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Trump is urged to DANCE with Caitlyn Jenner at his inaugural ball to prove he's in touch with the LGBT community

CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power (I posted this article this am on FR and was kicked off the site!)

'I'll be watching': Obama uses his final press conference to issue extraordinary warning to Trump that he will step in if he 'rounds up' children for deportation, hits voting rights or 'silences dissent'

Former President Bush moved to intensive care as wife Barbara also hospitalized


Roy Moore is ... the only one qualified to --- replace Scalia

Biden ... accused the Russian leader of trying to --- “roll back decades of progress.”

Ban rampaging blacks ... business improves --- Easy peasy.

Russia Snaps, Accuses UK, Germany And France Of "Grossly Interfering" In The US Election

Soul singer Sam Moore performing at inauguration event (Sam & Dave)

Why Do Jewish Leaders Want Anti-Israel Refugees?

White Gun Shop Owner Sh00ts & K!lls Would Be Thug Who Tried To Rob His Store & We Have The Footage!

Trump Press Secretary: Alternative Media,Bloggers To Become Part Of Press Corps

Innocent Woman Detained by Police & Ticketed — for Reciting Poetry on the Sidewalk

Apprentice Contestant Summer Zervos Slaps Donald Trump With Defamation Lawsuit

A reminder to take out the trash

Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning

Wasting More Money on Climate Science Illustration

Preppers Stock Up On Guns, Food As Trumpocalypse Looms

Pat Buchanan:Reagan and Trump–American Nationalists

Judge Napolitano for SCOTUS? Meets with Trump [VIDEO]

Video of massive Florida ‘dinosaur’ gator creates buzz

Hey Big Spenders: Will Trump Continue the Bush-Obama Legacy?

Lie Detectors, Russian Spies, and an Expert in Kung Fu

National Academy of Sciences Issues Landmark Statement on the Therapeutic Value of Medical Cannabis

Donald Trump rattles Europe by branding the NATO alliance ‘obsolete’

Team Obama keeps laying new land mines for Trump

How to Test Gold & Silver at Home: 5 Proven Bullion Testing Methods

Do You Know Someone ... Suffering From “Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder” --- (TURD)?

Happy Robert E. Lee Day

Will the CIA Assassinate Trump? “He’s Being Really Dumb For Questioning Russia Conclusions”

Nanny State Unhinged: School Employee Fired for Politely Correcting Student’s Spelling on Twitter

Time to Pay Attention: 8 Men Have as Much Money as Half the Entire World

How BHO Fundamentally Transformed the USA ... not in economics - government - foreign policy --- in cultural apocalypse - tyranny - aids !

When A Fugitive Dies, "Blue Privilege" Makes All the Difference

'He' Didn't Commit the Crime... 'They' Did --- Preferred Gender Pronouns confound in Berkeley murder case.

New Star to Appear in Night Sky, Heralding Balaam’s Prophecy of Messiah

Woman from SLO murdered in Berkeley ... criminal apologist --- whackkko political activist arrested

Donald Trump: Kremlin Employee of the Month?

Sharpton: 'Thank God we lived in the age of Obama' - Launches anti-Trump march along the National Mall

Juan Williams - In his hands ... civil rights have become --- swivel rights.

BREAKING: Russia releases picture of Trump with hooker!

20 Years for 3 Pills – Cops Entrap Teen in Cruel Online Dating Scam Preying on Loneliness

It’s time to face facts: Obama’s presidency was a failure

Fake News: Wash Post Changes Story on Trump ‘Firing’ D.C. Nat’l Guard General

'This is my vehicle, sir': Shocking moment black Northwestern University PhD student is beaten and cuffed when cops refuse to believe he owns the Chevy he's driving

