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Slain teacher partied with pals before breaking into wrong home

SWAT Mistakes Prayer Group for Gun Thieves, Raid Wrong Home, Detain 14yo Girl in Bathroom


In the early morning New Orleans removes 4 Confederate monuments

Caitlyn Jenner Talks with Tucker Carlson About Trump and Why She’s Not a Democrat

Pat Buchanan: Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope—Or Is He One Of The Last Men Of Yesterday?

Republican Candidate Opposed to Gun Registry Made Millions With Company Slated to Build Gun Registry

Had a great lunch today

She's Back: Hillary Clinton's Last 100 Days

Cops Detain Entire School, Illegally Search/Grope 900 Kids — Find NOTHING, Parents Furious

Feds use private companies to spy on cars, bicyclists and pedestrians

Judge declares mistrial in Bundy Ranch case

Government Shutdown Averted? Trump Punts On Border Wall, Will Wait Until September

Teacher, LGBT Partner Are ‘Anti-Christian Bigots’ for Banning Cross Necklaces

A Marine's .50-caliber sniper rifle failed during a firefight — so he called customer service

Tell Us Why We’re At War, President Trump

Lesbian Methodist bishop faces challenge to her election

Woman, 22, killed and her sister, 21, is in critical condition after 'a drunk-off-duty NYPD officer' rear-ends their car in Queens

Revealed: Obama sealed Iran nuclear deal by dropping charges against arms smuggler who helped kill HUNDREDS of U.S. troops in Iraq

Anti-Trump Maxine Waters Caught In Major Scandal, THOUSANDS In Cash

Climate Scientist Urges President Trump not to Cave to Ivanka’s ‘Climate Change Madness’

You Got Trumped! The Donald’s personal military revolution is just Trump change

Candidate Trump: ‘I Love Wikileaks.’ President Trump: ‘Arrest Assange!’

Teen Charged After Defending Home from Intruders, Because the Intruders Were Cops

According to a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post, 96% of Trump supporters say that they would vote for him again.

BREAKING : CNN Host Suddenly Claims She Was Harassed when at Fox Also

9/11 Destroyed America

The Shadowy Extremist Group Behind the Anti-Trump Riots

Dashcam of Cops Beating 83yo Man Mysteriously Deleted Due to “Technical Failure”

Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy

Trump Pal Sean Hannity Accused Of Sexual Harassment As Fox News Scandal Grows

U.S. Sec. Of Defense Mattis Claims Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons; Laying The Groundwork For A New False Flag?

Hash browns recalled for possible contamination with golf balls

French election looks like another setback for Europe's left

NK threatens carrier

No charges to be filed in New Year’s Eve dog shooting in Taylor

Oops! Graphic Video Released Showing Cop Kill Elderly Librarian During a Police Demo

"No Fair, They're Hitting Us Back!" [Pantyfa protesters]

Bernie Sanders Mocks Greedy Rich People, is Also Rich

Brexit is killing the pound but it's having a really productive side-effect on Britain's economy

Police: Dog attack leads to accidental shooting in Ogden

Trump OKs DACA Amnesty: ‘This Is a Case of Heart’

US Govt: Arresting WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Now a Top “Priority” (Another Trump Flip-Flop)

Conspiracy, The Prosecutor’s Darling

American Airlines investigates after video shows mom in tears

Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing

Trump – two steps forward, one step back

Meet Eric July (America’s top black Christian anarcho-capitalist rap-metal artist.)

Oklahoman author, Texas dispute ownership of 'lunar Bibles'

Border Lawmakers Balk at Donald Trump’s Wall Request

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Pat Buchanan: Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope—Or Is He One Of The Last Men Of Yesterday?
Post Date: 2017-04-25 14:19:13 by nativist nationalist
For the French establishment, Sunday’s presidential election came close to a near-death experience. As the Duke of Wellington said of Waterloo, it was a “damn near-run thing.” Neither candidate of the two major parties that have ruled France since Charles De Gaulle even made it into the runoff, an astonishing repudiation of France’s national elite. Marine Le Pen of the National Front ran second with 21.5 percent of the vote. Emmanuel Macron of the new party En Marche! won 23.8 percent. Macron is a heavy favorite on May 7. The Republicans’ Francois Fillon, who got 20 percent, and the Socialists’ Benoit Hamon, who got less than 7 percent, both have urged their ...

