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How FBI bigwig aided and abetted Hillary Clinton plot

Tucker Carlson Warns America That Biden is About to Hand the WHO Immense Power Over Our Lives

Dr. Malone on The Pandemic Treaty Co-Opting Sovereignty of 194 Nations

The Brief: Despite Evidence Of Clinton Lawyer’s Guilt, Durham Faces An Uphill Battle With A DC Jury

BIDEN'S BOTS: Half of Joe Biden's Twitter Followers Are Fake

West sees Ukraine as ‘expendable’, says Lavrov

What To Do With All of These Useless People?

US Set To Block Russian Debt Payments, Pushing Moscow Closer To Historic Default

What YOU Should Do Now About the WHO Takeover (Vote on May 22-28)

Twitter Engineer Admits Censorship Against ‘tolerant’ Right-Wing in Undercover Sting: We’re all commie as f***

Zelensky Signs Law to Ban Ukraine’s Opposition Parties

McConnell Expects Wednesday Vote on $40 Billion Ukraine Aid

Biden Admin to Spend Billions on New Bike Lanes, Cameras; Struggling Americans Sound OffÂ… Do Better!

Pelosi House ramps up perks like Peloton, liquor store while Americans scramble for baby formula

This Week’s Spygate Trial Is Bad News For Hillary Clinton

Biden sending US Troops Back to Somalia, Reversing Trump Pullout

Ron Paul: Why Did Rand Paul Delay Washington’s $40 Billion Ukraine Giveaway?

The Buffalo shooter was NOT a white supremacist conservative like the media is saying

Justice Clarence Thomas: I Wonder How Long We're Going To Have Institutions At The Rate We're Undermining Them

John Durham Goes to Court

Starving American Babies Disguise Selves As Ukrainian Soldiers In Hopes Of Getting $40 Billion In Federal Aid

Biden Regime Shipping Pallets of Baby Formula to Border Facilities For Illegal Aliens as American Babies Go Hungry

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Food Security is National Security

Rand Paul Blocks $40B Foreign Spending Package; ‘We Cannot Save Ukraine by Dooming the U.S. economy'

Facing Disaster, Dems Begin to Triage

DOJ Employee Accused Of Leaking On Donald Trump Abruptly Resigns As IG Closes In

Republicans question no-Bid ICE contract awarded to Biden ally

“2000 Mules” Not The Slam Dunk I Thought it Would Be

Spygate Judge Tries To Protect Hillary Clinton In Latest Pre-Trial Rulings

Pro-Abortion Extremists Continue to Disrupt Church Services

2000 Mules, Full Movie on Gab

Missouri parents outraged over how class assignment portrays Republicans

The public disagrees with Pelosi on abortion

It took Twitter all but 12 hours to do this

Alito makes masterful argument to ‘overturn’ Roe v. Wade

So fkr all you ukiephiles ... go geT your nexT boosTer - new mask - bend over --- Take whaT The criminals have planned for you nexT

As Biden Asks for $33 Billion, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff Surface in Ukraine Meeting with Zelensky

Ukranian PM..... Cash is Important Because American Taxpayers Need to Fund Our Pensions and Salaries

"Ghost Of Kyiv" Fighter Ace Was Fake News, Ukraine Military Admits

Pope Admits NATO Likely Provoked Putin's Invasion: "Barking At The Gates of Russia"

Add Gmail to the list of reasons why Big Tech must open its black boxes

EXCLUSIVE: Declaration from Italy’s Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Regarding the Russia – Ukraine Crisis

Lara Logan Goes off in Epic Rant on Ukraine, Citing ‘fake NGOs,’ Vindman, Hunter Biden, Romney’s Son

Ukrainian MP Says They’re Fighting for the ‘New World Order’ By M Dowling -February 28, 202212739

Zelensky's Record on Democracy is Looking Very Dubious

Be Skeptical About Media Coverage of Ukraine

It's Not Just Hispanics. The Democrats Are Losing the Black Vote | Opinion

The American people are inundaTed wiTh a barrage of propaganda ... ThaT porTrays The Ukrainian neo-Nazi miliTias --- as principled paTrioTs fighTing a communisT horde.

Will ... We Die --- for The New World Order

There will be many more variants ... The final varianT --- is communism.

