congress Finds Another $12 Billion for Ukraine

Hold Up: Inflation Was Even Worse Than Reported, Federal Data Shows

Thanks to Immunity, Pfizer Doesnt Have to Answer Questions

Peter Strzoks Searing Termination Letter Was Released

The Outrageous, Republic-Distorting Census Error You've Heard Nothing About | Opinion


Gas Starts Flowing To Poland Via New Baltic Pipe From Norway

Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis

Lawmakers furious at Democratic leaders after stock trading ban stalls

Book reveals secret meeting between Adam Schiff's aides and Ukraine whistleblower attorney

'Irregular presence': Putin sends bombers to nuclear weapons base as fears of WW3 rise

As Democrats lurch leftward, Hispanics move toward Republicans

BREAKING: Faucis Net Worth Soared To $12.6+ Million During Pandemic Up $5 Million (2019-2021)

Florida Reporter Shamed Mercilessly on Twitter For Filming Stranded Kitten, Leaving It To Die

Globalists Are Marching Us Relentlessly Toward This Nuclear Armageddon EXCLUSIVE with Retired Colonel and Former Virginia State Senator Richard Black

Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief For Perpetuating Russian Troop 'Systematic Rape' Stories

U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister

Underreported Data Suggests Victory for GOP in PA Suburbs

Well these images show US ship, helicopter and plane activity days and hours before the first explosion.

Macron will think twice about insulting Italy from now on.

Americas military and our country wont survive if wokeism continues to rule

What Trump Gets Right about Harvard

The wesT has no viable opTions ... shorT of nuclear war --- of defeaTing Russia in Ukraine

Whos our real president? Joe Biden or the staffers who keep walking back his comments?

Flint, Mich. Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers

China Recruited Top US Scientists To Gain Military Edge In Hypersonic, UAV & Submarine Tech Reports

Pete Kaliner: Former EcoHealth VP says they developed COVID-19

Bidens FBI is no beTTer Than ... The worsT miliTanT police enTiTies --- in hisTory

U.S Military Recruitment video. Woke Homos

The Latino vote in Nevada could lead to a Republican Senate majority

DeSantis Moves to Prohibit Communist China From Buying Farmland, Land Around Military Bases

Trump haTers who said ... his supporTers" --- "musT be exTerminaTed

'I'm NoT Bluffing' - Vladimir PuTin ... Warns The WesT --- He Is Willing To Use Nuclear Weapons

Democrats are blind to the dangers the illegal migrants they invite in face

Crazed NorTh DakoTa Man ... Runs Over - Kills Teen --- For ExTremisT Republican Views

WWIII - The DemocraTs ulTimate weT dream ... JusT imagine - marTial law wiTh DemocraTs ruling over us --- wiTh an iron-fisT

By transporting migrants, GOP governors are exposing Democrats hypocrisy

Release Bidens secret voter plan

Nikki Haley: I wont stand for liberal intimidation from Tish James or her office

Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election

Progressives, Journalists Worry: Are Polls Once Again Overestimating Democrats?

Crime Runs Rampant In Democrat Strongholds, With Shootings, Beheading Last Weekend

Biden Quietly Loosens Tech Export Rules to Chinese Communist Firms Just Days After Huawei Lobbyists Brother Joins White House.

Now it's a majority of voters who want Biden impeached!

Bank of America's Equity: Racial Discrimination, Elitism, Fraud, and Bad Business

NUKE ALERT - DirecT ThreaT ... Russia could use TacTical nuclear weapons in Ukraine --- Taking us To brink of WW3 - warns miliTary chief

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Voters believe Putin wouldn't have invaded Ukraine under Trump. Logic agrees
Post Date: 2022-03-09 22:50:25 by tankumo
"Swing voters, Trump/Biden voters, they seem to buy the idea that Putin wouldn’t have done this if Trump was president. How does the Democratic Party answer for that? I don’t buy that, I don’t think that matches logic, but voters do." That was NBC's Chuck Todd on a recent edition of "Meet the Press Daily," sharing his disbelief that Russia would have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still president. Todd's comments came in reaction to recent polls showing that a solid majority of Americans believe exactly that. This isn't exactly a hypothetical, of course, considering that Trump was president for four years, not too long ago, while ...

