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CBDC Digital Currencies: A Recipe for Global Slavery

The Counterrevolution Against the Constitution

Conservatives in Congress Pushing to Repeal Military Covid Vaccine Mandate via NDAA

Gov’t Criminally Ignoring Vax-injured Living in Hell on Earth

There’s No Natural ‘Carrying Capacity’ for the Human Population: An Essay Inspired by the Happy News that the Human Population Has Reached Eight Billion

Turkey Expects More Extraditions From Sweden for NATO Membership

As the Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Congress Wants to Spend Even More on "Defense"

Danger Zone: On Religion, America Is Becoming More Like China

World Court Must Rule on Climate Justice: UN "Youth" Delegate

California Reparations Task Force Proposes $223K Per Person for Black Residents

Renowned Cardiologist: mRNA Vaccines May be “Changing the Human Genome”

New York Forces Websites To Monitor 'Hateful' Speech. A New Lawsuit Says This Violates the First Amendment.

Congress inches toward year-end government funding deal

Russian Oil Price Cap, EU Sanctions Come Into Effect

Born on the Tenth of January

Word and Sacrament: The marks of the church

SCOTUS Appears Favorable to Web Developer in Lawsuit Against Colorado Anti-discrimination Law

Semiconductor Manufacturers Don't Need More Subsidies. They Need Less Government.

Supreme Court Debates Whether Web Designers Can Be Forced To Make Gay Wedding Pages

NATO Exists To Solve The Problems Created By NATO's Existence

Life insurance companies sound DEATH ALERT warnings over nearly 100,000 excess deaths per month happening right now in the USA

Iran Says It Won’t Resume Nuclear Deal Talks ‘Under Pressure’

US Army Plans ‘Dramatic’ Increase in Ammunition Production as Ukraine Aid Drains Stockpiles

WSJ: US Secretly Limited Range of Weapons Sent to Ukraine

Imagining a Revived, Twenty-First Century Capitalism

Ukraine war: Fighting will be at 'reduced tempo for months' US intelligence experts say

Nigerian President Says Weapons From Ukraine are Winding Up in Africa

Ukraine Says Oil-Price Cap Won’t Dent Russia’s Ability to Fund War

Russia Rejects EU’s $60 Oil Price Cap

Macron Says Security Guarantees for Russia Needed for Future Peace Deal

Old Testament: Isaiah 7:10-17 (Advent 4: Series A)

Doing His Duty

Raytheon Gets $1.2 Billion Contract to Produce Air Defense System for Ukraine

Gospel: Matthew 1:18-25 (Advent 4: Series A)

NRA Files Lawsuit Against Oregon Gun-control Law

The Woman Who Spearheaded Prohibition's Repeal

How to replace the welfare state

Will Your State Reject the Fed’s Digital Dollar?

Rep. Adam Smith Says Calls for Ukraine Aid Oversight are ‘Russian Propaganda’

Epistle: Romans 1:1-7 (Advent 4: Series A)

Almost No One Noticed the Hate Speech Law That Just Took Effect — or the Lawsuit Against It

After a Crackdown on a Pain Clinic, a Tragic Double Suicide

11th Circuit Says a Judge Should Not Have Interfered With the FBI's Review of the Mar-a-Lago Documents

Police thought his cash was suspicious. So they took it. And won’t give it back.

REAL ID Requirement for Travelers Delayed Until May 2025

Lavrov Says Russia, China Stepping Up Military Cooperation in Response to NATO

A Tribute to the U.S. Marine Corps

Church Fathers on Christmas: St. Augustine

Russia Is the Last Remaining Christian Country

Zelensky’s Long History of Crushing Dissent

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Luftwaffe Over New York, a WW2 Secret
Post Date: 2011-03-28 21:32:24 by sneakypete
The Most Dangerous Photo-Recon Mission of World War II On August 27th 1943, a German Luftwaffe long-range photo reconnaissance bomber, a Junkers Ju-390 took off from its base in Norway and flew out across the Atlantic Ocean. Among its four man crew was a brave and daring woman Anna Kreisling, the ‘White Wolf of the Luftwaffe’. A nickname she had acquired because of her frost blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Anna was one of the top pilots in Germany and even though she was only the co-pilot on this mission, her flying ability was crucial to its success. The Ju-390 was twice the size of the B-29 Superfortress. It was powered by six 1,500 hp BMW radial engines and it had a range of ...

