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University of Arizona Says They Have No Relationship with Visiting Scholar Who Identifies as a Hippo

'Cool story bro': Twitter mocks Trump's proud claim that his approval ratings are higher than Obama's

Charlie Sheen reveals he’s behind sale of Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring, 1919 contract

Killer whales suspects in Cape shark killings

SCOTUS Lets Ruling Stand Protecting Second Amendment Rights Following Non-Serious Misdemeanors

Supreme Court backs church in major religious rights case that will lift an outright ban on state funding

Trump Can Win Travel Ban Case at Supreme Court Simply by Enforcing It

Supreme Court Orders States to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates; Gorsuch Dissents

Federal ‘OPT’ Program Rewards Companies For Hiring 330,000 Foreign College Grads in 2016

Asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo

......Liberal Lawyer Gloria Allred Being Sued for FRAUD

President Trump Ends Long Tradition of Celebrating Ramadan in White House

Nebraska Dem official caught on audio: I’m ‘glad’ Scalise was shot, ‘I wish he was f*****g dead’


These mothers of suicides don’t think marijuana is harmless

People Who Smoke Weed Every Day Have More Suicidal Thoughts, Study Says


Hacker collective Anonymous releases video claiming that NASA is on the verge of announcing alien life

UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet

Driver in crash that killed Midview student had marijuana in his system

Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims

(Free Republic Archived Retro Thread from 2002): Sneakypete Schools Freepers and Nopardons on Reality Of Bush Family As Statists/RINOs (and NOT "conservative")

Texas mom arrested after children die in hot car

How the CIA Turned Us onto LSD and Heroin: Secrets of America's War on Drugs

Supreme Court limits rights of property owners

Health Care Debate Exposed as a Fraud, Dems and Reps Just United to do Big Pharma's Bidding

The US Criminal “Justice System” is Devoid of Justice

How the Government Conditions Citizens to Obey

The Double Murder of Otto Warmbier

Thousands march at Paris Gay Pride to demand procreation for all

Actor Seth Rogen Mocks Man Who Was Stabbed 9 Times For Supporting Trump

Is Johnny Depp a Rich and Famous James T. Hodgkinson?

Crybaby Actor Who Played ‘Trump Assassin’ in Julius Caesar Play Says Pro-Trump Protesters Left Him ‘Sobbing’

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Settles False Advertising Lawsuit for $1.5M

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop gets criticized by NASA over 'healing stickers made with carbon material used to line space suits'

TSA agent caught stealing cash from luggage at Orlando International Airport

New form of carbon discovered that is harder than diamond but flexible as rubber

California Travel Ban May Keep Its Schools Out of Final Four, Football Championship

DHS John Kelly: Islamic Terrorists Are Sincere, So Regulate the Internet

What Police State? Undercover Cops Bust Teens for Selling Bottled Water

3600 Yard Shot HCR 375 CheyTac

Brooklyn threesome killer sobs behind bars over girlfriend’s deceit: ‘I threw my life away for a f---ing lie’

Americans Protest As DHS John Kelly Flip-Flops, Backs H-2B Visa Expansion

James Jaeger: New Documentary “Mainstream” on The Globalist Agenda in Movies

Jury awards man $870K after doctor removed the wrong testicle

Why the Government Fails at Welfare

Women can't revoke consent to sex once underway, NC law states

New York judge still rakes in $175K salary in jail

Former nurse suspected of killing up to 60 children

Rand Paul: Insurance should be available for $1 a day

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Thank You, Thomas Massie (Demands roll call vote on "Global Food Security Act")
Post Date: 2016-04-19 17:40:55 by hondo68
Yesterday, the House passed H.R. 1567, the "Global Food Security Act." As I wrote earlier this week, H.R. 1567 "....requires the President to coordinate the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy to accomplish the objectives of promoting global food security, resilience, and nutrition consistent with national food security investment plans." It also authorized the federal government to spend one billion dollars on foreign aid programs, which is chump change in DC, but as Senator Everett Dirksen once said, "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money." This is on top of the billions the U.S. Government ...

Post Date: 2016-04-19 08:47:48 by Deckard
On April 19, 1993, in Waco Texas the U.S. government incinerated 86 of it's own citizens for the crime of exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of religion, right to bear arms, and freedom of speech. Timothy McVeigh, who had been at the scene to witness some of the events during the preceding 50 day standoff with U.S. troops, witnessed the inferno erupt on television. Two years later to the day, on April 19, 1995, the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City was destroyed by a bomb blast. McVeigh was arrested a short time later after being pulled over for driving a car with no license plate and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Several days later he was identified by ...

