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What Did Lincoln Really Think of Jefferson?

Pope Francis to chew coca leaves during visit to Bolivia – minister “await the Holy Father” with the "sacred" leaves

College Football and Southern Culture: Coexistence Could Be In Danger

Bernie Sanders is a Sell Out - Guts Audit the Fed Amendment (May-7-2010)

In rebuke to EU, Greece appears to decisively reject bailout terms

Hey - Precious Metals - What's Happening?

Russia outraged by Poland's removal of Soviet war memorial

Greeks vote for 'destiny' in poll putting euro future in doubt

Five myths about the Founding Fathers

Illegal Aliens Disrupt Ann Coulter Book Signing, Author Fires Back

Tancredo: Independence Day, Time to Think Radical Thoughts

Anti-police brutality activists are “cultural brothers and sisters of that maniac racist murder in Charleston”

Red Lane: Merle Haggard Songwriter Dies At ‘Age 76′

Sorry, Donald Trump Has A Point



Cliven Bundy says Rand Paul promised to make Nevada a ‘sovereign state’ if he’s elected president

Bosnia: The cradle of modern jihadism? (The BBC kind of admits the Serbs were right)

Trump comes up top in 'poll of polls' of Republican voters - despite growing backlash over his anti-immigrant comments 'Poll of polls' shows Trump ahead of front-runner Jeb Bush

The Crossing (Best movie made of the Revolutionary War)

Sling TV

ISIS makes the British lion a declawed and shabby cat

At Age 3 — Transitioning From Jack To Jackie

Pilot Recounts Tales of SR-71 Blackbird

Texas wants its gold back inside the state's borders


Trump calls out Rubio for being 'weak' on immigration, praises Cruz


Patriotic 4th of July Song

Matt Stonie tops Joey Chestnut in hot dog eating contest

Donald Trump is on an absolute roll after wild week filled with Twitter fights and heated debates about rape

See how ABC honors America

Rep. Peter King won't run for GOP presidential nomination

Gay Friendly San Francisco Sheriff’s Department Releases An Illegal Mexican Repeat Felon Who Goes Out And Murders An Innocent American Girl

Police Celebrate 4th Of July With Nationwide No Refusal Checkpoints and Forced Blood Draws

Islamic State claims it fired rockets from Egypt's Sinai at Israel

H8 Wins: Business Insider Senior Political Reporter: ‘Cheer’ Gay Marriage or ‘Go F*ck ‘ Yourself

Pound Sand, Your Honor! More Americans Want States to Ignore Federal Courts

Greek banks prepare plan to raid deposits to avert collapse

The Fourth and Romans 13

Google Photos Mislabels 2 Black Americans as Gorillas

Donald Trump again lambastes border security after a California woman is killed by 5 Time Illegal Alien Deportee from Mexico

Pentagon Urged To Boot Chaplains Who Oppose 'Gay' Marriage

Prof. to student: Remove Christian references or fail

A Conservative Firebrand From The Start, Ted Cruz Always Had A Plan

Oops -- Trump Is Right

Greek banks down to €500m in cash reserves as economy crashes

Bubba Watson to paint over Confederate flag on General Lee

Accused San Francisco Pier Shooter Should Have Been Deported: Immigration Officials

State Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Couple, Fines Them $135K

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Update: Shaq Distances Self from 9/11-Inside Job Post, Fires Media Company
Post Date: 2015-06-13 00:09:11 by Deckard
NBA star's website publishes article questioning events of 9/11The post’s text reads: September 11, 2001 was one of the worst days in American history. Thousands of lives were lost both in the attacks and after during the war. There’s been talk about how people think that the terrorist attacks that happened that day were an inside job. We hear one thing from the media and government agencies, but are we getting the truth? There were two impossibilities that occurred in this footage that was close-up of the attacks on the South Tower. The video was slowed down so that you can see it clearly. Supposedly the materials that the buildings are made of wouldn’t allow a plane to ...

The Bernie Sanders Song
Post Date: 2015-06-12 23:37:58 by A K A Stone
Imagine it’s your birthday party and someone brings a cake it looks so good and you just can’t wait for a piece time comes to cut it up and something goes terribly wrong 20 people at the party, 10 don’t have any cake at all 5 people just have a bite 4 have tiny slices 1 greedy bastard has got the rest of the cake in a vice grip This is what’s happening in our country now we’ve got such inequality and most of us don’t really see and you know that I’ve loved Hillary for quite some time well that time is done, she’s just another vessel of lies and backed by goldman sachs and merrill lynch and the rest of wall st. I hear this discourse of hopelessness ...