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Democrats' U-turn on policing — too little, too late
Post Date: 2021-12-17 12:49:07 by tankumo
That screeching noise you hear is not just the sound of Democrats wailing over their collapsing popular support. It is also the squeal of their tires as they race away from their anti-law-and-order policies in hope of avoiding an electoral smash against reality. They’ve suddenly realized that — surprise! — there aren’t as many voters for murder and industrial-scale smash-and-grab thievery as there are for combating those increasingly prevalent crimes. The Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood has reported that liberals are starting to embrace gun ownership and are backing measures to combat crime. In an astonishing reversal, San Francisco’s mayor, London ...

OPINION Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email Copy Build Back Better’s freeze puts the bow on Biden’s very bad year
Post Date: 2021-12-16 23:05:20 by tankumo
Is President Joe Biden doing anything — and I mean anything — right? The news that his multitrillion-dollar swing for the historical fences, the Build Back Better bill, is being shelved just put a bow on his mostly horrible first year in office. If Biden had a blackboard and drew a line down the middle with his achievements on one side and failures on the other, the positive list has maybe two things on it while the negative list is staggeringly long. Negative: Inflation. Rising crime. More COVID deaths than in 2020. The mishandling of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A border crisis to dwarf any we’ve seen. The ever-shifting line on school closures. More in the negative ...

Cities Will Set Murder Records Because of 'Soros Effect'
Post Date: 2021-12-15 21:17:01 by tankumo
On Nov. 21, six lives were senselessly taken as a deranged SUV driver intentionally mowed down scores of people attending a Christmas parade in the quiet Wisconsin town of Waukesha. The alleged assailant, Darrell Brooks, 39, was a registered sex offender who had been arrested 21 days prior for allegedly running over the mother of his child and then released on a shockingly low $1,000 bail. Why was Brooks on the loose? Longtime Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm holds what many in the law enforcement community consider a radical belief in setting low bail amounts for even highly violent arrestees. As he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when taking office in 2007: “Is ...

Here’s where the ‘facts’ about me lie — Facebook bizarrely claims its ‘fact-checks’ are ‘opinion’
Post Date: 2021-12-14 21:27:25 by tankumo
Facebook is a private company, so it can censor whomever it wants. But what Facebook is doing lately is just sleazy. Recently, I sued them because they defamed me. They, along with one of their “fact-checkers,” a group called Science Feedback, lied about me and continue to lie about me. Now Facebook has responded to my lawsuit in court. Amazingly, their lawyers now claim that Facebook’s “fact-checks” are merely “opinion” and therefore immune from defamation. Wait — Facebook’s fact-checks are just “opinion”?! I thought fact-checks are statements of fact. That’s how Facebook portrays them on its website: “Each time a fact- ...

I&I/TIPP Poll: 60% Of Republicans Want Trump To Run In 2024; Just 37% Of Dems Want Biden To
Post Date: 2021-12-13 22:25:22 by tankumo
When it comes to the 2024 presidential election, Republicans are far more enthusiastic about former President Trump running again than Democrats are about President Biden gaining a second term, new data from the December I&I/TIPP Poll show. It’s yet another sign that, a mere 11 months into his term, Biden’s support remains surprisingly weak within his own party. The I&I/TIPP Poll gave respondents the names of Trump and 15 other possible Republican candidates, asking “Who do you want to see run for president on the Republican ticket in 2024?” We asked the same question for the Democrats. We wrote about those results last week here and here. In our poll, 24% of ...

Fund the police, defund the politicians
Post Date: 2021-12-13 00:19:10 by tankumo
If Democrats don’t stop defunding the police officers who keep us safe, then legislators need to defund the Democrats. I recently met with police officers from the Columbus Police Department, and what they told me was both shocking and deeply distressing. Put simply, officers are increasingly afraid to do their jobs. 3 It’s not that they fear for their own safety, per se — these are some of the bravest individuals I’ve ever met. But they’re also smart enough to read between the lines, and they can see that local political leaders don’t support them and don’t have their backs. Under those conditions, it becomes even riskier to do an already dangerous job. ...

Incompetent Kamala Harris is even worse than you think
Post Date: 2021-12-10 14:16:23 by tankumo
During the election, I wrote a column warning voters that Kamala Harris isn’t ready to be president should she be needed to replace Joe Biden in the big chair if elected. A year into her tenure as vice president, her disastrous poll numbers and staff bolting for the door speak for themselves. In recent weeks, four prominent staffers have announced their departures, including Ashley Etienne, the veep’s communications director, and Symone Sanders, a top aide serving as senior adviser and chief spokesperson. More staff are reportedly eyeing exits. What on earth is going on? The Washington Post recently spoke with 18 current and former Harris staffers. Their assessment was ...