The prospect of a Russian military base in Sudan worries the United States
Post Date: 2022-03-09 21:53:18 by A K A Stone
With the invasion of Ukraine, Russia, now isolated and sanctioned, could find allies in Africa. Among them Sudan, which seems ready to host a military base on its soil. “US officials are growing concerned that Sudan’s military junta will allow Russia to build a naval base on the strategic Red Sea coast” says the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). This American fear resided in the hypothesis of a return to an agreement between Sudan and Russia. The agreement, discussed in 2017 between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Omar Al-Bashir stipulated that Moscow would obtain a twenty-five-year lease to build a base in Port Sudan. It was the number two of the Sudanese junta, back from ...

Russia is obeying God by invading Ukraine Quotation Master
Post Date: 2022-03-09 21:51:52 by A K A Stone

Ukrainian Violinist Performs in Bomb Shelter
Post Date: 2022-03-09 21:46:08 by A K A Stone

Tabakov recorded a song against the war of the Russian Federation with Ukraine
Post Date: 2022-03-09 21:37:18 by A K A Stone
It is noted that to listen to the premiere of “Get out, the war!” and you can watch the video here. “Great Light, back the war! Why kill fathers, children? Back of the divine tyrants-katіv, so that the light does not fly to heaven in one hour! ”, – these words of the song are a call to the entire civilized world, which has no right to leave Ukraine face to face with a cruel enemy. “The Antichrist has come to our land. Ukrainians could not imagine such horror, such cruelty, such suffering. This is Russian genocide against the Ukrainian people. But the victory is ours, because the truth is on our side and God is with us,” says Tabakov. As ...

Justin Trudeau's Step-By-Step Plan For A Totalitarian Canada
Post Date: 2022-03-09 17:14:28 by jeremiad
Modern liberals hurtle from extravagant tolerance to suppression without batting an eye. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dramatizes the tendency Modern liberals hurtle from extravagant without batting an eye. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dramatizes the tendency.” Recently published in the Wall Street Journal, this comment speaks volumes regarding the condition of Canadian society. It articulates what all citizens should understand—but do not. Under the iron-clad rule of PM Justin Trudeau, there is but a thin line between liberalism and totalitarianism. In Trudeau’s Canada, all is social equality until a segment of the population disagree with government, ...

Russia-Ukraine war: Intel officials predict 'ugly' weeks ahead as Putin doubles down
Post Date: 2022-03-09 09:37:46 by goldilucky
Fox News 9:33 AM U.S. Politics Media Opinion Business Entertainment Sports Lifestyle Weather TV Fox Nation Listen More Expand / Collapse search Login Watch TV Hot Topics RUSSIA-UKRAINE Ukraine Published March 8, 2022 12:33pm EST Russia-Ukraine war: Intel officials predict 'ugly' weeks ahead as Putin doubles down Putin had 'flawed' assumption Russian military capable of 'quick, decisive victory at minimal cost' Ronn Blitzer By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News Facebook Twitter Flipboard Comments Print Email Fox News Flash top headlines for March 8 Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on http://Foxnews.com. NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! ...

The Story of the Bible Alan Nalley
Post Date: 2022-03-09 00:37:09 by A K A Stone

Triumph generation - Ulimwengu (official video)
Post Date: 2022-03-09 00:20:43 by A K A Stone

Victoria Nuland says Russia may capture Ukraines bio-labs
Post Date: 2022-03-08 22:07:10 by A K A Stone
Washington: Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States, said “There are biological research facilities in Ukraine, and we fear that Russia will take control over them.” twitter.com/i/status/1501313109520175104 She testified that the U.S. is working to prevent Russia from capturing bio-labs in Ukraine. Nuland said she’s worried Russia may get them. She added she’s 100% sure if there’s a biological attack, it’s Russia. twitter.com/i/status/1501313109520175104 Amid her testimony, a 20214 YouTube video came under discussion where Nuland purportedly talked about American plan for Ukraine. In 2014 a private phone ...

Ron DeSantis Bullies Kids Into Doing Whatever They Want
Post Date: 2022-03-08 20:20:32 by Deckard
FLORIDA—Governor Ron DeSantis has come under harsh criticism for bullying a group of kids by forcing them to make their own choices and do whatever they want. The college kids were just minding their own business, wearing masks as instructed when DeSantis rudely offered to let them consider other options. “Take those masks off right now, or keep them on—just do whatever you want! Hey, you're an American and America is a free country! You do you, man!” said a scary and imposing Governor DeSantis, intimidating the kids and leaving them with no choice but to choose whatever they wanted. “In that moment, I felt pressured to make a decision for myself ...