Top Bishop: Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidit

Virgil: Trump’s Nationalist Vision vs. the Gospel of Globalism

In the Shopping Cart of a Food Stamp Household: Lots of Soda

Tens of Thousands protest: Inauguration Riots coverage, with NBC's Maria Shriver

Latest Articles: Corrupt Government

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Cops Use Taser On Innocent Cleaning Woman Then Charge Her With ‘Evading Arrest’
Post Date: 2016-02-02 13:31:05 by Deckard
Two Tennessee police officers are being accused of excessive force after they Tasered a 36-year-old middle school cleaning woman. The police claim that they thought Juana Raymundo, originally from Guatemala, was a “burglar” because she was in the otherwise empty school building at night. But cleaning the school at night was not new for Raymundo, nor for many school janitors across the United States. Now, Raymundo has been charged with “evading arrest” since she ran from the police who were aiming weapons at her in the middle of the night, in her place of employment. Even though she clearly had cleaning supplies in the hallway, the Times Free ...

Make America Free Again - Ron, Rand Paul: Iowa City Rally
Post Date: 2016-02-01 11:13:21 by hondo68
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY, a 2016 presidential candidate, held a campaign rally at the University of Iowa. Senator Paul’s father, former Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced the candidate. During his remarks, Senator Paul outlined his plans to improve U.S. foreign policy and government spending. Poster Comment:Jeb! has to pay people to attend his events.

Missouri Cop Who Killed Teen, Crashes Patrol Car While Drunk & High On Cocaine, Stays a Cop
Post Date: 2016-01-31 17:29:03 by Deckard
St. Louis, MO — A St. Louis Police Officer previously involved in a controversial fatal shooting "was high on cocaine as well as drunk when he smashed his police vehicle into a parked car" last December 19, reports the St. Louis American. On January 27, the Missouri State Highway Patrol released lab results from a blood sample taken from Officer Jason Flanery the day of the accident. His Blood Alcohol Concentration at the time was .117, more than twice the legal limit. The test also found that Flanery had recently used cocaine. On January 25, Flanery was charged with two misdemeanors -- Driving While Intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident. Although he resigned ...

No charges for 8 LAPD officers who fired 100 bullets on innocent women during hunt for deranged ex-cop Christopher Dorner
Post Date: 2016-01-31 17:24:41 by Deckard
Chris Carlson/AP Law enforcement officers look over the scene of an officer involved shooting where Margie Carranza and Emma Hernandez were wounded after being misidentified by LAPD officers during the hunt for rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner. Prosecutors are declining to file charges against eight Los Angeles police officers who injured the two women after mistakenly riddling their pickup truck with bullets during a manhunt for cop-turned-killer Christopher Dorner in 2013.LOS ANGELES — Prosecutors are declining to criminally charge eight Los Angeles police officers who injured two innocent women after mistakenly riddling their pickup truck with more than 100 bullets during a manhunt ...

Top Iowa elections official slams Cruz mailer
Post Date: 2016-01-30 18:19:27 by Roscoe
AMES, Iowa — Iowa’s top elections official condemned Ted Cruz’s campaign on Saturday for sending mailers to Iowa voters designed to look like official documents that accuse them of a “VOTING VIOLATION” for failure to turn out in past elections. Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate said in a statement that Cruz’s mailers, which has the words “official public record” printed in red at the top, “misrepresents the role of my office, and worse, misrepresents Iowa election law.” “There is no such thing as an election violation related to frequency of voting,” said Paul, who was elected statewide as a Republican in 2014. “Any ...

Unbelievable – Ted Cruz Campaign Sends Out Personal “Shaming Letters” To Iowa Voters [Full Thread]
Post Date: 2016-01-30 08:24:10 by Roscoe
The personalized letters target individual Iowa voters and identifies them as having failed to vote in prior elections. They are admonished and then encouraged to vote this year. In addition the letters identify the neighbors of the voter, and provides their voting history. Click for Full Text!

