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Title: Under Trump, Homeland Security actually gets around to securing the homeland
Source: Washington Times
URL Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news ... rity-has-improved-under-trump/
Published: Aug 8, 2017
Author: Charles Hurt
Post Date: 2017-08-10 17:53:32 by Tooconservative
Keywords: None
Views: 99
Comments: 4

Are you tired of winning yet?

In the long march to remaking American greatness, President Trump has certainly attracted plenty of scorn and ridicule from all the predictable and boring corners over all the predictable and boring nonissues.

Russian roulette doesn’t really work without at least a single bullet. Without a bullet, the gun will never be found smoking. But — as ever among lazy leftists — ignorance of guns and how they work is celebrated as the highest virtue.

Yet amid the cacophony from the swamp, a few uncorrupted observers are starting to notice something shocking to them.

Despite all the Sturm und Drang from the crazy political press, President Trump is actually making real, concrete progress toward Making America Great Again. And, shocker of shockers, he appears to be that rare political actor who is determined to actually keep the promises he made to voters.

In no area is there more winning going on right now than Mr. Trump’s promised crackdown on immigration, both legal and illegal.

The Department of Homeland Security, which had become the Department of Homeland Extermination under President Obama, has encountered perhaps the greatest upheaval of any government department. Overnight, the whole structure spun 180 degrees away from a mission of basically being traffic cops ordered to direct illegals streaming across the border to the nearest place for getting papers, a cot with free food and welfare benefits.

Immediately, the department’s mission switched to stopping illegals at the border, detaining those who had crossed illegally and deporting those here illegally.

A funny thing happens when the Department of Homeland Security begins focusing on, well, securing the homeland.

Illegals quit coming over the border. Despite an unusual July spike in border-crossers, illegal immigration is still down nearly 70 percent since Mr. Trump took office. In July of last year alone, under Mr. Obama, illegal immigration was 85 percent higher than Mr. Trump’s entire presidency, according to one reliable estimate.

And this is before building one foot of his beloved wall.

Mr. Trump’s stance is the mirror opposite of Mr. Obama, who broadcast to the world a blinking neon “Welcome” sign that drew millions of illegals across brutal deserts — to be raped, enslaved and murdered. Literally, Mr. Obama and his leftist cohorts would not allow animals to be treated in this manner.

But illegals? Well, Mr. Obama and his leftist cohorts have a lot of laundry that needs folding and toilets that need cleaning, so what’s a few rapes and slaves?

Then the media gets ahold of taped conversations between Mr. Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto in which our president warned the Mexican president to quit saying his country won’t pay for the wall.

“If you are going to say that Mexico is not going to pay for the wall, then I do not want to meet with you guys anymore because I cannot live with that,” Mr. Trump said.

“I have to have Mexico pay for the wall — I have to. I have been talking about it for a two-year period.”

Fake News Media somehow managed to mangle and distort these comments to mean that Mr. Trump did not intend to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it — the precise opposite of what he actually said.

It all just proves that the refugees wandering the swamp in a daze of Trump Derangement Syndrome will never give him credit for any of his successes — no matter how obvious they may be.

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#1. To: Tooconservative (#0)

Are you tired of winning yet?

I hate to break the news to you, man. But I am tired of the delusional, jibber-jabber lack of facts that your article presents. If anything, Trump represents a repressive son-of-a-bitch to many Americans and it isn't all about this BULLSHIT WALL that he begs Americans to fund now.

buckeroo  posted on  2017-08-10   21:06:30 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: buckeroo (#1)

Whine all you want but Trump has done more to stop illegals from invading the country than the last several presidents combined.

Trump is trying to deliver on promises. On reducing illegals, he is having demonstrable results.

We were never powerless to secure the borders. Our leaders were just unwilling.

Tooconservative  posted on  2017-08-11   8:28:12 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: Tooconservative (#2)

Our leaders were just unwilling.

Unlike yourself, I didn't vote for any of the trash that has occupied the WH.

buckeroo  posted on  2017-08-11   8:38:40 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#4. To: Tooconservative (#2)

We were never powerless to secure the borders. Our leaders were just unwilling.

but you are powerless to shut down the biggest ego in the country

paraclete  posted on  2017-08-11   8:49:22 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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