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How to Test Gold & Silver at Home: 5 Proven Bullion Testing Methods

Do You Know Someone ... Suffering From “Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder” --- (TURD)?

Happy Robert E. Lee Day

Will the CIA Assassinate Trump? Hes Being Really Dumb For Questioning Russia Conclusions

Nanny State Unhinged: School Employee Fired for Politely Correcting Students Spelling on Twitter

Time to Pay Attention: 8 Men Have as Much Money as Half the Entire World

How BHO Fundamentally Transformed the USA ... not in economics - government - foreign policy --- in cultural apocalypse - tyranny - aids !

When A Fugitive Dies, "Blue Privilege" Makes All the Difference

'He' Didn't Commit the Crime... 'They' Did --- Preferred Gender Pronouns confound in Berkeley murder case.

New Star to Appear in Night Sky, Heralding Balaams Prophecy of Messiah

Woman from SLO murdered in Berkeley ... criminal apologist --- whackkko political activist arrested

Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month?

Sharpton: 'Thank God we lived in the age of Obama' - Launches anti-Trump march along the National Mall

Juan Williams - In his hands ... civil rights have become --- swivel rights.

BREAKING: Russia releases picture of Trump with hooker!

20 Years for 3 Pills Cops Entrap Teen in Cruel Online Dating Scam Preying on Loneliness

Its time to face facts: Obamas presidency was a failure

Fake News: Wash Post Changes Story on Trump Firing D.C. Natl Guard General

'This is my vehicle, sir': Shocking moment black Northwestern University PhD student is beaten and cuffed when cops refuse to believe he owns the Chevy he's driving

Top Bishop: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidit

Virgil: Trumps Nationalist Vision vs. the Gospel of Globalism

In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda

Tens of Thousands protest: Inauguration Riots coverage, with NBC's Maria Shriver

Rudy Giuliani To Head Up Trump's Cybersecurity Team As The Internet Laughs At Giuliani's Security Bona Fides

Court Says Tossing A Flashbang Grenade Into A Room With A Toddler Is 'Unreasonable' Police Behavior

Dangerous Crossroads: Trumps Defense Nominee General James Mad Dog Mattis Outlines Plans for Global War (With Bipartisan Support)

Timing Is Extremely Unusual: D.C. National Guard Chief Must Stand Down During Inauguration

Todays Celebrity Society Begs For A Spanking

Imagine That! Police Solve Far More Murders After they Stop Arresting Cannabis Users

Cops Beat, Arrest Innocent Man After Accusing Him of Stealing His OWN CAR

Do Not Trust Governments or Their Employees

Trump Recruits Another Goldman Sachs Bankster

Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

Armed civilian saves ambushed Arizona trooper, kills attacker

JUST IN : Tucker Carlson is Already KILLING Megyn Kellys Ratings!

Russia Must be Destroyed: John McCain and the Case of the Dodgy Dossier

Russia Today interrupts C-SPAN programming (Maxine Waters abducted by RT)

Baaaaad behaviour! Herd of sheep trample their lady shepherd before one returns to ram her after being spooked by car

Ryan on Trump's mass deportation plan: 'It's not happening'

Dog stays with owner for 20 hours after man breaks his neck in Michigan

The Establishments Fake News Assault On Trump

Marijuana DOES cause schizophrenia and triggers heart attacks, experts say in landmark study that slams most of the drug's medical benefits as 'unproven'

Police Charge Student For Threat Made At Arundel High School

Rosie O'Donnell calls for MARTIAL LAW and Trump's inauguration to be delayed until he is 'cleared' of involvement in Russian hack

President-Elect Trump Announces Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to Lend Expertise to Cyber Security Efforts

Watch this ridiculous billiards, golf trick shot that took 11 hours to build

All Aboard Floridas Brightline unveils first passenger train

The Surveillance State Did Not Disappear With The Trump Victory: It Is Still Lurking And Completely Intact