Brave New Army Commercial Promotes Inclusion And Diversity
Post Date: 2022-03-08 20:10:27 by Deckard
In this new commercial from the U.S. Army, everyone's favorite branch of the military promotes their new, more diverse, more inclusive standards. From gender reveal grenades to more affirming drill sergeants, the Army is leading the way in inclusion!

Quote iT ... or --- STHU!
Post Date: 2022-03-08 17:24:20 by BorisY
To: Red Badger Sorry, but we’re done with the covid bull shit! 2 posted on 3/8/2022, by Artcore To: Artcore Posted on 1/24/2021, 2:31:27 PM by Jim Robinson Reminder: No profanity, no personal attacks, no violence. You agreed to this when you signed up for posting privileges. This means leave off the the cussing and swear words. No f-bombs. No c- words, no sh-words, etc. Not even masked. 8 posted on 3/8/2022, TexasGator (UF) To: Celtic Conservative “Yes you did. “ Quote it or STHU! 38 posted on 3/8/2022, by TexasGator (UF) To: TexasGator “Quote it or STHU!” Posted on 1/24/2021, 2:31:27 PM by Jim Robinson Reminder: No profanity, no ...

Georgia election fraud.... VIDEO
Post Date: 2022-03-08 17:13:06 by jeremiad
It is a video, but well done and you can easily take pictures and clip and paste "post cards" of stills. I am not smart enough to do so. WATCH IT....

Here's Your 'Red Pill' Moment for the Russia-Ukraine War
Post Date: 2022-03-08 16:48:15 by jeremiad
It's time for your red pill. Something smells rotten in Ukraine. The story is rotten, rancid, hinky; the story just doesn't add up. President Joe Biden and the media desperately want you to believe Russia is the bad guy and Ukraine is a little angel. They want you to fall in love with underdog Ukraine. They want you to support America getting involved on behalf of Ukraine. To get your support, they need the media to sell you a bill of goods. But it just doesn't add up. First, Biden is the one who funded Russia's invasion. Biden killed our pipelines, killed coal and banned drilling, which made us dependent on Russian oil -- which made Russia filthy rich and arrogant. Biden ...

Depression Parents
Post Date: 2022-03-08 16:32:02 by jeremiad
EXCERPTED:I Wonder What the Poor Folks Are Having Tonight? Episode #8 I grew up in a household where we had measured discussions about serious things. I assumed everyone did, but when I eventually began school and advanced in the grades, I discovered that not every family was like ours. Many of the kids I grew up with never talked about such things at all. I was astonished by this. Some didn’t even know if they were Republicans or Democrats or something else. It was yet another way I found to appreciate our happy and interesting home life. I still seek that kind of conversation, but it has been hard to find. It’s even harder to find today. One of the most important lessons I ...

When The Crazies Of The World Get To Gang Up On Us
Post Date: 2022-03-08 16:16:58 by jeremiad
Oh what brotherly love Merry Old England put on public display during Canada’s last days as a not too long ago Free Nation. Incredibly, Brexit Boris was loudly there to congratulate preen star Justin Trudeau when he gave away something not his to give. We’ve already reached the stage where it doesn’t matter if your’e crazy, it only matters how easily offended you can prove your sensibilities to be. My much admired colleague artist/writer David Merrick reminded me only yesterday that all the wrongs—including the corrupt Clinton Foundation are coming back. (link) Why would anyone who loves little children trust their future to the Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, ...

Landfill worker in port-a-potty crushed by bulldozer in 'tragic' accident, officials say
Post Date: 2022-03-08 15:00:34 by Hank Rearden
Sometimes, when you gotta go, you're gone. Will there be any laughter during the eulogy? ------------------ A Florida landfill worker died Friday after a colleague in a bulldozer accidentally ran over the port-a-potty he was using, authorities said. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Polk County Fire Rescue responded to a report of an accident at the Polk County North Central Landfill after 5 p.m. Workers told first responders that Aaron Henderson had been crushed while using the port-a-potty, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office. Henderson, 40, worked for CertiTemp, a company contracted by Polk County. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Investigators ...