Election Experts: There Are Only Three Serious GOP Contenders (Anointed Ones ) [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2015-06-12 20:27:52 by hondo68
In a field brimming with candidates, the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato and his associates contend in the pages of Politico Magazine, the “conventional wisdom” is that the Republican presidential nomination is up for grabs in 2016. But is it? Hardly, they write: [The] closeness of the race is a mirage, a false projection of the reality that exists just below the surface. At this very early stage, when every week more candidates declare, the public is mainly not engaged—not even the select contingent of voters that will turn up to cast ballots in the caucuses and primaries. Republicans are hungry to reoccupy the White House, and the realistic among them ...

WikiLeaks is releasing another part of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).
Post Date: 2015-06-12 20:24:03 by A K A Stone
The Healthcare Annex, according to WikiLeaks, “seeks to regulate state schemes for medicines and medical devices. It forces healthcare authorities to give big pharmaceutical companies more information about national decisions on public access to medicine, and grants corporations greater powers to challenge decisions they perceive as harmful to their interests.” Dr. Deborah Gleeson, who gave professional review and analysis to WikiLeaks said, “The purported aim of the Annex is to facilitate ‘high-quality healthcare’ but the Annex does nothing to achieve this. It is clearly intended to cater to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.” Gleeson added, ...

Ford’s Returning to Le Mans to Kick More Euro Ass
Post Date: 2015-06-12 18:34:43 by A K A Stone
FORD IS HEADING back to France. To be specific, to Le Mans, the northwestern city that’s home to the world’s toughest road race. The company announced today its Ford GT supercar will once again compete in the World Endurance Championship, including its premier race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, starting next year. If you don’t know your racing history, this is very exciting. See, the new Ford GT is the indirect descendent of the world-eviscerating GT40 from a half-century ago, one of the greatest cars of the 20th century. Back in the ’60s, Henry Ford II tried to buy Ferrari. After Enzo walked away from the deal over a dispute about open-wheel racing, an enraged Ford ...

Is Gavin Grimm Mentally ill and are her parents child abusers?
Post Date: 2015-06-12 16:47:53 by A K A Stone
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal sex discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a Virginia high school student who has been prohibited from using the boys bathrooms and locker rooms on school premises. The student plaintiff, 16-year-old Gavin Grimm, attends Gloucester High School in quiet, coastal Virginia, reports the Daily Press of Newport News. The reason school officials have prevented Grimm from using facilities reserved for boys on campus is because Grimm was born a girl and by all accounts remains a girl. Nevertheless, Grimm, her family and the ACLU want a court order forcing the local school district to allow Grimm to use boys bathrooms at Gloucester High School. ...

Obama suffers big loss as trade bill is defeated at hands of Democrats (TAA/TPA defeated in the House)
Post Date: 2015-06-12 14:58:25 by hondo68
President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi exit a meeting with House Democrats at the U.S. Capitol on June 12, 2015.(Photo: Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images) President Obama’s trade agenda unraveled Friday in a stunning setback delivered by his own party as the House rejected an important part of a package aimed at fast-tracking a controversial trade pact he is pursing with 11 other Pacific Rim nations. Hoping to salvage a key piece of his legacy, Obama dashed to Capitol Hill for a rare early-morning meeting with Democrats. But even his high-profile personal intervention failed to generate the Democratic votes he needed to supplement support he received in an unusual alliance ...

Brothers Mow 75-Yr-Old Woman's Lawn To Save Her From Jail
Post Date: 2015-06-12 14:34:34 by Deckard
Practical Anarchism Saves Old Woman From A Needless ArrestGerry Suttle had never received so much as a parking ticket before being informed by police in Riesel, Texas that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. The 75-year-old woman had failed to appear in court to answer a citation issued against her because her grass had grown too high. Riesel is a town of about 1,000 people, and the tiny clique calling itself the city government displays the efficiency that characterizes every such entity of any size: Suttle never received the letter demanding that she appear before the judge. Under what residents of Texas are told to call the “law,” an arrest warrant results in immediate ...