1974 Xenia Tornado
Post Date: 2011-03-25 21:57:56 by CZ82
Poster Comment:I thought this might be appropriate because it's now tornado season (we had a warning just last night). This video shows just how destructive an F5 tornado can be, even though there are no really good vids of the actual tornado. I was supposed to be working in Xenia that day, but my boss called me and told me not to come in because our furniture delivery didn't happen..... thank god for small favors because I would have been at "ground zero"..... Instead I was about 6 miles away helping the next door neighbor deliver papers before the storm hit. The thing I remember the most was before it hit it was real windy and then all of a sudden it got real quiet, no ...

Was Lost City of Atlantis Found in Spanish Marsh?
Post Date: 2011-03-14 12:08:44 by sneakypete
Crime solvers follow the money, but experts searching for the lost city of Atlantis? In archaeology, "you should follow the stones," Richard Freund said. Freund, a University of Hartford professor, believes he and his research team have found the legendary island-city described by Plato in about 360 B.C. as having "in a single day and night ... disappeared into the depths of the sea." Using satellite photography, ground-penetrating radar, underwater technology and some old-fashioned reasoning, Freund said his team pinpointed the city in a vast marsh in southern Spain that dries out one month a year. Their findings are featured in a National Geographic special ...

Pliny the Elder wrote About Dragons
Post Date: 2011-03-12 19:13:17 by A K A Stone
Pliny the Elder wrote About Dragons Gaius Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny the Elder, was an author, naturalist, and natural philosopher as well as a naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire. He lived from 23 A.D to 79 A.D. He spent most of his time studying, writing or investigating natural and geographic phenomena in the field. He wrote an encyclopedic work, Naturalis Historia, or Natural History. picture of Pliny the Elder Natural History, consists of 37 books covering mathematics, geography, anthropology, zoology, botany, agriculture, pharmacology, mineralogy, and much more. In Book Eight of Natural History, we find some fairly detailed information about ...

Dragon Sightings
Post Date: 2011-03-12 19:02:12 by A K A Stone
* 1st Century: Rome, Italy - The Historian naturalis Pliny the Elder reported that a dragon was slain on Vatican Hill during the reign of emperor Claudius. * 11th Century: Kiev, Russia - As recorded in the byliny (legends of heroes), Dobrynja slew a dragon named Gorynych that terrorized that region for years. * 1188: Ireland - Tristan of Lonesse slew a dragon, Giraldus Cambrensis later anounced that Ireland was free of all dragons. * 12th Century: Drachenfels, Germany - A mountain used to house a dragn that lived on a diet of young women, a fortress was later built on this sight. * 1222: London, England - Dragons were seen over the city on November 30, 1222. Thunderstorms and severe ...

Harold Godwinson also known as Civilization: British: Saxon Harold II of England Era: Saxon-Norman 1022 - 1066
Post Date: 2011-03-09 11:24:34 by A K A Stone
Harold Godwinson was the last Saxon king of England, but he ruled only nine months, before being killed at the Battle of Hastings. Although Harold was king for a short time, he had inherited the estates and vast influence of his father, Earl Godwin, upon his death in 1053, and so had been the most powerful man in the realm for much of the reign of Edward the Confessor. The Goodwin family rose in power during the reign of Canute, and by the time Edward came to the throne, they possessed not only vast holdings themselves, but wielded great influence over the other Saxon nobles. Edward's relationship with the Godwin Family, and particularly Earl Godwin himself, was antagonistic. A ...

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine
Post Date: 2011-03-09 11:13:53 by A K A Stone
Poster Comment:Still relevant today.

Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions – As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them
Post Date: 2011-03-05 09:09:43 by A K A Stone
Time and time again, the collectivist left in America chooses hyperbole when championing their economy-killing objectives. Most recently, as in the case of the socialist union (yes, they were created by socialists and Marxists) protests in Wisconsin, you see many signs being wielded by the neo-Marxist rubes stating, “Hitler banned unions”. The purpose of this urban legend-styled disinformation, of course, is a weak attempt to paint Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a Nazi, even though the Nazi’s were national socialists who subscribed to most of the tenets of modern American leftists. What are the roots of this “Hitler banned unions” urban legend? We have to ...

Washington: the 'blackest name' in America
Post Date: 2011-02-21 11:36:20 by A K A Stone
George Washington's name is inseparable from America, and not only from the nation's history. It identifies countless streets, buildings, mountains, bridges, monuments, cities — and people. In a puzzling twist, most of these people are black. The 2000 U.S. Census counted 163,036 people with the surname Washington. Ninety percent of them were African-American, a far higher black percentage than for any other common name. The story of how Washington became the "blackest name" begins with slavery and takes a sharp turn after the Civil War, when all blacks were allowed the dignity of a surname. Even before Emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their own ...

