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Mexican Invasion
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Title: What’s this? Now Canada is deporting illegal aliens in growing numbers
Source: HotAir
URL Source: https://hotair.com/archives/2017/09 ... llegal-aliens-growing-numbers/
Published: Sep 11, 2017
Author: Jazz Shaw
Post Date: 2017-09-11 13:25:46 by Tooconservative
Keywords: None
Views: 51

For some time now we’ve been covering the curious trend of illegal immigrants fleeing the United States (or more specifically, President Trump) and going to Canada. Many of them pass through a very unofficial point of entry in Upstate New York. Up until now, Canada has tried to paint a brave face on this situation, talking about how everyone is welcome and even setting up entry facilities for them. (Here’s how you can help get them some heated trailers to see them on their way.) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been one of their biggest cheerleaders.

But it seems that even Canada is learning that governing his hard, particularly when it comes to questions of immigration. And the Great White North hasn’t been quite as welcoming as they’ve claimed in public. Turns out that the Canadians have been deporting their own fair share of these illegals in growing numbers, and some of them are being sent back to countries deemed to dangerous for even the United States to send them home. (Reuters)
Canada has deported hundreds of people to countries designated too dangerous for civilians, with more than half of those people being sent back to Iraq, according to government data obtained by Reuters.

The spike in deportations comes as Canada faces a record number of migrants and is on track to have the most refugee claims in more than a decade. That has left the country scrambling to cope with the influx of asylum seekers, many crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Between January 2014 and Sept. 6, 2017, Canada sent 249 people to 11 countries for which the government had suspended or deferred deportations because of dangers to civilians.

The numbers are still tiny compared to the United States, but then Canada is a vastly smaller nation by population. So they sent more than 130 people back to Iraq, 43 to Afghanistan and 62 to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Those are some dangerous locations. But to be fair to the Canadians, the ones they are deporting are known to have criminal records and are on our continent for precisely the wrong reasons. Reality seems to have set in north of the border and at least in some cases they’re just doing what they have to do. (I only hope that the word doesn’t get out so our illegals stop self-deporting.)

Those aren’t the only countries supplying all of these illegal aliens. US News reports that more than three quarters of them are actually coming from Haiti.
More than 80 percent of the migrants arriving into Quebec are Haitians, according to the RCMP. The influx has put a strain on Canada’s immigration and refugee services, particularly in the city of Montreal, where the vast majority of Canada’s Haitians live.

Canadian authorities have had to adopt temporary measures to accommodate the surge of irregular border crossings in recent weeks. Asylum seekers are being housed in the Olympic Stadium in Montreal and a 500-person tent village in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle – adjacent to the U.S. border town of Champlain, New York – while they wait for some shelters to become less crowded and others to open.

So what’s Justin Trudeau’s next move? Will he announce that he’s going to build a great wall on the southern border… of Canada? Or will he be coming to Donald Trump to ask for some help with his illegal immigrant problem? That would be rich, though I could actually see Trump offering to help even if he put out a few sarcastic tweets to go along with the aid.

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