Value Life Like We Do! Or Else!
Post Date: 2016-04-19 05:27:15 by Deckard
I overheard a somewhat interesting if disturbing conversation this weekend. A career U.S. military man was telling these folks at a coffee shop that “we” need to go into the Middle East and “mean business this time”. As in, you know, kill them all and let Allah sort them out. Now, I’ve heard all of this before so I wasn’t especially astonished. This is standard-issue manure that gets doled out via government propaganda outlets we call “talk radio” and “television talk shows”. But what he said next is what I found astonishing: “They don’t value life like we do!” What?! Excuse me, but, what?! Right, “they” don’t ...

Exclusive — RNC Challenges ‘.01 Percent’ Hillary: Pay the Extra $5 Million in Taxes Your Own Plan Would Require
Post Date: 2016-04-18 08:51:35 by cranky
Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus will, on Monday, send a letter to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal tax attorney Rorrie Gregorio, asking her if Clinton has paid the tax rates she expects billionaires and millionaires to pay — or if she’s not leading by example. Under Hillary Clinton’s own tax plan, those making more than $5 million a year would be required to pay a surcharge to the treasury. In doing the math, since 2001, the Clintons would need to pay nearly $5 million more in taxes to comply with their own proposal. Clinton’s campaign tells Breitbart News she’ll pay that much just as soon as the RNC agrees ...

How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11
Post Date: 2016-04-17 20:31:56 by cranky
In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” last weekend said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s delicate alliance with the oil-rich kingdom. That’s quite an understatement. Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook. Case agents I’ve interviewed at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces in Washington and San ...

I pay ... I pay .... I pay and what do I get?
Post Date: 2016-04-17 11:54:04 by buckeroo
I am working on my 2015 federal taxes this weekend. I am in a bit of a pickle since I owe the US Government some money; actually, I owe the US Government quite a bit of money. What do I get out of the deal of being a bonafide citizen? I pay and I pay and I pay FOR NOTHING WORTHWHILE from this useless government other than affording the President his Hawaii vacations and the chief Wookie's little garden plot besides giving illegals all they want. Not one presidential candidate addresses my problem with the issue of paying more and getting less. In the private sector we fire people for less.

The Last Full Measure of Misery: When Will Prohibition Finally End?
Post Date: 2016-04-16 17:31:24 by Deckard
“Our safety and happiness lie in obedience to law by every man, woman, and child,” pontificated Attorney General Harry Micajah Daugherty in his keynote address to the 1921 annual conference of the American Bar Association in Cincinnati. His homily on the supposed virtue of submission to the state was offered in the service of the crusade to “suppress the age-long evil of the liquor traffic,” a holy errand to which the assembled legal luminaries were firmly committed, at least while they were on the clock. “After hours,” Edward Behr wryly observed in his book Prohibition: Thirteen Years that Changed America, “many of those attending the meeting were ...

Bernie Earned Less in Year than Hillary Made in Single Speech
Post Date: 2016-04-15 16:48:19 by cranky
Bernie Sanders reportedly earned just over $200,000 in 2014. That same year, Hillary Clinton, Sanders's top Democratic rival, gave about 45 paid speeches, many of which paid her more in a single hour than Sanders made the entire year. The Washington Post reports on Sanders's income. "The senator from Vermont reported income of just more than $200,000 on his 2014 returns, according to the first few pages of his federal and Vermont filings, which were shared with The Washington Post back in June. On Friday, the couple is planning to release the rest of the returns, including attached schedules," writes the paper. Bernie Sanders reportedly earned just over $200,000 in 2014. ...

The 50-Year Disaster of Government Trains, Buses, and Streetcars
Post Date: 2016-04-15 04:26:30 by hondo68
Today, Less than 2% of Trips Use Transit Ronald Reagan once quipped that "government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it." There, in a nutshell, you have a short history of mass transit in America. CEI's Marc Scribner explains, Following decades of excessive local government fare regulation that led to a terminal decline in the private mass transit industry, government began taking over the responsibilities performed by now-bankrupt private mass transit companies following the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964. Over the span of a decade, the ...

Another Sexual Assault in Service of the Drug War
Post Date: 2016-04-14 09:13:39 by Deckard
Yet another case of a driver sexually assaulted in the name of the war on drugs dramatically illustrates the dangerously broad power that police officers have to mess with motorists. According to a lawsuit filed last September, described in a February 3 ruling by federal judge in Pennsylvania, Kimberlee Carbone was pulled over by New Castle police in November 2013, ostensibly because "she did not apply her turn signal at least 100 feet before the intersection." She was then subjected to a degrading five-hour ordeal that included a bogus DUI arrest, a search of her person and her car, a strip search at the county jail, and multiple probings of her anus and vagina ...

Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History
Post Date: 2016-04-13 22:59:22 by U don't know me
Clinton Email Server Greatest Intel Disaster in History-Scott Uehlinger By Greg Hunter On April 13, 2016 In Political Analysis By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com Former frontline CIA Officer Scott Uehlinger says Hillary Clinton clearly broke the law with her private unprotected server. Uehlinger explains, “What the Clintons rely on is most Americans don’t really understand the security procedures. So, they can throw up a lot of smoke and mirrors that confuses people and makes them think that this was not so much of a problem. But people in the military and people in the intelligence community understand this better, and certainly it is even worse than it appears. . . . The ...

All Government Is Evil and Laughable (Even the local gangs)
Post Date: 2016-04-12 07:50:30 by Deckard
Hey, did you know in Texas, it’s illegal to possess an Erlenmeyer flask without a permit from the government? What’s an Erlenmeyer flask? It’s that glass conical-bottom, narrow-necked flask you see in all the science labs. Remember high school science class? So why is a piece of science lab equipment illegal without das paperwerken from das government? Because it’s allegedly used to manufacture illegal drugs. Well, gosh, so are a lot of things! But this is a thing I have mentioned before here and now would like to expand on: Local government is often the most tyrannical because they can pass laws faster than the federal government can spend a billion dollars. I ...

Former US House Speaker Facing Only 6-months in Jail for Molesting 5 Children and Covering It Up
Post Date: 2016-04-11 08:59:12 by Deckard
Former Republican and Speaker of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert could be jailed for six months for trying to cover up a $3.5 million payoff to one of five boys he allegedly molested when he was a high school teacher in Yorkville, Illinois.The abuse allegations date from 1965 to 1981, when Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in Chicago prior to becoming an Illinois state legislator.Hastert was initially charged on a two-count indictment in May of 2015 for deceiving investigators about $3.5 million he had privately agreed to pay a certain “individual A” as restitution for an unspecified“prior misconduct.” He was also accused of ...

Congressman (Thomas Massie) says Washington committee seats come at a price
Post Date: 2016-04-10 20:56:58 by hondo68
The Daily Independent File | Photo By Andrew Adkins FLATWOODS Every election cycle, U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie said he is “extorted” by the Republican Party to pay $300,000 for his committee assignments.“I call it extortion, they call it assessments,” he said.These “assessments,” essentially dues to the Republican party, are fundraised through political action committees and lobbyists as a price to pay for committee positions, Massie told a crowd of about 25 during a recent coffee and pizza forum in Flatwoods. He told them, “I can’t go and do a fundraiser and raise $300,000 and stand up in front of people and tell them, ‘Well, you know what? ...

This is Why People are Upset with Police — 6 Cops Swarm Man for “Stepping Off Sidewalk”
Post Date: 2016-04-09 13:23:04 by Deckard
An infuriating video of a man being harassed by San Diego police was uploaded to Youtube highlighting the asinine persecution doled out by those sworn to protect.In this short video, a man was simply walking down the sidewalk when he noticed multiple cop cars stalking him. So, he began to film them.The cops had apparently targetted him, and there was nothing that he was going to do to prevent his harassment. While he was filming the police cruisers, the man merely took one step off of the curb and the officers used this as their trigger to attack.All of the sudden multiple units pull up and swarm this man who had done nothing wrong.“Did I do anything wrong?” asks the ...

OK Sheriff, Deputy Indicted For Asset Forfeiture Extortion
Post Date: 2016-04-08 23:22:54 by Deckard
An Oklahoma sheriff has suspended himself after he and deputy were indicted and jailed last week on felony extortion and bribery charges stemming from a civil asset forfeiture seizure.A grand jury said last Thursday that Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert and Deputy Jeffrey Gragg conspired to get a motorist and his passenger to hand over $10,000 in exchange for not pursuing drug charges against them during a Dec. 2014 traffic stop.Civil asset forfeiture allows cops to seize any property they allege is involved in a crime – even if the owners are not even arrested or convicted of anything.Property owners are then left having to prove a negative, reversing the ...

Contact Tony Podesta
Post Date: 2016-04-08 15:40:46 by A K A Stone
202-393-1010 Extension 193 for Tony Podesta. Corien Wiler is his secretary.

GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson To Attack Trump
Post Date: 2016-04-08 15:13:17 by Roscoe
The next time you hear Mark Levin on the radio, or watch Glenn Beck on TV, or read Erick Erickson, RedState.com on the Internet, you might just ask yourself who is paying for the message? And why is it so stridently anti-Trump? Don’t fool yourself. They’re doing it for the money. As the spearhead of the “Dump Trump” movement, the same GOP establishment big- dollar donors and PACS that are pushing House Speaker Paul Ryan as a dark-horse presidential candidate, despite the big-government omnibus-budget deals Ryan reached last year with President Obama, are funding Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, and Glenn Beck, to promote Sen. Ted Cruz. The Conservative Tree House blog ...