French election looks like another setback for Europe's left
Post Date: 2017-04-23 19:43:55 by Justified
When Socialist French presidential candidate Benoit Hamon conceded Sunday after failing to qualify for a runoff, he called it a "historic blow" to his party. It marks just the latest setback for the mainstream left across Europe — a retreat that has been largely missed by media reports as they focus on far-right leaders, whether they win or lose. Hamon, part of the same party as incumbent President Francois Hollande, appears set to finish fifth in the vote based on early indications from pollsters. Centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen looked set to finish first and second, respectively, according to exit polls, setting up a runoff next month. ...

Brexit is killing the pound but it's having a really productive side-effect on Britain's economy
Post Date: 2017-04-23 11:44:05 by Justified
LONDON — The pound has cratered against the US dollar ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union on June 23 last year. But while that has a negative effect on Brits' purchasing power, it is actually having a seriously positive impact on another sector in Britain's economy — employment. That is according to Sam Bowman, the executive director of one of the world's prominent think tanks, the Adam Smith Institute, who spoke at a local Conservative party conference in East Croydon, which Business Insider attended on Saturday. He was talking about how Brexit is expected to affect the UK economy over the short and long term and looked at both positive and ...

Thousands of ex-Taliban fighters may have entered Germany: report
Post Date: 2017-04-22 10:16:17 by Tooconservative
BERLIN (Reuters) - Thousands of former Taliban fighters may have entered Germany over the past two years among an influx of more than a million migrants and refugees, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday. Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) informed security officials that thousands of migrants had identified themselves as former Taliban insurgents during the asylum application process, the magazine said. It added that at least 70 Afghan men were being investigated by Germany's over-stretched chief federal prosecutor, though it was not clear whether all of them were suspected of being active Taliban militants. Six are being held in investigatory ...

Trump quasi-endorses Le Pen: "She’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France"
Post Date: 2017-04-22 00:59:11 by Tooconservative
Coincidentally she’s also the preferred candidate of Vladimir Putin, who correctly sees in her victory not just the end of the European Union but potentially the end of NATO. His bet on Trump during the campaign hasn’t paid off for him (so far). A bet on Le Pen, replete with interference on her behalf, is a surer thing. Trump was careful today to say he’s not formally endorsing her, knowing how that would irritate the French establishment and potentially some undecided French voters, but this is an endorsement in everything but name. In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said that while he is not explicitly endorsing Le Pen, the [Paris] attack [yesterday] played ...

The [Election] Suspense Is Almost Too Much for the French
Post Date: 2017-04-21 23:44:36 by Tooconservative
PANTIN, France — “Anyone but Le Pen.” That was the refrain at an open-air market on Wednesday in this banlieue, just northeast of Paris, when I asked people about France’s presidential election on Sunday. Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the far-right National Front, has a good shot at winning first or second place in this first round of voting, which would qualify her for the May 7 runoff. But polls show a tight contest among her and three other candidates, so the people of France wait anxiously to find out who will make it to the final vote. For many in Pantin, a traditional left-wing bastion that is home to many Muslim immigrants, what makes the suspense so ...

The Oklahoma City Bombing After 22 Years
Post Date: 2017-04-21 13:44:00 by Deckard
Paul Craig Roberts Today, April 19, 2017, is the 22nd anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The bombing of the federal Murrah office building was blamed by federal authorities on a bomb made from fertilizer inside a truck parked in front of the building by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. There are many anomalies associated with the official explanation, including mysterious deaths of some, including a police officer, who understood that the actual facts did not accord with the explanation. Investigators who report the actual facts are branded “conspiracy theorists” and dismissed. This has been the Deep State’s way of controlling explanations since the 1940s. ...