Wanna Watch the FBI kill that guy in Oregon
Post Date: 2016-01-29 07:16:10 by A K A Stone

“Gotta Cover Our Ass” - Illegally Confiscated Cellphone Records Cops Framing an Innocent Man
Post Date: 2016-01-27 13:09:06 by Deckard
On September 11, 2015, journalist and police accountability activist, Michael Picard was illegally detained for lawfully open carrying and filming police on public property. During the illegal detainment, Connecticut state troopers confiscated his gun and his camera. However, the trooper who took the phone went on to make a critical mistake — he left the camera rolling while fabricating a story to falsely charge Picard. The resultant footage provides a rare, behind the scenes look at what officers are capable of doing to people with whom they disagree. It is nothing short of jaw-droppingly infuriating. On that September night, Picard and a friend were on public property and warning ...

5 arrested, 1 dead in connection with Oregon standoff, FBI says: read the press release
Post Date: 2016-01-26 23:27:40 by hondo68
The FBI and the Oregon State Police jointly reported five people were arrested and one unnamed person was killed in connection with an occupation at the Malheur National Wild Refuge. Here's the full news release: At approximately 4:25 p.m. (PST) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Oregon State Police (OSP) began an enforcement action to bring into custody a number of individuals associated with the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. During that arrest, there were shots fired.One individual who was a subject of a federal probable cause arrest is deceased. We will not be releasing any information about that person pending ...

Denver Cops Raided Legal Cannabis Growers With Grenades, Machine Guns, Armored Vehicles
Post Date: 2016-01-25 13:14:58 by Deckard
Three roommates who grew medical marijuana are suing two law enforcement agencies after their rural Conifer home was raided “military-style” with armored vehicles, machine guns and flash grenades. A year after the raid, none of the three has been charged with a crime, and they have received minimal response from Denver police and Jefferson County sheriff’s officials about why they confiscated $70,000, 28 firearms and a pickup, their attorney said. “We have heard pretty much silence from the authorities on our requests for further information,” said Rob Corry, an attorney with The Cannabis Law Firm. “Our clients are innocent of any criminal wrongdoing ...

Oregon Gov. (Fear Mongering Tyrant) Asks Feds To Boot Militiamen From Wildlife Refuge
Post Date: 2016-01-24 19:09:23 by hondo68
By Chris White – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown wrote two letters to the federal government Wednesday asking for help removing the group of militiamen she calls “armed criminals” from a remote Oregon wildlife refuge. The letters were obtained by Oregon Public Broadcasting and published to Twitter. In a letter sent to the White House, Brown claims “the harm that is being done to the citizens of Harney County by the occupation, and the necessity that this unlawful occupation end peacefully and without further delay from federal law enforcement.” The governor’s letter to Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims ...

Man Beaten and Arrested by Police for Trying to Save His 3 Dogs from His Burning Home
Post Date: 2016-01-21 18:59:10 by Deckard
At 5 am on Wednesday morning, 58-year-old Wendell Joyner awoke to his house ablaze. However, after he ran from his home, he quickly realized that his three dogs were still inside. “I got out of the house, and then I realized, ‘Oh, wait a minute, my dogs are in there,” Joyner told WKMG-TV. “So, I went back inside to look for my dogs.” The smoke was so bad that Joyner had to keep returning outside to catch his breath while searching for his dogs. However, on the third time he came out for air, law enforcement on the scene told him to stay out. Like most people would do when their beloved pets are threatened with being burned alive, Joyner ignored ...

VIDEO: Just six people greet Hillary in Texas — and she ignores them!
Post Date: 2016-01-21 12:59:16 by cranky
The former secretary of state made a fundraising stop in Beaumont, Texas Wednesday and KFDM reports only six people showed up at the airport to greet Clinton. “Some people just wanted to catch a glimpse of the presidential candidate,” according to the reporter who was on hand. But that didn’t happen. The news report shows Hillary’s motorcade driving quickly out of the airport. She didn’t say hello or visit with anyone while at the airport,” according to KFDM. Meanwhile, 12 News Now reports Clinton was in West Beaumont to attend a fundraiser organized by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed. The news station reports the campaign collected about $500,000, ...