Every Kill A 'Good' Kill: How Police And The Media Cooperate To Disparage The Dead
Post Date: 2015-06-12 14:25:10 by Deckard
from the 'past-performance-ALWAYS-indicative-of-this-thing-that-just-now-happened' dept Cops kill a lot of people. Depending on who's counting, they've already killed between 385 and 470 people this year. This isn't to say that some of these killings weren't justified, but when details begin leaking out about the those killed, the amount of force in relation to the threat posed is often questionable. Because no PD wants to look like the home of trigger-happy thugs, the media spin begins almost before the "suspect" has expired. Usaamah Abdullah Rahim, shot by Boston cops, was instantly memorialized by law enforcement and a compliant press with the ...

Officer inside patrol car fatally shoots unarmed man for "walking with a purpose"
Post Date: 2015-06-12 14:20:22 by Deckard
A Des Moines police officer fired her service weapon through the rolled-up window of her patrol car on Tuesday night, fatally shooting an unarmed man said to be charging at her car, according to police.Ryan Keith Bolinger, 28, of West Des Moines, died at the scene from a single gunshot to the torso. Police and witnesses said he led two officers on a slow chase through northwestern Des Moines Tuesday evening that ended with Bolinger exiting his vehicle and coming toward the squad car."He was walking with a purpose," Sgt. Jason Halifax of Des Moines Police said following a press conference Wednesday on the shooting.Senior Police Officer Vanessa Miller, a seven-year veteran, fired ...

How Policing Works in a Privatized City
Post Date: 2015-06-12 12:29:42 by cranko
“All the common areas of Atlantic Station including the streets, sidewalks, parks, and alleys are private property.” Thus reads one line buried in the Rules of Conduct for Atlantic Station, Atlanta, Georgia: a marvelous city within a city. But it’s this one line that makes the critical difference. It’s why this one-square mile in the heart of this great city has done more to model beauty, prosperity, diversity, and happy living than 50 years of “urban renewal” and other government programs. The entire community was built on top of the old Atlanta Steel Mill, which opened in 1901 and closed in the 1970s, leaving desolation in its wake. Atlantic Station opened ...

Sessions to House GOP: TPA a Trojan horse for executive action on immigration, climate change; Update: Dem opposition “growing”
Post Date: 2015-06-12 11:06:25 by TooConservative
The White House demand for plenary negotiating authority (Trade Promotion Authority or TPA) on the Pacific Rim trade pact has done what many thought impossible — unite the Left and the Right. In fact, it’s even united them on the same issue, the abuse of executive power …. although not in regard to the same policy areas. Key members in both caucuses and chambers on Capitol Hill want amendments to the TPA plan that will circumscribe executive power on immigration, climate change, and Wall Street regulation, reports William Mauldin at the Wall Street Journal: Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) is seeking to prevent President Barack Obama from using trade agreements to make changes to ...

New York Senate Passes Ban on Powdered Alcohol
Post Date: 2015-06-12 10:22:05 by Deckard
On Monday, the New York state senate passed a bill that would ban the sale of powdered alcohol. In March, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the product, known as "palcohol," for sale. Several states have already passed measures banning the sale of powdered alcohol products, and 39 jurisdictions, including New York, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, are trying to do the same.  And it’s not just state governments seeking to ban the powdered drink mix. Sen. Charles Schumer (D–N.Y.) is pushing an “emergency amendment to legislation this week that would make it illegal to produce, sell or possess Palcohol,” according to CBS ...

11-Year-Old Boy Played in His Yard. CPS Took Him, Felony Charge for Parents.
Post Date: 2015-06-12 10:16:04 by Deckard
One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I'll call Cindy and Fred could not get home in time to let their 11-year-old son into the house. The boy didn't have a key, so he played basketball in the yard. He was alone for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops, and when the parents arrived—having been delayed by traffic and rain—they were arrested for negligence. They were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted, and held overnight in jail. It would be a month before their sons—the 11-year-old and his 4-year-old brother—were allowed home again. Only after the eldest spoke up and begged a judge to give him back to his parents did the situation ...

Jeff Sessions Issues Final ‘Critical Alert’: Obamatrade Just Like Amnesty, Obamacare
Post Date: 2015-06-12 09:48:45 by redleghunter
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, is issuing one final clarion call against Obamatrade as the House readies to vote on the matter on Friday. Sessions’ final “critical alert,” one of several he’s issued throughout the Obamatrade process, shows House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)has been engaged in deception as he attempts to guide Obamatrade’s passage through the House. “Promoters of fast-track executive authority have relied on semantic obfuscation in an effort to deny the obvious: the President’s top priority is obtaining ...