Paris Muslim who killed policeman, shot two others just days before French election was released EARLY from 20-year sentence for trying to kill cops
Post Date: 2017-04-21 08:26:52 by HomerBohn
Dramatic video captures French police shooting dead terrorist who killed officer and wounded two others just days before French election – as it’s revealed he was released EARLY from 20 year sentence for trying to kill cops (By Abe Hawken and Amie Gordon For Mailonline and Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline, 20 April 2017) A policeman was shot dead while two other officers were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding gunman on the Champs Elysees in central Paris – just three days before the French presidential election. The alleged ISIS gunman, identified as 39-year-old Karim C – who was jailed for 20 years for trying to kill officers in 2001 – parked his ...

Pat Buchanan: Has Diversity Put Democracy in a Death Spiral?
Post Date: 2017-04-20 20:43:21 by nativist nationalist
“You all start with the premise that democracy is some good. I don’t think it’s worth a damn. Churchill is right. The only thing to be said for democracy is that there is nothing else that’s any better. … “People say, ‘If the Congress were more representative of the people it would be better.’ I say Congress is too damn representative. It’s just as stupid as the people are, just as uneducated, just as dumb, just as selfish.” This dismissal of democracy, cited by historian H. W. Brands in “The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War,” is attributed to that great populist Secretary of State ...

Venezuela: Authorities Seize General Motors Plant
Post Date: 2017-04-20 08:41:43 by cranky
General Motors said it has ceased all operations in Venezuela after authorities unexpectedly seized its plant in the city of Valencia. A court in the Zulia state said it imposed a broad embargo on the assets of General Motors Venezolana, C.A., or GMV, which has been in operation for nearly seven decades. GMV said authorities seized its plant Wednesday afternoon and that its associated bank accounts likely are also out of its control, meaning the company cannot make payments, such as employee wages. GMV called the act “improper, absurd, outside of legal logic and due process.” “GMV is taking all legal measures within its reach in order to protect the rights of its workers ...

Trump Has Killed "Beautiful Babies" in Four Countries
Post Date: 2017-04-19 21:44:26 by Deckard
US president Donald Trump sounded sincere when he described how he felt after seeing pictures of "beautiful little babies" allegedly killed by a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on April 4. “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated," said Trump, and hours later, the US launched nearly 60 tomahawk missiles in response to the allegations. But what about the beautiful little babies killed by US bombs since Trump became president? Is Trump not concerned about those children because they were killed by his missiles, and not Assad’s chemical weapons? In the first three months of his presidency, Trump has dropped bombs – and killed ...

Trump's missing 'armada' finally heading to Korea... maybe...
Post Date: 2017-04-19 09:20:43 by Willie Green
BEIJING — It was supposed to be steaming toward North Korea more than a week ago, an "armada" signaling American resolve. Then it wasn't. Now, it seems the USS Carl Vinson may finally be heading north. "Our deployment has been extended 30 days to provide a persistent presence in the waters off the Korean Peninsula," Rear Adm. Jim Kilby, the commander of Carrier Strike Group One, said in a message posted on the Carl Vinson's Facebook page addressed to "families and loved ones" of the personnel on board. The Carl Vinson, accompanied by a carrier air wing, two guided-missile destroyers and a cruiser, was supposed to have been ordered to sail ...

Russia’s top-secret Arctic base which Vladimir Putin has filled with nuclear-armed warplanes and REINDEER-riding special forces
Post Date: 2017-04-18 19:55:30 by redleghunter
Title: Russia’s top-secret Arctic base which Vladimir Putin has filled with nuclear-armed warplanes and REINDEER-riding special forces The giant complex on the northern ice cap is believed to be fully-armed with missile systems and nuclear-ready fighter jets. Great pics at link. Click for Full Text!