Cops Just Got Surveyed About Weed and the Results Will Surprise You

US Intel Agencies Try to Strong-Arm Trump into War With Russia

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Thumbs Up by Elite on Mad Dog Mattis Pick
Post Date: 2016-12-05 14:24:15 by Deckard
Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of defense gets good grades from the foreign policy and military elite, according to Reuters. The keyword here is continuity between the Obama and Trump administrations and the Bush administration before them. Foreign policy remains the same. It allows for minor deviation in approach and rhetoric but at the end of the day the main objective remains in place. Retired Marine general James Mattis is affectionately known as Mad Dog. He says along with the neocons and the Israelis Iran is the epicenter of international terrorism. Leon Panetta has nice things to say about Mad Dog. From Reuters: Democrat Leon Panetta, a former U.S. defense secretary ...

Nikola One introduces a Hydrogen Powered Semi Truck, US Solar Hydrogen Fueling Network
Post Date: 2016-12-05 12:27:50 by Operation 40
Nikola Motor Company's Nikola One Semi Truck - Hydrogen Safety Segment Inside the Nikola One hydrogen-electric semi-truck December 1 was a bad day for hydrogen bashers. Solar Hydrogen is the future of energy, and now a company is going to start a Solar Hydrogen fueling network, something the bashers said would never happen. ROFL 364 PLANNED NIKOLA™ HYDROGEN STATIONS Nikola™ trucks can refuel with hydrogen from any of the 364 planned Nikola™ Hydrogen Stations. Nikola will provide *free hydrogen fuel for the first 1,000,000 miles for any Nikola One™ truck in the Nikola™ Complete Leasing Program. All non-Nikola vehicles can fill up at any Nikola™ ...

Fake news? Time to choose: Corporate media fakes us into Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression with lies known to be lies as they were told (2 of 15)
Post Date: 2016-12-05 08:45:10 by Deckard
“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.”  ~ unsourced, and attributed to Gandhi’s analysis of British empire response to having their hypocrisy exposed: claiming to bring Christian love and progress while looting resources with forced local labor. The Washington Post added to President Obama’s rhetoric for Americans to be aware of “fake news”: easily refuted lies of omission and commission in media. This article series reveals the inversion of those claims: .01% “official” news by corporate media (six conglomerates) is easily documented as fake in our ...

If you are truly a Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian
Post Date: 2016-12-05 08:40:14 by BobCeleste
If you are truly a Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian, please join us in praying daily. Well it doesn't take a genius to know that God rescued us from civil war four weeks ago. I would suggest we commit to taking a bit of time each morning and giving Him thanks and praying for Both President elect Donald John Trump and his and Governor Paul LePage and his. The forces out to get both of these men, their families and their administrations are evil, they are starting to realize that Our GOD is stronger and a lot more powerful than the god they serve. Just take a moment to ask the LORD CHRIST JESUS to be with, to protect, to guide and give health and wisdom to both ...

5 times MSM got caught for fake news causing the death & suffering of millions
Post Date: 2016-12-05 00:14:59 by hondo68
© Freethoughtproject A now-notorious list of ostensibly "fake" news sites — created by a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on the 2016 election. But branding perfectly legitimate outlets with the same scarlet letter as those devoid of integrity deemed the professor's list a spurious attempt to defame alternative and independent media — anyone dissenting from the left's mainstream narrative — as a whole. This is, in no uncertain terms, a hit list — or, at least, a laughable ...

Police: Fake news story leads to shooting inside DC pizza parlor
Post Date: 2016-12-04 21:54:33 by Gatlin
WASHINGTON — A North Carolina man shot a rifle inside a pizza parlor in Washington over a political conspiracy theory, the Washington Post reports. The conspiracy theory stemmed from a fake news story about the Comet Ping Pong Restaurant. The set of stories, deemed PizzaGate, alleged that the restaurant and its owner were connected to a child sex trafficking operation, according to CNN. CNN reports the man admitted the fake news led him to the restaurant. Police said the man was Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of Salisbury, North Carolina. According to the Washington Post, he took a gun into the shop and pointed it at an employee, then fired a shot inside the restaurant. Nearby ...