NAACP leader and civil rights activist outed as WHITE by her parents who say she's been pretending to be black for years
Post Date: 2015-06-12 08:51:25 by cranky
Rachel Dolezal, 37, has been a vocal member of the civil rights community in Idaho and Eastern Washington for yearsShe also teaches Africana Studies at Eastern Washington UniversityBut her estranged mother has now revealed that her daughter is white and began to 'disguise herself' in 2006 or 2007She is facing a city ethics investigation after identifying herself as black in an application to serve on a local police ombudsman commissionShe said she was white, black and American Indian and secured the role - but her mother says the family is Czech, Swedish and GermanKXLY asked her if she was African American and, looking stunned, she responded: 'I don't understand the ...

Man with the ‘golden arm’ has saved lives of 2 million babies
Post Date: 2015-06-12 06:49:11 by TooConservative
On the surface, James Harrison is just an average guy. He loves his daughter and grandchildren, collects stamps, and goes for walks near his home on Australia’s central coast. But it’s what’s under the surface that makes him extraordinary — specifically, what’s flowing in his veins. Known as “The Man with the Golden Arm,” nearly every week for the past 60 years he has donated blood plasma from his right arm. The reasons can be traced back to a serious medical procedure he underwent as a child. “In 1951, I had a chest operation where they removed a lung — and I was 14,” recalls Harrison, who is now aged 78. “When I came out of the ...

Santa Ana Cops Caught On Camera Apparently Eating Pot Candy, Joking About Kicking Amputee Patient In Her "Nub"
Post Date: 2015-06-12 06:24:57 by Deckard
John GilhooleyMarla JamesThe Weekly has received footage from a recent marijuana dispensary raid that appears to show Santa Ana police officers eating pot candy and throwing darts after destroying--or so they thought--all the surveillance cameras inside the cannabis shop. The video footage shows an officer stuffing something into his mouth and handing something to another cop, who asks him "What flavor?" The officers then laugh. The footage is too grainy to be certain that the item that the officer picks up from the counter of the cannabis shop is in fact a pot edible, although the behavior of the officers suggests this is the case. Also in the footage: a female police ...

Reagan’s Astrologer Dies at 87
Post Date: 2015-06-12 05:53:24 by Deckard
Joan Quigley, a San Francisco astrologer, was hired by Nancy Reagan–at Merv Griffin’s recommendation–after the attempted assassination of the president, to vet his schedule. Soon Joan was vetting all important presidential decisions, and urging–she said–the prez to be less belligerent towards Russia. Even if that is not true–and I have reason to believe that it is–an astrologer is bound to give much better advice than a criminal Wall Street bankster like Donald Regan, or the various killers and thieves who cluster around any White House like flies around a garbage can. And speaking of killers, the would-be assassin was connected to the Bush family. ...

Post Date: 2015-06-12 04:34:40 by out damned spot
TPA opens the door for TPP! BREITBART reported on a massive Wikileaks dump of the TPP. Here's that link plus the jobs slated to be handed to Foreigners and this time right here in America. REVEALED: THE SECRET IMMIGRATION CHAPTER IN OBAMA’S TRADE AGREEMENT 1. Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services (CPC 862) 2. Architectural services (CPC 8671) 3. Engineering services (CPC 8672) 4. Integrated engineering services (CPC 8673) 5. Urban planning and landscape architectural services (CPC 8674) 6. Medical & dental services (CPC 9312) 7. Veterinary services (CPC 932) 8. Services provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapists and paramedical persons 9. Consultancy ...

Watch: Black Woman Goes On EPIC Rant About McKinney, Says What No One Else Will
Post Date: 2015-06-12 01:22:41 by Gatlin

Fox News Will Host GOP Candidate Forum Before Primary Debate (August 6th, for 1 percenter candidates)
Post Date: 2015-06-11 23:29:29 by hondo68
Ever since Fox News announced the parameters for its August 6th Republican primary debate, a lot of the candidates not exactly polling in the top 10 have been asked for their opinions on the format and whether it’s fair. And, well, some of them aren’t crazy about it. So tonight, Fox announced in a press release that on August 6th, hours before the debate kicks off, America’s Newsroom anchors Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum will host what the network is calling a candidate forum in which candidates outside the top 10 polling will be allowed to participate. The biggest criteria is that any participating candidates must be polling at one percent or higher. Fox executive ...

Why are the Left Conspiring to Decimate Local & State Police Departments? Answer: Vlad Lenin 1917
Post Date: 2015-06-11 23:06:50 by A K A Stone

Microsoft Hololens / Windows Holographic
Post Date: 2015-06-11 19:39:19 by cranko
Amazing technology coming this summer...

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