The New Deal and Roosevelt’s Seizure of Gold: A Legacy of Theft and Inflation, Part 2
Post Date: 2011-02-09 22:54:47 by A K A Stone
The monetary system of the United States at the time of the Depression could not sustain inflation very long because the country was on a gold standard. If people sensed that the government was printing too many paper dollars, by law they could redeem those dollars from the government’s store of gold. Moreover, gold coins circulated along with silver dollars, half-dollars, quarters, and dimes. If people were exchanging their dollars for gold, then the government’s own gold supply would be diminished. Since the gold standard included requirements that the country’s money supply have at least a 40 percent gold backing, a drain on gold reserves would have forced the government ...

How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War
Post Date: 2011-02-08 17:14:36 by A K A Stone
According to his own official statements, repeated on many occasions, and with special emphasis when the presidential election of 1940 was at stake, Franklin D. Roosevelt's policy after the outbreak of the war in Europe in 1939 was dominated by one overriding thought: how to keep the United States at peace. One of the President's first actions after the beginning of hostilities was to call Congress into special session and ask for the repeal of the embargo on the sales of arms to belligerent powers, which was part of the existing neutrality legislation. He based his appeal on the argument that this move would help to keep the United States at peace. His words on the subject were: ...

FDR and the End of Economic Liberty
Post Date: 2011-02-08 09:52:37 by A K A Stone
The watershed years were 1932-1937 — the first two presidential terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This was the crucial period in American history — the period in which Americans abandoned the principles of economic liberty on which our nation was founded. For it was during this time that the welfare-state, planned-economy way of life replaced the private-property, market-economy way of life which had existed up to that time. Of course, this is not what Americans have been taught. From the first grade in their government-approved schools, the American people have been indoctrinated into believing that the Great Depression was the failure of America's free-enterprise system, that ...

Post Date: 2011-02-07 20:04:45 by A K A Stone
In this column, several references have been made to the Emergency Banking and Relief Act of 1933. Those who read this column now know that Republicans in both California and Texas have taken steps to have this law repealed. Dr. Eugene Schroder of the American Agricultural Movement has alleged that this may be considered to be the genesis of the loss of our Constitutional rights. Could it be there is one law responsible for all subsequent laws that trample our Constitutional rights? What was it about this law that many believe declared the American people to be enemies of the government? President Herbert Hoover (in the final days of his term) had refused to implement this law, which was ...

The New Deal and Roosevelt’s Seizure of Gold: A Legacy of Theft and Inflation, Part 1 [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2011-02-07 10:51:20 by A K A Stone
In a recent discussion on the economy with a faculty colleague, I reminded her of some of the absurdities of New Deal economic policies (many of which have been laid out in previous issues of Freedom Daily and elsewhere). She reminded me that Franklin D. Roosevelt is a “hero” to her and other Democrats, which, translated, means that the New Deal cannot be criticized in any form. Indeed, in May the New York Times op-ed page paid homage to Roosevelt. Ted Widmer wrote that a book by Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, who he says “has nurtured a schoolboy crush on F.D.R.,” reflects “on the way that Roosevelt reinvented the presidency during his first hundred days in office, through bold policy ...

Homeboys told to pull up their pants, don't 'diss Black History Month
Post Date: 2011-02-04 16:24:56 by Happy Quanzaa
Long Beach Tells Teens To Pick Up Saggy PantsCall for 'respect' during Black History Month LONG BEACH (CBS) — City leaders want young people in Long Beach to do two things this February: pick ‘em up and keep ‘em up. Bishop William Ervin along with Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson are calling on black children and teens to “pull up their pants on their waist” as a sign of respect during Black History Month. KNX 107082;s Ron Kilgore reports their message to young men who wear their pants down around their knees is simple: “You can have the swag without the sag”. Community leaders say the plan is not just for cultural purposes, but may have ...

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month
Post Date: 2011-02-03 08:41:42 by Happy Quanzaa
Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Andrew Klavan: The History of Western Culture in 2 1/2 Minutes
Post Date: 2011-01-14 11:31:01 by Happy Quanzaa

Pearl Harbor Attacked!
Post Date: 2010-12-07 11:25:38 by sneakypete
Poster Comment:Lest we forget the historical importance of today in history.