Clinton allies plot anti-Trump movement
Post Date: 2016-12-04 20:53:27 by calcon
After most campaigns the combatants share cocktails and swap war stories — but the bitter 2016 battle for the White House is turning into a forever war with Hillary Clinton’s tormented team vowing a four-year insurgency against Donald Trump. There are no consolation prizes from a loss as humbling and catastrophic as the heavily-favored Clinton suffered on Nov. 8. But for her aides, there is a measure of liberation, freedom from the constraints of having to defend their flawed, awkward front-runner and adopt the hell-to-pay role of insurgents. Since her defeat, Clinton has been wandering, with a tranquility that eluded her as a politician, in and out of strangers’ Instagram ...

Federal government blocks Dakota Access oil pipeline route (Protesters will not be removed)
Post Date: 2016-12-04 18:57:56 by hondo68
A crowd gathers in celebration at the Oceti Sakowin camp after it was announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers won't grant easement for the Dakota Access oil pipeline in Cannon Ball, N.D., Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/David Goldman) CANNON BALL, N.D. (AP) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Sunday that it won't grant an easement for the Dakota Access oil pipeline in southern North Dakota, handing a victory to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters, who argued the project would threaten a water source and cultural sites.North Dakota's leaders criticized the decision, with Gov. Jack Dalrymple calling it a "serious mistake" that "prolongs ...

Sens. Graham, McCain Unveil Plan to Weaken Saudi 9/11 Bill - Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
Post Date: 2016-12-04 17:02:41 by hondo68
9/11 Family Members Slam 'Fix' as a Stab in the Back The 9/11 Advocates Group is accusing Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) of stabbing them in the back today after he and Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) unveiled what they are called a “fix” to the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), a bill which aimed to allow the 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for backing al-Qaeda ahead of the attack.. While the Saudis lobbied heavily against the bill, and threatened to collapse the US economy over it, it passed easily earlier this year, though even back then Republican leadership was openly talking about gutting the bill after the November election. The election’s ...

Linda Tripp Jill-Hill Recount: A Frivolous Farce
Post Date: 2016-12-04 14:34:24 by calcon
What is it with these women? Thanks to the Hillary and Jill Show, we keep hearing about recount efforts and the popular vote. This is a national rabbit hole no one actually needed to explore. The map was saturated in red right down to countless counties across the entire heart of the heartland and beyond. It was a sight to see. With the exception of those reliable bastions of liberalism on the two coasts, the sea of deep red represented Hillary’s total and embarrassing shellacking. In fact, absent these out of touch but highly populated areas of the country, it was a complete and total landslide. Jill Stein barely registered on the Richter scale. That is what history will reflect and ...

From the bottom of my heart I would just like to say
Post Date: 2016-12-04 08:54:56 by A K A Stone
From the bottom of my heart I would just like to say F you China and F you Bill Clinton for permanently normalizing our trade relations with China and I truly hope that Donald Trump ends this damnable relationship as quickly as possible. I would also like to say FU to all the people that shipped their factories over to China. I hope they torture you, murder you, and harvest your organs in retaliation for Donald Trump's actions. And while we're on the subject of Asia, I hope he launches a first strike against North Korea on his first day in office.

These Countries Have Nearly Eliminated Cash From Circulation
Post Date: 2016-12-04 07:05:33 by U don't know me
These Countries Have Nearly “Eliminated Cash From Circulation” Rory Hall December 2nd, 2016 The Daily Coin This article was written by Rory Hall and originally published at The Daily Coin. Editor’s Comment: The cashless society is catching up to all of us. Most of Europe has shifted that way, and now India is forcing the issue. In the United States, people are being acclimated to it, and may soon find that no other option is practical in the highly-digitized online world. Once that takes hold, the banksters, bureaucrats and hackers will have total information on all your transactions, purchasing behavior, profiles about consumers, political and social background history ...

