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Rare Van Halen Leicestershire, Donnington Park August 18, 1984 Valerie Bertinelli Cameo

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In Day of the Lord, 24 Church Elders with Crowns Join Jesus in His Throne

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Russia Launches ‘Retaliatory’ Strikes After Crimean Bridge Attack
Post Date: 2023-07-19 21:20:14 by Charles_Byrd
The Russian Defense Ministry said Tuesday that Russian forces launched “retaliatory” strikes in southern Ukraine in response to the bombing of the Crimean Bridge by Ukrainian forces. Russia said the strikes were launched against targets in Odesa and Mykolaiv, and Ukrainian authorities reported airstrikes in those cities. Click for Full Text!

Would Ukraine’s Formal Membership in NATO Really Matter?
Post Date: 2023-07-19 21:01:28 by Charles_Byrd
During the prelude to the NATO summit in Vilnius, there was extensive speculation about whether Ukraine would be given a clear path to membership in the alliance, with a specific timeline. Much to the disappointment of Ukraine’s government and its ardent supporters in the West, NATO leaders opted for a more limited commitment. In the final communique, summit participants stated that they would “continue to support and review Ukraine’s progress on interoperability as well as additional democratic and security sector reforms that are required.” They also affirmed that the alliance “will support Ukraine in making these reforms on its path towards future ...

US Expected to Announce New $1.3 Billion Weapons Package for Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-19 20:57:46 by Charles_Byrd
The Biden administration is expected to announce a new $1.3 billion weapons package for Ukraine in the coming days, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing two unnamed US officials. The funds will be provided through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which allows the US to purchase weapons for Ukraine as opposed to shipping them directly from US military stockpiles, which is the main way the US has been arming Kyiv. Click for Full Text!

NATO Is a Warfare Alliance, Not a Force for Global Peace or Stability
Post Date: 2023-07-18 19:34:30 by Charles_Byrd
At his speech during the NATO Summit in Lithuania, President Biden called the U.S. and Europe “anchors for global security” when in reality there are no anchors during this increasingly dangerous and polarized time of never-ending war in Europe. Our NATO allies are not, as Biden would suggest, anchors in a turbulent sea of demons but rather catalysts stirring the cauldron of war on behalf of U.S. empire. The instability of the NATO alliance was evident in the controversy over the key issue of Ukraine membership. Biden and his administration tried to work both sides of the street. On the one hand, Biden insisted that “Ukraine’s future lies at NATO.” But then the ...

Ukraine: The Empire Strikes Back
Post Date: 2023-07-18 19:30:28 by Charles_Byrd
Amidst the dross that clutters the New York Times op-ed page on most days, glimmers of enlightenment occasionally appear. A recent guest column by Grey Anderson and Thomas Meaney offers a case in point. “NATO Isn’t What It Says It Is,” declares the headline. Contrary to the claims of its architects and defenders, Anderson and Meaney argue persuasively that the central purpose of the alliance from its founding was not to deter aggression from the East and certainly not to promote democracy, but to “bind Western Europe to a far vaster project of a U.S.- led world order.” In return for Cold War-era security guarantees, America’s European allies offered deference ...

Blinken Says Ukraine Would Be ‘Defenseless’ Without Cluster Bombs
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:19:35 by Charles_Byrd
Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday defended the Biden administration’s decision to arm Ukraine with widely-banned cluster munitions, which have a devastating impact on civilians. The US is providing Ukraine with cluster munitions in the form of 155mm artillery shells. Blinken said without the cluster bombs, Ukraine would be “defenseless” because the US and NATO are running out of regular ammunition. Click for Full Text!

White House Says Ukraine Joining NATO Means War With Russia
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:17:47 by Charles_Byrd
The White House said Tuesday that NATO membership for Ukraine isn’t going to happen anytime soon since it would mean war with Russia. “Of course, they are at war right now. So, NATO membership in the immediate future isn’t likely because that would put NATO at war with Russia,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told CNN. Click for Full Text!

Report: Biden Administration Debating Sending ATACMs to Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:16:17 by Charles_Byrd
The Biden administration is quietly debating whether or not to provide Ukraine with Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS), which have a range of up to 190 miles, The New York Times reported Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reported at the end of June that the administration was moving closer to providing Ukraine with ATACMS, which would mark a significant escalation of US military aid. But so far, no decision has been made, and some US officials don’t think the Pentagon has enough ATACMS to spare for Ukraine. Click for Full Text!