Plainclothes Cops Mistake Innocent College Student for Suspect, Beat Him Unconscious — Confiscated Videos
Post Date: 2016-04-08 09:16:59 by Deckard
Grand Rapids, MI – In a case of mistaken identity, an undercover cop and an FBI agent beat an innocent college student unconscious because he matched a vague description of a different suspect. After a jury acquitted him of felony charges, the young man recently filed a lawsuit against the officers for using unreasonable force and ordering witnesses to delete footage taken of the incident. On July 18, 2014, Grand Valley State University student James King was walking to his job when FBI Special Agent Douglas Brownback and Grand Rapids Police Detective Todd Allen approached him asking for identification. After King told them that he didn’t have his ID with him, the undercover cops ...

You Probably Spend More On Taxes Than Food, Clothing, and Housing Combined
Post Date: 2016-04-07 11:09:30 by Deckard
By Joshua Krause Are you familiar with Tax Freedom Day? No, it isn’t the day after April 15th. According to the Tax Foundation, it’s the day of the year when the average American has earned enough money to pay for all the income taxes they will accumulate throughout the rest of the year. In 2016, that day will fall on April 24th. Or put another way, if you work during all 52 weeks of the year, more than 16 weeks of your labor are going to the IRS. According to the Tax Foundation’s annual report, Americans are going to spend a total of $5 trillion on federal, state, and local taxes this year, which amounts to about 31% of our nation’s income. That’s almost $1 ...

Dems on FEC target conservatives, vote to punish maker of anti-Obama movie
Post Date: 2016-04-07 09:41:58 by cranky
The three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, in their latest and boldest move to regulate conservative media, voted in unison to punish a movie maker critical of President Obama after he distributed for free his latest work, Dreams of My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, owner of Highway 61 films, has produced several independent politically-themed movies and sent Dreams out to millions of voters in key swing states prior to the 2012 election. While he acted on his own, and with no ties to political groups or parties, an FEC complaint was filed claiming he violated reporting rules, prompting him to seek the standard media ...

Americans spend more on taxes than food, clothing, housing combined
Post Date: 2016-04-06 22:16:17 by cranky
A tax advocacy group on Wednesday revealed that Americans spend more on taxes than their whole budget for food, clothing and housing. The Tax Foundation, in its annual report on when the nation as a whole has earned enough to pay its taxes, announced the date as April 24. "Tax Freedom Day gives us a vivid representation of how much federal, state, and local tax revenue is collected each year to pay for government goods and services," said Tax Foundation Analyst Scott Greenberg. "Arguments can be made that the tax bill is too high or too low, but in order to have an honest discussion, it's important for taxpayers to understand the cost of government. Tax Freedom Day ...

The Big Short - Trailer
Post Date: 2016-04-06 01:24:35 by Pinguinite
I watched this movie last night. I wasn't sure I'd actually do more than see the beginning but it grabs you. It goes beyond outlining the collapse of the housing market in 07-08 by illustrating the complete failure of the PTB's to do the right thing in preventing it. From the big banks having monopolizing control, the SEC with compromised personnel, self-serving fund managers, real estate agents rewarded more for selling sub-prime mortgages and even the ratings agencies all had a financial motive not only to look the other way in the years leading up to the crash, but even continue to do so as the crash was unfolding. Most ominous is the final note of the movie that the same ...

Florida boldly moves to require criminal charges before the government can seize your property [signed today!]
Post Date: 2016-04-04 16:26:30 by Tooconservative
Taylor already wrote about the reinstatement of the federal civil asset forfeiture sharing program, which was bad news. The practice of law enforcement using the property of citizens who have not been convicted of a crime as a revenue source is a scourge which needs to be abolished in this country. Fortunately, much of the burden of making this needed change falls on the states and Florida has taken a step in the right direction. (Reason) Some great news in asset forfeiture reform is coming out of Florida. S.B. 1044, approved by the legislature earlier in the month, was signed into law today by Gov. Rick Scott. The big deal with this particular reform is that, in most cases, Florida police ...

Mom Calls 911 to Report Missing 12-yo Son – Cops Show Up Smash his Face in, Break His Teeth
Post Date: 2016-04-04 11:14:30 by Deckard
On March 13, after not being able to find her 12-year-old son for an extended period, Amy Olzak called the Idaho Falls Police Department to report him missing. Instead of helping her son, however, according to Olzak and multiple witnesses, the officer who responded brutally attacked this young boy.“I just wanted them to help me find where he was,” said Olzak. Ironically, this would never happen.After spending all day looking for him with friends, Olzak finally located her son. Olzak then called the police to inform them that she no longer needed their services. However, police were not done yet.“I just wanted them to be aware. They came over. I talked to an officer for a ...

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