Trump is heading for a do-nothing presidency
Post Date: 2017-04-18 11:15:54 by Willie Green
"George W. Bush, but racist." That's what Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine says President Donald Trump is turning into, as he abandons some of his more idiosyncratic campaign positions and starts listening to Republican Party regulars who favor foreign wars and tax cuts for the rich. This comparison is unfair — to George W. Bush. Bush accomplished things, whether you liked those things or not. I agree with Chait that Trump is failing to promote and advance a policy agenda of his own. But the likely result is that he will do very little, not that he will achieve what a conventional Republican president would achieve, if given a Republican ...

Ann Coulter: I am through with Neocons’ endless wars in the Middle East
Post Date: 2017-04-18 09:14:36 by Deckard
Ann Coulter: “We have been lied to over and over in cases like this and I do not think [Trump's attack on Syria] shows toughness...I've never understood why it is so much worse to die by a chemical than to have your head shot off, or to have your head chopped off. A half a million people have died already, this was 70 people, it makes no sense, whether or not he did it." “Oh, boy. The Israelis are going to hate my new position.”…by Jonas E. Alexis   Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Coulter is finally getting tired of perpetual wars in the Middle East. She has recently said she is “tired of regime change” and of “pointless” wars. She has ...

Is Italy still Italy if the inhabitants are black Muslim migrants from Africa?
Post Date: 2017-04-18 08:04:25 by HomerBohn
In the ongoing migrant invasion of Europe — an invasion that is welcomed by the governments of western Europe — the village of Sant’Alessio in Calabria, southern Italy is a microcosm. See if you can spot the propaganda in the following “report” by Fanny Carrier of AFP (via France24), April 16, 2017: In the foothills of the Aspromonte mountains in southern Italy, the silence of a once-dying village is broken by the laughter of a small group of refugees. Tiny Sant’Alessio has been welcoming families and vulnerable migrants here for three years in a project which not only provides humanitarian assistance but brings with it invaluable economic and social ...

Easter Bunny Is Real: Foster Parents Lose Children After Refusing to ‘Lie’
Post Date: 2017-04-18 06:38:04 by Deckard
Two Canadian foster parents had their foster children removed from their home because they refused to say the Easter Bunny is real. The Christian couple has taken court action, saying their rights have been violated. Derek and Frances Baars filed court papers against Hamilton Children’s Aid Society after the agency said they must tell their foster children that the Easter Bunny is a “real entity.” “We were committed to not lying to children,” Derek Baars said, adding “they could expect the truth from us and we expected the truth from them.” The couple, who are devout Christians, told the agency that they “do not endorse Santa Claus or the Easter ...

Why Trusting US Government and Mainstream Media Makes You a Dupe
Post Date: 2017-04-17 14:27:55 by Deckard
Who trusts the U.S. government and American newsmedia nowadays? Only dupes possibly can. Just look at the recent history, for the evidence on that:The U.S. Government and ‘news’media lied us into invading Iraq in 2003, and hid their coup that overthrew the democratically elected progressive government in Iran in 1953, and lied to say that the CIA wasn’t behind the overthrow and ’suicide' of Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973 — and now they’re lying us into war yet again, this war against Syria (where we, and our allied jihadists who are fighting to overthrow Assad, have already destroyed the lives of the people). ...

Trump Replaces John Kerry as Flip-Flop Gold Medalist
Post Date: 2017-04-17 06:46:34 by Deckard
Trump's voters are watching the Washington Establishment capture Donald Trump.His reversals are now heralded by the mainstream media. The Washington Post has continued to attack him 24x7, yet it admits he is taking centrist positions. The BBC has also noted it.He campaigned against ObamaCare. He failed to promote repeal. The accent was on "replace." Paul Ryan's compromise was a disaster. The Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives blocked it. Trump declared war on them. But he has no clout in their districts. Most of them pulled better than he did last November.The Export-Import Bank has subsidized big businesses for decades. Candidate Trump said he was against it. ...