The STUPID FAGGOT says buy an electric car (FUCK YOU BUTTPLUG)
Post Date: 2022-03-08 06:51:06 by A K A Stone

Going From One Tyrant To Another: Nikki Haley Slams Bidens Latest Plan To Counter Russian Oil
Post Date: 2022-03-08 01:14:23 by tankumo
The Biden administration's plan to lift sanctions on Venezuela to ease the global rise in energy prices resulting from Russia's invasion from Ukraine is "a joke," former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley told the Washington Free Beacon. "The idea that Biden would lift sanctions on Venezuela to punish Russia is a joke," Haley said. "Going from one tyrant to another won't solve our issues—supporting and ramping up American energy production will. Biden must stop buying Russian oil, appeasing dictators, and funding these rogue regimes." Haley's comments come as senior Biden administration officials travel to Venezuela to meet with President ...

And folks - for our LGBTQ-plus Americans I will always have your back, --- Mr. Biden paused a momenT before quickly adding - As your presidenT.
Post Date: 2022-03-07 14:41:56 by BorisY
Joe Biden’s political Mardi Gras Very Jokes March 2, 2022 OPINION: Say goodbye to “voodoo economics.” Say hello to black magic politics, astrological financing and ouija board diplomacy! President Joe Biden last night proved himself the unrivaled wizard of political sorcery, shape-shifting and truth vaporization. It was a political Mardi Gras of lies. “We come from the land of corporate America,” he said to a puzzled gathering of Congress. Democrats weren’t sure if they were supposed to stand up. Republicans weren’t sure if they were supposed to clap. “I’m a capitalist!” he announced, further confusing everyone. “But ...

Trumps Virtues
Post Date: 2022-03-06 14:40:06 by tankumo
We are still in need of the qualities of great leadership. Many leading Republicans and conservatives want someone other than Donald Trump to run for President in 2024. But this judgment requires an assessment of Trump’s vices and virtues in the context of our current political and cultural circumstances, as well as an assessment of other prospective Republican presidential candidates. Among the talked-about alternatives to Trump, I have not yet seen anyone who possesses either his virtues or his backbone. I am not suggesting that everyone make way for Trump; rather that it is too early to throw him overboard. I regularly ask Republican politicians what they think of Donald Trump. The ...

I Signed Up to Study Journalism. What They Taught Me Was Activism
Post Date: 2022-03-05 13:00:12 by tankumo
Even by the hyper-progressive standards of the Canadian education sector, Ryerson University in Toronto has distinguished itself as being unusually energetic in its social justice messaging. Last spring, Indigenous activists destroyed the statue of the university’s namesake, Egerton Ryerson, on the basis that he helped design Canada’s system of residential schools. By way of response, the school’s president could not even bring himself to criticize the vandals, but rather expressed his relief that none of them were injured during the course of their crime. He also pledged that “the statue will not be restored or replaced,” and asserted that these events only ...

Those people ... who Talk abouT Tolerance --- are The mosT inToleranT people on earTh.
Post Date: 2022-03-05 12:23:30 by BorisY
Stunning MassResistance Interview With Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski — Internationally Known Pastor Beaten and Imprisoned by Canadian Authorities Arrested, fined, and jailed for speaking against government tyranny, and for “illegally” holding church services. Charged with violation of Canada’s infamous COVID restrictions and recent “emergency” acts. U.S. Senator and others express outrage against his treatment. A long- time friend of MassResistance MassResistance video screenshot Pastor Art addressing the crowd outside the Calgary Police Station supporting Bill Whatcott in 2018. By MASSRESISTANCE Published on March 4, 2022 VIDEO: MassResistance ...

Fear Of Donald Trump Kept Putin From Invading Ukraine. Heres How Trump Pulled It Off
Post Date: 2022-03-04 22:08:49 by tankumo
A recent Harvard-Harris poll found that 62 percent of Americans believe that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still in the Oval Office. As former senior intelligence officials under President Trump, we agree with that view. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 when George W. Bush was president. Russia took Crimea in 2014 when Barack Obama was president. Russia has now invaded Ukraine with Joe Biden as president. However, when Donald Trump was president, Russia did not seize territory from any of its neighbors......

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