Chalmers Johnson: R.I.P.
Post Date: 2010-11-21 17:58:14 by jwpegler
Last night, antiwar historian Chalmers Johnson died after an extended illness. A long-time Cold Warrior, he applauded the collapse of the Soviet Union: "I was a cold warrior. There's no doubt about that. I believed the Soviet Union was a genuine menace. I still think so." But at the same time he experienced a political awakening after the collapse of the Soviet Union, noting that instead of demobilizing its armed forces, the US accelerated its reliance on military solutions to problems both economic and political. The result of this militarism (as distinct from actual domestic defense) is more terrorism against the US and its allies, the loss of core democratic values at ...

Genocide Wiped Out Native American Population
Post Date: 2010-09-21 04:28:33 by Hondo68
The unearthed bones and artifacts indicate that when the violence took place, men, women and children were tortured, disemboweled, killed and often hacked to bits. THE GIST A massive deposit of mutilated and processed human remains has been found in the American Southwest. The remains and other artifacts at the site, Sacred Ridge in Colorado, indicate ethnic cleansing took place there in the early ninth century. The genocide likely occurred due to conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups. Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that's left of a Native American population destroyed by genocide that took place circa ...

Israel: Choosing To Hide Its Dark Past
Post Date: 2010-08-30 19:22:38 by Brian S
During the war of 1948, Syrian Interior Minister Sabri Al Asali appeared before Parliament in a pre-emptive move, revealing minutes of secret talks between Syrian nationalists and Zionist leaders back in 1936. The Syrian negotiators, who were all in senior posts by 1948, feared that the Israelis would unilaterally reveal details of these talks in order to embarrass Syria's top leadership during the Palestine War. With nothing to hide they came out clean on their own. Last week, the exact opposite happened in Israel when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed off prolonging confidentiality of national archives related to events before, during, and after the war of 1948. Anything ...

When Shuls Were Banned in America
Post Date: 2010-08-13 20:25:20 by Brian S
When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg stood on Governors Island, in sight of the Statue of Liberty, and forcefully defended the right of Muslims to build a community center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, he expressly made a point of distancing himself from an earlier leader of the city: Peter Stuyvesant, who understood the relationship between religion and state altogether differently than Bloomberg does. As governor of what was then called New Amsterdam, from 1647-1664, Stuyvesant worked to enforce Calvinist orthodoxy. He objected to public worship for Lutherans, fought Catholicism and threatened those who harbored Quakers with fines and imprisonment. One might easily imagine how ...

Godfrey de Bouillon
Post Date: 2010-08-08 16:47:57 by A K A Stone
Godfrey de Bouillon (b.1058-d.1100), the French Duke of Lower Lorraine, was among the most important leaders of the First Crusade. Although Godfrey had fought on the side of Henry IV against Pope Gregory VII during the Investiture Controversy, he later set out in 1096 for the Holy Land with other French knights, including his brother Baldwin, in response to Pope Urban II’s calling of the First Crusade. In doing so, Godfrey reportedly mortgaged his Duchy to pay for the tens of thousands of knights and foot soldiers he brought with him, which were primarily comprised of Germans, Flemings, and Walloons. Godfrey was the first of the crusade leaders to reach the city of Constantinople and ...

‘Journalism’s’ Stealth Attack On Americans And The Truth.
Post Date: 2010-07-22 08:45:09 by Skip MacLure
It’s a sad state of affairs, but the facts are undeniable… we no longer have a ‘Fourth Estate’ in this country… instead it has morphed into a subversive, secretive Fifth Column. The term ‘Fourth Estate’ is used to refer to the press, a term attributed to Edmund Burke, an 18th century Irish statesman. Journalism has generally had a favorable reputation in this country until recently, deservedly or not. Actually, a close look at the history of journalism in this country will reveal a picture of contentious partisanship and political bias. The print media always had huge impact on public opinion in this country, starting with colonial ‘handbills’ ...

The New Barbary Coast.
Post Date: 2010-07-14 06:43:23 by Skip MacLure
Oakland, California was a place of refuge for tens of thousands of badly frightened San Francisco residents, in the days just following the 1906 earthquake. Arriving in just about anything that would float in those pre-bridge days, they were welcomed as best the people of Oakland could manage. Many decided to stay and build homes there. For years, Oakland existed as a bucolic community in the shadow of her garishly dramatic neighbor across the bay. The San Francisco of the 1850s was a wild and dangerous place for the unlucky or unwary. The influx of gold seekers had caused an explosion in the population of what had been a sleepy Spanish village. From 1847 to 1870, the population of San ...

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