They can’t erase the past, they can’t hide… These people all hate real Americans… Plus night leftovers below…
Post Date: 2021-12-10 08:00:33 by A K A Stone
generaldispatch.whatfinge...erase-the-past-they-cant- hide-these-people-all-hate-real-americans-plus-night-leftovers-below/

LEAKED AUDIO — Walmart Chairman and Hunter Biden discuss ‘pulling the trigger’ to stop Trump…
Post Date: 2021-12-10 07:57:23 by A K A Stone

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G
Post Date: 2021-12-10 07:47:47 by A K A Stone
Background and Aim: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health policy has focused on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus and its effects on human health while environmental factors have been largely ignored. In considering the epidemiological triad (agent-host- environment) applicable to all disease, we investigated a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimeter waves. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless ...

Crimes or Cover-Up? Exposing the World’s Most Dangerous Lie
Post Date: 2021-12-09 22:00:42 by A K A Stone

Innocent New Yorkers pay the price for state’s shoddy bail ‘reforms’
Post Date: 2021-12-09 13:40:21 by tankumo
For years now, the Legislature’s turned a deaf ear to our calls for effective reform of the disastrous no-bail law — meaning, giving judges the power to order remand of perps who pose a clear threat to public safety. Maybe the lawmakers will listen to the husband of one of their victims. The accused in this case is vagrant Darrell Johnson, 23, who spent Dec. 2 wandering about the city slugging women in the face randomly. He’d already been freed without bail on an earlier assault case, on top of a dozen-plus prior busts dating back to 2014. The husband of one victim, a 50-year-old woman who got sucker-punched while walking her dog on the Upper West Side, explains it all ...

Texas gunman who mistook cop for home intruder acquitted of murder
Post Date: 2021-12-09 08:14:10 by A K A Stone
A Texas man who opened fire on a cop who was checking a security alarm at his house was acquitted of murder Wednesday. A jury delivered the not guilty verdict in David Wilson’s trial after deliberating for about an hour and a half. Wilson had faced life in prison if convicted of killing Midland Officer Nathan Heidelberg. Wilson had contended he mistook Heidelberg as a burglar, and shot him in self-defense when he entered the home to check the alarm in the early morning hours of March 5, 2019. Prosecutors told the jury that the cop identified himself while he was outside Wilson’s front door, but Wilson had been hiding in a closet, and a Texas Ranger and a police trainee that ...

Wisconsin Hearing going on…. 157,00 voters in Wisconsin have the same voter registration number.
Post Date: 2021-12-09 08:09:47 by A K A Stone

Steve Bannon Co-host of War Room:Pandemic Shares Intel About China, And The Hunter Biden Laptop.
Post Date: 2021-12-09 08:07:10 by A K A Stone

Elites Want To Limit The Global Population To 500 Million, Replace Homo Sapiens With Cyborgs
Post Date: 2021-12-09 07:57:59 by A K A Stone
Steve Bannon talks about artificial intelligence, the singularity, and life-extension technology with Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool on TimcastIRL.

Benenson Strategy Group "SALVAGE PROGRAM" email to Podesta exposed
Post Date: 2021-12-09 07:38:50 by A K A Stone
Benenson Strategy Group wikileaked “Salvage Program” to Steal 2016+ Election Benenson Strategy Group "Salvage Program" pdf ««link to downloaded wikileaks doc I am re-releasing the scrubbed “Salvage Program” email attachment written by the Benenson Strategy Group (Hillary Pal Joel Benenson, long standing top US based political strategist firm used by the Clinton's, Podesta and the DNC. It has been scrubbed from the innerweb sans the few weak debunking efforts by the snopes-crowd, ever since its wikileak expose’ in the 10/16 Podesta email doc-dump. Both Podesta and Benenson have served the top tier of the Dem party since the Bill Clinton ...

Who can believe one word Jussie Smollett says?
Post Date: 2021-12-08 21:19:19 by tankumo
Not since Rumpelstiltskin has a mischievous troll spent so much time and energy spinning as Jussie Smollett did on the stand the last couple of days. But instead of spinning straw into gold, Smollett spent eight hours trying to churn what the New York Times used to call a barnyard epithet into a Frappuccino. We’ll see if the jury is interested in drinking what Smollett is putting out. Rumpelsmollett claims that there were these two guys he used to chill with, one of whom took him to a gay bathhouse for a stimulating exchange or two, who just two days after partaking of some dope smoking in Smollett’s Mercedes decided to enact the world’s most overdetermined hate crime ...