Russia’s Spy Chief Says He Spoke With CIA Director About Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:15:14 by Charles_Byrd
Sergey Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), confirmed on Wednesday that he spoke with CIA Director William Burns after Yevgeny Prigozhin’s short-lived rebellion. US media outlets reported at the end of June that Burns phoned Naryshkin to assure that the US was not involved in Prigozhin’s mutiny. But Naryshkin said the two spy chiefs mostly discussed Ukraine. Click for Full Text!

British Defense Minister Says Ukraine Needs to Show More Gratitude
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:14:02 by Charles_Byrd
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Wednesday that Ukraine needs to show more gratitude for the support it receives from the West when asked about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s criticism of NATO’s communiqué. “Whether we like it or not, people want to see a bit of gratitude,” Wallace told reporters. A day earlier, Zelensky wrote on Twitter that it was “absurd” that Ukraine was not given an invitation to join NATO or a timeline on when membership might happen. Click for Full Text!

Germany’s Rheinmetall to Open Tank Factory in Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:12:55 by Charles_Byrd
Rheinmetall, Germany’s leading arms maker, will open a plant to manufacture tanks and other armored vehicles in Ukraine within the next 12 weeks as the West is looking to boost Ukraine’s weapons industry. Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger told CNN that the company will also train Ukrainians how to use and maintain the tanks they manufacture at the plant. He said Ukrainians need to learn how to “help themselves” and cannot rely on Europeans and Americans for maintenance. Click for Full Text!

G7 Countries Vow Long-Term Military Support for Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:11:10 by Charles_Byrd
President Biden and other Group of Seven leaders on Wednesday pledged long-term support for Ukraine and announced that they would each negotiate a bilateral security deal with Kyiv. “Today we are launching negotiations with Ukraine to formalize — through bilateral security commitments and arrangements aligned with this multilateral framework, in accordance with our respective legal and constitutional requirements — our enduring support to Ukraine,” the G7 said in a joint statement. Click for Full Text!

Turkey, Hungary Expected to Ratify Sweden’s NATO Bid This Fall
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:09:52 by Charles_Byrd
Hungary has said it will approve Sweden’s NATO bid now that Turkey has dropped its objection, but both the Hungarian and Turkish parliaments will not take up the issue until the fall. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his country’s parliament will approve Sweden’s NATO bid when it comes back in session in October. Click for Full Text!

Lavrov Says Russia Will View F-16s in Ukraine as Nuclear Threat
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:08:03 by Charles_Byrd
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia will view US-made F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine as a nuclear threat because they are capable of carrying nuclear weapons. “We have informed the nuclear powers, the United States, Britain and France, that Russia cannot ignore the ability of these aircraft to carry nuclear weapons. No amount of assurances will help here,” Lavrov said. Click for Full Text!

Biden Order Activates 3,000 Reservists for Europe Deployments
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:04:04 by Charles_Byrd
President Biden on Thursday signed an executive order allowing the Pentagon to mobilize 3,000 reservists for deployments in Europe, where the US military has significantly increased its presence since Russia invaded Ukraine. Since February 2022, the US has deployed over 20,000 additional troops to Europe, bringing US troop levels on the continent to over 100,000 for the first time since 2005. The US has beefed up its presence in Eastern Europe and currently has over 10,000 troops in Poland, which has become a hub for weapons bound for Ukraine. Click for Full Text!

Report: US Almost Scaled Back NATO Commitment for Ukraine Over Zelensky Tweet
Post Date: 2023-07-17 19:01:30 by Charles_Byrd
The Washington Post reported Thursday that US officials at the NATO summit in Vilnius were so angry over Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s criticism that they almost scaled back the commitment made to Ukraine in NATO’s communiqué. As the alliance was working on the wording of its communiqué on Tuesday, Zelensky took to Twitter to air his grievances about Ukraine not getting a formal invitation to join NATO, calling it “unprecedented and absurd.” Click for Full Text!

House Votes Down Amendment to Block Cluster Bomb Shipments to Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 18:56:25 by Charles_Byrd
The House on Thursday night voted down an amendment to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act that would have prohibited the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine. The amendment was led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and failed in a vote of 147-276. The amendment received support from 98 Republicans and 49 Democrats. Click for Full Text!

U.S. Soldiers Don’t Belong in Ukraine
Post Date: 2023-07-17 18:35:23 by Charles_Byrd
So how many American soldiers fight in Ukraine? The Biden bunch is careful not to reveal or refer to their presence, mercenary or otherwise, but the question keeps coming to mind. It popped up again June 27, when Russia bombed what the Ukraine press called simply a restaurant in Kramatorsk. However, this supposedly innocuous restaurant was part of a hotel complex that apparently attracted lots of western men of fighting age, specifically American soldiers and others from NATO countries. We know this because eyewitnesses heard them speaking American English and saw their U.S. military tattoos (3rd Ranger Battalion) and the American flags on their helmets. Also, American mercenaries were ...