DEA So Forfeiture-Focused It Hired A TSA Screener To Check Travelers And Baggage For 'Guilty' Cash
Post Date: 2016-01-20 17:42:40 by Deckard
from the if-drug-trafficking-dips,-so-do-the-opportunities-to-grab-cash,-so... dept Here you are: written evidence that asset forfeiture leads to law enforcement activity, rather than the other way around. (h/t Brad Heath) The DEA has already been blasted by the DOJ's Inspector General for its confidential informant program. The DEA's informants were paid when they weren't producing intel. They were paid and sheltered from prosecution when they committed criminal acts falling outside their purview as informants. And the entire program was adrift in a sea of corruption and chaos, subject to no real oversight. To top it all off, Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to battle ...

It’s Like “Nazi Germany” — Federal Police Officer Furious After Cops Attempt to Rob Him & His Wife
Post Date: 2016-01-19 18:54:07 by Deckard
"It seems like Nazi Germany, you've got to have the paperwork and the proper authorities to come through Tennessee."In May of 2014, Ronnie and Lisa Hankins were driving back from his grandfather’s funeral in Virginia when they were targeted by a gang of police officers in search of cash. As Lisa drove the couple westbound down I-40, they saw an officer, who happened to be with the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, and Hankins correctly predicted that they were about to be pulled over. “I told her we are going to get pulled over,” Ronnie said to NewsChannel 5. “What made you think he was going to stop you?” NewsChannel 5 Investigates ...

US renighs on treaty
Post Date: 2016-01-19 08:05:13 by paraclete
The US has renighed on a Fishing treaty with Pacific nations. The US has refused to pay fees levied under the treaty and is using its muscle to force renegotiation of the treaty. This affects the income of small pacific nations severly and could force them to become client states of China. Unilateral actions by the US must be viewed seriously by Pacific nations and their neighbours. If the US can take high handed action with a treaty what are their intentions with other treaties? Can the US believed when it backs out of a treaty when the ink is still wet. Obviously access to exclusive territorial economic zones are what is at stake here. I expect this is payback for the pacific nations ...

Congressman Who Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Busted For Cocaine
Post Date: 2016-01-19 07:45:38 by Deckard
Representative Trey Radel was a major proponent of Republican legislation to make food stamp recipients submit to drug tests before receiving assistance. The proposal for those on food stamps to urinate in cups to prove they’re not on drugs received widespread praise from Republicans. But only a month after he backed the proposal, police busted the Florida Republican on a charge of cocaine possession. That’s right, the Republican politician who wanted to drug test poor people – those tests incurring huge tax-payer expenses – was himself using drugs. “It’s really interesting it came on the heels of Republicans voting on everyone who had access to ...

The author of the book on which Michael Bay's new Benghazi movie is based stands by his depiction of a pivotal scene
Post Date: 2016-01-17 08:23:49 by cranky
In this photo provided by Paramount Pictures shows Pablo Schreiber, from left, as Kris "Tanto" Paronto, John Krasinski as Jack Silva, David Denman as Dave "Boon" Benton and Dominic Fumusa as John "Tig" Tiegen, in the film, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" from Paramount Pictures and 3 Arts Entertainment/Bay Films. The movie releases in U.S. theaters Jan. 15, 2016. "Stand down," says the actor playing the CIA station chief in Michael Bay's new film, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." He's speaking to the security team that wants to go help Americans under siege less than a mile away in a U.S. diplomatic ...

GOP Promises Different Immigration Policies in English and Spanish
Post Date: 2016-01-14 13:09:27 by nativist nationalist
From the Miami Herald: In GOP State of the Union responses, different messages in English and Spanish on immigration @PatriciaMazzei The Conservative Treehouse puts Gov. Nikki Haley’s English version and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart’s Spanish-language version in an easier-to-compare format to make clear how different they are. For example, ♦ English (Via Haley): No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. Spanish (Via Diaz-Balart): No one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love the United States should ever feel unwelcome in this country. It’s not who we are. But then Haley ...