I&I/TIPP Poll Stunner: Just 22% Of Americans Want Joe Biden To Run For President Again
Post Date: 2021-12-07 21:09:33 by tankumo
Just when it seemed President Joe Biden could get no lower in the public's political esteem, a new I&I/TIPP Poll of Americans' preference for the 2024 Democratic presidential ballot is a shocker: Just over one out of five want Joe Biden back at the top of the Democrats' ticket in three years. A number of recent I&I/TIPP Polls (here and here) have documented Biden's sharp decline in favorability with the public due to a number of issues, ranging from his leadership of the military, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the recent inflation surge and supply-chain crisis, the border crisis, and a number of other vexing White House issues. Even so, no favorite has ...

Will Democrats learn from early election results?
Post Date: 2021-12-06 21:11:36 by tankumo
When the Washington Post reports that the Democratic Party is facing a "Superstorm " of revolt from voters, you know the political landscape looks pretty bleak for Democrats. Virtually every national political analyst and pollster is predicting that Republicans will easily win back majority control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2022. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll revealed that if the midterm elections were held now, 51% of all registered voters would vote for a Republican in their congressional district. Only 41% of those surveyed said they would support a Democrat. That's the largest lead for Republicans in more than 100 surveys taken by ABC and the Post ...

Why more young black Americans are calling themselves ‘conservative’
Post Date: 2021-12-05 15:11:01 by tankumo
For the past two years, the mainstream media has given tons of coverage to the Black Lives Matter movement — and rightly so. More than 80 percent of black Americans, including me, support the movement, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody. But the media is missing many nuances among African-Americans. For one, we don’t all vote alike. Yes, almost 90 percent of black voters went to bat for the Biden-Harris administration last year. But that leaves 10 percent of black voters who didn’t. Meanwhile, 25 percent of black Democrats actually consider themselves “conservative” and 43 percent say they are “moderate.” White Democrats ...

Other Senate Democrats face risks in voting for Build Back Better
Post Date: 2021-12-04 23:02:44 by tankumo
President Joe Biden’s "Build Back Better" legislation is on the docket for the Senate. All eyes are on Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. However, after the sweeping wins for Republicans in Virginia and elsewhere this November, other Democrats up for reelection in 2022 should evaluate if voting for the $1.75 trillion bill is in their best interest. The bill itself is unpopular , with polling showing that a majority of voters oppose it. That's even after the bill was scaled back from its original $4 trillion price tag. The biggest fear from respondents is that the bill will make inflation worse, something that Senate Democrats should keep in mind when ...

Joe Biden's Dirty Little Secret: He Wants Higher Gasoline Prices
Post Date: 2021-12-03 23:01:15 by tankumo
When he announced last week that he would release more oil from the American Strategic Petroleum Reserve, President Joe Biden told the American people he is doing everything possible to bring down gas prices at the pump. That's a lie. This administration and the climate change crazies have declared war on American energy. They want high oil and gas prices. The Biden master plan is for American oil and gas production and consumption to go to zero over the next 15 to 20 years. How do you achieve that goal? By making oil and gas so expensive and so unavailable that Americans are forced to use alternatives. In other words, the fact that gasoline is roughly $1.25 more expensive per ...

Your Default Assumption Should Be That Everything Corporate Media Says Is A Lie
Post Date: 2021-12-02 21:39:24 by tankumo
As far as corporate media are concerned, the massacre in Waukesha, Wis., on Sunday was a “Christmas parade crash.” That’s how the attack that killed six people and injured more than 60 others is being described by ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Newsweek and others. Not an intentional attack, not a massacre allegedly committed by a violent career criminal already facing multiple felony charges, but merely a crash. The New York Times is calling it a “tragedy.” Not to be outdone by major news outlets, The Daily Beast rushed to remind its readers that “there are no indications of any additional motive for the Waukesha killings, or any reasons to label it domestic ...

Supreme Court Justice Barrett Tips Hat to Bodily Autonomy in Vaccine Mandate Debate
Post Date: 2021-12-01 23:52:51 by A K A Stone
Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Wednesday nodded to the argument that abortion laws could be an “infringement on bodily autonomy” before saying such issues exist in “other contexts like vaccines.” Click for Full Text!

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