Colorado doctor who called Michelle Obama monkey face resigns from hospital job
Post Date: 2016-12-03 21:49:10 by cranky
The Colorado doctor who called First Lady Michelle Obama “monkey face” and insisted that the Harvard-trained lawyer spoke in “poor ebonic English” has resigned from her job, officials said. Michelle Herren, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center, and the hospital “mutually agreed” to part ways, the medical facility announced Friday. Herren was fired Thursday from the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, where she held an unpaid faculty position. Dr. Michelle Herren, a pediatric anesthesiologist who works at Denver Health Medical Center, disparaged First Lady Michelle Obama on Facebook. (Facebook via The Denver Channel ...

Alcohol Sold Illegally at Texas Convention of Liquor Cops
Post Date: 2016-12-03 21:36:27 by hondo68
Originally published at LawFlog.com by Ty ClevengerOh, the irony. The executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission allowed illegal alcohol sales at a regional conference of state liquor cops in Austin, according to a retired TABC supervisor, and that could lead to criminal charges against the director and one of her cronies. The agency also paid its deputy executive director more than $12,000 per month to attend a police academy full-time at government expense, even though his job does not involve any law enforcement duties (more on that below). Darryl Darnell, a retired TABC supervisor who now works as a deputy constable, filed a complaint on November 7, 2016 against ...

BREAKING: Rep. DanaRohrabacher Was Offered Deputy Secretary Of State, Declined Because Of Neocons @transition2017
Post Date: 2016-12-03 19:27:23 by hondo68
Pro-Trump California Representative Dana Rohrabacher. Detail from original photograph by Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons. Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) was offered the Deputy Secretary of State position by President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition team, but declined because he “could not support a Secretary of State that didn’t have Trump’s policies”, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the process. The source told GotNews that Rohrabacher, who was being considered for the Secretary of State post, refused to serve under a Secretary who did not align with Donald Trump’s foreign policy views. Rohrabacher, an “outspoken Trump ...

Breaking: Green Party withdraws PA recount demand
Post Date: 2016-12-03 19:13:38 by calcon
Looks like Jill Stein has run out of cash. CBS’ Pittsburgh affiliate reports that the Green Party can’t raise the $1 million bond for the Pennsylvania recount, and has withdrawn their demand. And with that, the election is well and truly over: The Green Party is dropping its court case seeking a recount of Pennsylvania’s Nov. 8 presidential election. It had wanted to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated. The Green Party’s filing came Saturday, saying it couldn’t afford the $1 million bond the court had set. A Commonwealth Court hearing had been scheduled in the case for Monday, and the $1 million bond was ...

Rep. McCaul: Yes, we will build a wall, put Mexico on a payment plan and enforce the law
Post Date: 2016-12-03 17:17:44 by cranky
FILE: Undated: Unidentified people in Mexico crossing the Rio Grande to enter the United States illegally, in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. (AP) Donald Trump campaigned on a big promise: he would secure our border and confront the illegal immigration crisis head-on. A lot of people doubted him. And why not? Politicians have been promising to do this for years, and they have let Americans down every single time. That’s all about to change. Starting next month, the people are going to get what they asked for. We are going to build the wall. Period. In the process, I pledge to stand side-by-side with the Trump administration to throw out Obama’s reckless immigration policies and start ...

Think Obamas Gone? Think Again Ex-Pres Considering Career in Digital Propaganda
Post Date: 2016-12-03 14:10:38 by Deckard
With the mainstream media pushing the false narrative of “fake news” acting as a pox on society, it may come as no surprise to some that President Barack H. Obama is reportedly getting into the news business. Yes, that’s right. Sources say the soon to be former president is considering starting his own media company, which could resemble something like a liberal version of Alex Jones, for example. So, could it be that the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama, helping him launch his new career in media, by recklessly driving home a false narrative on the American people that their alternative news sources simply cannot be trusted? Maybe. But no one appears to be holding ...