20% of Ukrainian weapons destroyed in just two weeks – New York Times
Post Date: 2023-07-17 18:04:14 by Charles_Byrd
The Ukrainian military lost 20% of the equipment it sent to the battlefield during the first two weeks of its counteroffensive, the New York Times reported on Saturday. This high attrition rate was reportedly a key factor in Kiev’s decision to pause the operation. Beginning in early June, Ukrainian forces launched a series of attacks all along the front line from Kherson to Donetsk. Advancing through minefields and without air support, the Ukrainian military lost 26,000 men and more than 3,000 pieces of military hardware, according to the latest figures from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Click for Full Text!

Young Ukrainians scared to leave their homes as more and more videos emerge of forced conscription
Post Date: 2023-07-16 01:09:39 by Charles_Byrd
As Ukraine’s manpower on its frontlines starts to dwindle, military leaders are becoming increasingly desperate to locate new recruits to propel its counteroffensive against Russia forward; however, the number of young people volunteering for such a challenge has plummeted. Recent videos of young Ukrainian men being conscripted across the country have circulated in popular encrypted messaging apps in Ukraine, and those fearful of being sent to the front are actively engaging in evasive and, in some instances, illegal tactics to avoid such a fate. Click for Full Text!

The US Military Violations of US Constitution
Post Date: 2023-07-14 01:04:50 by Charles_Byrd
Is the Russia-Ukraine war over? No. But the obvious threat to Erdogan was a repeat of the earthquake multiplied by ten. And the threat-makers are likely at their desks in Langley. From Russia’s standpoint, Sweden and Finland were already well entrenched in the socialist Marxist ideology. And the award ceremony is mere pomp and circumstance. While Finland borders Russia, Sweden does not. Typically, the reason by western mobsters would be to use Finland as a human shield for the front of an EU war. A Sacrificial Lamb – if they embraced God. But they don’t. Click for Full Text!

Why the US Armed Services Cannot Recruit
Post Date: 2023-07-14 01:03:23 by Charles_Byrd
Despite the drone of hostile propaganda against Russia, China, and Iran, The US armed forces cannot recruit. All sorts of false reasons are offered. For example, the American job market is too good, only 25% of Americans are fit enough to pass enlistment standards, which keep falling, and so on. Click for Full Text!

‘Go to hell,’ Ukraine tells anti-cluster bomb German MP
Post Date: 2023-07-11 18:32:28 by Charles_Byrd
Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Melnik has told a German lawmaker to “go to hell” for opposing the delivery of cluster munitions to Kiev’s forces. Melnik formerly served as ambassador to Germany, where he made a name for himself by publicly insulting his hosts. “The use of ‘cluster munitions’ is rightly outlawed internationally,” German MP Ralf Stenger tweeted on Friday, adding that those who “act in the name of international order and values ​​do not supply such weapons, not even in Ukraine.” Stenger is a member of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’ SPD party. Click for Full Text!

Joe Biden and His Warmongering Minions Seem Absolutely Determined To Drag America Into World War III
Post Date: 2023-07-11 18:27:47 by Charles_Byrd
When the nukes start falling, nobody will be able to say that they weren’t warned. Thanks to Joe Biden and his warmongering minions, we are steamrolling toward World War III, but most Americans don’t seem to care. Most of us just continue to party our lives away, but meanwhile our leaders seem absolutely determined to drag us into an apocalyptic conflict. The Biden administration is constantly provoking China and constantly escalating the war in Ukraine, and one of these days they could cross a line that will never be able to be uncrossed. They are literally playing with fire, but they won’t be the only ones that get burned if they push things too far. This week, we learned ...

Don’t Look Now, But Utter Chaos Is Being Unleashed All Over the World
Post Date: 2023-07-08 01:28:45 by Charles_Byrd
The relative peace and tranquility that we had been enjoying for several months has been shattered. All of a sudden, chaos is erupting all over the globe. Rioters are setting fires in cities all over France, the IDF just conducted the largest military operation in the West Bank since 2002, and the Russians and the Ukrainians are both accusing one another of wanting to attack the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. If that facility is bombed, it could potentially cause a nuclear disaster far worse than the one that we witnessed at Chernobyl in 1986. Unfortunately, I believe that global instability will be the norm throughout the remainder of 2023 and beyond. Much more civil unrest and war are ...

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