Should the St. Louis Rams Move to Los Angeles?
Post Date: 2016-01-14 13:00:03 by nativist nationalist
One advantage of the St. Louis Rams football franchise moving to currently NFL-vacant Los Angeles (along with possibly the San Diego Chargers and, more remotely, the Oakland Raiders) is that it removes the threat of moving to Los Angeles that every NFL franchise in a marginally major league city has possessed for the last 20 years: “Submit to our extortionate demand for a taxpayer-subsidized superstadium or we’re relocating to giant Los Angeles!” An NFL team is a natural monopoly. (Currently, only the New York and San Francisco Bay metro areas have more than one franchise, although Los Angeles had two from the early 1980s through 1995, when it suddenly went to zero because ...

Arizona Says “No” To Recording Cops… Even in Your Own Home
Post Date: 2016-01-13 08:54:22 by Deckard
Here’s one that demands pushback – as much as can be sent its way.Arizona lawmakers want to make it illegal – a criminal offense – to film cops on private property.In (air quotes) your home.The air quotes being necessary to impart the appropriate irony.If SB 1054 becomes law, anyhow.If it does, AZ residents will be required to obtain the permission of any cop before they may lawfully record his actions. The legality of the cop’s conduct is ultimately irrelevant. He will be able to arrest you, if you film or otherwise record him without his prior ok.This is an important point.Legally speaking, any video made without prior permission stands on ...

If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?
Post Date: 2016-01-11 11:07:16 by Deckard
By Melissa Dykes It’s getting harder to focus on the “news”. Considering that all media is filtered through just five megacorporations (compared with 50 companies in the early ’80s), not to mention (but I will) the fact that domestic propaganda was officially “approved” for use against the American people a few years ago, it’s kinda hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t anymore. Besides, it’s all “hey look, shiny things”. Pay attention to the right hand so you won’t see what the left is doing. The distractions on the “news” also serve another purpose. To fill up your short term memory like ...

Bill Clinton’s FBI Head Is Called In to Show Bill Clinton ‘Not Present’ at Jeffrey Epstein Underage Sex Orgy
Post Date: 2016-01-11 08:32:22 by cranky
Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz has retained former President Bill Clinton’s FBI director to help show Clinton was not present at alleged sex orgies thrown by his former client, a convicted pedophile and close Clinton friend. Clinton’s friendship with a convicted child sex predator, Jeffrey Epstein, again is coming under increased scrutiny, thanks in part to a recent civil lawsuit for defamation filed in Florida against Dershowitz by representatives for two of Epstein’s alleged victims. Dershowitz served as Epstein’s lawyer during Epstein’s criminal trial. Not only has Bill Clinton’s name come up in the court proceedings, but Dershowitz, one of the key figures ...

Hillary Will Be Indicted, Says Former US Attorney Via @dailycaller
Post Date: 2016-01-09 13:09:26 by Justified
A former U.S. Attorney predicts a Watergate-style showdown in the Department of Justice if Attorney General Loretta Lynch overrules a potential FBI recommendation to indict Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “The [FBI] has so much information about criminal conduct by her and her staff that there is no way that they walk away from this,” Joseph diGenova, formerly the District of Columbia’s U.S. Attorney, told Laura Ingraham in a Tuesday radio interview. “They are going to make a recommendation that people be charged and then Loretta Lynch is going to have the decision of a lifetime. “I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so ...

Google, Facebook and Twitter Yield to German Govt Demand to Censor Anti-Migrant ‘Hate Speech’
Post Date: 2016-01-07 21:11:09 by rlk
# Google, Facebook and Twitter Yield to German Govt Demand to Censor Anti-Migrant ‘Hate Speech’ Thursday, January 07, 2016 20:30:08 · by Petrosius Brietbart.com ^ | January 7, 2016 | Simon Kent The German government's demand that social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter remove what it calls anti-migrant 'hate speech' is having its first real test in the wake of the sickening sex attacks in Cologne over New Year's Eve. Breitbart London first brought news of the attacks to the English speaking world and sparked a global tide of outrage in the process. Poster note: Merkel's method of dealing with atrocity that she engineered is to forbid its ...

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