Innocent 59-year-old Mother Assaulted by Cops in Walmart for No Reason
Post Date: 2016-12-03 13:51:03 by Deckard
Homewood, AL — Homewood police department has launched an internal investigation after video of their officers assaulting a 59-year-old mother in Walmart has gone viral. The victim, Brenda Rivers had done nothing wrong, committed no crime, and was minding her own business when she was targeted by police who mistook her for a criminal. Without a warrant or reasonable articulable suspicion, as Rivers did not match the description of the actual suspect, police detained her and demanded they be allowed to search her belongings. Knowing she had done nothing wrong, Rivers refused. “He just accused her,” Rivers’ husband said, trying to explain to cops that they had just ...

Marijuana Victims' Association: Is Marijuana the New Thalidomide
Post Date: 2016-12-03 12:24:38 by Roscoe
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 4, 2016) - Phocomelia (limb malformation) has been shown in testing* of THC marijuana in a similar preclinical model to that which revealed the teratogenicity of thalidomide. The federal government is aware of serious marijuana harms; it must not be complicit in risking Canadian health, but must mitigate by placing marijuana products under a protective protocol similar to REVAID used for Thalidomide. As the stewards of the country's human and financial resources, it is critical that government protect the public from potential irreversible harm and itself from litigation. Marijuana harm is not only possible but probable. Click for Full ...

Donald Trump Is a Greater Threat to Free Speech Than the Campus Left
Post Date: 2016-12-03 12:07:30 by Deckard
Trump's flag-burning comments fit a pattern of disrespect for the First Amendment.President-Elect Donald Trump recently tweeted that people who burn the American flag should be put in jail or even lose their American citizenship. This ignorant, despicable statement should make a plain truth even more obvious: Trump will not defend free speech from the forces of censorship—he represents the forces of censorship. Over at National Review, Katherine Timpf wonders who is "worse" for free speech: Trump or "campus snowflakes"? Her article implies that Trump may well be worse. "No doubt, a lot of people voted for Donald Trump because they wanted to put a stop to ...

How to construct a ventilated pit latrine
Post Date: 2016-12-03 10:58:36 by A K A Stone

The most bourgeois sight imaginable': Philadelphia attorney is caught spray-painting 'F*** Trump' graffiti while wearing a blazer, chinos and swilling a glass of wine
Post Date: 2016-12-03 10:32:32 by cranky
Philadelphia police are investigating an assistant city solicitor in connection with anti-Trump graffiti found on the side of a supermarket Duncan Lloyd was one of two men seen in security-camera footage of the incidentLloyd was reportedly identified as the man, dressed in a blazer and holding a glass of wineHe is seen raising his cell phone to capture the other man spray-painting 'F*** Trump' on the buildingA lawyer from Philadelphia has been caught on camera daubing a wall with anti-Trump graffiti while dressed in smart blazer and holding a glass of wine. Duncan Lloyd, who is an assistant city solicitor has been identified in the surveillance footage that saw him and another man ...

Former Special Forces officer: Gen. Mad Dog Mattis left my men to die
Post Date: 2016-12-02 22:34:40 by Deckard
A former Army Special Forces officer is accusing retired Marine General James Mattis, President-elect Donald Trump‘s pick to be defense secretary, of “leaving my men to die” after they were hit by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2001. Mattis has not commented publicly on the incident, which was chronicled in a 2011 New York Times bestselling book, “The Only Thing Worthy Dying For,” by Eric Blehm. The book portrays Mattis as stubbornly unwilling to help the Green Berets.   His actions, which were not formally investigated at the time, are now likely to get far more scrutiny during the retired general’s Senate confirmation process. Trump’s transition ...

U.S. News Media & Intel Agencies Blame Moscow for Trumps Election
Post Date: 2016-12-02 21:58:29 by Deckard
On November 30th, Buzzfeed bannered “Intel Officials Believe Russia Spreads Fake News”. Their ‘reporter’ (that is, stenographer of U.S. government propaganda) opened: “US intelligence officials believe Russia helped disseminate fake and propagandized news as part of a broader effort to influence and undermine the presidential election, two US intelligence sources told BuzzFeed News. ‘They’re doing this continuously, that’s a known fact,’ one US intelligence official said, requesting anonymity to discuss the sensitive national security issue. ‘This is beyond propaganda, that’s my understanding,’ the second US intelligence ...

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