North Korean Missile Launch Fails ‘Almost Immediately’, U.S. Military Says
Post Date: 2017-04-15 21:24:56 by hondo68
North Korea attempted a missile launch Sunday morning local time (5:21pm ET), but it failed "almost immediately" United States military officials confirmed to NBC News. South Korea's military detected the same results, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. The launch was attempted from Sinpo, a city on North Korea's east coast, some 400 miles from Japan,according to U.S. Pacific Command. Early assessments suggested the projectile was not an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the continental U.S., two U.S. military officials told NBC News. The attempted launch comes just one day after the North held a massive parade to ...

Facebook targets 30,000 accounts in crackdown on fake news in France
Post Date: 2017-04-15 18:43:35 by Justified
Facebook targets 30,000 accounts in crackdown on fake news in France Ivana Kottasova "Our priority, of course, is to remove the accounts with the largest footprint, with a high amount of activity and a broad reach," Facebook security manager Shabnam Shaik said in a blog post. The social media giant acknowledged, however, that the purge will not remove all accounts that are spreading fake news. "We know we have to keep getting better," said Shaik. "These accounts were targeted because they are fake. Full stop," a Facebook spokesman told CNNTech. He said that taking down fake accounts helps prevent hoaxes, spam, political trolling and fake news. "We ...

Trump wants gold-plated carriage ride with Queen during UK visit
Post Date: 2017-04-15 17:29:23 by Willie Green
President Trump has requested a ride with Queen Elizabeth II in a gold-plated carriage during his visit to the United Kingdom this October, according to a report by The Times of London.The tradition of world leaders taking a carriage ride along the mall from the Royal Mews to Buckingham Palace with the Queen is not entirely unusual.The decision has not yet been confirmed, and aspects of Trump's visit are still in flux. While President Obama chose not to ride in such a carriage during his U.K. visit, other world leaders — including Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Chinese President Xi Jinping — have taken such ...

Italian Emma Morano, last known survivor of 19th century, dies at 117
Post Date: 2017-04-15 16:04:57 by nativist nationalist
Rome (AFP) - Emma Morano, an Italian woman believed to have been the oldest person alive and the last survivor of the 19th century, died Saturday at the age of 117, Italian media reported. Morano, born on November 29 1899, died at her home in Verbania, in northern Italy, the reports said. "She had an extraordinary life, and we will always remember her strength to move forward in life," said Silvia Marchionini, the mayor of Verbania, a small village of some 2,000 residents. According to the US-based Gerontology Research Group (GRG), Morano ceded the crown of the world's oldest human being to Jamaican Violet Brown, who was born on March 10, 1900. Morano's death, at the ...

Russia Says Syria Invited Chemical Weapons Experts to Idlib
Post Date: 2017-04-15 15:10:46 by Tooconservative
Russia called for international inspectors to visit Idlib, where the U.S. accused Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad of carrying out a deadly chemical weapons attack against his own citizens. Syria’s government invited the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to visit the site of the April 4 incident and the airbase that the U.S. later bombed, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. Representatives of United Nations Security Council members, the European Union and the Middle East should travel with OPCW inspectors to ensure a “transparent” investigation, he said at a meeting with his Qatari counterpart Mohammed Al Thani Saturday in Moscow. U.S. President Donald Trump ...

Kremlin on the Potomac: Trump’s White House makes Americans into strangers in a strange land
Post Date: 2017-04-15 10:52:55 by Willie Green
Donald Trump’s administration is a black box of confusion, chaos and incompetence. Those on the outside looking in are left confused and bewildered, desperately seeking signs and portents of what the most powerful man in the world will do next. This is not normal. In a time of global crises and increasing tensions it is also very dangerous.The United States is supposed to be the world’s leading democracy. The health of a democracy is highly dependent on transparency and accountability. Trump’s administration has repeatedly shown his disdain for both of those fundamental principles. This is a lubricant for America’s further descent into fascism. It also signals to a much ...

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